1964-09-09 - Sundown
Summary: Theresa and Kwabena enjoy a sunset at the Xavier Institute
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Sundown has come, draining the waning heat and washing the grounds in red and orange. It's both intimidating and peaceful at once, but the onset of cooler air has prompted Kwabena to put the dark denim jacket over his frame. He's perched upon a brick wall, staring at the lake behind while a cigarette burns lazily in his left hand.

As promised, Theresa has come by when she could, when she wasn't at work. Tonight she doesn't seem to be heading towards work and has instead come looking for Kwabena, finding him out on the grounds. She approaches him quietly, stopping just at his side, "Aren't you supposed to be watching sunsets with a companion, luv?"

The Ghanaian stirs, and draws the cigarette up for a drag before turning toward Theresa. He'd been staring out with a long look, but that is easily changed into a smile. "Well, dat is why you're here," he answers, and scoots over a bit. There's plenty of room on the wall, but it's a gesture. "Not working tonight?" he asks.

"Night off." Theresa shakes her head, moving to sit down next to him, a hand reaching over to drop against his thigh, giving it a squeeze in greeting, "I thought that I'd come spend the night here, as long as I can at least. I imagine they'll make me leave you to rest sooner or later."

Kwabena looks down to her hand, then drops his own down to rest it upon hers. "I don't think it's dat kind of rest I need," he tells her, "and I think dey agree." His smile turns rueful. "If dey don't, screw 'em."

Dropping his other hand, he lowers the cigarette and smashes it out against the brick wall. "Stay here tonight?" he asks. "Dere's some few stories I must tell you."

"I suppose that I could pull up a chair next to your bed if they let me." Theresa replies, giving him a nod as she turns her hand around, curling her fingers through his to give his hand a squeeze. "Are they good stories?"

"I'm staying in a guest room," Kwabena explains, and lifts an eyebrow in a flirty manner. "I told dem I wasn't gonna stay down dere so long as my vitals were steady."

Her hand is held tightly; he is glad that she is here. "Oh, yes. Good stories. To start with? Dere ah five girls, like twins, but five of dem. I do not know de English word, but, I swear, dey all look and sound de same, and I think dey can communicate with each oddah without speaking."

"I remember them." Theresa replies with a nod, smiling a bit, "Something about cookies?" She then glances towards the house, then back towards him, "A guest room, though? Well, that sounds a mite bit more comfortable than dozing next to you in a chair, I'll have to admit. So, yes. I'll stay with you tonight, the apartment is getting lonely without you anyways."

"Well, dey ah creepy," Kwabena confirms. "Got even creepier after you left. And dere is some fellow, name is Logan. I think he lives out dere." He motions toward the woods. "Somewhere."

Sitting back, he folds his other hand around Theresa's and pulls her closer. "I cannot wait to come home," he admits. "Is very nice school, but I would not want to live, or work here. Dey do have dis… complicated training program."

"'m a little afraid to ask what they did that was more creepy." Theresa admits, and she does actually sound a little worried about that, and considering how unusual the meeting was to begin with…..she might just have cause. When he gestures towards the woods, she frowns, "Out there?" She wonders, shaking her head a little.

At the pull closer she shifts, scooting herself until she's able to press her side against his, "I can't wait for you to come home, either. Although I did finally meet the neighbor down the hall. Very nice lady, although I think she might be a little deaf." She leans her head against him, "What sort of complicated training program?"

"Ah yes, Mildred Foster," Kwabena answers. "She is de reason why we can listen to records late at night and nobody bangs on door, pissed."

Pulling one hand, he drapes it around Theresa's shoulder, holding her. "Is like, training to fight, protect, but with everyone's abilities, not just de fists. Apparently dere is a training room. I have not seen it, but have heard some call It 'De Dangah Room.'"

"Sounds ominous." Theresa tries to not actually laugh at the same, since in addition to ominous, it does sound a little silly to her at the same time. "Are they going to invite you into this Danger Room to see what you can do now?"

"Right?" Kwabena shakes his head, feeling similarly about the place. "Probably not. Not until I get my head sorted out," he admits. "I saw one of de peopah who were hurt when it happened, and… was like a flash. Came back to me."

"What sort of flash?" Theresa wonders, giving his hand another squeeze, tightening her fingers around his, "Like the anger and rage again?" She sounds worried, and she doesn't even try to cover up the fact that she sounds worried.

"No," Kwabena answers. "Not quite. More like, a memory of it." He tilts his head a bit. "Not sure if it was just… misplaced guilt? Or some side effect of what happened." He draws a deep breath, for he can feel that she is worried. "I can be stubborn bull, but is why I haven't gone home. Not yet. I need to know dat I am… safe to be around without all of dese peopah here to stop me, if…"

He doesn't finish that thought, but his brow is knit with concern.

"If you lose control again?" Theresa finishes the thought, lifting her head up, her hand lifting up to slide her fingers against his neck, "I can't speak for others, luv…but I'm tougher than I look, and I'm not scared of you. Even if you lose control, because deep inside…you are always you."

She brushes her thumb against his cheek for a moment, "I can also cause you to pass out, if it comes to it." Pause. "I think…unless you are perhaps smoke, I'm not sure I could do anything to you then."

Kwabena's frown turns up at the corner into a half smile. "If I'm smoke, I would think your sonic siren call could still affect me." He reaches a hand up to touch her cheek. "I'd hate to test de idea, though. Even if it's a smart thing to do."

"We could always test it in a controlled environment, and if it does…then you can come home." Theresa suggests, leaning her face into the hand, her eyes closing, "But I guess I can just come here instead of the apartment until you are comfortable coming home."

"Well, yes," Kwabena answers. "So long as we have someone who can… put me back togedah." His eyebrows rise. "I don't know just how far I can push it. Taking your advice, Theresa. Not pushing it."

He leans forward and kisses her forehead. "So you ah telling me you want to scream at me in de Dangah Room." That smile turns more coy.

"I could, if you wanted me to." Theresa replies with a laugh, shaking her head a moment before she pokes him in the side, "If you thought that it might both be useful, and interesting things to know…yes. We can go to this danger room and I can scream at you."

Kwabena laughs heartily at this. "I'd much rathah have you scream at me in de bedroom," he says. "But… dere ah students here. We'll have to save dat for home." He turns back to face the setting sun. "I do not care for such a large house, but I do enjoy dese grounds."

"You suggesting we get a house with a yard?" Theresa wonders, settling her head back down against his shoulder, her arm moving to circle around his waist, a bit of an amused smile teasing at the corner of her lips. "I'm sure that I can keep quiet for that, students and all."

"Hell no," Kwabena answers, laughing silently. "I don't evah want to leave de city. Besides, we'd probably end up in Jersey."

He leans his head against Theresa's then, holding her closely there. "It has meant a great deal to me, your visits," he tells her. "Thank you."

"Is Jersey that bad?" Theresa wonders, her brows lifting a moment before she laughs, "I don't think I've actually ever been to Jersey, luv…I can't see how it would be so terrible, though. Maybe I'm wrong." She then pauses, her hand squeezing his side, "Of course, why wouldn't I visit? I'd be a very poor girlfriend if I didn't."

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