1964-09-09 - Supers with Salads
Summary: Robbie and Gidget discuss work and civil liberties over sodas and salad.
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Gidget was actually shocked to get that phone call from Robbie to be honest. The way she personal life has been, she really found it flattering but she worked so much that interacting with people was pretty….well….lacking. When he told her where to meet, she would actually got there…..almost right on time. Having walked some of the way and took a cab the rest so as not to ruin her make up. Gidget was actually done up but wasn't sure what to even wear to this lunch date thing but she opted for some fitted white cigarette pants, baby pink cropped top, and matching pink heels. Standing out front, she'd pull off her scarf she had tied on her head and those oversized sunglasses as she then looked to her watch. "…whew….so only a minute late."

Speedball was never on time a day in his life. He would also never be dressed nearly as nicely as she was in this lifetime which is really as it ought to be. Still he was a pretty clean cut guy, long hair and total inability to take much too seriously withstanding. He did show with his usual good humor in tact though. "Sorry, I'm late." He paused and arched an eyebrow giving her a nod, "Now super sorry I'm late. One of yours?" He warmed a grin and gestured to the door and held it open. Hey he was a goofball, but the goofball had manners.

Exhaling she would be waiting patiently as she hummed to herself softly. Hearing that voice she would turn to see Robbie and chuckled a bit. "It's cool! I'm just an over achiever….no reason to be super sorry…" When he opened the door, she'd make her way inside and tucked her scarf and sunglasses in her handbag before looking back at him. "Oh this outfit? No no. I just tailored the pants a bit is all. Unfortunately I don't have time to make everything I want to wear…." Giving him a playful wink then she'd then spot a booth and nodded to him. "Want to sit there?" And without waiting, she sashayed her way over to that spot.

Speedball toed at the sidewalk, "Yeaaaah a thing came up. By thing I mean Neils tried to escape. I think he's just jealous. Still is way crazy that you know how to do all that. I mean I guess someone has to know how to do all that stuff, but it's like understanding alien technology to me." It was a weird trans-dimensional compliment. He waited for her to sit and slid into the booth across. "Older I get the more I think to myself, 'Robbie,' So I know to listen right? 'you are never going to have all the time to do all the cool things you wanna do'." He sighed and shook his head commiserating with her, "I feel your pain. SO aside from making all the things and work way too hard what swings your things?"

"Awww. Why would he be jealous? And he's totes adorbs by the way…." Smiling she would set her handbag next to her as she leaned back a bit, crossing her legs. "And it's just….practice. I started really young and just….nurtured it. Went to school then…worked super hard to get here." Letting out a soft sigh she would then smile at him softly. "Me? Um…." Running her fingers through her short hair she'd seem to be thinking really hard now. "I like dancing. It's a great stress reliever. Now that I'm actively trying to get out more, I go-go dance from time to time. What about you?"

Speedball grinned sheepishly, "Don't tell him that. There will be nooooooo living with him if ya do. That cat eats affection like tuna fish." He didn't seem to mind that about his sidekick though. Short-focused as he was this was she seemed to hang onto his attention. It was fascinating, watching her shift between thoughtfulness and animated hands. "Dancin hun? sounds pretty far out to me. There's a few good places around here I hear. Kai's the guy to ask about that. Me? I dunno. I love finding new things to do. Kinda a sports guy. Used to drive out here to the ballpark to see the Yanks play. Love movies though."

"Oh well then….." Chuckling she would shake her head then leaned forward on her elbows and propped her head up as she 'whispered' to him playfully. "I won't tell him then. It'll be our secret. Besides…I don't know if I'll see him again unless he's running downt he strett again." Chuckling she would tilt her head a bit, returning to her normal voice then smiled at him warmly. "And there's a couple. I don't get out as much as I should but…working on it." Gidget would giggle a bit then tilted her head as he watched him, is if trying to read his body language. The poor girl didn't really know what to make of this whole situation. "Oooh! Movies!" Now she seemed to perk up. "I haven't been to one in ages. I usually spend time at my office or I go home and listen to records at home while working on stuff. What's your favorite type of movie, Robbie?"

That waitress would walk up then, nodding to him with a smile. When asking what they would like, Gidge would look at the menus that were tucked there. "Oh! I didn't even look. Can I just get a water for now while we look?"

Speedball leaned forward, forearms pressed to the table, and a mischevous grin grew. His head tilted and anglanced over his shoulder warily as if noting the conspiracy. "I won't say anyhtin if you won't, though sometimes he does come to work with me*" He considered that possiblity. "It's how he got that way ya know. Long story but , short version is cats don't belong testin science." The answer to her question would have to wait as the waiter came by in crisp button up shirt and paper hat. Cheerfully he tallied on what she wanted and he tacked on two cheeseburgers besides. "Sorry, was out all morning in Central Park all morning. I'm famished. "Ya know, I love those James Bond films. Love westerns. Always wanted to ride around on a horse. They always look like they have a pretty good time. Well… when bandits aren't shootin at em."

She'd smile as she tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear, giving a life. "It's our secret then…." She'd finally look back to the waitress as she smiled. "Know what….just give me the cobb salad….that should hold me over." Gidget would then look back to him with a smile. "Working out? That will make anyone hungry." Clearing her throat then she would awkwardly fiddle with her hands but back to him smile. "Riding a horse is so fun! You should do it if you get the chance. Also James Bond is really good….but every girl likes him I guess…." That water was set down in front of her to which she quickly took a sip of before just being her….blunt self. "So why'd you ask me to lunch?" Smooth, Gidge….smooth. "I mean…I'm not mad I just…." And she'd just trail off as she went back to sipping her water.

Speedball said proudly, as if he invented the guy or was, "A yup! Every gal loves em and every fella'd love to be em. Preeeeetty certain Captain America has that problem too." Not an untrue statement. That man is an impressive piece of patriotism. An eyebrow went up and the question seemed to catch him off guard. "Why? Why not. You're smart, you seem pretty fun, and you're nice. Why not? I mean i'm still settling intoto living in New York too. Bbest way to meet new people is to actually get out and do it." There was an easy going shrug with an easier grin that grew with it. "Besides if I told you what I was doing in Central Park you'd never believe me."

"Right? But…I mean…..that kind of bravado can get old I'm sure…." Laughing she would shrug then sighed softly as she shook her head. "I guess? I've never met the man." Gidget would then listen to him then, blushing a bit now. "Sorry. I didn't meant just…." Rubbing the back of her head she'd giggle. "I haven't been getting out much so….thanks for wanting to hang out. And you have a point….I mean I've been here for a bit but I'm finally exploring the city." Then she'd tilt her head at his last comment. "Really? Try me. I've seen and met some interesting people….way more interesting then the people I normally deal with at work."

Speedball sat up and eyed her with amusement which turned into a look of praise for 'Tom', bringer of food, herald of malts and burgers. "Awwww Tom you absolutely my most favourite other other person ever thanks" Okay he might be starving. With a hefty bite he considered how to tell you, after he was done chewing of course. "Hmmm… Would you believe me if I said there's big crystal alien bugs the size of that stool cralwing all over south central Park?"

Gidget would blush as he looked at her then cleared her throat at the food arriving. "Oooh food!" Taking a few bites she'd then looked over at him a bit then blinked. Hearing that, she would sigh as she sat back. "….well….good thing I went sunbathing in the park a few days ago." Laughing, she would shake her head then looked at him with a grin. "You're talking to a girl that just dropped her mother's old sewing machine on the head of rhino face guy….nothing….surprises me anymore…."

Speedball lowered the burger and sat up. "Rhino face guy? I heard about that guy in the paper! Wow that's so so wild. Wait- don't you need that? The sewing machine? I mean most guys are pretty thick headed with out being a rhino." He blinked but in no way seemed to not believe her. "I might've run into some interesting people. We get to deal with some pretty legit super talent sometimes through the lab. Making better tech, fighting the good fight for a better world or…something."

She'd stare at him then laughed. "It was an old one. I have more modern ones and that one was broken anyway. Spider-Man said his head was this weak spot so…." Taking another bite of that salad she would eat before taking a sip of water and continuing. "I ran upstairs to my apartment and dropped it on his head. Boom…knocked him out cold." Yup…she couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth but…hell she was making a costume for a woman who growns to 250 feet, friends with a web-slinging woman, and becoming friends with a man that is literally….bullet proof. Gidget would then look over at him with a soft smile. "I think that's awesome though. You get to try to make a difference in the world. I wish I could do something like that….but I guess I do in my own way." Her mind went back to that talk with White Widow as they were hanging off of a high rise. Those brown eyes would fixate on him then as she chuckled. "So good for you. I find that very admirable…to try to make the world a better place."

Speedball smirked as she brought up his buddy Pete. He had to chuckle at that. "All the ladies love some Spidey too. He's friendly, can't beat that. Yoooou know I happen to know em ya know?" The grin might be a tad smug but he didn't seem to be lying at all. A bit of a peacock, but earnest enough. He considered this and bit his lip adding with a look of disappointment. "Some folks in the government think they should all stop though. Some people think these heroes are necessary. Government goons are trying to say that having abilities means you have to be regulated. Sounds like a pretty lousy way to live to me ya know? And not like crimes ain't ever committed by regular folk either."

Gidget would chuckle a bit and smiled, rolling her eyes playfully. "Well he seemed cool. He's definitely not like this Johnny Storm guy." She'd snort slightly a she gave a laugh. "He seems nice enough and he's attractive but….arrogance doesn't do it for me. If anything it turns me off….a lot. To me there's confidence, which I love in a guy….but arrogance is just blah." Grinning then she'd take another sip of water then shrugged. "And yeah….it's getting out of control. I don't see why we can't just let them help. If we have bad people running around with the same powers and abilities….why not have good to counteract." Frowning now she'd look at her salad, playing around with it. "It's all the same with the governemnt. Civil rights…mutant rights…..it's just…." Sighing she'd shake her head and then smiled over at him. "But….that's not exactly a convo for right now. I can go on and on about this…."

Speedball warmed a cocky grin and found her bold stance amusing, "But you still had lunch with me? I'm touched." As she quieted into her salad he slouched back in his seat and tapped his sheaker against the edge of her shoe. He flippant bravado seemed to dim and there was a pause. Thoughtfully he ran his tongue over his lower lip. "My, um, my dad… back in my home state works for the government and is tryin to push that stuff through. It's why my parents split. My mom said she won't stand by and live in a place thatdoesn't respect its people." He offered her an encouraging but wan smile.

"Well….Robbie….." Gidget gave him a smirk as she pushed that salad aside and leaned in closely. Her tone changed slightly as she seemed to whisper him, her voice slightly more sultry for just a second. "….you are kind of cute….who am I to say no?" Gidget would leave it at that as she sat back and went back to her salad as if nothing happened. She'd seemed to go back to the quiet aspect of her self as she nodded. "Well…no offense to your dad but seems your mom had the right idea. I couldn't be with anyone that doesn't seem to care about basic human rights…."

Speedball leaned forward listening to the 'secret' huncing over the table. One eyebrow arched up up. awww a compliment? He loved those almost as much as a dog and a coke at the ball park. Sometimes more." The smile though was in earnest. "Well, I'll trust you as you do seem to have good taste. You are the fashion expert." He might be preening a bit taking a bit of pride in the approval. "As for the folks?" He sighed and shrugged, "Hey, I live with my mum for a reason. She raised me better than to turn one's back on the people that help people, ya know. I just can't abide someone being…just… mean ya know? Someday I might tell you that story. Right now? That malt is melting and it looks super tasty. Prof said it's cool to come by the lab. I think he's excited to see what you think too."

"Well I know what I like. Plus you seem cool so why not. I like meeting new people when I can." Gidget would smile at him then went back to the last bite of her salad. Chuckling she would finish it off then sat back. "Man I needed that. And your mom is an awesome woman then. I admire her." Looking to the melting treat and laughed a bit then. "Well I'm excited to see! Thanks for inviting me along….I'll have to show you a day in my madness maybe."

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