1964-09-10 - A Fateful Shopping Trip
Summary: At an estate sale, Gidget is drawn to a mysterious necklace.
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It was a nice sunny afternoon and Gidget was actually not in the office for once working on projects. Instead she decided to check the papers for any estate sales or garage sales that were possibly happening today. And she was in luck!! On the Upper East Side was an estate sale for wealthy attorney who had passed away at the old age of 80, leaving behind an extensive collection from his travels.

"Oh heck yeah….I wonder if he has some fabrics….." There was a gleam in her eyes as she then smiled and tossed that paper to the side and hopped up out of her bed. "I can go all….Scarlet O'hara and make something awesome out of some curtains or something…." And with that she ran into bathroom to shower and get dressed.

Making her way inside that large home, she tried to contain her excitement; a man had died afterall and his family was selling off his possessions but the prospect of finding something one of a kind was thrilling to her. Armed with a large tote bag, her handbag and winning smile she started to tour the house.

Each room seemed to be bigger than the last as she went around the rooms set aside for displaying was for sale. So far she had picked up some curtain panels, an old clock she knew she could put in her office, and a few pieces of jewelry. But then she heard music….something soft and melodious. Looking around, she didn't see anything that could be playing it…..the person looking over the room had stepped out. Gidget would walk around until she saw a doorway and heard the music even louder. She'd look around but made her way into that doorway, leaving the door partially open.

Gidget had gone down a hallway, following the music to another room. Nibbling her bottom lip, she would look around before slowly putting her hand on that doorknob and opening up the door. What was before her caused her eyes to widen but that smile on her face was growing. Somehow she had found herself in what must have been the study of the late owner. Hearing that music still she walk around as she looked at the books that lined the walls.

"Man…." Looking at the titles of these books, it was obvious this guy had an obsession with the mystical. Laughing softly she would keep going until she looked to the desk to see a small clear case holding a pendant. Slowly she would make her way over, the music seeming to grow louder but as soon as she reached her head out to touch it, the music stopped. Gidget looked around, pulling her hand back as if she had touched fire. "….hello?" Staying quiet she would wait but then looked back to the item on the desk, leaning in to inspect it.

It appeared to be a golden pendant of the Eye of Providence sitting inside of two pyramids, one being inverted. That entire configuration then sat inside of a hexagon with the points of the pyramids meeting with the points of that shape, as if joined by small circles; the top circle itself had a crescent moon as another focal point it seemed. Gidget had no idea what came over her but she picked it up and tossed it in her bag of goodies without a second thought and quickly left the room.

Gidget was finished and had found what she was looking for it seemed…including that strange necklace. Making her way to the table to show what she was there to purchase. Each item was looked over and then notated, the price given to her for each thing. When that necklace was picked up they came to a stop, looking up at her slowly.

"Ma'am….where did you find this?" The older woman pulled her glasses down, looking her over.

"Um…I got a little lost….found this hanging out in a room." Gidget wanted that necklace….she had no idea why but she wanted it….needed it.

Sighing, the woman just shook her head and looked it over before just giving it to her for next to nothing. That tall brunette was excited and didn't even know why. All she knew was she walked out of there with her perfect accessory for La Couturiere….and it was super bohemian chic.

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