1964-09-10 - Building a Better Fish
Summary: Preparations are made withthe diving suits as well as with the research compilation.
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Attilan stood proud, green, and majestic in the mountains with the blend of ancient Asian architecture mixes with alien influences. It was not surprising given their clandestine meeting that the scout member of the royal family would seek Corvus out. Triton had no hard feelings on Corvus for staying loyal to Maximus all these years and seemed, actually, to consistently respect this feature about him. Triton always did manage to stay neutral in that, but then again he was a diplomat so it was generally not shocking.

He showed with a knock, and adorned in a long leather coat in olive and ocher in Attilan's style of fashion though far more utilitarian and far less ostentatious than his family, sister Karnak withstanding. From behind the mask he greeted, "Good evening, Corvus. Thank you for meeting with me."

"Evening, Triton." Corvus greets, looking up from the stream of code he'd been toying with. He's dressed in much the same way, though his coat has been hung nearby and out of the way. "I take it you have more news for us?"

Stepping away so he can be more sociable, it becomes clear that he was working on his armor. Without the suit over it, it's clear this model is newer than the one he entered into training with. Despite his warm smile the scout would know just how dangerous the thin blonde man actually is, which is probably the only reason he gets along with Maximus as well as he does.

Triton dipped his head in a greeting and waded in. Was Corvus a force to be reckoned with? Absolutely. It was in part he guessed how his cousin survived this long and also why Triton had 'concerns' when he and Vesper got trapped between the two in the lighthouse. Large dark orbs drift to the armour in question and back "At this time? Not much more has changed . Things have been…silent and I am not anticipating much before I leave soon to head back. I wanted to offer you environmental insight and my rig in case either of these help aid you in staying alive and functional at a few leagues." Triton was wearing the reverse rebreather that Maximus constructed for him during the time of his reign to buy him surface time.

"I was actually working on a few adjustments for just that reason. My biggest concern is how much slower I am underwater." Corvus rubs at his jaw before breaking away to find the cigarette he'd rolled earlier. "I'm not much worried about the rest of it. This last upgrade has held up pretty well, think I can even take you now." The man's mouth turns up in a slight grin, clearly he's pleased with his work.

Triton arched an eyebrow and seemed very intreagued by this. "If you'dcare to show me I might be able to offer insights to further aid your efforts?" There was a faint chuckle wherein he said "Unless you know someone better qualified in which case I'd love to meet them. I am… interested to see how you adapt for it." He paused and offered, "I appreciate you getting word to my cousin. I worry about him when he spends too much time away."

"I was thinking of adding a hydro-jet propulsion system. I already took care of the rebreather." Corvus points out a few spots on the armor before lighting his cigarette. "I had something in mind for the original concept, but I ended up scrapping it for a more streamlined look." The man huffs a bit as he stares down at the suit. "I should probably work on regulating the temperature too."

Triton looked over the deign with interest and invited him then, "I have an idea. For you? For this, Bring it. You can borrow my chambers to test it out, this way if anything does have an issue you're not running all the way back to he coast and back to find this out the hard way. Terribly inefficient." They did flood a chunk of the lowest levels for Triton's well-being. He might as well put them to strategic use.

"I appreciate it." Corvus takes another drag from his cigarette and heads over to finish up the code he was working one. Once it's ready he takes the suit into another room. About a minute passes and he steps back out, his Atillan outfit replaced with the skintight ebony armor. "If this works, I should be able to make more."

Triton made his way back to the Palace with Corvus in tow. As a diplomat Triton has made an effort to keep company with all manner of people, in today's case? Maximus' head of his personal guard. In that regards he made a stop in to see how Rogue was aclimating and see whomelse might be around.

In the palace, there may be certain rooms set aside for guests. Especially those guests whose presence here is a question mark, possibly totally inappropriate or indeterminate. What does one do with a woman born outside the walls of Attilan and yet in possession of very important lore about it? The matter in question is a book, bound in leather, thrice across the covers anchored in wire. English contents complete with rather well-executed diagrams and, more importantly, photographs accompany the narrative needed for some kind of literary contribution to the ancient city's vaults. They might be glad for that and prepared to kick the messenger out, but can they really do that when she's the author? Scarlett wears a particularly unusual outfit cut in such a fashion to announce in no uncertain terms she's no simple breed of forgettable human, in part because the garments don't come from this plane.

And in this room, also, is Karnak, watching Rogue with a very curious air. "… and so that is what we found in the ancient cities. And why it seems that the Kree might be coming back to this world. Though perhaps they never fully left." The Royal Strategist stands at relative ease, apparently relaying a detailed version of her adventures regarding the tuning forks of the Kree and how they might be used to help Blackagar.

Coming up behind Triton is one Corvus Arcadius, the afforementioned head of Maximus' personal guard. Naturally he'd heard of Scarlett's presence, but he hadn't had a chance to meet the woman yet. So as they arrive the visor on his helmet pulls back, allowing him to place a pair of black framed glasses onto the bridge of his nose.

"So, this is our human guest I've heard so much about?"

Triton paused and turned his head to Corvus, "I do not… believe that is entirely accurate a designation but I will let you ask her. But yes, she is here as a guest and ambassador." In turn he dipped his head in a greeting. "Scarlett." He paused and in addressing any further discussion with her seeing Karnak. This warmed a grin on his face "Sister, Glad you are here. I brought news back for you and wouldappreciate your insight ona few things less important if you are free later?"

Scarlett's plaits whisper across her shoulders when she tips her head, the pen poised in her fingers capturing another susurrus of ink on heavy parchment and vellum. It beats a typewriter, and banging away on the height of modern office technology would rather be like one of the Inhumans throwing spears as a weapon. Hence the elegance of handwriting in fluid script. Rarely she asks Karnak to repeat herself, if only to clarify the precise wording, but a lifetime — how short! — at Columbia University gives her an advantage. "Certainly we have evidence of the Skrulls in the past decade, though the Kree are another matter entirely." She taps her pen against the page. "Definitively, I doubt we can be sure. Another authority on the topic says they were largely eradicated in this particular portion of space for fifty thousand years, but those numbers do not correspond properly with your own history. Perhaps that meant the general area around the star or the wider interstellar region."

Speculation draws to a close where others come, and she pushes back from her seat to stand. One never knows who arrives, though her entirely formal bearing eases an inch or two when Triton reveals himself. She inclines her head, hands clasped behind her back, pen curled between them. "Greetings anew. I have been enjoying the company of your respected sister. Her insights give depth to a narrative." As far as humans go, she is fair and far from extreme. If anyone knows Black Bolt's predilections for redheads, well, she fits that bill and then some.

Karnak nods slightly, "Yes, I suspect we were a… side project, something to try and unlock their genetic stagnation." She glances over towards Triton, "Brother…" and then her eyes meet Corvus, and they narrow rather alarmingly. Her fingers flex, knuckles cracking slightly as she regards the head of Maximus' personal guard.

Not a lot of love lost there, it seems.

"Such a warm welcome." Corvus offers Karnak a brilliant smile regardless of the reception. "I don't have any say when it comes to who I guard. One day I'm sure it'll be Blackagar or Medusalith." His gaze turns to Rogue now, and she gets a similar smile and he bows slightly at the waist. "We haven't been introduced yet it seems. I am Corvus, armor smith for the Royal Guard and the man responsible for ensuring Maximus doesn't get in over his head outside of the city."

For a sonnet… The brushes of an English accent hint at Kent or the southeast counties to the unschooled ear. With an inclination of her head, the bohemienne replies, "Delighted to meet you, Corvus. Given his general brilliance, Maximus must be quite the companion. We're acquainted. I am Scarlett. Among other things, a diplomat, as well as an Avenger." The very unsaid things might be a yawning void for those who know them. But diplomatic interplay requires care.
"Genetic stagnation. Is it something that concerns them still, and would the present diversity be a guiding concern for re-contact?" Scarlett defers to the question of her curiosity after the incidental greeting and introductions are complete. A sidelong look directed to Karnak holds a tumble of ideas, dredged in muted concern.

Triton looked from Karnak to Corvus to Karnak to Corvus and clapped his hands together. OH yeah. That went well. How Triton never developed a drinking habit trying to keep the peace in the palace was anyone's guess. He did move, strategically it would seem, to put himself between he and Karnak which he was no permanent solution, but that was also not his goal. dark large orbs blinked both sets of eyelids looking to make contact with his sisters as he approached her. "Corvus has been crafting a solution to allow more of our scouts and solders to follow us underwater to deal with the present issue." He didn't speak to her outlook so much as approach her reason with Corvus' present necessity to patch the gaps of political divides. "Maximus is near to confirming if the Kree are already present and has interesting theorywe may wish to consider in our strategic analysis." He left out the less savory details of the encounter.

Karnak nods slightly towards Rogue, "If they have not made any progress… it could well be a concern of theirs. There is little telling what their intention is, though it seems unlikely it would be peaceful." She glances over at Triton, "Oh? Well, that certainly would be useful." She doesn't look like she's about to attack Corvus or anything. But the scary thing is…

She never looks like she's about to attack. Until it's too late.

The scary thing about Corvus? He always seems to know when an attack is coming, so he doesn't appear flustered in the slightest. "His company has it's moments." Of sheer terror. "Whatever the Kree want, the one thing we can be positive of is that it likely isn't in our best interest. Personally I'd rather get rid of them, but I don't have much in the way of influence."

Terror is not something rightly associated with Scarlett, unless she lives up to that code name and nigh but disappears from sight. In short, there are statues more forbidding than a young woman in admittedly foreign and alien style, with the calm, clear-eyed bearing of someone respectfully fascinated by her surroudings. She makes an excellent foil. "I see. That is worrying," she says to Karnak. Her luminous emerald eyes shift faintly beneath the coppery hue of her lashes, lightening only a little. "The immediate concern for the Avengers is determining whether any kind of military spillover may impact the area. We can't convince nations to cease attacking one another, always, though we can do our best to contain the situation."

Karnak actually looks amused at Corvus's nonchalance, then says simply, "The Kree are coming to advance their best interests, and the rest of us, human or Inhuman, can be damned as far as they are concerned. To properly prepare, we shall need to understand what they want. Which means contact with them, either by diplomacy or infiltration." She nods slightly towards the others, "I am finished here, in any case. I shall be at the Tower of Wisdom if my presence is required further." And with that, she steps towards the archway, making her way out of the room.

Triton watched his sister giving her a nod. he'd catch her up… after this. It was to Rogue he answered, "we met with maximus the other evening. To his impression that was shared with me so far he is in belief that they are here and woke something they should not have and were not prepared to handle. I will be leaving soon to go address it with further investigation on it. My concern, as well, that any attempts to assuage the Kree or this …being? May in fact have colloteral damage to the surrounding area. It may be seen as an act of war."

His sister vanishes and the business dwindles down to the matter of a book, the other issues to discuss put off for the time being. "Incandescent conversation doesn't often linger upon the niceties of what an extrastellar race may do or not do, I fear. I lament that we have to retreat into the realm of tactics." Scarlett's smile is equal parts rue and solemn recognition. She bows her head, drawn back into pacing around the table. Perhaps not the most elegant of acts, but so be it. "Whatever has awakened cannot be put unceremoniously back to sleep without consequence. That cat is out of the bag. Whether your people choose to reveal their involvement or leave this to be one of time's great mysteries is more immediate. With the princess and I both on that team, we can take efforts to limit knowledge. But it will out, as you surely know. Particularly with collateral damage a risk we run."

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