1964-09-10 - Dads Can Visit Narnia Too
Summary: Billy finally 'begs forgiveness' from his dad over the Narnia prep he didn't 'ask permission' for.
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There is a phone call, and Billy calls and is all: OMG VIC DIED BUT IS OKAY?! And come drop by whenever, I gotta show you something. There is a non-zero chance you might not approve. Also Tommy's back from helping his friend.

He totally arranged to leave this as a message.

Billy is lounging on his couch, reading a book— a sci-fi anthology. He's dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and has a box of pizza there on the coffee table— a large— with like, two entire slices left. Since there's no sign of anyone else, Billy prolly put it all away on his own. He only barely has a lower metabolim then Tommy.

Message received, kiddo.

Thus, with a frenetic crackling of golden light, a Gate opens within the open doorway that leads from kitchen to living room of Billy's apartment. Stepping through, wearing a mild glower, is the good Doctor. He wears the leathers of his mantle and even the Cloak. From one errand to another: no rest for the weary — or is it the wicked? Regardless, he gestures towards the rift to collapse it and then turns an expectant look upon his son. He notes the book and then the pizza and sucks at his teeth, flicking his brows up.

"Am I supposed to disapprove of this meal then? The wards seem intact. You're whole and hale. Vic is alive and yes, I was aware of Tommy returning. We spoke on the street."

"What? Its pizza." Billy says it like he's speaking of a nice, healthy kale salad. But he gets a bookmark, puts it in there, then sets it aside and hops up. The first thing he does is head over to give Stephen a hug. Because Billy is a hugger. There's no telling where he got that from. "Ah, no. Wait, aren't the wards supposed to stop people from wormholing in? Oh, since you set them they let you by?" Hmph. "…don't ever gate into the bedroom." This is in a stern tone, "But ah, right, no. So. The Contingency Plan has a base now. We kept meeting here and it felt weird: this is Teddy and my private place. So we didn't want to have people hanging out here all the time. I mean we don't mind friends coming to visit, but, really." He gestures over to a wardrobe that's new, "Open it?" he suggests a little bit timidly.

And you know what? Billy gets a hug back for his efforts. It's not as reserved, not as if Strange is afraid to break the person in his arms, but certainly more warm. No doubt it stems from holding Vic's broken body and the atypical constriction about his heart when he feels the living tension of younger arms about his ribs is still new. The man tries, at least.

Billy answers his own question correctly in that the Sorcerer is able to Gate past his own wardings. A double-edged sword to be sure, when your Dad can waltz in whenever he wants, but the man has a healthy respect for not walking in on folk…generally. Once released from the hug, Strange walks over to the new piece of furniture and places a palm against its surface, in the middle of one of the paneled doors. A small divot between brows betrays his focus even before the faint glow enters his irises.

"I'm suspecting that you're not meeting inside this wardrobe, precisely?" He asks, looking over his shoulder towards Billy. He can sense the fingerprint of his son's abilities upon it, that singular amalgamation of Sorcerous and Witchy might.

The wardrobe is encased in magic— there's three separate spells there, and one looks to be tied directly to Billy. As he approaches, and lifts up his right hand, he pulls open the door to reveal…Coats. Then he closes it, lifts his left hand, grins, and as he moves it to the doorknob the magic comes alive. The second spell which had been almost waiting with baited breath activates, and as he pulls it open again, a large expanse of space— a warehouse floor— opens up beyond. "Narnia is what we're calling it. The standing spell— that's what I'm calling that…spell which starts then *stops* and waits— Its keyed to our non-dominant hands, one wardrobe for each person's home." He seems both proud and nervous, but he gestures. "If someone were to compromise our home, we could escape and use it as a refuge. But more often, we just … will be using it. But to anyone else its just a wardrobe." Toescuff.

Stepping to one side, the tall Sorcerer commits himself to simply watching what happens rather than immediately weighing the chances of the wardrobe 'breaking the rules', as it were.

His dark brows slowly rise. Narnia. Clever, the independence of states between handles and the fact that it's relegated to the dominant hand of only certain individuals does provide a fairly effective means of concealment to the furniture's ability. The Cloak's collar flutter in some facimile of approval, drawing his scowl there and they become still once again.

"And the warehouse. It's abandoned?" Strange continues to reserve immediate judgment, eyeing his son once again.

Billy steps through the wardrobe, and in the base beyond, and gestures Strange to come along in, "Oh no, we're renting it. If it were abandoned, that'd be dangerous. We're the Planned Paintball Company— Teddy shapeshifted to do the renting, I was his 'assistant'." He gestures around the warehouse. Its clearly second-floor, but there's a freight elevator and private entrance in back. Currently it has just exercise equipment, and another wardrobe. "Though we kinda sorta implied that this was a mafia cover to the landlord, to encourage him to leave us be. I don't plan on ever being seen again in this area, just Teddy shapeshifted into big italian man. We will come and go only through the wardrobes— at least, after the contractors are finished adding some features. Water and sewer hookups so we can have a kitchen and bathroom in case its a refuge. Vic's a handman, is going to do a lot of the work himself. Kellan and Kaleb— you don't know them, they're mutants so you don't need to know them— well Kaleb is an architect…student. He's designing the basic needs." The nervousness is strong in this one.

With Billy's back turned, he misses the appreciate little quirk at the corner of his father's lips. The man follows behind and steps into the open space of the warehouse itself. The room is catalogued and the small nodding is indicative of both acknowledgment and encouragement to continue explaining.

Once the young man stops speaking, he's the recipient of a lingering glance. Finally, Strange says, "Quite the achievement." A beat. "Well-hidden in the execution. The mafia cover may bring the government sniffing, be aware of this. I wasn't aware that Kaleb had inclinations towards architecture." His lips rise in a small smile that fades away just as quickly. "I met them both in passing when I checked in on Vic for the final time. Kellen asked after dinner and I said that I would speak with Wanda on the matter. Were you aware of this possibility?"

"I checked out the landlord, I don't think he's gonna snitch." Billy nods his head, "But yeah I thought of it: we figured giving him a reason to avoid us or for us to be secretive was better then leaving it to his own imagination." Billy blinks, and tests Strange words: was that complimentory? That was! He beams, dimples on to full effect. "Oh no, I mean — considering Kellan and Vic — I assumed you'd meet them sooner or later for something social, and to explain something I've told them in certain vague terms you and Mom are on a whole league of your own above mine, but. Uhh. We could do a whole… thing. Family get together…thing." He hesitates, and then runs a hand through his hair— and promptly pats it back into place— and wonders, "Is this all okay? I… was very careful."

"If explaining my mantle and your mother's powers come up in conversation, I have no issue in giving a basic explanation," Strange replies. He begins to wander about the airy room with hands behind his back, hidden beneath the length of the crimson Cloak. Pausing by the exercise machine, he slides his attention back to Billy again.

"It's within reason. I can tell that you made all available attempts to contain the contortion upon reality. I haven't been approached by anyone — gods or anything — in regards to it. I sincerely appreciate your efforts, Billy." A one-sided dimple shows briefly. "I ask that you stick to your current plans and have the handiwork done by hand rather than warp and weft upon reality further."

"They needed to know that in case of emergency, Billy's parents are the people to go for." Billy says, tone grave and serious as he nods, "So yeah, I told them a basic sort of ..stuff." He looks both visibly relieved and proud at Strange's acceptance, "The only part I want to do magically is soundproofing, because all the windows: without changing their properties they'll always be a weakness if someone…. pokes around or we get attention. But the rest is all done muggle-ways. I don't think its quite right for me to… completely alter a space to my whim. Not when its perfectly capable of being done without magic."

Muggle-ways. A slang term he hasn't heard just yet. Strange makes a note to look that one up, if he can. He nods in agreement to Billy's thoughts on construction within the place.

"You'll find a sense of pride in having done the work with your own two hands rather than relying heavily on manipulating reality around you. I understand privacy, however, and you'll need it." He sounds knowing and vaguely amused. A final look around the warehouse and he seems to smile to himself even as he returns to Billy, still rather dignified for the pacing and scarred fingers behind his back. "They can always come to me in case of things getting out of control. I have no issue in calling upon my mantle if lives are threatened." The young man gets a light pat on the shoulder and the touch lingers for a moment. "Thank you for telling me, Billy. You should show your mother sometime. I think she'll be impressed."

That might be the frosting on the complimentary cupcake and the smile from the Sorcerer could be the sprinkles.

"Speaking of such, she's expecting me." His smile grows more coy before being smoothed away. "I can't be any later than I am. I don't want to risk her wrath. It can be…creative at times."

The flickering of another Gate opens in the space beside the man and he steps through it into the Loft. The Loft?

Oh my.

"Oh yeah, I'll show her for sure." Billy agrees, "Give her a hug for me? We need to do a full magic-family dinner." But at the pat on his shoulder, Billy beams with pride. He oooooh so soaks up approval like a sponge.

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