1964-09-10 - Super Salad (pt.2)
Summary: Robbie and Gidget continue to head to the PymTech product testing lab to explore the wonders of cool science in the latest fall fashions for caped crusaders.
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Lunch, as it turns out, went alright without dinosaurs attacking for flying saucers descending on the place. The malts were pretty good too, truth be told. The walk to PymTech was not far either. The building itself looked like it was in an architectural ego contest with Stark Enterprises. In truth it was. There was a large sculpture out front of a molecule with objects orbiting it making it look like a slow revolving atom in a fountain, because why not add water at that point.

The front desk had a couple security guards that they had to stop and check in with wherein her name was in fact, added to the guest list having had clearance. Having his ID and badge handed back to him Robbie handed her her visitor badge. There were stairways ascending by a large elevator in the middle and the place looked more like a small, fancy airport than an office building. "Welcome to PymTech. Home of the future, Gidget."

Lunch left her feeling full and that walk was needed for sure. This was the first….normal-ish day that she's had in a bit and was having fun for sure! Upon arrived at the building, her eyes went wide with wonder as she looked it over. "….oh man." Her voice was soft as she tried to keep it together…not wanting to seem like a kid in a candy store. Though she was not of the scientific field herself she was always fascinated by it.

When she was asked for her ID she pulled it out quickly before taking her sunglasses off of her face and shoving them in her purse. Looking around, those big brown eyes were wide as she just seemed to be in awe. Hearing her name was on the list was….shocking to her to be honest but she would just take her ID back and smiled. Taking that visitor's badge she'd clip it on the waist of her pants and then looked over to him. "…I feel I should have dressed a bit…conservative here…." Chuckling she'd look around again and smiled. "…this is amazing, Robbie…."

Speedball had no formal bone in his body and looked at the place with a pleased smile. The suggestion to have dressed conservatively got a laugh from him and a strange look. "Half the team are wearing little plastic suits like a Harryhausen film. I promise I'll help you make sure you don't step in anything sentient that may try to go home with you." So helpful. Wait- was he serious?" The amused look didn't falter but he did offer a genuine, "Well I'm glad you like it. I'll have to tell Mr. Stephens you approve. He 's my boss in testing. Got us the day pass for ya. It's all like…fancy and stuff through there. We'll pass it but we, my friend, are going this way and following the green tile stripe."

She'd laugh a bit and nodded then. "Okay okay….fair enough…" Gidget gave him a smile but then blinked as she heard the next part. "Wait…w-what? I mean…." Laughing she would just shake her head a bit. "If they want to come home they better be cute or willing to do housework. I work so much….it'd be nice to have someone cook!" Now was /she/ serious? Who knows! Looking around she'd smile and then sighed softly. "Well I will have to thank him. He didn't have to do all that…." She'd stay close to him as she looked around but then heard him say where they were heading. She'd link her arm around his and chuckled. "Like the yellow brick road? Should we skip and sing a song?"

Speedball Aaaactually he did have to do all that if you were coming to visit. I might have embellished a tad and referred to you as a field specialist. On the upshot there might be opportunity to actually have that be true, I mean strictly speaking." He followed the avocado green tile stripe on teh floor like a hospital and warmed a wider grin to her,, "Heeeey how'd you know how I arrive to work?" In regards to singing and skippping. "You're spyin on me aren't you?"

"Field….specialist?" Gidget blinked but thatn laughed as she shook her head. "Oh dear….." She'd smile softly before she would put a hand to her chest then as she feigned insult. "Sir….a lady does not spy on a man…." Grinning she'd nudge him playfully and started to unhook her arm from his. "But I can let go….would hate to give you a bad rep at your job…" Snickering she'd motion for him to lead the way. "After you, handsome…."

Speedball laughed and protested, "Mata Hari totally did!" He did badge in and the lights changed on the door and it clicked. "Awww you can't ruin my rep, Gidge'. They'd have to take me seriously for that first." Apparently this didn't bother him a bit. "Besides if they do? I'll turn Neils loose in the lab again. That'll show em." He winked playfully and walked into the room where it looked like they were visiting Q from James Bond. Tables with projects and gadgets were on it and they had a real firing range! There was also a glass screen to a room that looks like more than one explosion went off for observation purposes. Anything hazardous seemed to be in another section that required more scanning and protective glass. "Welcome to product testing."

Gidget blinked, parting her lips to say something then laughed. "Okay…you got me there. You win. Pick your prize….." That laugh of hers was almost infectious but she would laugh harder at the mention of the cat. "Oh man….I can only imagine what trouble he caused!" As they walked in she would, those brown eyes took everything in. "Well then….." She'd stay close to him, her arm linking with his again. She didn't want to get too far; just her luck she'd accidently touch something she shouldn't and not exactly the best way to meet people. Looking up at him she'd nod a bit. "Totally cool! Is this where you hang out?"

Speedball stuck his chicken wing out there for her to loop her arm around and pointed up to one overhead light that looked reattached at one end to the rafters using a chain instead of the original moorings. "Yeah be broke that one. They built the wall after we sorta went nuts the other day." He pointed out various areas, "We do chemical testing stff on composites in that room there that's vented. I got blown up there a couple times. THat's where we test the effects of high energy occurrances against various things people make to do stuff. And that" Did he just say blown up a few times? "That is what I wanted to show you over there. We're working on making space fabric. The goal is to work on getting someone up on the moon in the next ten years but at it turns out? A good pair of Levis ain't gonna cut it."

Gidget would look up and just shook her head. "He's a destructive litte something, huh?" Laughing she'd look over at him and sighed softly as she took everything in. Her attention would turn to everything he pointed it out but looked to him. "….blown up?!" She'd look him over then as she put a hand on his chest as if looking for something. "Dude….you don't look like you've been blown up at all. You were wearing a protective suit right?" She'd raise a brow as she was about to ask something else but was distracted. "Fabric?" Now her attention was drawn to the new topic at hand. "On the moon huh? Well I'm sure jeans and a tee shirt wouldn't do it. Who knows what's out there! What you need to be protected from."

Speedball winrkled his nose sheepishly. "Not… exactly." One eye squint and with his free hand, itched behind his ear. "But it's how I got the job testing the suits after that." He looked down a bit for a moment at her hand and offered, "I'm okay, really. But yeah! we're inventing materials that are working on being weather resistant, heat resistant and won't combust." He paused and nodded slowly, "Really want to test samples of that before someone throws a barbecue at me trying to stress test that one. But, in all seriousness? I know thyed be interested in someone that could help make inprovements to how the materials can work, how to apply those to garments so the suits are functional and wearable too. Sooo I miiiiight have given them your card to seeee if you'd consider possibly being interested in consulting. They're good people. We make things to keep people safe, not weapons."

Eyeing him she'd look him over for a second then just tilted her head. "Not….exactly?" But then she'd put up her free hand up and shook her head. "Nevermind…..I don't think I want to know…." Gidget would just laugh before sighing softly as she nodded. The young woman seemed to be in her own world as she listened to him talk but then stopped as she looked over at him. "Wait….what?" Those brown orbs went wide now as she looked at him. "You mean like….work kinda sorta for PymTech?!"

Speedball looked sheepish pointing back the way they came in from. "Have you seen these guys? We know like noooothing about clothes, Gidget." He laughed because it was entirely true. "We call it a lucky day when I have sleeves on my shirts. We need to figure out how to best build this stuff so that it is… I think they call it 'functional apparel'. I know like you and Ms. Douros who used to hem my pants for me and frnakly you are much better looking and way more fun to talk to, all respects to her. Just saying. I mean that objectivly." He held up his badge. "You can trust me, I'm technically a scientist… technically."

She'd look at him as she swallowed hard. Her free hand would grip on that handbag but then looked to the floor. This was….this was huuuuge. Nothing like her catering to spoiled princesses and brats but….she might actually help make a difference. She'd go quiet for a moment then finally looked up at him. "Okay….if they want me….I'm game. I feel like I can actually….do something and help make a difference." Chuckling she would then shake her head a bit. "Do I get a bodyguard with the job? I mean….I'm squishy…." A chuckle then as she winked at him playfully. "I know Mr. Stark seems to have a lot of….'fans'. I don't know if y'all do too or not."

Speedball smiled with that genuine nature of his like he might turn into a ball of sunshine what to surf under. Duuuuude. "You said before you wanted to get your hands on some things to help epople out and I was like well, we have some folks that would rather like to not fry in space or do dangerous things so other people don't have to and they could use someone who has a creative mind to do this and it lets you work from home a bit too or wherever. I can't promise it's a huge industry but I can totally let Mr. Stevens know you're interested." On the question of security the grin widened a bit and his hand splayed across his chest a bit in good-humored bravado, "Weeeeeell there is, I'm told this really charming fella with great hair that likes to keep too many problems from finding their way into the building." He paused and side glanced to the door with less bravado, "And we've had a couple Avengers stop in from time to time. We've helped them out in the past I guess. We make…stuff. Turns out they use stuff to do things with. Very specific, I know.""

She'd nod as she smiled, shaking her head. "You've been so nice to me. And I appreciate this…a lot." Leaning in, she'd kiss him on the cheek and nodded. "I feel like I can actually contribute, you know? I mean I love doing what I do but….this will make me feel like I'm contributing to society…" That smile tugged at her lips as she looked down at the floor slightly, as if thinking. Sighing then she would look up at him with a grin. "Oh really now? Well you might have to introduce me to him." There was a playful wink given to him but then she mouthed the word 'wow' then as she heard that. "Well….that should….keep trouble away I'm sure. And yes….so specific. I'm on the edge of my seat, Robbie."

Speedball leaned a bit and turned red in the ears at the kiss. "Awww you're makin me feel all humbled and everything. And you will. You know they got a whole slew of ladies working on the NASA end of the project and learning how to program computers and preeeetty much mostly doing all the writing and programming. ANd now? keeping men from melting on the moon." Or at the hands of super villains with heat rays and what have you, though he had no idea of her ambitions with the project. "What wow? They have super powers. You beat up a rhino with a toaster without them. They should be asking you for pointers and bagels, seriously."

She'd watch him and laughed as his ears started to turn red. "….didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." Gidget would then sigh a bit as she smiled. "Yeah I heard that….but that's so not my thing. Sciences or what is not my thing…." Chuckling she would then sigh a bit as she smiled slightly. "Melting on the moon, huh?" Looking around, she would shake her head. "I'm sure there's a couple of people down here that could use it too. I've run into some interesting people to say the least….some that could use the proper….attire so they're not vulnerable." A shrug as she looked back over to him with a smile. "And yeah…they do have powers. Or hella good at kicking butt. And it was a sewing machine…." Grinning she'd tease as she 'corrected' him and nodded. "And no no. I was just helping….I just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time I guess…."

Speedball warmed a grin standing back straight, "What? me uncomfortable? Nonsense. I'm highly embarrass-proof. I lost my pride in a fire once. Never really did get it back." By pride he meant pants but he wasn't going to tell her that. "well wrong place for Rhino Guy. Exact right place if you're looking to lose a sewing machine to saving the neighbourhood. I mean it's kiiiiinda a matter of perspective. I mean I thought it was impressive. I mean look ya lived and everything. I gotta ask though, did he have a horn? Was it on his nose or his forehead because that's also pretty important to teh retelling of this story."

Exhaling softly she would just shake her head. "I don't even want to know….how….or why?" Rolling her eyes playfully, she would smile asnd then nodded. "I guess you're right. And he did have a horn….technically on his forehead I think?" Gidge would run her fingers through her short dark hair and smiled. "I wasn't really looking that close as I was trying not to get ran over by him…." Chuckling she'd shrug and then look over at him. "Well…." Looking around she would smile and then smirked. "What's next?"

Speedball says, "I knew it. Ugly unicorn fella. Angry marauding unicorn fella at that." He paused and blinked at her, "What's next? Getting out of the way of a charging rhino I'm assuming. Oh! OH oh oh the tour well. Science abound. This stuff, is super neat. Check this out." He broke away from her in a jog to go get what looked like welding gloves, two pair and handed her one. It was sized for a man with decently large hands, but that's what they had on hand. He put the other pair on, honestly more out of habit for staying in compliance than need. He cut a piece of fabric away that was maybe a 7" square. He was grinning. God he loved science. "So normally you think of somethign becoming colsd you think it becomes… what?""

"Yeah…he wasn't exactly someone I'd go hangout with…." Chuckling she would watch him then as he continued but realized what she meant. He was interesting to say the least….made her laugh too. When he ran off, she'd blink and then saw him grabbing gloves. She'd adjust that handbag to go over her head and across her chest then. Taking those gloves, she'd just stare at him and then back to the gloves as she started to put them on. Well….they definitely were too big but she made due. AS she saw him practically giddy she would smile and looked to what he was cutting off. "Um….it becomes….ice….hard? Cold?" She'd chuckle a bit then.

Speedball came back with a small acetylene torch. He waggled it at her. "On any other day? Yes! Absolutely right. The flow of molecules becomes constricted until they slow down in their suspended state and…" he started walking in slow motion until he just froze all motion, and after a moment looked at her. "everything freezes in place and they become crunchy like an ice cube. But…" He went and fished out the dry ice which he carefully put in a bowl and walked over. He showed it to her as it had vapors coming off of it. "OoOooOooohhh looks haunted a bit don't it? Anywyas, normally we reheat those to make them a fluid. This," He handed her a long pair of what looked like metal salad tongs, "We are going to see defy reason and decency." He pointed to her to pick up the fabric with the tongs and hold it out to, yeah about there.

She'd smile as she listened and then nodded then. "Oooh dry ice….helps with haunted houses!" Gidget was listening intently now as she watched him go about his motions. "Okay……?" Staring she'd take those tongs from him and lened over to pick up that fabric. "About…here?" Holding out the piece of fabric, she would hold it out as far as she could then. "Just don't set me on fire or something…."

Speedball laughed, "I don't set ladies on fire. Just big big spiders. Yeah right… like that." With a grin he fired up the torch and started to light' the fabric. It didn't catch flame but it did react like it was trying to get away from teh flame. It turned darker and hardened like a rock. He dimpled a lopsided grin and turned the torch off. "Tap it on the table. You can smash that thing with a hammer or back over it with a truck and it'll stay crunchy and hold its shape!"

She'd laugh then as she shook her head a bit. "Noted. I'll be sure to call you if I ever have a spider problem…." Smiling, her lips would part as if she was about to say something but turned her head slightly as she turned on the torch. But then she slowly turned back and stared. "….what….the?" Those eyes went wide as she looked at him and then back to it. "Holy cow that's freaking cool!" She'd do as he said then, tapping away on the table and just shook her head. "I can't believe this….this is….this is freaking amazing!"

Speedball was fascinated by this stuff. He would have his professional job title be professon action science nerd if he could. "Heeeeehehehehe yeah imagine if we could use this for like firefighters and stuff? I mean you would ahve to figure out points of articulation and stuff, but yeah it's suuuuper neat. Now put it in the dry ice." He pointed helpfully which was more from enthuasim than any lack of faith in her to identify what a bowl was. As it rapidly cooled the cloth sagged and went back to being flexible.

"Dude! This would save lives!" She almost jumped with joy but cleared her throat as she tried to calm herself. "I mean we would totally have to tailor them to get it just right so nothing is restricted." Gidge was practically giggling now as she then moved it over to the dry ice. AS it started to get more flexible, all she could do is blink. "….what?!" Her voice raised but she looked around, blushing a bit as she tried not to disturb anyone then looked to him. "….t-the….applications of this could be….phenomenal…."

Speedball looked a bit proud. Stark had artillery which Pym loved their utility. He had a wistful grin. "Yeah, imagine being able to make taco holders out of it, and when they cooled off they would store flat. Until then? No spill tacos." With that lad everything seemed to start at food and go out from there. "Or better heroing through science. I mean sure that too!"

A tilt of her head then as she smiled brightly. "This is….beyond taco holders, dude…" She'd take that fabric in her gloved hand and just held it up. "This could save people with powers…with abilities….." Gidget seemed just…excited then as she looked at him. "I…I've been…." Looking around she'd step closer to him then, her body close to him as she whispered. "I've been helping some kids….with….gear….clothing. Can you imagine….if I ran across one that needed something like this? It could save them…."

Speedball set the torch down and looked around. Newp. no one really there. He blinked at her listening, "Woah like wiat regular kids or super kids? How old kids caus eyou should really be not fighting alien bears wihout an adult present at 12 and under."

Laughing she would step back and nodded. "Well they're definitely not regular…and they're adults….I just call them kids. I mean…they are younger than me I think….I know one definitely acts way younger than me." A shrug then but she smiled. "But no….adults…." Sighing softly she would shrug then. "Client confidentiality but….yeah…I'm helping them out."

Speedball warmed a grin. "Good. I think they need help. like they call him friendly neighbourhood spiderman, not friendly bulletproof spiderman. I worry about that, I'll be honest. but good. you should do something when you can I say. And damn, make it look good in the process. So one appreciates heroes in sweatpants."

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