1964-09-10 - Two Green Thumbs
Summary: Chloe chooses a work designation for living in Attilan while Triton checks up on her before making plans to head back to Vietnam.
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Triton was running full tilt this week between Attilan, trying to get Maximus' willful participation in aiding them with the investigation of the Kree, keeping Maximus and Karnak from setting one another on fire with their minds (which thankfully neither one of them could, or knew how to do, though he had faith in their improvisational skills) and still shuttle the prodigals back to Attilan. He was tired, not in a physical capacity, but certainly a mental one. It did not stop him from doing as he said he would and checked in on one of Attilan's newest return residents. "Chloe?"

Chloe meanwhile has been trying to adjust to a world without demons hunting her for sport. Even with the crystal spiders haunting the place, she prefers Central Park when she's in New York. Here in Attilan, she sits in the palace garden, still unsure of where her fate will take her once her identity is discovered and her caste decided. She looks up and over at Triton, and she smiles. Birds flutter around her, twittering. It must be quite the conversation. They quiet as another Inhuman draws near, though, and they flutter up to higher perches. Rising to her feet, Chloe says, "Triton, what a sight for sore eyes."

Triton warmed a smile. he was grateful, really, for at least one of his daily appointments to not be rife with a labyrinth of diplomacy. Chloe was trying to find her feet. in many regards her day was likly far more challenging than his because at leas this was familiar to him. He had a bowl in hand. "I didn't know if you ate. so I brought something by for you." He looked up with a smile falling more simply into place looking at the birds taking to higher ground. "It is good to see you as well. how're your friend?"

Chloe nods quickly and says, "Oh yes, I do eat." She reaches for the bowl and bows her head as she says, "Thank you." She may not know who she is, not yet, but she does know that this is her Prince, and he must be respected. There's natural gratitude there, too, and pleasure to see him. He has been kinder to her than anyone else in a long, long time. "They're well, all aflutter at the changing of the seasons. There will be migrations soon for some of them." She looks at the branches where birds continue to twit and tweet. "They miss here, when they have to go."

Triton smiled, pleased with the simplicity that Chloe has found some semblance of respite in Attilan. While it was a refuge not all took solace from it. "Ah, I think I understand them in that regard. I do miss it when my visits are done. In some ways it feels new every time, and yet always familiar." He looked from teh birds to her and peeled an egg considering her take on it. "You will find great things in this place and it in you no doubt. It's quite… curious in that regard, but at least never dull."

Chloe regards the egg with interest. She eats from the bowl neatly and efficiently. Quickly. Food is for consuming before the next raiders come to take it away. "I'm getting flashes," she says, "of memories. Sunlight and plants, open spaces. I think I must have spent a lot of time outside, maybe with the animals." She shakes her head then and adds, "I don't remember the rest, but it's something, isn't it?" She admits, wryly, "I don't want to leave the palace. Part of me doesn't want to find out who I was."

Triton considered this while she spoke and he sat quietly to listen. It was a hard boiled egg which was taken back to half a hard boiled egg with a gnashing of teeth. "Hmm" He thought on that while he chewed and finally shook his head, "Well I don't think that's crazy. I have theorized this with my cousin before. Without knowing things always have potential for greatness. Maybe it was a badmemory and we are able to find peace without it? The truth is the anxiety of not knowing or should we will fade. Beyond that who we were does not mandate who we are, Chloe. I still believe that. Will my sister ever forgive Maximus? It is a question not much different. We are still responsible for the effect our actions have and what we take from here forward. Maybe you were banished from the palave for making inferior wine. Wouldn't that be a scandal?" The smile warmed and oone eye folded both its eyelids in a wink to her.

"I could never show my face again," Chloe says with a laugh, "I wouldn't know the first thing about how to make amends." Her brow furrows. "Isn't that strange? I remember how to do so much, like how to care for these birds, and for livestock and companion animals and whatnot, like it's the most natural thing in the world, but the streets of the city? It's gone. But I can make this garden thrive, given half a chance." She glances at him slyly, and she adds, "Incidentally. If the palace is ever in need of a gardener."

Triton considered her question, thought he offer of 'hey, palace need a gardener?' amused him in the same vein of 'pssst, Triton, can you hook me up in not being a rock poker? That'd be swell.' and he even had to laugh. "I'll see what there is to find out. Though in that regard? Skills? rote? I think may be stored in a different area of the brain so it may have been differently affected? Whatever was done; localizedperhaps."

Chloe holds up a fingertip to the tree she sits beneath, and it slowly extends its branch, curling the thin fronds at the end around her fingertip, then growing longer, further, wrapping around her wrist. "I have a way with plants," she says. "When I sing, they grow better, faster." With a nudge of her will, she sends the branch receding back to its former shape and size. She looks to Triton, those big brown eyes taking him in with warmth. "It's a passing thought, but if there's an opening, I would treat these trees like my own children."

Triton couldn't answer her. He was distracted with an utter fascination at the alteration of plant life encourating it to grow strong and green teeming with life. A webbed hand started to reach out for it but stopped curling into a loose ball of philanges and thin membranes instead; his skin shifting to oive and brown tones with a brighter green in the creases of his fingers colour correcting to teh tree. "I'm…" He shook his head ceasing the thought, "I would be happy to make that recommendation for you." My goodness what she might not be able to do to assist restroing the coral reef. still he watched the tree with a quiet sense of respect and wonder for it.

Chloe glances at Triton's hand with fascination and, tentatively, she lays her hand atop his, just a small and intimate gesture of gratitude. "I wouldn't disappoint you," she says. "If I sing, they'll grow fast and strong." She smiles brightly, the sun shining in her hair turning the brown strands to highlights of honey. "I'll never be able to thank you for the kindness you've shown me, Prince Triton, but it will be an honor to spend the rest of my days trying."

Triton didn't want to disturb the plant in its transformative phase. There was a blink and he looked at the silent thank you in her hand at his. Further from the tree his skin in mottled and striped shifted back to its presumable native yellow-greens. The hand relaxed, and an easy smile followed with honesty, not flattery, "I don't think you possess that ability to disappoint me, Chloe. I can make an excellent case that the Palace garden is stronger with you in it." At the use of formalized titles and such. His other webbed hand engulfed hers in a pat pat. "You can just call me Triton. I save formalities for foreign designates and people who hurt Lockjaw… so they know they are super in trouble." He paused and thought of Karnak as well but shook his head, "I'd say my sister too but there would be nothing left of the offender really." This amused him, peaceable as he was. He looked down at her hand smooshed between his and the tree. These things could not stay like this. Not for him, but maybe they may for someone. "You can. You will. Be happy. Keep them in good health and every effort has been worth it." He closed his eyes for a moment in pause. If he didn't move now he might consider convincing himself to stay put indefinitely. The saline in his system bubbled. He gave her hand a faint squeeze and stood. There was warmth and satisfaction in the salutation though, "I'm glad we got a chance to catch up. I am afraid I have to rest up before passing the final test modifications on Corvus' swimming suit to him that he is building for those diving with us. I will be preparing to return to my recon mission. I may see you before we drop in. If not? Well, you will have to show me what all you have done when I come back."

"Which I would never do," Chloe says, of hurting Lockjaw, who is only the best dog ever. "So I will call you Triton." The change of hue in his skin garners another fascinated look, not so much as an oddity as a point of appreciation. Her cheeks color with pleasure at the thought she might address him informally, even though the weight of his position has finally settled upon her. "I hope you will, but yes, if not, you'll come home to something beautiful, I promise."

Triton stopped and there was a chuckle behind the mask. There was an amusement that made the large black orbs squint, one eyebrow ridge arched in amusement. A casual wave of one webbed hand completed the expression, "Well yeah. I knew I would. I meant the garden though." He left her with that compliment and dipped his head to her. The tone was pleasant and less tired than when he arrived. She was happy. She had hope before where she had hell in a very visceral fashion. He did right by her; scouting mission - success. "Have a good evening, Chloe." And with that, sought out Corvus with renewed purpose to plan for their mission.

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