1964-09-11 - Looking Good
Summary: Luke gets one final fit of his suit by Gidget
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Gidge was on her lunch break, off the rest of the day and then on her way to a meeting so she figured she'd check in on Luke with his new suit. She'd make her way through the bar, shocked it was unlock but made her way up to his apartment. About to knock, she'd stop and realized she was popping by unannounced and that would be….awkward if he had company. Clearing her throat she would turn and start to walk away but shrugged as she turned and knocked on the door. Licking her lips she would snatch those sunglasses off her face. It was better to ask for forgiveness but she was doing her job. Today she was dressed…well….to kill for this meeting later; for once she was wearing a white low cut wrap top, white fitted pencil skirt and gold high heels….and starting to slowly feel like her old self again. Hanging around her neck was a strange gold pendant on a gold chain….the Eye of Providence encompassed in a configuration of triangles and circles.

There is a call of 'Just a minute…' from the other side of the door, and the muffled sound of some rustling behind it before it opens. Luke stands in the doorway dressed in a pair of well worn jeans, which by the looks of things were just thrown on. "Oh, hey Gidget." Luke says, a smile forming on his face as he sees who is at the door. "Come on in." He moves aside, allowing entry to the apartment. "I was just about to hop in the shower, you just caught me. Can I get you something to drink or anything?"

She'd just tug at her skirt and then started to put her shades back on her face. "It's fine! I can come back…." And then the door would open as she looked up at him. "Sorry….did I come at a bad time?" She'd smile then as she slowly walked in. Shifting that handbag on her shoulder she'd look around a bit then back at him. "I was just wanting to make sure the suit got here okay and you were satisfied. I've been busy as of late but finally got some free time."

Luke Cage shakes his head. "Nope. Bad would have been about 2 minutes later when I was actually in the shower and wouldn't have heard the door." He chuckles, moving over to the little kitchenette and getting a couple glasses down from a cabinet. He moves to fill them with water from the tap, "Yeah, the suit showed up just fine. It's hanging in the closet. I haven't tried it on yet since you made the adjustments. Honestly, didn't feel the need since I trust your work." He walks back around, offering one of the glasses over as he sips as his. "Busy is good. Means you have work to do, which means money coming in."

Gidget would tilt her head a bit then smiled as she nodded. "Fair enough." Licking her lips, she'd follow him over then, taking that water when it was offered. "Well I'm glad. Just let me know when you do…and if anything feels weird." She'd lean on the counter then as she smiled over at him. "And yeah….it does. Got a weird possible offer to be a consultant for something. We'll see where it goes…." Idly she'd touch the pendant around her neck then smiled. "Well….." Taking a long drink from that water, she'd exhale and winked over at him. "I guess I should let you get in the shower….don't let me disturb you."

Luke Cage takes another sip of his water, lifting his shoulder up and down in a shrug. "I will, but I am sure it will be fine. I promise I will give it a try on here in the next day or two, just in case there are any issues so they can be ironed out before the gig." He cocks his head to the side, "What, you're adding more work on top of things? Sweet Christmas, woman, you are going to work yourself into an early grave." He smirks, glancing at the pendant for a moment as Gidget fiddles with it before looking back to her, "You don't have to go. Wouldn't be the first time I showered with you here." he says with a smirk, "It ain't like you haven't seen it all before anyway."

"Well I am sure…it's fine. But I'm also a perfectionist….." Licking her lips she'd slowly push herself up and grinned over at him. "I mean….this is what I do. I tend to bury myself in my work." Chuckling she would smirk over at him. "I don't have a man. No kids. And all this ambition and drive….I need to express and share it somehow." Her hand would go to her head for a second, shaking it before she laughed. "And showered with me?" She'd tease and motion to take her shirt of by tugging at that string that tied it shut. "I mean….is that an invitation or…." She'd shake her head then as she smiled before nodding. "And shush….no need to tease me."

Luke Cage laughs, "I said showered with you here, as in you being in the apartment, but if you wanted to join me I would be an idiot to say no." He takes one last sip of his water and places the cup onto the counter before he heads towards the bathroom to turn on the water, emerging a moment later. "Did you want me to put it on now, so it put your mind at ease? One last detail or thing to have to worry about? I can slip into it easy enough, and you can get a final say."

Chuckling she would look at her watch on her wrist then chuckled. "I hate this excuse, that I have a small headache but….maybe the steam would help." Gidget would finish off her water as he went into the bathroom but hearing him she'd turn around then. "….could you? I"d feel so much better knowing….." A playful wink and she would lean back against the counter, waiting patiently.

"Sure." says Luke, a small smile forming on his face as he heads towards the little bedroom area. His voice coming from the other room as the sound of a garment bag being unzipped is heard, "You getting enough water? You might be dehydrated."

"Yeah….I'm good. I had a few glasses of wine last night….but normally I don't get headaches after a couple of glass." Shrugging she would then smile as she pushed herself up and walked over to that room, leaning in the door way. "…did you want me to make you a shirt too or you good on that?"

Luke Cage has a button down shirt on, and is slipping into the pants as she makes her way to the doorway. "I have a few shirts, but nothing that really complements the suit. They will work though, since most of the shirt will be covered by the vest and jacket anyway." Speaking of the vest, that is the next thing that is put on, turning around to face her as he buttons it up. "I've got some aspirin or something around here, I'm sure. Check in the medicine cabinet in the cupboard."

Gidge would smile and then nodded. "I don't really think I need to, to be honest. I would only recommend something fancy if it was going to be a focal point but…." Shrugging she would push herself up off of the doorframe. "Alright…." Spinning around to head towards that cabinet she'd smile then sighed as she went towards that cupboard. Opening it up, she'd look around then let out an 'aha'. "Thanks!" She'd take out a couple of pills before putting that bottle back and refilling her glass with water. Popping those pills back, she'd chug some water then swallowed hard as she let out a groan. "I hope it kicks in fast…."

Luke Cage slips into the jacket, buttoning the top button and walks out into the main room. He is dressed in the suit, minus tie, socks and shoes. "Far as I can tell, it's a perfect fit." He glances over, doing a slow spin in front of Gidget. "The kid of work you do must be a bitch to try and do with a headache. I couldn't imagine trying to focus on detail with one."

Looking over at him she would smirk and slowly walk over to him. Her hand would smooth over the suit as she whispered. "….damn….." Stepping back she would fold her arms and grinned a bit. "I am….good. I love how this turned out…." Gidget would stop in front of him and nodded. "Alright….looking sharp. You're ready to break some hearts, handsome….."

Luke Cage chuckles, shaking his head somewhat amused. "Heartbreaker, huh? Think I need to be carrying around something to push the women away?" He unbuttons the jacket and slides it off his shoulders, moving back to place it back onto the hanger. "If I am having to fight off the honeys, I might not be able to do my job. You may have done to good a job." The vest comes off next, sliding onto a hanger, and then as he turns his back to her, the pants are unzipped and slid down. Apparently he was going commando, since there is now a full moon on display. He quickly grabs his jeans and slides back into those before hanging the suit pants on the hanger, then zipping up the bag. "So, what are you consulting on now? Who suckered you into doing even more work?"

Gidget would smirk then as she watched him. "I better put myself on your dance card soon before it fills up…" Watching him intently she'd would then laugh softly. "I should get a new security detail then if you're worried…." She'd shake her head but raised her brow when he dropped the pants and pulled on his jeans. There wasn't any shame or shyness to her as she let him do his thing before she continued. "Some company. I went to lunch with some dude and we ended up at a lab. Next thing I know…I was getting offered a job." She'd shrug a bit then. "But it's up to his boss…."

"A lunch meeting that ended up as a job offer?" says Luke, hanging up the garment back bag into the closet. "Did you know you were on a secret interview when you went to lunch?" He chuckles, turning around and taking a seat on the bed. "Then again, that is kind of how I ended up with the bodyguard gig, so I can't say much."

"Well…." She'd clear her throat a bit as she shrugged. "It was more of….date….thing or whatever. I guess." She'd shrug as she just glossed over that fact and kept talking. "I met him the same day I met you. He ended up popping by my office to talk me about one thing, asked me about lunch and visiting his job, then find out he passed on my card to his boss." Shrugging she'd stretch her arms above her head and nodded. "I mean….I guess? But we weren't on a date when it happened, now where we?" Snickering she'd lean on the wall as she crossed her legs at her ankles.

Luke Cage chuckles, "Date? No. No I don't think we were on anything so formally titled." he says with a grin. "So you had a date huh? How did that go? Should I be more careful about changing in front of you now and keep it more 'business/friend' like?" He smiles, "So the guy takes your card and give it to his boss, before asking you? I guess I can see how that might be a sweet gesture, trying to get you more work."

Rolling her eyes she would shake her head a bit. "First of all…if that needed to be a thing, I'd tell you we need to keep it strictly platonic. Second…it was okay. I meant….it wasn't anything serious." A shrug of her shoulders then as she then let out a yawn. "I had orininally talked to him about his mom…I know who she is. Didn't expect him to try get me a consultation job…" Gidget would smirk and she tilted her head a bit. "I'm not really reading anything into it. I was shocked when he actually did call me to set it up after first asking." A tilt of her head then as she smiled. "….disappointed if we had to knock off knocking boots?"

Luke Cage smirks. "Ah, now see that there is one of those trick questions isn't it? One of those ones where no matter how I answer it would be wrong. If I say yes, then I am getting to attached. If I say no, then I get accused of not caring." He smirks, shaking his head with a grin. "And I'm just making sure, Gidge. You would be surprised how information like that sometimes doesn't get transmitted until I have a jealous boyfriend or husband coming to break his hand on my jaw." He smirks, "So, you going to do it? The consultation job I mean."

"Oh see….." She'd grin a bit now as she looked at him intently. "Now you /have/ to answer it. I don't really think it's a trick question though….plus that's on that chick. She shouldn't be a sneaky heifer and start drama." A shrug of her shoulders and she would put a hand to her head, closing her eyes but then seemed to relax. "…I think it's finally kicked in…." Those brown eyes would look back over to him as she would nod. "And I might….it could make a difference. It's a hell of an opportunity too." And with that she'd look at her watch than chuckled. "And on that note….I need to go get food and then gather up for this meeting with La Couturiere."

Luke Cage chuckles, standing up to escort Gidget to the door. "Well, sure, I would be disappointed. But I'd hope that it wouldn't mean that we couldn't still hang out. I like ya, you're fun to chill with, even if there are no boots knocking." He nods, "Well, good for you. If this job with the whole guard things works out, maybe I will leave the day to day of the bar to others and try my hand at something that is more utilizing my 'skillset'. They pay is probably better than the tips I make anyway." He grins, "It was good to see you, thanks for taking the time to come check things out."

She'd chuckle a bit as she tilted her head a bit then. Letting out a yawn, she'd grab her handbag from the kitchen and headed to his door. "See? it wasn't that hard. And of course we'd still hangout. Besides…I don't think that'd be happening anytime soon anyway. Kind of enjoying the freedom of not having to really check in or worry about someone nagging me where I am." Gidget would open that door then smiled over at him. "Well I"m sure you'll get paid well by La Couturiere and my mentor." Looking back at him, she'd give him a wink then. "And of course….I always check on my work. So don't be a stranger either…" And with that she made her way back downstairs and out of that bar to get herself some grub.

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