1964-09-11 - Two Angels and a Gidget
Summary: Gidget somehow gets caught up between a meeting of two angels…
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The evening settles in securely in Central Park, tourists cleaing the more centralized areas to tuck away into the purposeful places—the rose garden for a romantic stroll, the restaurant for a late dinner, et cetera. Locals weave through the near-loitering masses on the sidewalks to get where they're going, though there are those who still enjoy the park in the evening. Who linger a little longer and people watch, or are up to no good.

Jay remains among the latter. The young ginger man sits on a park bench in a wide, spaceous hub that splits off in many directions, a box lid with a half dozen remaining paper bags of bird seed sitting on the ground in front of him—offerings for donations in the coffee can beside the lid. He also happens to be cradling an accoustic guitar in his lap, strumming away and singing along with the slow tune rather abley considering it's a female lead normally; currently 'We'll sing in the sunshine'.

The main reason he still has bags and some of the crowd avoids him as they walk by may ahve something to do with the very large pair of feathered wings sticking out of the man's back, large as life and hard to miss. The feathers match his hair in varying shades of crimson as they hover over his head and sweep all the way to the ground, long primaries bent against the cement.


Well she was finally starting to be more proactive in her work out regimine finally! I mean she did all the new age yoga stuff that seemed to be the fad but she was actually….running. Now Gidget hadn't been running in ages so it was more like….jog walk jog pant stop die walk. That tall drink of water was now making her way through the park where she started to hear music.

Wearing a pair of short yellow running shorts and a somewhat loose fitting white tank top, she would look like she knew what she was doing with those tennis shoes on but in fact….she was failing. Slowing down as she heard the music, she would stop as she bent over as her hands went to her knees. Panting heavily she would push some of her damp short hair off of her forehead as she looked over to the musician. Now….most people might heave been shocked at the sight of the wings but after the people and friend she's made recently…nothing shocks her.

Making her way over to him, she'd dig in her pockets as she caught her breath. "Sounds nice!" Smiling brightly she would throw a twenty in his donation can and smiled. "Nice stuff to run to….or in my case…..kill myself to."

Really, in a city where people like Bruce Banner exist, the sight of a literal angel sitting in the park, giving away birdseed for donations really doesn't seem so far fetched. The oddity is that the mutant actually sits on the bench with his mutation beared and for all to see, outside of Mutant Town.

Jay keeps his head bowed just a little bit, a serene smile curving his mouth while he sings, clear and strong while he leans back and forth in rhythm, really into the piece he's playing right up until he sees feet enter his field of view on the ground. Jay lifts his head up and fingers start playing the verse in a loop, noodling around without thinking twice on it while he offers out a guileless smile to Gidget. "Thank you kindly, Miss." An accent makes his words /lean/ with a southern drawl, gentle as that smile on his lips. The lightly self-depreciating joke earns a lift of his serene smile, eyes warming with humor. "Well, don't drop dead, okay? Ah'd hate to lose a fan of good music. Yer welcome to have a seat and take a breather if you'd like." Jay nods gently to the bench he settles against, scooting over to give more than enough room and a polite space between.

She'd put her hands on her hips as she was still catching her breath then, nodding her head. "No problem! I always appreciate a good musician." When he offered her a seat, she'd nod and put her hand up. "I appreciate the offer but if I get down….I may not be able to get back up." That light hearted laugh would ring out as she put up a foot then, stretching out her hamstrings. "I think that I'll just stretch if that's okay? I just don't want to lock up…." Gidget would lean down as she bent that leg that was still on the ground and held out her hand. "Gidget Boileau. Nice to meet you!" As for him being out to the world….well after meeting Kurt in Hell's Kitchen and Triton at the Fair…..she was just like….well this is life. Smiling she'd just nod. "I'll be out of your hair soon."

Shaking his head in understanding while Gidget explains, Jay's hands keep moving, tooling around that same pattern of chords round in circles until they come to a natural end. "No need to explain, Miss, Ah understand. Had a brother run track for a spell. Long distance. Heaven forebid anyone stopped him cold fer any amount of time, he'd be limpin' around the next day like a pirate with the wrong sized peg leg." A corner of Jay's mouth tilts into a crooked lean of humor and fingers slow, then stop, landing on the strings to silence them.

The offered hand met likewise, Jay's hand smooth and callous free. "Jay Guthrie. Pleasure, Miss Gidget. Take your time, Ah'm not goin' to chase a generous soul off for no reason. You a native?" Pleasant small talk, because why not, while she's here? Jay's got polite down. Affable.

Warren comes running down the jogging path, clad in an outfit that covers most of his body, even covering his head with the hoodie pulled up as it is. A lock of golden blonde hair the only thing escaping from the shadows under the hood.

As he turns the corner, he slows down his run. Maybe is is the woman in hot pants that attracts his attention, or maybe something about Jay catches his eye, or maybe it is the hot dog vendor that Warren draws Warren to stop in the area.

It's the hot dog vendor that is near Jay. Warren makes his way over to it, "I'll take one, with everything." the billionaire says as turns, looking at Gidget and Jay while he waits for the dog to be prepared.

"Oh then yeah you totally get it, man." She'd shake his hand before letting go and switching legs. Closing her eyes, she would shake her head as she muttered to herself softly in a foreign language….French to be exact. "….merde…." Wincing slightly she would just shake her head and then sighed as she looked back over to him. "Nice to meet you, Jay. And please….just Gidget. I get called miss too much at work….I meet my quota plenty." Letting out a laugh she would put that foot down now as she cracked her back bit. "And as for being a native…of the state yeah. Not of the city. I was born and raised in Syracuse….for some reason." Chuckling she'd then look at him. "I take it…you're not from here…per your accent?"

Gidget was in her own world to say the least as she talked to Jay. Hearing another voice nearby she wouldn't pay attention right away but she would feel eyes on her then. Sighing softly….she was hoping this not a repeat of shenanigans she had with Kurt. Looking over to the man she would smile brightly and waved. "Yo."

Well, to be perfectly honest, not a soul would blame Warren for checking a lady in hot pants out. Jay, himself, doesn't seem entirely immune, but keeps a glance or two as discrete as possible while he fiddles a tuning peg. He barely seems to notice the man in jogging gear by the hot dog cart but for in passing. The flick of a French curse makes him smile suddenly, down at his hand and shake his head slightly. He's heard that one /plenty/.

A gentle whisper of a chuckle barely makes it past his lips when Gidget begs off the 'miss', Jay inclining his head mildly in understanding. "Sure. Gidget. Ah had to try it, Ah'm afraid. Otherwise ma Momma would undoubtedly drive herself up here to tan my hide for not giving a lady her due." Explaining away with a joke and that consistent smile that seems to hold easy to his features. The cracking of her back has Jay's brows arching up swiftly in appreciation, another whisper of a chuckle heard." Kentucky. Moved up here couple months ago, actually. Still gettin' mah feet wet. Been to Syracuse. Big lake there." Because /that's/ the bit he noticed.

A pleasant strum of his guitar again and soft fwip of his wings, the uncovered feathered appendages stretching slightly, almost as if they were reacting to the sound. "So what does 'Just Gidget' do all day to get her sick of hearin' 'miss'?" Jay queries mildly, though when Gidget's swings wide and she waves, his gaze follows likewise to the man in the hood and jogging gear. His attention flickers quickly, assessing automatically out of trained in paranoia, though his smile doesn't flicker. "Friend of yers?"

Turning from the hot dog vendor with the dog in hand, Warren lifts the dog up to take a bite, and freezes as he finally 'sees' Jay, or more specifically the wings on Jay's back. The dog forgotten, he starts to stroll forward as the dog falls to the ground from limp fingers with a *SPLAT*, mustard and onion staining his pants as it tumbles down his body.

"It's okay. I understand that, trust me. My mother tried to get me to be a lady…most of it took. Every now and then….I let my tom boyish side slip." Gidget would laugh then as she smiled over at him him then shook her head. "As for the lake….oh yeah. When I was a teenager….I used to get in trouble for skinny dipping out there all the time."

Sighing she'd pop her neck then nodded a bit. "As for what I do….I run my mentor's fashion house out here in the city. He's seeing if he think there's a market for him here in the states….and it's been going on for a few years so….so far a success." But her attention slightly wavered as she saw the other jogger's reaction. Those eyes would glance to the man's wings then back to the jogger as she kind of moved to stand in front of Jay with a smile, "Friend of mine? Nope…never met them in my life." Clearing her throat she'd look over with a brow raised. "….gee man….you think you'd seen a ghost or something…..you alright?"

"Nothin' wrong with tomboyin' around. Ah got a sister rather like that. Tough lady, never had to worry much about her," Jay remarks affably to Gidget, appreciative of the admission and the freely given opinion on the matter. The ease she seems to be at. Jay tilts his head mildly, peering curiously at her. "Yer a pretty confident gal, aintcha, Gidge?"

And see, Jay assumed that Gidget was the show stopper here. Sure, people were giving his bench a wide berth and the occassional child was rushed away, but Jay was used to it and seemed watchful, but comfortable with his wings beared to the world, reaching above his head and curling against the pavement under his bench. His silent form of brave (stupid) protest in the city ever since…well…ever since /someone/ showed back up.

He would've said more undoubtedly, but the sudden drop of the hotdog certainly didn't seem right at all as the covered man advances in their direction. Jay bristles a bit and gets to his feet as Gidget steps in front of him. "Gidget, it's okay, step back please." Stepping to the side as he sets his guitar down on the bench in his place, bracing himself for an /encounter/, Jay's smile fades, staring straight ahead to Warren. Shoulders square and chin lifts, feigning confidence, the bright appendages on his back fluff up and rise away from his shoulders in an automatic response, trying to make himself look larger than he really is. "Nobody here askin' fer trouble, man."

Reaching up very slowly, almost trancelike, Warren lowers the hood from his head. The white eyes transfixed on the red wings sprouting from Jay's back. "Trouble?" he says, a light snort to his voice. "You don't know what trouble is…"

There is a scraping sound, like metal on metal or metal on a whetstone as something on Warren's back moves underneath the hoodie. The glowing white eyes turning more yellow, than orange. "Why do you get to sit out here all in the open. Why don't they do to you what they did to me?!" Whatver is under the jacket quivers again, pushing against the fabric. "WHY!?"

"Well when your father served in the war….you tend to have some tendencies to be a bit rough around the edges." Chuckling she'd put her hands behind her head as she heard his comment then. "Confident? Heck no. Friendly sure…..foolish yes. But not confident. I'm finally coming out of a six year stint of just non stop working so…..I guess you can just say I can't shut up to be truly honest. I didn't get out for a bit." There she goes….rambling again.

She'd blink as he told her to step back she'd blink as she looked….over at him. He only had an inch on her as she stood at about five foot ten herself. Gidget would frown a bit as she looked over at him but then looked back at the man and started to squint slightly. Those eyes….aw crap….well obviously he wasn't normal. "…Jay…." She'd murmur before she would look around and then walked up in front of Jay and held her arms out. "Hey now! No reason to start any drama out here, dude!" Yup…she was foolish. I mean…she did drop a sewing machine on Rhino's head to knock him out and almost got scewered at one point because well….she was concerned. Clearing her throat she'd frown then as she continued. "Obviously….you're mad about something….and maybe….just….calm down and….talk about it?"

Jay looks like he's had the breath knocked out of him when Warren advances on him and drops that hood. Instant recognition. If his face could pale any more than it could, it certainly would. Eyes widen and the young man's lips part and fall agape. Those extra appendages go from trying to make himself look larger to suddenly shrinking, slicking to cradle around his shoulders as he meets a much bigger bird than he knows he is. Shocked, Jay can only whisper breathlessly, an audible ache in his voice, "Warren."

Shifting on his feet to stare at the blond man from over Gidget's shoulder, a trembling hand settles on the young woman's shoulder, gently squeezing if not shrugged away. "Gidge…" His voice barely audible, strained. Jay swallows, his adam's apple bobbing, willing more voice and less breath into his words. "He gets to yell at me, Gidget. It's okay."

Swallowing down his nervesJesus this is /not/ how he wanted this to happen Jay summons up whatever he can to say the only thing he can think to Warren, "Because…Ah don't matter." Which is, as far as he knows, some of the bluntest truth he can say on the matter. Heart pounding away in his chest. "Ah didn't always do this, y'know. Ah hid—not that Ah was any good at it, walkin' round like Ah stuffed four turkeys up mah shirt, trailin' feathers like a rooster." Rather than insolent or defensive, Jay looks nervous, and upset, though not at Warren. Something has crushed a bare nerve and there's far more happening here than what's on the surface.

"Ah hid best Ah could cause that's what you do, raght? You hide an' keep yer head down an' stay scared." Jay blinks a couple of times, shifting his weight on his feet slightly as he stares up at Warren, gaze a little glossy, searching the man's face. His words low and quiet, but each word has a steel rod jammed down it, impassioned; quiet, not soft. "/You/ hid, an' look what they did. You followed th' rules an' they did it anyway. So…Ah decided Ah was done with hidin'. If they were gonna break the rulesif they were gonna /take you/ anywayAh wasn't hidin' no more. Ah'm /done/ with hidin', Sir."

Upon hearing his name, Warren shuts his eyes tight, as if not seeing the wings on Jay's back would make the anger fade or make the pain stop. It doesn't. Not in the least, but the rustling on Warren's back seems to subside. "You know me…" he says quietly. "Why, how…how do you know me?"

Warren opens his eyes again, the orange has faded back to white as he turns his eyes to Jay, but downcast so he doesn't have to see the wings. "Are those mi..? No, mine were white. Not…not what I have now."

He reaches down, brushing at the mustard on his pants which does nothing more than smear mustard more, and get it on his gloves. "Yeah, I hid. I still hide. I.." he finally looks up, "Maybe I shouldn't hide anymore. Maybe I should just..let go? But…if I do that, I loose the company, don't I? They would take it from me… I have to hide? Don't I? I can't help if they take it."

She'd hear Jay say a name and looked over at him as she felt that hand on her shoulder. Blinking she would stare before looking back to the other man. She'd step aside slowly as she watched the exchange between the two and wrapped her arms around her body a bit then. Brown eyes would glance back over to Jay's things to make sure no one tries to walk off with it then back. Gidget honestly had nothing to saw now as she watched the man seeming to be…..conflicted. Looking him over more now she was picking up subtle clues: the eye change….the movement on his back. Hearing the comments about his and….good lord. Her hand went to her mouth slowly but she said nothing. Something bad must have happened…that's for sure.

Jay slides Gidget a reassuring look as she slowly moves to the side, trying to remain calm and instill some sense of confidence in the young woman, he nods gently, encouraging her to step back. That way at least if Warren snaps, he's the only one in the way. Thank you, Gidge.

The southern young man's attention swiftly moves back to Warren, explaining quietly, "Yes, Ah know you. Ah helped take you outta th' lake. But…Ah knew who you were before then." May as well admit the whole truth, but good lord this isn't the way he wanted to do this. "Fer the same reason you can't look at me right now, Ah know who you are." Jay tips his chin foward and murmurs at a hushed tone. "Ev'ryone knows who Angel is, Sir." And /how many/ times has he heard the dismissive phrase 'oh, like Warren'?

"Ah got mine th' same way you got yers, Ah imagine," Jay says softly of his wings and turns his attention toward Gidget again. "Gidge, can you hand me the, uh…" He drifts and gestures to the long-sleeved flannel shirt hanging over the back of the bench. He won't cover up for the public and Whoever who did Whatever, but he'll cover up if it helps Warren. Turning back to the blond man, "Like Ah said, Sir; Ah don't matter. Yer…unfortunately, important." The ache in Jay's tone tells all he needs to right there; there is no envy and only pained sorrow in that truth. The weight of that mantle, right? "We really shouldn't talk about this out here. Can we go somewhere less, uh, in the open?" He's only willing to risk so much after all.

Warren takes a deep breath, shaking his head. "Don't use that name. Never again. It fits you better now anyway." Then another deep breath, thinking for a moment before he answers. "My place." the blue skinned mutant says. He looks left, then right at the people in the park..some of them starting to pay just a little more attention to the trio. "You know where it is, I assume? You can use the express route..bring your friend if you want. I assume you can carry her."

Warren takes a step back, and with the sudden sound of tearing fabric and that awful metal on metal scraping noise, a pair of metallic alloy wings burst out from Warren's back, their edges glinting in the available light. So much for that jacket. Moments after the wings expand Warren shoots off into the air, rapidly gaining altitude before banking into the glare of the sun to mask his direction.

Clearing her throat she would just stand as she watched the two. Geez…just when she thought she met some interesting characters….she meets more. Licking her lips she would just stay still for now, looking off to the side as she tried to stay out of their conversation. Truth be told, she should have scooted off long ago but self preservation wasn't exactly her strong suit. Her father had instilled in her to never be afraid and to help those that need help…and then that heart of hers from her mother makes her rather….silly as she was squishy compared to those around her currently.

When Jay motioned for the shirt, she'd snap out of it as she spun around and then looked for what he was talking about. Seeing that shirt she'd snatch it up quickly then made her way back to him, holding it out. "Here you go." She'd motion between them before pointing back to the trail. "I can uh….get the heck out of here. I feel like this is not my place….and you guys have some serious stuff to talk about soooo….I can see myself out." But then she saw that change, her hands going to her ears as she heard metal. Blinking she would watch him take off and just stared. "….well….then….."

Jay tips his head forward slightly by way of apology when Warren corrects him on the name. Swiftly agreeing, but the mention of his 'place' has Jay's head whipping up quickly. Oh shoot. No. Not really. He knows where the building is, roughly, sort of, but he doesn't go window-peeping, hoping to see Warren. So when those wings burst out like that and the blue man zips off, Jay panics a little and turns to Gidget in a bluster, whispering under his breath, "Shoot, shoot, shoot. None of this is goin' right, dangit." Taking the shirt as offered, Jay ties it around his waist quickly and grabs his guitar as well, flinging the strap over his chest with a careful but energized fwip of his wings to try to wrestle them awkwardly from under the instrument.

There's a bit of panic in soft green eyes as the southern gent looks back to Gidget and winces. "Ah'm sorry for all the…" Jay blows a breath and shoves a hand through his hair. "…all the crazy. None of this was supposed t'happen this way, Ah'm mighty sorry. Uh. Did you…Ah mean…" Jay trails off, his head going in a dozen directions while he thinks about Warren's offer and winces, glancing in the direction of where he went, walking over to grab his tip coffee can. "It's kinda a lot of real unpleasant business we gotta talk about."

She'd watch him seeming to be in a panic then and she'd just move out of his way as went about gathering his thing. Gidget would just stay silent as he rambled on before she would finally life her hand up and chuckled. "One….take a deep breath…." She'd close her eyes and inhale slowly before exhaling softly. "Now…." Opening those brown eyes she'd chuckle as she nodded. "Two….it's fine. I just….got weird timing?" Shrugging a bit then she'd tilt her head a she looked over, making sure he grabbed everything. "Do I…..what?" Waiting patiently, she'd smile before pointing over towards the path. "As I said…I was just running back to my office after this run so….I'm the one that seemed to be holding you up from this."

Jay freezes in place when he gets the instruction to take a deep breath. The young manthe stranger she met minutes agostops right in his tracks and, wide eyed, takes a deep breath in, holds it, then exhales, wings fluffing up, then shaking out and slicking back in time with the action. A sheepish smile appearing across his lips in apology. "You got my kind of timin', Gidget." A sympathetic hush of a chuckle, Jay puts the can under his arm and reaches a hand out to the woman in hot pants. "Thank you. Fer bein' so understandin'. Can Ah make it up to ya sometime? Ah ain't much into fashion unless it's got to do with cuttin' the backs outta mah shirt with a pair of scissors, but the world could use more folks who don't bat an eye over somethin' like all that."

Shaking her head she would just laugh then as she held her hadns up. "Yeah well….you'd be….surprised what I've come across." When he reached out his hand, that brow would raise but she took it and gave it a surprisingly firm shake. Well she does work with her hands after all! Gidget would just shrug. "I mean…I guess. I don't know why you feel like you have to make it up to me." She'd release his hand and ruffled that hair of hers, now that it was finally dry from her sweating. "AS for the shirt thing….I'm pretty sure I can design a better way to do that….than just cuting some holes in a shirt."

Jay's brows arch upward a little to match his smile when she says he'd be surprised, arching amusement written all over the young man's features. "Ah'm from /Kentucky/. Ah was the weirdest thing Ah'd seen 'til Ah got here, Gidge. Ah think Ah can understand," he punctuates the sentence with a whispering chuckle of understanding.

He shrugs some after the handshake, "Because Ah feel rude. An' Ah'm not a rude guy. So. If you want, yer welcome with. Ah don't much blame ya not wantin' to get flown away with a strange guy t'meet another strange guy with sharp metal wings…Otherwise, uhm…" Jay reaches into his pocket and retrieves a pen, then gestures uncertainly toward Gidget, asking for her hand. IF given, he'll scrawl two letters and five numbers down on her palm. A phone number. "Maybe…gimme a call some time when ya feel peckish? Ah could clearly use some help on clothin' suggestions."

"Well, Mr. Guthrie….I've never been to Kentucky….so I'm sure it'd be strange there for me too." A playful wink then as she was slightly teasing him but nodded. "And not until I came to New York City some years back I got to see all this 'strange' up close…."

As she was gearing up to head back she'd look over at him then chuckled. "Eh….I might pass. No offense but he seems to have a temper…..but I have a smart mouth when I feel sassy. Might not be the best combination if you know what I mean…." That brow would raise then as she saw him asking for her hand but she just reached it out. A soft giggle would leave her lips as he wrote on her hand; yup….it was tickling her a bit. Stifling her laughter she would then smile over at him. "Um….." And this is where her confidence was pretty much out of the window. She had used it all up you know….stepping up in front of a man with metal wings. "Peckish? Oh hungry!" Sometimes she was a bit….slow on the uptake and it was embarassing to her. Blushing she'd just nod. "Oh sure! And we can do a consultation thing or something…."

Jay honestly breathes a little easier when Gidget declines the invitation, looking absolutely relieved with a flutter of his eyelids and another exhaled breath. Nodding. "Yeah. Yeah he's…a real live wire." For good reason, but Jay simply agrees with Gidget's assessment.

Giggling over the scribble on her hand, Jay smiles a little bit, his eyes flicking up to her, then back to her hand a couple of times. Gratifying to meet someone else who can be so on the ball, but at the same time just have things fly right over their head or seem out of their realm of familiarity. Boy, does he relate to that. Letting her hand go and putting his pen away, Jay takes a slow step backward and smiles, endeared. "Yeah," he shrugs. "Or somethin'." Clearly a thinly veiled excuse to run into her again. It's a flip of the script, but he leaves the ball in her court. "Ah better, you know." Jay thumbs backward and takes another couple steps back, wings relaxing, splaying out a bit behind him. "Get home safe. There's some crazies out there." You don't say!

She'd let out a laugh and nodded. "I can definitely….see that…." With that she would step back to let him do what he needs to do. Assuming he had to spread his wings and all that, she'd move out of the way. Clearing her throat as she fidgeted slightly with that shirt and nodded. "I'll give you a call. I'm sure I'll get hungry." And with that she'd wave to him as she started to run back down that path, but backwards first. "I will! I'm not far from work so I can go change. Take care!" And with that she spun around and went running off down that path. At least she wasn't worn out anymore and could probably actually get back in one go.

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