1964-09-12 - Passion for Fashion
Summary: Natalie runs into Gidget while on an evening break, learns about her passion for fahsion.
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Gidget had decided to leave the office early and instead of heading home she would go to Central Park to relax. Plopping down on a bench she'd snatch those oversized sunglasses off of her face and let out a sigh as she tilted her head back. Licking her lips she'd look down at ther watch and smiled to herself as she seemed to finally relax. Gidge, at her 5'10" stature, looked like she was something out of a vogue magazine but she was far from a model. Rocking a black fitted wrap dress and some heels, she slowly took them off and just sigh. Around her neck was a new necklace she had found at a sale, it seeming to be her fave new piece of jewelry; it was the Eye of Providence fashioned into some configuration of pyramids and circles.

Another is heading for Central Park, but only for an evening break, the schedule with Stark Industries being occasionally unforgiving. There's no real sophistication in her outfit, but it's quite clear she's a PA, dressed to please her boss no doubt, because there's no way she's comfortable in her tight outfit, a fetching top and a scandalous pencil skirt. Her purse is slung over her shoulder, and in her hand she holds a take away bag from a nearby deli. Spotting the empty spot next to Gidget on the bench, Natalie walks over and asks, "mind if I join you? I don't want to seat on my own and get bothered by rude men."

Looking over as she heard the voice she would smile brightly then. "No no! Go right ahead! Free bench, right?" Those brown eyes would take in her outfit but in a curious manner a tailor would. And here she was called the most scandalous thing in her office…..only because her stuff wasn't all mod and loose. Moving her purse over she would scoot over to give the woman a bit more personal space. "And hey…just tell them to step off. That's what I usually do but then again…my mouth tends to get me in trouble."

"Thank you so much!" Natalie chirps as she moves to sit at Gidget's side, "if you've sat on a bench on your own in this city a few times, you know how much this gesture means to me." Natalie starts taking out her salad from her bag, and looks curiously at Gidget, "maybe I should take tutoring from you on how to use my mouth…what sort of trouble does it land you in?"

"No thanks needed." Laughing she would open her purse to put her sunglasses up so she didn't lose them. "And actually….I really haven't. I've been working….a /lot/ and finally starting to take time to enjoy life, you know?" Licking her lips she would just shrug before give her another smile. "Man…you wouldn't believe me if I told you…." Running her fingers through her short dark hair she'd just shrug a bit then. "Long story short, it's cost me a sewing machine and….the reason a bar fight start so….."

"It's important to take breaks and make some time for yourself, you know…?" Natalie muses, "I'm guilty of the same actually, but it's not my fault, Tony Stark is a demanding boss." A bit of a test of Gidget's interest, it's not a common interest among the majority of women to keep up to date on the business or tech world after all. But then come the details of Gidget's own story, and Natalie stalls on putting a morsel in her mouth, turning to look directly at Gidget she presses, "oh now I simply must hear the tale…sewing machine and bar fights are not often used in the same sentence!"

Rogue goes home.

"Yeah…I mean….after six years of fighting to get where I am….I think it's well earned, you know?" She'd sigh softly but almost choked on air as she heard the name. "….oh….Tony Stark is your boss?!" Gidget almost squealed but laughed as she stopped herself. "Geez….that has to be….interesting I'm sure." Smiling then she'd just shake her head a bit as she left. "Well….." Tapping a tinger to her chin then she'd seem to be in thought a bit. "I don't know how crazy this sounds but….Spider-Man got into some fight with that Rhino looking guy near my place. He made a mention about how his head was his weak point so….I ran back in my building to my apartment….opened the window…..and dropped my mother's old sewing machine right on his head. It had to weigh about….forty pounds or so…." Leaning over she would whisper. "…still haven't told my mom why I've never gotten it fixed. It was already broken so…."

"Bravo on the perseverence," Natalie comments of hearing of the many years of struggle, but she soon turns to consider Gidget in a whole new light, considering not only she seems to recognize the name Tony Stark, but has quite a response as well. "Yes," Natalie says with a shy smile, keeping to a soft self humbling tone, "I guess one might say I was awfully fortunate." Hearing of the bold encounter with Spider-Man and the Rhino, Natalie bursts in laughter, "oh my! You're quite the superhero yourself, aren't you? Heavens no I wouldn't have been able to throw that much weight…glad to hear it was already broken, a sewing machine is a lot to give up!"

"My parents didn't raise a wuss to say the least. My father was military….my mother just a hardworking woman. But hell…I'm in the start of my thirties with no life. So decided to rectify that….." Listening to Natalie's response she would chuckle softly. "I don't know if I could work for /that/ type of mogul. I mean my mentor is a piece of work but I expect as much from an Italian. The few I've met in my career so far make me want to just gag and roll my eyes into the next decade and be done with it." It was apparent Gidget was no nonsense though her carefree attitude seemed to be contrary. "Yeeaahh? Me? Noooooo." Laughing she would put her hands up then. "I just was trying to help….and didn't want my place destroyed so….."

"Throwing fourty pounds at a super criminal? I pity the idiot that takes you for a wuss," Natalie laughs, and finally starts on her salad. "What's your profession, if you don't mind me asking?" Natalie takes interest between bites. "Hey, either way you look at it, you stopped the criminal, not Spider-Man. So there's that. You just need a fancy name now…Sewing Machine Lady wouldn't sell, would it?"

"You'd be surprised what I can lift. Just with the bolts of fabric I deal with on a daily basis…." And there was the hint to her life right there. Not yards….bolts….of fabric. Gidget would beam then as she was asked her job. "I am seamstress….tailor….apprentice fashion designer. Whatever you want to call it….I work for Emilio Pucci. He's trying to expand to over here in the states so I'm running his fashion house in Midtown…." Now that purse would open again as she began to dig for her card holder. "I'm pretty much a glorified secretary but he's been teaching me a lot and encouraging me to grow so…." Finally she'd dig out a pink card: Gidget M. Boileau, Casa di Pucci…plus there was an address and phone number underneath. "So as much as that sewing machine was….a loss of a piece from my mother….I have /several/ others…industrial ones at my disposal." Then she'd laugh at the name then. "Oh god no. I'm squishy….I would not get out there and try to fight anything."

"Oh! So you actually design your own clothes?" Natalie asks, sounding quite impressed, "that has to be remarkably handy! Easily get the best fashion because you made it! Ha! Wonderful! Count me jealous." Natalie nods, and then mentions, "Tony actually knows Janet Van Dyne, if you'd like another contact in the fashion world, I can get you her number." Natalie takes the business card, and places it in her purse, "sounds like an interesting job to have, and very creative."

"Yeah…I mean I mainly design for like….socialites and the like. What little time I have I work on my own stuff to build up my own portfolio. As much as I would love to make /all/ my stuff…I tend to buy. I have some of my own but…..eh…I just tailor it to fit me better if anything." Gidget would then laugh a bit. "I mean….for parties it's awesome so I can have something original for sure! But I'm usually working so…." Trailing off she would seem to be in her own world for a minute until she heard the name and perked up. "What?! Really?!" Now she was full on fan girl it seeemed. "I would just…./die/. Oh my god." Calming her self, she'd put her hand to her mouth and laughed. "Sorry! I just…I really get into my industry…." Looking around a bit she would then smile. "Oh it is. I've been getting a lot of custom stuff personally for my own style. It's been awesome. But dude…tell me….working for Tony Stark? How is /that/?"

"Obviously, who but socialites? I'm not going to afford designer clothes with my salary, I know that much," Natalie laughs, though working for Stark? Maybe she's selling herself short. Natalie smiles at Gidget's genuine jovial reaction, and waves her hand in dismissal, "don't worry about it, no big effort on my part, and hey, I get fashion. I can absolutely understand your passion." She pauses with another mouthful, stalling on her reply to that last question, before grinning, "the man is larger than life, very demanding, a bit on the saucy side…but he treats me well, and there's every luxury imaginable at Stark Industries. I get to meet a lot of people I never otherwise would…it's exciting!"

"Oh you'd be surprised…." Laughing now she would smile as she pointed to her dress. "I made this because it's easier for me to work in after hours. So it's a wrap dress but…." Crossing her legs she'd expose a split in it that exposed a garter belt clip. However there was a small metal wround disk that was attached to it. "I loosen this dress a bit to widen the split and my pin cushion is made to attched to this. That way I don't have to keep moving to a table or anything. Whole ensemble probably cost me like….ten or fifteen bucks." She wasn't shy when it came to women obviously, but it was a functional thing. "That's fabric and all. But I get it at cost so I got some fabric a little nice….like silk…" Gidget would let out a laugh then as she heard her talking about Strk she would smile. "I've heard stories. But as long as she treats you like a person….that's good right?" Her hand would to to her head then as she frowned a bit and started to look in her bag. "Ugh….sorry….I"ve been getting headaches all of a sudden…." Her hand would idly touch that pendant that hung around her neck but then went back to digging her purse. "I've actually had to buy some aspirin to keep in my purse."

"I like wrap dresses, I find them stylish," Natalie shares her own opinion. Though after Gidget exposes her touch ups, Natalie arches a brow and grins mischeviously, "now that is quite a saucy touch up, Gidget, but brilliant and handy! I'm Natalie by the way, Natalie Rushman," she did get the name from the card, only fair to share her own. "Here, have some aspiring of my own," Natalie fishes about her purse and offers Gidget a pill.

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