1964-09-13 - Meeting More Weavers
Summary: Gwen decides to introduce Jessica to the quirky Gidget
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Gwen can't get over the pictures Gidget had shown her. She was never a fashion fanrough clothing for a rough lifestylebut something about these designs were…compelling. In the end, it was something she could not keep to herself.
She hunted for Jessica's number, then took a deep breath. Jess, not Spider-Woman. Gidget, not La Couturierre. Have to keep those straight.
The rotary dial spun as Gwen dialed Jessica.


Jessica's phone is next to the kitchen, and the leggy woman is in the middle of pan-searing some vegetables. Hearing her phone chime, she moves the skillet to low heat and picks up the receiver in one hand and the phone in the other.

"This is Jessica. Oh, Gwen! Hi!" She leans against the wall behind her, then with a casual spider talent, tucks the soles of her feet against the wall behind her and squats against her heels, supported by nothing at all.

"So, what's up? Are we still on for coffee?"

Gwen whews. "Hey! I'm glad I caught you. Listen…I'd like to introduce you to a fashion designer I met recently. She's…she's got some really good stuff. I wanted to introduce you two…but I wanted to talk to you first."

"Kay, I'm listening, but I'm cooking, so, y'know… I'm listening," Jess says, moving back to stir the veggies and move the rice around so it doesn't burn. She's a fair cook, but this is a tricky Asian recipe. "What's the matter?"

Gwen says quickly, "Nothing, nothing, I swear. I…well, I was thinking of doing something with the band. And…well, I think she could use all the business she can get."

"Uhh… okay," Jessica says, concentrating on her meal. "Well, look. Lemme finish this up and I'll head your way, okay? Give me… ten minutes? Okay. Bye~!"

Sure enough, ten minutes later, Jessica's rattling towards Gwen's house in a cab, and shortly thereafter, the two girls are headed off to meet Gidget, dressed in their casual civilian clothing.

Incognito, for now.

While Jessica was heading to her home, Gwen had dialed up Gidget's number. No answer…probably hard at work. She left a quick message with Gidget's answering service.

Hey, Gidge. Gwen. Listen, I'm bringing a friend by. I would like you two to meet. She is great, and I felt I could send some biz your way.
"We'll be driving in. Keep an eye out for a cherry-red Sting Ray with two clothes horses in it. See you soon!"

A few minutes later, the metal beast in question is pulling up in front of Gidget's foundation of fashion.

Well she was definitely hard at work in her office next to the main salon. That French music was playing fairly loud so no wonder she didn't heard the phone at the receptionist desk. Dancing around in that fited wrap dress that had her left leg exposed to reveal….her garter clip with a pin cushion somehow attached. She'd make her way out to the main area to see she had a message but it was too late. Blinking, she saw the care but just checked her messages. Of course….she heard it…it was way too late. "…aw crap…."

Running back into her office she would lower that music and cleared off the stuff off her desk she had been working on before running back to the front door. Sliding to a halt she'd open it up and forgot….her leg was still out, she had no shoes one, and she had chalk on her cheeks. "Hiiiiii!" She'd greet as she was still oblivious to her current state. "Come on in!"

Jessica's dressed in bell bottoms, strappy, low-heeled sandals that let her toes peak out, and a leather bomber jacket with the fur collar turned up. She wears stylish Wayfarers, but round men's style ones instead of the more popular horn-rimmed look. A bit of a rebel, this one, and nothing but legs and flowing black hair.

"Uhh.. hi. You must be Gidget!" Jessica follows the woman into the studio with a casual ease, looking around once she's inside and tucking her sunglasses into the pocket of her jacket. "I like your studio."

Gwen follows Jessica in, a warm smile on her face. "Gidget, this is Jessica Drew. She's a very good friend. Also, I'm trying to coerce her into playing for this garage band i'm trying to put together." She looks around. "I hope we haven't come at a bad time…"

"Hi, nice to meet you!" Closing the door after the two women she would finally look down and blinked as she noticed her state. "Oh…geeze. Sorry. I've been working on a few projects and I get comfortable when I do and no one is here…." The tall young woman would rub the back of her head a she wiggled her stocking covered toes.

Since they were just in the salon area where the fittings and all that fun stuff happens, she'd lean on the receptionist desk. "And it's…it's not my fashion house. It's my mentor's…though he has gifted me with my own office and sewing space…." She'd nod to the door ajar with soft music coming from it. "Soo…..how can I help you ladies?" Gidget was a cheery woman, usually pretty bright. Her hand went to a pendant on her neck…idly touching it as she smiled. Looking to Gwen she'd smile. "By the way your suit is ready to fit whenever….the muslin anyway."

"I have no idea," Jessica says cheerily. She finds an empty bit of desk to rest her hips against and sits, kicking her long legs out and crossing them at the ankle. "Gwen's up to something and she's being really squirrely about it, so I'm just here until she works herself up to letting me in on the secret." Bangles shift on her left wrist as she pushes her thick black hair back over one shoulder.

Gwen grins. "Gidge here is a very talented clothing designer. She is also helping out a supertype I know. Apparently one of her supertype friends needs a VERY special type of costume, one that grows and shrinks with her. While I help those two hash stuff out, Gidge showed me her designs, and I thought they looked boss. So she is making one for me, too." She winks to Gidget. "Still got the design artwork for that lace thing you showed me?"

Gidget would blink as as she looked to Jessica and raised a brow. "…oh dear…" Letting out a laugh she would just shake her head then as she looked over to Gwen then. "Girl….stop. I only know what I know because of Mr. Pucci…." As she heard her ask about the artwork she'd slip off that desk and made her way into her office but called out as she did. "Would you guys like something to drink? All I have is scotch and water!" AFter a few rustling of paper she would make her way back out to the main area with a portfolio. Dropping it on the desk she would open it up and hummed slightly as she flipped through then came to a stop and pointed. "This one….here's the one I'm making for Gwen here….."

"I'll have a scotch and water then," Jessica says, cheerily. It's probably better than anything her smaller, angrier counterpart keeps in her detective agency. She cranes her neck to look at the sketch and her eyes widen with avaricious appreciation.

"My goodness, that is… that is /stunning/," she marvels. "I've never seen /anything/ like that. Anywhere. Did you come up with that idea, all your own?"

Gwen says, "Just water for me, thanks." She REALLY doesn't like the idea of her getting drunk. Spraying webs all over the place…ew.
She doesn't say nothin'. Some things you just…cheapen with talk."

She'd return to her office then as she heard that and smiled a bit. "Cool….." Licking her lips she'd come back with just….a decanter, three glasses, and a pitcher of water. "Well I don't know if you like to water it down but I drink it straight…." She'd pour three glasse, a two finger pour each. "Now it's up to you to dilute this stuff…which should be a sin."

Winking playfully at the pair she'd pick up her own as she glanced over to the portfolio. "Oh…yeah. My mentor isn't a fan but if he finds people that wants stuff like this, he points them to me. He's all…mod and weird shapes…." Hearing Gwen then she'd smile and pour her whiskey in her glass and replaced it for water. Licking her lips she would reach it over to Gwen. "More for me!"

Jessica adds a splash of water to her scotch— just enough to emulsify the surface and open the scent up a bit. Being friends with a seasoned drunk like Jessica Jones ably equips Jessica to even enjoy a bit of booze properly.

"Well, cheers," Jessica says, hoisting the glass at the other two and taking a sip. She purrs under her breath, then folds one arm across her belly and props her drinking arm on her fist.

"Well, he obviously doesn't know how much talent he has. I know people who'd love to wear this."

Gwen sips at her water, but she is smiling wryly. "That one is for me. I'm planning to wear it to the policeman's ball next month. Also, thinking about Halloween costumes, too."

Gwen looks to Jessica. "Should we finally get a gig, I'd also like Gidget to make stuff for the band. Nothing flashy, but stylish. And I think something slinky for you, cut along the thigh for freedom of movement…"

Raising her glass she would nod. "A votre sante….cheers…." Gidget would take a quick pull from her drink and folded her arms then. A hand would go to her head then as she closed her eyes before it went to that pendant around her neck. "Ugh. Damn headaches…." This only caused her to take a longer swig before continuing the conversation. "Yeah….he's been encouraging me to spread my wings….branch out. I do costuming too….more my schtick. But….either he knows and doesn't care or just humoring me….." Laughing she would shake her head finally and run her fingers through her dark hair before looking to Gwen, sticking her tongue out. "Yes….this one is for you…." Those brown eyes would look over to Jessica then. "And yeah…she had mentioned it to me. I was thinking pants…silk flowing tops….stuff like that…."

"I have zero objection to being a paper doll for this little experiment," Jessica assures the other two women, smiling and lounging lazily on the desk behind her hips. "I know how valuable your time is and how rare it is to find a real clothes designer. If you've got a look in mind for me—" she hoists her glass again in salute.

Gwen chuckles. "I would defer to the expert, of course," she adds, nodding to Gidget. "She's very innovative, very resourceful. I thought I was asking for the impossible, and she is going to deliver, Jess. I know it." She beams to Gidget. "And I want to show my gratitude by funneling as much business as I can your way. I hope that isn't some kind of issue."

"I mean….I'd have to think on it. I've never done a band before….." She'd smile and then nodded as she sighed softly. "And Gwen…." Looking over to the girl she would grin then. "I will take all the advertisement I can get. Though I'm sure I know some other qualified or more hyped people that could make some of this stuff….." Looking in her glass she'd hop up on that desk now as she cleared her throat a bit. "But I can do it. Just give me time. I'm wrapping up on some projects and will be wide open after the end of the month for sure. Plus I have the house to my disposal….have the in house people do the core stuff….and I do all the detail work and fittings and such…."

"There's no pressure, Gidget," Jessica says, flashing a bright and confident smile at the woman. "We're still not even committed to a band name— let alone have starte booking gigs," she points out. "So there's a lot of time to play with this, and… maybe help out some other clients who're a little bit more urgently in need," she suggests.

Gwen pursed her lips. "Actually, I did have a band name in mind. The Mary Janes." She smiled. "Sheos a talented woman, she has that raw charisma. I should bring her to you, Gidge. SHE should definitely come in. I think she could even be a model."

Looking to Jessica she would smile. "Hey now….I appreciate her enthusiasm." Giving a wink she'd then chug her drink before exhaling. "But I am game for it. I say let's do it if you guys do it." Grinning she'd looked to Gwen then and smiled. "Oooh. I like. And hold up…." She'd set her glass down as she raised up her hands playfully. "I…I don't hire models really. I usually keep away from them until I absolutely have to…." There was a scrunch of her nose then….obviously she wasn't a fan of models per se.

Gwen smiles wryly. "I should bring her over, so you can meet her, Gidge. Then you can judge for yourself." She stretches, which briefly displays a thin line of porcelain-skinned belly for a few moments. "I think you'll like MJ, Gidge. She's a fun girl. Very smart. Just a little ego."

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