1964-09-14 - Bourbon and Plans
Summary: Bourbon and plans to get out and do more things.
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Thursday night. It's not quite the weekend and thus the bar isn't too crowded, but there are people seated around the bar and at the tables around the edges. Danny holds the door open for Karen, letting her pass into the bar in front of him as he says, "Stopped by here the other afternoon, met some interesting folk. Too bad Matt couldn't come along. That guy has been working way too much lately." He's dressed in a suit, grey with a white shirt and a blue tie.

There's some musicians playing, a small band on the little triangular stage. They are playing loud enough that being too close to the rear of the bar would make conversation hard to hear, so Danny leads the way over to a side table closer to the entrance.

Not quite the weekend is still a perfect excuse to get away from the office. Hell's Kitchen law firms tend to cater in certain breeds of legal concerns, the worst of humanity on display, and can anyone possibly blame Karen for wanting a place to forget her worries? She isn't much changed from her usual suits or dresses, the knee-length dress and faux silk shell cool when she disposes of the coat. See, she can put her hair down! The coat is slung over her forearm just in case. "Thank you," she says, laughing softly. "Matt, leave his folders? You've got to be kidding me. He thinks he has a corruption case that leads all the way to City Hall. I expect Hell'd freeze over before he comes up for air." Her smile is a bit cheeky.

Her walk is a bit mincing, thanks to those heels. Being stuck in them and on her feet too long mean she's kicking them off if she has to dance. "This looks swell. How is it you know all the good corners, Danny? Wait, don't answer." She holds up a hand. "You're a card-carrying member of the Order of Loquacious Louches or Adventurers of… hmm, there's gotta be a better word for alcohol. Whatever it is, I want a membership card too. I dig it."

Thea is sitting at the bar, sipping on brandy quietly, mostly ignoring the band (as much as one can), and people watching. It's fun for the biokinetic to note who has butterflies and a higher temperature, and who is bored, who is drunk and who is sober. She'll take in the suit and the shoes on his companion, head tilting to get a better view.

"Well we could always take everything on his desk while he's in the bathroom, carry it down here, and set it up on one of the tables," Danny suggests to Karen as a possible solution for luring Matt out of his office. He holds out a chair for her once they reach a table, letting her take her seat before he takes his own. Both brows go up and he laughs a little bit and says, "I met the bartender/owner on the street when Gidget and I almost got run over by a rubberized cat." He grins and shakes his head. "Don't ask. But he seemed cool and so I checked it out. I like the atmosphere here — very speakeasy." The alcohol is cheap and yet for all his expensive suit, Danny seems pretty comfortable in the Harlem bar. "You'd like him, I think. Luke."

"Oh stars," exclaims Karen. She muffles her grin behind her sleeve, turning her head. "He would have our heads. I like it. Let me make sure there's a sturdy banker's box in his office. Otherwise I get to organize all his papers and folders." Wait, doesn't she already do that? Don't footnote that. "Who's Gidget and why were you nearly hit by a cat? Is that like a rubber chicken? You're holding out on me for stories while I'm trying to save nickels and dimes."

It's hard not to laugh louder too. "I like it. Cheap alcohol and the idea we could be arrested at any time by the Prohibition police. Ooh, that's fancy. So much for my career. Luke, yeah? You need to make the introductions, wouldn't you?" She gives her best smile. Nothing exciting to read about her, bog standard girl.

She will polish off her brandy, signalling for another. A hand will pass through blonde hair, shaking it out over the deep brown blouse tucked into a rust hued short skirt. She will rise from the bar with her refill, moving through the bar to find a better spot to watch the band, and maybe hear it a little less.

"Oh no it was a real cat," Danny says with a grin and a shake of his head. "You kind of had to be there. But there was a guy chasing his cat, and we all ended up talking and Luke wandered up. Gidget? She's a designer. I'm going to have her make a couple of suits for me; nice." Danny glances around the room, taking in those who are immediately around them and a couple of those at the bar. He watches Thea for a moment as she moves from the bar, and then asks Karen, "What are you having to drink?" He chuckles, "I don't think we're in too much danger of getting arrested tonight. But I'll introduce you to him next time I see him. I don't see him here tonight."

"Oh, a fashion designer? Lovely time for that." Karen comes from money and her clothes sometimes show it. No way she affords those tailored skirts and smart suits on her income from Nelson and Murdock. It's a conceit. "I'll have to see what kind of work she does, unless we're in Coco Chanel territory. A girl can dream." She shakes her head in turn, and squeezes in next to Danny. If anyone has to grab a stool, literally, it'll be him. Another look at Thea comes from her, casual and curious. "That sounds great, Danny. Because I'm not like Matt, I don't live in my work if I can help it. I think he wants to." Old lament here. They've got to be married.

"I believe that she has an opening and a show coming up soon," Danny says as he gets up from his seat to go and fetch the drinks. Whatever Karen wants, he picks up, and then something for himself as well at the bar before he returns to the table, setting her drink down in front of her and lifting his own to take a sip; bourbon, rocks. Once he's settled he says, "From all I've heard, she's pretty talented. You could always come with me when I go over to see what she has planned for the suits." He chuckles and says, "Well good. You should get out and live a little bit."

"An opening on her calendar?" Karen raises her eyebrows. She waits on Danny for a moment. Oh, drinks. "Whatever you're having!" That'll make it easy for the easygoing businessman. Hopefully. Bourbon on the rocks it is then. No complaints there. "Sounds like a good mix. I like talent. Skill and creativity are the best. You tell me what kind of work it suits, and I'll see what happens. Living a bit sounds promising too." Crooked smile formed, her nose wrinkles and freckles shift as she settles back into her seat. "I don't really know what to be doing right now. Make more friends, maybe. Get outside work."

"No an opening like a grand opening sort of thing," Danny explains, taking a sip of his drink and then setting it down on the table. "What about you?" he asks her then. "Do you have any creative talents? Hobbies outside the office that you like to do?" Speaking of living a little bit. "Making more friends is a good start. Getting out of the office is also a good one. You should go out and see some of the sights of the city." He says, "I'll go with you if you want some company."

Karen chuckles and picks up the tumbler, rolling around the ice. "Oh, one of /those/ openings. I make clothes, actually. Not like that woman but it would be cool to talk about her designs. And sometimes, maybe you hear me on the radio." That last calls for drinking rather than talking. "What about you? I mean, clearly you're in good shape and you have a crazy sense of humour." Her lawyer skills are clearly at the fore here. "So you're probably moonlighting in the theatre or being chased by bad guys because no one can abide successful and funny. It's so the truth." Don't mind the warm chuckle and a mournful sigh. "Yeah? I'll take you up on it. I keep trying to pull Matt out, but work is work. You gotta know what he's like."

"Well then I will introduce her to you sometime," Danny says, his gaze shifting over to watch the ban a little bit as they talk, though he's clearly still paying attention to the conversation at han. He pauses for a moment and then says "What about me?" He lifts a brow and looks over at her then he chuckles and says, "I work at Rand. And I try to help out where I find myself needed. No theatre gigs, though. Not really my style." Then he says "Yeah. Seriously," nodding his head. "You want to go out, we'll go out. We'll see if we can drag Matt with us.. and yeah, I know what he's like. I'm not going to complain. He is the reason I'm not in prison at the moment. But he has to get out and live a little too."

"No theatre gigs? Aw, they could use more outgoing people. Some of those actors are so nervous when they're not under the lights." Karen tips back the bourbon and winces a little at the heat. Okay, that's a lot of a burn, but it's so good anyways. She tries not to show uch of the effect. "You're a good person. Not everyone we defend is, but Matt has a nose for people. Their character, that is. His approval is good by me." That's what a slinky little wingwoman looks like for a man who moonlights on roofs wearing pointy hats. Loyalty goes a long way. "We all need to live a little. You take on that project like I am, and maybe we might even make something happen." And pigs might fly with rocket-propelled assistance. Her shoulders slump a bit, and she puts the coat over her lap just to be safe from it falling on the floor. "I'd like to go out. If that's not too bold. I can show you the station too if you have a thing for music. It's pretty cool."

"I'm not much of a performer," Danny admits, "Unless I don't speak. Then I suppose I could do acrobatics." He chuckles just a ittle bit and then reaches for his glass again to take a small sip. He tilts his hea a little bit as she gives her sumation of his goodness. "I'd like to think so," he admits, though whether he truly thinks that he is a good person is a little up in the air. "We'll see what we can see about doing about Matt," he agrees easily enough and then he shakes his head and says, "No more bold than my suggesting that we go out and see some sights. And yes, I do like music. I'd like to see the station."

Acrobatics and circuses are still a fancy, kind of new thing. Karen shakes her head, an amused look cast over the table. "Right. I'll keep that in mind when… I'm sure there's some time I'll need to know that." Always helps to have these factoids on her rolodex. She rests her elbow on the table and takes another bigger sip of the bourbon. Nerves mean she'll need it. "What kind of music floats your boat? We play a pretty eclectic range out there. We, the DJs, that is. I just do my thing."

"I like a little bit of everything," Danny admits when she asks about what sort of music he likes. "I'd be interested to hear what the DJs play." The two continue to chat for a while, nurse their bourbons, and make plans for future jaunts out into the world for awhile, and then Johnny sees Karen home, before heading off on his own way.

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