1964-08-28 - Dragons, Devils, and Lawyers
Summary: Matt Murdock and Karen rub shoulders with Danny
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"Seems as if we got an out of the way table," Matt murmurs to Karen. They're both coming from a long day at the office, full of briefs and research and all of that good stuff. But, in the months since Danny Rand was acquitted on all charges of murder, business has been on the upswing. This week Matt thought of calling Danny. The two of them became friends during the trial and the lawyer wanted to invite the young debutante out to dinner to catch up. He invited Karen, of course, since she was so instrumental in helping Danny. Foggy, unfortunately, was unable to attend.

"It beats another sandwich made of cardboard, glue, and bacon," Karen sighs. The life of a lawyer so often involves arduous hours, limited sleep, and few victories in a grinding battle. Glamour is very much overrated for those who wade through banker's boxes. "I'll be happy to have a bottle of anything and some real food about now." It's unfortunate she lacked the time to get in front of her stove. Her treats are worth their weight in gold. She smiles over at Matt, though of course he can't see it, and her warm voice carries the same expressiveness. Somewhere around must be their former client, and she always keeps tabs on other diners. They might know someone. "Careful, the floor ahead was recently cleaned. It looks a bit wet. This is nice."

Danny arrives just a little bit later than the appointed time. He's actually dressed up with a jacket and tie and the whole nine yards for the dinner. There's a broad, brilliant smile for Matt and Karen when he sees them and he waves on his way over. "Hey, Matt, Karen. Was good to hear from you guys. It's been a bit." He then slides into a chair with them and takes a look around before his attention returns to the pair. "How have you been? How is business?"

"It has," Matt says as he nods to Danny and then to Karen. "I don't want to speak on behalf of her, but from where I sit, business is doing well. How about for you, Danny? How is the world of corporate America?" The waiter comes to bring assorted breads, oils, and a wine list.

Karen's usual proper attire passes for a cocktail dress when she needs. Women's fashion is not nearly as strictly divided as men's suits and tuxedos. She uses a napkin to protect her dress and gazes for a moment up at Danny, smiling when he approaches with the same warmth and figure. "You sound wonderful, Danny. Everything continues to go well for you? No trouble?" Her questions are peppered by clear interest that overrides the bread and oil. There's time to eat her weight in olive oil later. "We're always digging into more work. Definitely not the kind of job for someone looking for a long weekend and an early bedtime, so that has to mean we are afloat."

"No trouble at the moment," Danny reassures Karen, "Though if there is ever that sort of trouble again, I know where to come, and where to send those who might need help." He gives her a warm smile and then nods, "It's good that you guys are busy. Glad to hear that the work keeps coming in." He then looks over to Matt and says, "Glad to hear it. I'm still getting used to it. There's still a lot to look into as far as what the company is doing, and my ideas aren't always met with enthusiasm but.. I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it." His relationship with the board and those others working at the company have been a bit strained since his return, yet, business manages to continue regardless. "They'll come around eventually." He remains optimistic.

"Of course," Matt replies. "Sometimes it takes a little reason to grease the wheels. I'm sure things will be running along smoothly enough in short order." Speaking of ordering, the waiter comes to explain the evenings specialties, take any drink orders and leave the menus with the trio. "How is Jeryn?" Matt asks. He knows Hogarth a bit from lawyer circles. It was Jeryn who forwarded Matthew's name after Danny's normal lawyer was unable to represent Rand due to conflict of interests.

"I'm glad to hear that. Time is the best teacher." Though the stakes for the Rand companies are probably considerably higher than Karen trying to figure out how to paint her ceiling in the bathroom with little better teacher than a magazine and a roller from the hardware store. There is always hope. "Make sure not to forget to have a proper time to rest and relax, either. Work is well and good, but we have more to life than peering into folders and balancing numbers. At least I want to pretend that's true." Someone else can live life while she takes notes. Her smile brightens while examining the specials for the night, and then the drink list. It'll be boring old water for her. Drinking on the job doesn't look so professional.

"Well enough," Danny says to Matt. "Busy with the day to day legal matters at Rand. Comes in and gives me a disapproving look every so often, but otherwise seems to be doing well." He chuckles just a little bit, and then he says, "Well, I'm here? So clearly I'm taking a little time to relax and spend with friends." He orders himself a cup of tea and then considers the specialties. "Besides, I have hobbies." Most of them involve poking his nose in other people's business, but hey, they're hobbies. "So, what's new with both of you? Working on anything interesting?"

Matt orders a bottle of wine for the table, though it looks as though he may be the only one drinking in the end. Red wine and red meat. That's what his dad always said, but he saw his father drink bourbon a lot more than he saw him drink wine. "So, get this. We're defending a group of men who swear they're from the future. Apparently they had weaponry seized at the scene and no one can figure it out. I'm looking at trying to plead insanity even though the charges are pretty minor. Foggy thinks a shared insanity is a long shot. Karen, well, Karen has yet to weigh in."

"Hobbies. What are those again? Not the sleeping and bathing necessities…" Karen tips her head and taps her finger to the corner of her mouth. Nope, clearly not familiar with such things. "Maybe that means organizing your drawer?" The serious expression crumples into a crooked smile again, the quick rise showing she's not fully serious at her answer. "He's making me do all kinds of paperwork. Ever tried to find records on someone who claims to be from the future? I think the first rule of making that sort of statement is removing whatever proof you can find. I'm running records from all over, but it takes a while to cross-reference them. Shared hallucination, mass insanity clause would possibly make sense for a single incident like a supposed vision. But this would more likely fall under conspiracy or religious movement." Cults, by any other words. "The problem is the lack of precedent for this sort of thing. Though I think we're going to find something fruitful out of Utah. If my classmate out there ever deigns to respond to me."

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