1964-09-14 - Surprise! Its Falafel Time!
Summary: Robbie surprises Gidget with dinner at her office since she works too much
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Speedball called a couple days later. Work and school keep the week packed really. She was in work late and couldn't come out so he brought dinner to her. The best part about New York was the abundance of foods. Falafel, and deli sandwiches and kosher pickle? Good meal for the end of a working day. The bag of cookies was always nice too. For letting him in the secretary got one of the cookies, and with great aplomb did the blonde science hippie swing into the doorway. "Awww look at you hemming and hawing. Someone needs a cookie." Always proud of using the English language for terrible jokes he was.

Gidget had that French music on her record playing a bit loudly since it was just her and the receptionist now that official business hours were over. Singing along in that language she seemed to be in her own world then before she would hear that voice, giving her a slight jump. Laughing she would put her hand to her chest as she just smiled. She'd make her way over to that record player and lowed it down. "First of all…cute joke…." A shake of her head and she would make her way over and reached out to help him with the stuff and sat it on her surprisingly empty desk. "Secondly…I'm going to need more than a cookie…."

Speedball preened a bit like a peacock. "Meeeeerci merci." Compliments? Compliments always spent well. What he didn't do was put any food near her work space because grease + textiles = certain death. He did wiggle the bag though. When she invited him to put it on teh dead only did he do so. "Well there's sandwiches aaaand the company of the stuntman for a dashing fella. I mean that's somethin right?" Not the dashing fella, but his stuntman, sure. He warmed a grin, "You sounded like you were working super hard. THought you'd like something to nosh on."

Laughing she would just shake her head. "….and your French isn't /terrible/." Gidget would smile as she helped him unload the items out of the bag. A tilt of her head then as she leaned back on the desk then as she looked over the selection. "Oooh…..food." Looking over at him she'd just smile before blushing slightly at his comments. "I can not with you. Stop selling yourself so short…." Peeking through the sandwiches she would continue talking. "Was happy you called too. I had fun at the lab….it was so cool.!"

Speedball laughed with a honest grin, "Yeha I promise you it really really is." He arched an eyebrow and considered the request with a thoughtful, wry smile. "Well who am I to tell a classy French lady she's wrong?" He unpacked the food popping a falafel up in the air and catching it in his maw. Very classy, but it worked. Then there was agreement, "Nyy mrnffr ooo fiiim 'oo!" Making noises while one was chewing did not amke for good conversation. He swallowed and tried agan, "Awww, I had a blast. I'm excited you found osme inspiration. That's the best part."

She'd laugh as she shook her head a bit then tiled her head. "Well….unfortuntely….I am not French. I'm American. My grandparents are French….and my father was born here but spent most of his time in Europe for a bit until his teens." She'd finally find one that looks appealing and opened it up, taking a bite. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. "….see…this is why I can't be a model…" Covering her mout she would just nod. "And you're handsome…I don't know why you say things like that. Besides….I had fun with you too….not just the lab." A shrug then as she went back to eating her sandwich before speaking up again. "And I did. Might find something to do with my life…..before I become a spinster."

Speedball flailed waggling a sandwich at her, "Awww, c'mon that totally counts! And I do it to keep me humble. I'm honestly nooooot good at it But! butbutbut I can try like hell." He couldn't even take his own hubris seriously. He pulled up into a chair and droppe dinto it unceremoniously. "Eeeeh fine. I do clean up well. Also no sense in being a model. They're tall, gorgeous, sad, starving, and have to spend all day not falling out of funny shoes. What fun is there in that? So what are the requirements on being a spinster these days anwyas? How's that work?"

She'd laugh a bit then as she smiled, Gidget would poke him playfully. "See? I'm not saying to be pompous but….don't sell yourself short…." Giggling she'd take another bite then watched him pull up one of those chairs. "See…? Exactly why I wouldn't be a model. I have the height but that's about it. And I'm not going to starve myself…." Rolling her eyes then she'd cross her legs as she peered over at him. "Let's see….single….single over a hot minute becuase I worked non stop. No paramours." Laughing she would shake her head. "Heck I don't know…..I"m just making fun of myself for not being social for over six years…."

Speedball arched an eyebrow and was taken aback "Awwwww, six years? Maaaaaan you need to get -out- more. That's criminal. Yeha don't be a spinster. Be like, I dunno, a spinster with holidays or somethin. Or get little minions." He took a bite of his sammich and considered, "You, my friend, are in dire need of a rescue. Some people are gettin together soon. You said you like music and the go-go? We should totally go-go to that on a night you're not working or there can be an aforementioned kidnapping or… something. Anyhting."

"Okay don't give me that look…." Blushing she would just finish eating on that sandwich in quiet before she would hop off that desk, but put her hand to her head for a second. "…merde…." That headache was back again….but she just brushed it off. As she made her way behind the deak she would go to the bar cart and stopped for a second to look over at him, her hand idly touching a gold chain that was peeking out from her blouse. "All I have are water and….scotch…." She'd wait for his reply then smiled a bit. "And maybe? I don't know….I don't really know a lot of people outside of work. And who's going to kidnap me, huh?"

Speedball got all cocky tilting his head back with an infectiously friendly, and earstwhile grin, "Some roguishly handsome Jr. Physicist that likes to break things like stagnicity. And I sweeeeear I'm not judging you. I mean it's not like I like hanging out with you because I think you're an easy target that's just… mean." The concept confused him for a moment and he bit into his sammich comisserating, "I'll tell you what my Frosh and sophmore years? Total social drought. Between te-… practice and studying? Not a lot of..time. You um, you ok?"

She'd laugh a bit. "Oooh….so he's handsome and a junior physicist? Go on…maybe I can actually start going on dates…" Winking at him playfuly she would then shrug a bit as her brow raised. "…easy….target? W-what…what do you mean?" Those brown eyes peered at hiim but she frowned as she put a hand to her head and hissed. "I'm fine just….I've been getting a lot of headaches." She'd move to reach for her whiskey glass but then as she did it just fell off of the cart. "Oh no!" She'd watch as it hit the ground and shattered. "….god I'm such a freaking klutz lately….." Bending over she'd start to pick up the glass.

Speedball held up a hand and shook his head, "Not trying to insult you. Oh god I swear it. I just know how some guys are. I was… just sticking my foot way in my mouth trying to be polite." His head hung and he shook it and let it go squinting a look up at her. Long fingers pushed his long hair back from his face. When the glass slid he dropped the sandwich half on the desk, standing and moving the chair back with his knees. He was, after a second, crouched withthe waste basket in one hand for them to put the glass into. "Heeey, careful Gidget. Is it your blood sugar? Working a lot I heard that happens to some people."

"Oh I know I just…." She'd laugh a bit as she would look back to her mess and sighed. Gidget would carefully try to pick up the glass and shook her head. "I think it's stress…I have a big thing coming up on the twentieth that I have to run here. And I have some costumes and fittings coming due." Shaking her head she would mumble. "….I don't even know how I knocked this over. I don't think I even touched it." Shrugging she would look over to him. "And I know….I'm naive. I'm an easy target for guys that just wanna….you know…." A shrug then as she picked up that last piece of glass.

Speedball picked up the small pieces of glass and dropped them into the can. he offered encouragingly, "Hey it could happen to anyone. Coulda bumped it. It might have been possessed by the ghosts of angry cocktail shrimp. Anything is possible." Which was weirdly true. He paused and looked up to her and shook his head. "I dunno you sound smart enough to me to know there's just some jerks in the world. I mean I got some opinions on that stuff, but in the end I got a problem with people who don't think honesty matters withthat sorta thing." He paused and shrugged picking up glass. "I might have gotten in a couple of fights nin high school with some other fellas who thought otherwise. Hurt my fried's feelings pretty bad and she's a nice girl ya know. Wasn't alright." He looked around at the floor and up. He arched an eyebrow and shrugged with an easy smile in spite of that. "I think you're pretty groovy. I meant it. I got some pretty alright friends and I know it's hard for women doin stuff cause you have to get like twice as much done to get credit for anyhting, but you owe it to you to have fun too. You gotta let me kidnap you and go do fun stuff. It's like… a moral imperative."

She'd nod and smiled a bit then. "Maybe I'm more tired than I thought." Yawning slightly she would finally stand up and shook her head. "Yeah you think that. But I'm also way out of practice and wouldn't know if a guy was actually hitting on me or not. I tend to space out. I was out with my coworker and this guy said he liked my dress….so then I went into how I made it, the fabrics, blah blah blah…." She'd shrug as she took the trashcan from him. "Thanks…." Gidget would put the trashcan by the door to empty later then shrugged as she looked over at him. "And men can be pigs yeah. Trust me….I know." That's all she said before she tried again, reaching for the glass and ta da! She'd pour herself a glass of scotch from that decanter. "Anyway….sure." There was a genuine smile now. "Just…just let me know. I'll let loose for once. I'll need it with this big showing coming up….."

Speedball sat on the desk and handed her a sandwich to go with the drink. Mischief managed and all that. "They how it goes together is actually pretty cool. Any fella that can't carry on a conversation about textile manufacturing is missin out, Gidget. You keep those standards, but seriously, what's this show about? It sounds like a big deal, whiiiich, I'm guessing it is as you're here and not cranking up some Benny Goodman. WHat's your involvement in it? What's it for?" This was where he could thank her for hitting up a glass for him and finish his sandwish while she got animated about the details. The hint of a grin returning as her hands animated when she explained.

She'd shrug and then smiled. "Maybe just not the right person, right?" Chuckling she would just shak her head as she passed him his scotch then picked up her own to take a sip. "So…." Now how did she want to explain this. Putting down her glass on the table next to her she would start to play with that chain around her neck that seemed weighed down by something. "So there's this….new designer out of Europe. They work with my mentor and he's letting them do a showing here in his salon. They specialize in high end costuming and more….non conventional fasion." Those brown eyes would light up then. "I mean….just the designs alone are fascinating. Something out of this world…never. I have to be here to keep an eye on their displays before they show up….probably fashionably late." It was obvious Gidget was excited. Strange thing was the more animated she got, it seemed like that rocks glass of her would shift closer to her. Oblivious she would smile. "I mean….just the fact it's going to be here….I could just cheers to that!" She'd reach of her glass and miss then looked down and laughed as she picked it up. "They're so excited too."

Speedball washed the rest of his sandwich down with a swig from the glass. WOAH yeah Scotch will burn a fun hole inone's chest won't it? Still he hung on what she said. He loved it wen people got excited about stuff. Getting excited about things was living and he had a mad passion for the super funky life trip of people finding things they loved. The grin eased into an ear to ear grin "Woah your own show? Awwww I wanna see this! Can I see it? You have drawings or pieces done? When is it?" His one free hand wrapped around the edge of the desk and he looked down into her glass when she did and laughed, "Awwww cute. Let's hope those aren't sentient ice cubes. My mother always warned me against eating things that like us."

A tilt of her head and she would just finish off her drink, letting out a laugh. "No no….it's…it's not mine. I'm just…helping…." Okay so she felt bad lying but she was trying to to keep who it was on the DL for now. Putting her hand on his on the desk she'd laugh. "Calm down. The party is on Wednesday. I'm probably going to leave once they get there…I'm not having a date for it so I'm going to go sleep after all the prep work…." She'd then look at her glass and then back at him. "Huh? What do you mean?"

Speedball pointed at the ice cubes. "I thought you ment the ice cubes csliding in your glass. Don't mind me . I spend a lot of time around chemicles doing weird things. I… don't ask me, I'm weird." He paused though as he took the subtle queue. "Aaaah well that's cool, either way. You're apart of that though. Be proud of that. Hey If you wnt I'll call you Thursday you can tell me about it then?"

Chuckling she would smile up at him. "Yeah it's fine. Should be fun." Gidget would smile at him, hesitating then smiled. "But you should come through! I'll be working so….not sure how much fun I'll be but….it'd be nice to talk smack with someone when I'm tired of the brats." She would shrug a bit then smiled as she heard his offer. "Yeah I'd like that. Maybe you can kidnap me or something…." Giving him a playful wink she'd sip at a little bit that's left before nodding. "….we can like…talking about it over drinks or something. I'm not really sure where to go that's quiet to do that but….it'd be fun….that's if you want to."

Speedball paused and looked at his glass with a boyish grin warming his face before looking back up to her, "Yeah i'd love to go. It sounds neat aaaaand Thursday after if you're groovy with it I'd like to maybe take you out again if you're free and the world is not inconveniently on fire or something." He put his hand out in teh air eyelevel, "Preventing the end of the world," He moved his hand down a bit, "Hanging out with you and finding something fun to do," He moved his hand down a bunch, "Studying on Thursday night. that's pretty much how the bar sits for me."

She'd smile at him then chuckled. "….just don't get with sore with me if I'm running around like a chicken with it's head cut off…." A slow lick of her lips adn then she would tilt her head a bit about Thursday. "Oh! To the lab?" Yup….she was….oblivious. Gidget would smile at him warmly and chuckled. "….well nice to know I stand somewhere between saving the world and studying…." She'd sit on that desk and crossed her legs now as she shook her head. "There's worse places to be, right? Like….after studying? Then I know I'm dull…."

Speedball hmmmed and shrugged, "Well I thought maybe go out for drinks, food, but if you wanna go to the lab we can. I mean you're not dull. I think smart n' clever girls aaaaare kinda pretty. And you're super cute when you talk about stuff you like. You want to help people and know how to operate gogo boots. I dunno how that's ever dull." He grinned at her studiously noting where she was on teh hierarchy of things. He chuckled, "Hey opportynity to look cool while helping people not die? It's a little hard to beat but hanging out with you comes super close. Could do both."

"Oh! You mean….out like on a date!" Yup…..Gidge would facepalm as she just mumbled to herself in French and looked up at him blushing. "No I'd love to go for drinks and food. Sorry I'm so slow. Just…." Trailing off she was still blushing before she would lean in and go to kiss him on the cheek, but stopped short. PUlling back she'd smile and nodded. "Sorry. Yeah I'd love to go out Thursday."

The smile turned into amusement as she didn't really decide what to do with herself. Instead he reached over and gave her hand a squeeze. "Hey, don't sweat it, Gidget. You got stuff going on. Focus on that and we'll go out and have a good time and it'll be a blast. Just don't overthink it. You'll get like that… perminant wrinkle on the bridge of your nose." He pointed to hers to poke her nose, but leaned over quick and kissed her cheek. "Yeah there like that. That said, I'm gonna bounce and let you get back to this stuff."

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