1964-09-15 - Drying Out in Attilan
Summary: Chloe, Maximus, and Triton return to Attilan after Kamala's 'hatching' and a mission taking them to a leaking nuclear submarine.
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Kamala was hatched like a very tall duckling, and it was back to Attilan with the Inhuman trio. Truth be told it was a long couple of days and Triton, at least, was tired. His bones ached which was odd and frankly, he didn't much care for it but such was the life of gathering intel. He was quiet on the way back and those at the Palace moved out of respect and it was Triton that turned to them and gave them something to do. At least he was nicer about it than some. "Food for three of us. Fruit. Eggs." He paused and looked back to Maximus for a moment and then to the guards, "lots of water." He could calculate that Max might also feel inconveniently less than stellar though he never expected him to admit it. Off the servants went and then into the inner dining hall he stepped, Chloe checked on to see she was still with them. Good. The knife at his lower back was removed, rolled in hand, and set gently on the table before he sat. "I'll feel better about this retrieval when it's complete and Kamala is brought home."

Chloe follows beside and just behind Triton, enough to defer to his station before the King(!) but close enough to do honor to their friendship. She sets her purse on the table as well. It gives a weighty 'thud' as it hits the table. "It went well, I think," Chloe says. "She'll be well cared for now. From what I could tell, she seems like a nice young lady." She averts her gaze from shirtless Max, because shirtless kings are too much for a young famer girl's sensibilities. Even if she doesn't realize she's a young farmer girl.

Contrary to those thoughts of strength and not showing weakness, the moment that they entered the sweeping palace walls, where he still held some influence and sway, he collapses into a dramatic heap on a velvet couch. Now he's shirtless AND draped on a couch. Its like that famous Titanic picture…but SO NOT. "I feel so terrible. Its like breathing air that is clean and perfect…while having a terrible illness. Whatever was under the water is deadly enough if you linger there too long, Triton. My /bones/ hurt. Unnnnnn. My fingers hurt." He wiggles them.

Contrary to those thoughts of strength and not showing weakness, the moment that they entered the sweeping palace walls, where Max still held some influence and sway, he collapses into a dramatic heap on a velvet couch. Now he's shirtless AND draped on a couch. Its like that famous Titanic picture…but SO NOT. "I feel so terrible. Its like breathing air that is clean and perfect…while having a terrible illness. Whatever was under the water is deadly enough if you linger there too long, Triton. My /bones/ hurt. Unnnnnn. My fingers hurt." He wiggles them.

Triton wasn't going to bring up what they found under the water, or how it hurt, or how his lungs burned from breathing in the water. Nope nope nope. Interior eyelids closed then exterior ones. There was a deep breath inside the mask with a gurgle of bubbles. Patience. patience. Yup, there was his zen. "Maximus, we need rest, it will be fine. If you didn't insist on living in the heart of Smog I reason you'd be better off." Not a fan of the city still. "What do you think the water is for. You need to flush those things out of your system. Chloe…" He looked at the table briefly before offering, "I'm glad you could go. Sometimes those situations can be… rather horrible." He looked to Maximus and then back to her, "I still remember the young man that melted. Very… unfortunate."

A merlin falcon sweeps down the hallway, way out of it's natural range, and it comes to perch on Chloe's shoulder. "I'm glad I got to go, too," Chloe says. She glances at the bird laughs quietly. "I'm in trouble. I left Morganna here. Is it all right if sh stays?" She glances between the other two. "She's well-behaved, and doesn't bite unless you provoke her." God knows how the beast snuck in. She is wily and cranky. Chloe preens the tiny falcon's feathers with her fingertips.

"YOu still have to feeeeed that thing." Maximus looks over at the bird on Chloe's shoulder and lids his eyes. "What is your…thing…anyway? You don't remember things, /clearly/, but what more than that? What do you do? And why do you have a pet bird? Do you also have a plethora of unfortunate pet mice?" His tone is bitter and sarcastic, yet, there's a lightheartedness that cuts down on the bite of the words, so much. It just seems to be his nature, rather than actual spite.

Maximus glances at Triton, "My choice of where to live is no longer my own. I need to be there a while longer."

Triton sat still, very still for a moment adjusting to being here, but in air. Everything was uncomfortable. Still he asked curiously, "Is it the council's that had you life out there reconnaissance, or your own?" He missed much while he was out, never exiled, but still not present. "So long as there's not too much of a mess I don't see why she wouldn't be welcome." He gestured, "He kept cats, I don't see why you can't have your friend with you." Never was a fan of those cats. He let her answer for herself until asked otherwise though.

Chloe purses her lips. Things they're saying isn't adding up with the narrative that Maximus is the king. Was he deposed? oes one bring it up in polite conversation? No, one does not. Chloe keeps her mouth shut on that front. Instead, she lifts her head and speaks with respect, for even if the king was deposed, he's still a prince. "My Lord, Morganna has fed herself today. She merely wishes to be near me, since I went off on a task without her." The bird preens at her hair. The thing is no bigger than a pigeon, if that.

Chloe side-eyes the bird, then continues, "I speak to animals, and I can summon them, control them. I have a limited ability to do the same with plants." Her voice falters, and she adds, "I spent a few years in a hell dimension, my Lord. My memories haven't fully returned to me." Clearing her throat, she adds, "It, ah, seemed a lot longer to me there."

"That seems…inconvenient. Being in a Hell dimension." Max lays there, languishing, until the servant brings some water. "Triton. Council. But also…I could be here. There's just…something I want, there." He words it carefully and quietly, then drapes his hands over his chest.

Triton was not going to get up and tend to this. He was facilitating and he was not a weturse. He did take two webbed fingers when the servant came in and guided her that-a-way to take care of the languishing and wilting lily. It might have been a courtesy, or just a habit of deference from 10 years of Max actually in charge. Not really. Triton jsut make the habit of putting his family first regardless of theatrics. Large black orbed eyes watched the curiosity between Maximus and CHloe as she relayed ehr story and it became a dance of does he address Max as a peer that he was, or would that risk causing issue withthe often fragile balance of ego. DId he put on the table the list of accolades Chloe had? He was in respect of them and she was very useful to the collective cause, but would Max try to exploit her for them. Should he? There was a faint sound of bubbling from the mask as Triton sighed. "Her skills in the long war on that plane were enough for her to fight her way back home. It was … impressive. Still, I'm not certain what your fixation with that… city is, but I reason I'm not likely to either way, Maximus. Though I did leave something for you on your desk." Still thoughtful. Triton would not stand against his sister, Karnak, but he wasn't turning his back on his cousin either. All the things Max was, he was still family and that held a lot of water withthe fish. Finally he looked back to Chloe, his colour in this lighting was faded olive instead of deep green, "There was something brought back for you too, however, it's being examined first in case."

Inconvenient. Chloe blinks a bit, then nods and says, "Yes, my Lord. Very." The bird makes a sound like someone priming a rusty pump. "Shh, Morganna," she soothes and whispers, "because he is a bigger bird." This may not translate well to a merlin who typically tears birds her size or slightly bigger out of the sky and eats them. Maximus gets a gimlet eye from the feathery creature.

When Triton praises her skills, she lowers her gaze, demure and pleased. She doesn't employ false modesty, however. Still not sure on some social niceties. After all, the diplomat is merely saying what's true. When he says he has something for her, her smile broadens and she says, "Oh, Triton. Thank you so much. I can't wait to see it."

"You brought me a present? From where? From space? From the sea? From an ancient city?" Then Maximus narrowed his eyes at Triton. "Did you bring me one of those ugly fish? I swear…I will just eat it." He grins crookedly and the banter seems to rally his mood. Though, the water helps also. He plucks it up and smiles as he drinks it. "So you fought your way out of Hell with your animal and plant friends. That IS impressive. Where's the entrance? Just…so I can buy people tickets and direct them there when they make me angry." He's…probably joking.

Triton lifted a hand but then just folded one over the other in a webbed ball and rest them up under his chin. There was a faint nod to Chloe. She was welcome. She earned her accolade. "Chloe isn't telling you that. And it's on your desk. It's not from the sea, it's not an ugly fish that's going to try to eat you first and it's… actually a machination I traded for." The fishman paused before he continued with a sigh. "I figure if it lasts the week without you ripping it apart to find out how you could have done it better or weaponize it for reconnaissance purposes I'll be frankly stunned, but it reminded me of you so I brought it back. You did a lot for your brother and it is not unnoticed." Yes he brought that up. Yes he'd heard, but then again his job was to learn things. His eyes blinked with both eyelids , "Chloe, I didn't bring you back metal I promise."

Chloe smiles broadly at Triton and says, "Whatever you brought me, it'll be wonderful." The merlin makes another rusty pump sound and Chloe tells her, "No, not for eating." Morganna's developing an unwholesome meat crush on Maximus. He's made of deliciousness. But Chloe schools her, and the falcon hunkers, looking put out. To Maximus, she says, "And knives, my Lord. I fought my way out of Hell with animals, plants, and knives." She smiles a little, self-conscious, and tucks a lock of hair behind her ear. "The Hellmouth that spat me out is in the Central Park of that city."

Maximus rolls off the couch and lands on his hands and knees on the floor. SO DRAMATIC. Then he slowly gets up to his feet. "I feel like this is some sort of torture to drive me mad with curiosity so that I have to drag my tired body to my desk." He grumbles, affectionately. Then he starts slogging down the hallway. He will, eventually return. Or, maybe not! If the device fascinates him enough he may just fall asleep like a child on the floor with the new toy in his hand. "I like you, by the way, Hell-stabber."

Triton eyes Maximus and there was the faintest hint of amusement in his eyes only noted by the tiny creased in the corner. Being that far removed from human was a difficult read. It was there though. He was tired and shared maximus's malaise, but he wa snot inclined to swan on about it, though he couldn't balme him and didn't seem to. "Well you know your agony brings me joy, Maximus. I am the worst of us." That was Triton's amusement. He did, however squint at Chloe, "Awww, I just said we were not going to tell him that." Always the counciler, never heeded. Alas.

Chloe tells Triton quietly, "Sorry, I have a hard time fibbing to Royalty, apparently." Some remnant of her past life comes to the fore! At the worst possible time. But whether he's still king or not, she is in Maximus' presence, and he is so far above her in status, what can she do? Then Maximus says he likes her, she perks up a bit, and he gets a full smile from her, not even a little terrified this time. "Thank you, my Lord." Hell-stabber. Oh dear.

Maximus Looks over his shoulder at Chloe and Triton, and then disappears into the royal chambers, where they better at least have left his rooms alone. Not like Blackagar wants to move into them. Plus there's the lab! When he spots the box, he sits down and leans on the desk. "Fuck you, Triton. Fuck you. I'm so tired….I feel like shit…" Yet his fingers caress the intricate designs so lovingly and he cannot resist it, in any way. He does not return!

Triton steepled his webbed fingers together slowly. Somewhere Max was having a fit in love and contempt with his own nature to adore and dismantle and understand or revere and Triton was unapologetic. He sighed, the mask gurgling a bit and he looked to Chloe, "If it lasts two weeks it means he's contempt for it. It it doesn't survive tomorrow it means he's enraptured wihth it…but it is destroyed in the process…Gift giving is so hard. Why I do this to myself I don't even know." Both pair of eyelids blink and the affectation to her from his cousin amused him as much, "Well it gives new perspective to teh phrase, 'From Hell's heart I stab at thee'. It could be worse. He could not like you." Not that she'd ever find out if he did he reckoned, but why put that on her?

Love and contempt seem to define Maximus in a profound way. Chloe relaxes when he leaves, the same way an employee relaxes just a bit more when the boss goes back to his office. Triton may nominally also be her boss, but he is a comforting presence first and foremost. She lays a hand on Triton's arm and says, "I'm sure he'll demolish it immediately." She starts to draw him to a chair, then pauses. Then she says, "Would you be more comfortable in water? We don't have to stay on the surface." With a slightly nervous lilt in her voice, she adds, "I'm glad he likes me. I'll endeavor to be more of a help to him than hindrance."

Triton looked back to the doorway and arched one eyebrow, "I hope he doesn't. Not right away. It's quite the dichotomy. In a way it reminds me of him. Intricate, elegant, very…complex, but ultimately needing to be dismantled to be understood." He watched the door again and looked back to Chloe. "He wasn't always like this. but that was a very, very long time ago." And that was something Triton couldn't just negotiate. Still, Maximus and Karnak were not the only ones who seemed to play a long game. Triton was still moving…slowly. Colours were dulled in his skin and there was a lack of energy that alit to the world in the garden. Then again, Maximus ousted the peroblem in one earlier. Whatever was in the water was deadly enough to kill them, and could, in theory or reality, still be trying to do just that. Did he want to go in the water. That was a good question. "Here's the rub on that, if I go into the water and it purges out of my body and into the water it stays with me. If I run through the rebreather sirculation apparatus? The saline can be swapped out similar to perhaps a blood transfusion. The problem is it is not a great solution." His eyes squeezed shut and his face expressed, in the part that showed, a need to think faster. If his sister was here she'd have the short answer, but at present she was in New York helping Kamala and that was where she needed to be. He offered to her with an earnest, and heartfelt formality, "I apologize that I am not better company at present, Chloe. As for usefulness? We are all answerable back to the Genetic Council. Apparently they were given teh final word again while I was away."

"What if you bathed in one of the fountains?" Chloe asks. "There's nothing in them to kill, and the water cycles through all kinds of filters to keep it clean." She bites her lip, somewhat shy to offer suggestions, because clearly Triton must have thought of it? Unless he didn't. The poor prince looks so run down. "You don't have to apologize," she says gently. "You were off in service of Attilan, and if anything, I should be thanking you." At the mention of the Genetic Council, she purses her lips, then drops her gaze. She barely knows of them, save that the name brings thoughts to mind of fear and power.

Triton looked to her hand on his arm and took a deep breath ofering, "The Genetic Council ruled long before my uncle Agon did and even he wa son it. That they have it again is, perhaps natural? Necessary for us to thrive? I don't know, but it is how it is, and yes, Chloe, my service to Attilan will always come first. I have no regrets. Bones that feel like they're being crushed and on fire? Check. Regrets? None. I just need rest, to filter this out of my system and then I'll go back because it needs to happen. because that's who we need to be. It's little different than terrigenesys in that regard I suppose. We are what we need to be, but… that I know you know." His eyes closed and a nod followed. He stood and grabbed the bowl of eggs and gestured to teh fruit bowl that was there and walked to a separate exit. The royal cuites were that way. Water was down though.

Chloe tells Triton gently, "Of course, and I will always support you in this." She takes the bowl of fruit, and she follows after, then falls into step with him. "Attilan's heroes are unsung." Then she groans. "I thought he was still the King," she says. Oh, she's figured it out by now. "And he had me on. I suppose that's fair." She looks at him, big brown eyes worried, but also fond. The merlin shifts on her shoulders and looks around with disapproval. Before they get too far away, she lights off to god knows where. She manages to find her way in and out somehow. This however was too far in for her comfort. Birds go up, not down.

Triton took the steps one by one with no real hurry. The stairs went down down down and branched off on occasion to other lower levels but still down he walked, though the tempreature was growing notably cooler and the air much, much more humid. Water. Lots and lots of water until it could start to be heard as footsteps echoed more off the hard surface of the water. There was light, though dialed down a bit as the stairs hit some sort of mezzanine? There was a landing and what was a balcony, but anything beyond what it overlooked was flooded with water. It may have been a foyer, or a ballroom once. now? Now it was a small underground lake that had a faint ultraviolet glow to it.

The landing had furniture. There was a pair of high backed chairs, a table, a desk, and several bookshelves and a closet for his personal belongings for the surface. It was actually quite neatly laid out. Well it was if one didn't mind the first step down being the surface of the water.

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