1964-09-16 - A Commission by Mr. Rand
Summary: Danny comes to Gidget's office at Casa di Pucci to get his measurements taken
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Well it was another weekend that she was in the office but she was almost always here. Humming softly, she was steady working on that piece for her friend Gwen, finally cutting out not just the lace but the lining for her bodysuit. Her receptionist had surprsingly come in on the weekened too to catch up on her own work. When Danny would show up to the office, that receptionist would let him with with a smile - she was obviously Italian from her thick accent. Knocking on Gidget's door she would announce her appointment that had arrived.

Hearing that knock that tall young woman would pull that measuring tape off of her neck and pulled that wrapp dress's split shut more after she pulled that magnetic pin cushion off of her garter. Moving to the door she would open it up and smiled. "Ah! Come on in Mr. Rand!" Chuckling she'd step aside to let him come in. "Want something to drink? All I have is…." Those brown eyes would look at the bar cart behind her desk. "Scotch…scotch….and water."

Danny arrives for his appointment on time, dressed in one of his expensive grey suits that she had tut tutted for it's less than perfect fit. He makes his way in and then says, "Scotch will be fine," when she checks out the cart behind the desk. "How are you doing? How are the headaches?" He remembers that she was having them at the bar where he had seen her last. He makes his way in and takes a look around the office for a moment, glancing at her other projects that he can see before he turns back toward her.

Making her way over to the cart she'd grab a couple of glasses, pouring about a two finger pour in each from a decanter. Licking her lips she would tilt her head a bit and then smiled as she made her way back over to him and handed him his before sitting on her desk. "Oh! I'm good….headaches haven't happened in a couple of days. I think it's stress….." Crossing her legs she'd hold her glass on her knee and nodded. "And how about you? How are you?"

Danny accepts the glass when she brings it over and he lifts it to take a sip from its contents before he says, "Well enough. I've been busy with a few projects lately. There's a plaque I need to remember to pick up tomorrow, and then I need to find Karen so that we can give it to the recipient." He chuckles a little bit to himself and then he says "Glad to hear that the headaches have been giving you less trouble."

"Well then….sounds sound like you've been busy!" A bright smile tugged at her lips but then she would tilt her head a bit. "Well then Mr. Rand….shall we?" Sliding off her desk she would set her glass down and nodded. "Now then….what are you looking for exactly?" Making her way to her chair on her side of the desk she would pull a pad from the center drawer and a pencil as she waited patiently.

"Yes, we shall," Danny answers when she gets up from the desk. He takes another swallow from his glass and then sets it down as well, taking a seat opposite her on the other side of the desk. "I need a couple of suits for day to day at the office, and then I'd like something a little more fancy for corporate events that I need to attend."

A tilt of her head then as she looked him over then nodded. "Well day to day…." Sitting back in her chair she would tap her chin as she seemed to think. "Maybe something linen….breatheable and a bit more casual…slim fit…." Now she was more musing to herself a bit then. "As for formal events…." She'd lean in then as she smiled. "I've been dying….to make a nice tux again….."

Danny nods his head as she begins to talk about her ideas, seeming to agree on the topic of the linen for the day to day, an then for the formal, he also nods, smiling as she leans in. "Then lets do both. Two day to day linen suits and then a tux for formal events." He reaches then, and takes up the glass, taking another sip from it.

"Awesome!" She was practically giddy as she started to do a simple sketch then and drawing out lines. "Now…as for color for the suits…." She'd pick up that paper and pen befoer she slid it to the end of the desk before making her way to one of the cutting tables to retriever her measuring tape. "I was think….maybe…." Turning to face him she leaned on the table now as she eyeed him. "I so hate grey but for you corporate types I suppose it's best….."

Danny watches as she begins to sketch out something, his attention on the pad and her pencil as she begins to move it across the surface of the paper. When she gets up again, he watches her head over to the cutting table and says, "Grey, or perhaps blue," he suggests, "Though honestly, I leave it up to your eye to choose what you think would look best. That is why I'm asking you to make them, after all."

Smiling she would nod as she walked back over and sat on the corner of the desk. "Okay….I'm going to see blue….a medium blue…." Licking her lips she'd pick her glass up and took a long sip. "I'd do a light grey too to at least stick with your industry. Though when summer runs around I'd love to see you in an ivory seersucker or linen suit…." A playful wink then as she smiled. "If you ever get to go to the Kentucky Derby…you would blend right in with that…."

"I don't see myself going to the Kentucky Derby any time soon, but perhaps in the spring, when I'm in need of something for the warmer weather, I can have you make me a couple more," Danny says with a smile. "Though I could see you there with one of those giant fancy hats."

"You should go one year. My parents took me as a teenager…." A smile tugged at her lips as she then blushed slightly. "Oh I wish. I haven't been since I started my career track. I want to go back one day soon. Maybe next year and I can get a nice hat made…." Gidget would then tilt her head and nodded. "That we can do. I'd love to do it. But yes….a medium blue and a light great. Tux…a little more modern….not tails….ugh."

"Maybe," Danny says with a slight shake of his head which likely indicates that he has no intention of going to the Derby any time soon. He doesn't particularly come off as a lover of horse-races. But he does smile and says, "Well then I think you should go when you next get the chance." He nods at her summation of the suits and says. "Sounds good."

She'd chuckle a bit then nodded. "Well…let's do this. I just need you get undressed if you don't mind….just to the boxers." A tilt of her head as she just held her hands out then. "Don't worry…I'm very professional….needless to say." Licking her lips she would pull her measuring tape around her neck so she could take his clothes to fold. up.

Danny rises up from his chair and takes off his jacket, folding it and setting it on the back of the chair. "I trust in your professionalism," he chuckles, clearly not seeming too worried. He then proceeds to remove his his shirt down to his undershirt. The tattoo that covers his chest can be seen at the top of his undershirt and a little bit through the fabric, the dark ink a shadow. He steps out of his shoes as well, and strips down to his boxers before moving out a bit away from the desk so that she can take his measurements.

"You'd be surprised how a couple of men get the wrong impression….." She'd let out a chuckle as she took his clothes and went to hang them up on a clothing rack. "If I had time for a social life trust me….this is not how I would try to meet someone…" Turning back to him she would spin around then crack her knuckles. "Now then…." She'd gently hold his arms out at his sides and seeemed to go into a zone as she started to measure his upper body. "Two piece or three piece? Maybe three pieces so you can mix and match….." She'd tilt her head a bit as she saw the tattoo and smiled a bit. "….what's your tattoo of…?" She'd glance those brown eyes up at him as she chuckled. "…don't worry I won't judge. Lots of the military boys get them…."

"Well if that's the case then the failure of professionalism is on their part, not yours," Danny points out with a slight shake of his head. He remains still as she directs him how and where to stand so that she can take the measurements that she needs. He's had clothing tailored before, but not in some time. "Three, I think," he says in regard to the pieces. Then he glances down at her and at the tattoo. "It's a dragon," he says, not seeming to have any reervation about telling her.

"Yeah well….some men think just because they have money….." Letting that thought trail off she'd go back to what she was doing, only stopping occassionaly to write down numbers on that sheet of paper she had sketched out a design. "That's what I was thinking too. To me that way you can do a nice button down with just the pants and slacks. Or the traditional way…." Humming softly she would seem to be in her own world before spoke up. "Oh nice! You had it down here in New York or abroad? One of my co-worker's fiance has one he got overseas….it's pretty cool looking.

Danny doesn't seem to take any offense to it, nor does he comment, letting that portion of the conversation trail off. He remains still as she takes down the numbers, only moving when she directs him to so that she can take another one. He nods then and says, "That would be good," but he falters a bit after that. He is not much into clothing at all to begin with, but it's a necessary part of the profession. Though when she asks about the tattoo he says, "Overseas."

She'd smile up at him as she turned and wrote down one more measurement before she would slowly get on her knees and start to measure him for his pants. "Oh nice! That must make it even more special, right?" She'd lean over to her desk then as she wrote down some numbers. "No color on it? I've seen ones with color on them….but I think simple is best…."

"It is special," Danny agrees as he reaches over to take up his glass while she's moving about, taking another sip from it. Then he shakes his head and says, "No, no color on it, just black." He turns the glass around a little in his fingertips and then he sets it back over on the desk, trying not to move too much.

"Almost done…." She'd murmur as she went about his inseam and all that fun stuff. "Well that's awesome! I'm sure it's super cool." Gidget would finally stand up slowly as she then started writing down some numbers then took some notes. "So…..what's a due date for you?" Looking back at him as she waited patiently. "I know once my mentor's….friend's show is over I'll have way more free time to do my own project…."

"When you have time," Danny says when she asks for a due date. "I have enough to tide me over until I receive these. Then I'll just retire a couple of the ones that I have." Once she has finished, he says, "Take your time. Once the show is done and you have some time to focus on your own work — then work on this. I can wait."

Setting that pencil down, her brows would furrow slightly. "Are you sure? I can get them to you….." She'd pause as she walked back around her desk as she pulled out a planner. Taking a sip of her drink she'd flip through some pages. "A few weeks? My major project just wrapped up and now it's just fniishing some smaller stuff….."

"Do you mind if I get my..?" Danny gestures toward his clothes, noting that she'd finished the measurements but hadn't given them back. Without waiting for an answer though, he wanders over to get them and begins to put them back on. "A few weeks is fine," he reassures her with a smile as she looks through the calendar. His slacks are slipped back on and then he begins buttoning up his shirt, getting everything back in place.

"Oh I'm sorry!" She'd blush as she facepalmed and shook her head. "I was going to grab them but distracted by the due date….." She'd look back at her calendar and then wrote down his name. "I'm thinking end of October at the latest. I can put you in my Halloween queue." She'd clear her throat then shook her head, muttering to herself in French then looked up at him. "Sorry….again. I'm kind of out of it since my headaches."

Danny chuckles, "It's alright," as he gets his tie back in place and then slips back into his jacket. Once he's fully dressed, he returns to her desk, though he doesn't retake his seat. Instead, he lifts his drink and finishes the remainder of it. "That would be fine, though if it's going to be by Halloween, perhaps you should make me a costume as well." He doesn't seem too serious about that though. "That will be fine. I a looking forward to seeing your designs. Oh, there's also a friend of mine I'd like to introduce you to who I think would appreciate your work. Her name is Karen Page, and if you get the chance to take her measurements, do me a favor and get them? I might commission you to make something for her as well."

"Oooh…costumes….I've been getting a lot of commissions for that. It's that time of year!" Beaming she just seemed to not even notice that he wasn't serious. Licking her lips she'd then tilt her head. "Karen Page…." Leaning over she'd write the name down at the top of her calendar and nodded. "Alright. I will remember that name. And if she let's me measure her I'd be honored!" Gidget would then tilt her head as she nodded. "I'm pretty good at eyeing people too. It's from years and years of doing this from a young age…."

"Excellent," Danny sayas with a grin. "I might want to surprise her with something, and it's difficult to surprise her if I have to tell her to give her measurements or let on that I've arranged it." He smiles then and says, "Thank you. I appreciate it." With that settled he asks, "Is there anything else that you need from me? A deposit?"

She'd nod a bit as she yawned softly then nodded. "Ooh excuse me." Shaking her head, Gidget would nod a bit. "And I understand that. But I can totally help you out with that. As for the deposit…." She'd look down at the measurements, she eyes looking up as she whispered to herself then looked back to him with a smile. "A hundred dollars should do it. Then I will send you an invoice when it's near completion."

Danny smiles and says, "I won't keep you any longer. Thank you, for your time and for the work that you will be oing for me." He then gets up and pulls out a check book to write out a check for the deposit. Once that is done, he hands it over to her and tucks the book away. "It was a pleasure to see you again. And I look forward to catching you around at The Cigar Factory again sometime as well."

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