1964-09-16 - By Lightning Bound
Summary: When a servant of Susano-o-no-Mikoto, the Japanese god of storms, tries to claim New York, the Asgardians and Olympians take the news badly.
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The lightning storm in the heart of New York is a bit weird. Mostly because it's localized over exactly a five-block radius, and raining with an improbable density.

With lightning crashing down and through the city, Thor flies along with Mjolnir in hand, surveying the carnage. Somewhere, someone is creating this mess; and it is an unnatural storm, not a normal weather event, as evidenced by Thor's inability to silence or still it.

Lightning crashes near the God of Thunder, but he is unphased. No matter who calls it, lightning will not touch the God!

"Come out, beast! Show yourself!" he roars, his bassy bellow making windows vibrate in a hundred yard radius. "Coward, hide not behind the storm, but make yourself known!"

He lands atop a ten story building and whips Mjolnir over his head, the noise not unlike a bullroarer.

Somewhere on the ground, a young woman dusting a precious Roman statue claimed from dubious origins involving an oil baron and the Middle East halts. The patter of rain on the roof is loud enough to dismiss any kind of conversation. Not that she or her colleagues are really much for talking, but the radio in the background reports lightning and thunder. Just another thunderstorm: bring in the laundry from the line and batten down the hatches.

"I've been at this too long," protests Diana, putting her hand to her lower back and rubbing lightly. She shrugs out of her white coat and gloves. "Time to get some fresh air. I will bring sandwiches back."

To a chorus of nods and distracted thanks, she heads out from the workroom and into the Met's labyrinth of back corridors. Her path takes her up to ground-level, out onto the street. Fresh air thick with humidity slaps her in the face, and she turns her head up, breathing in deep. Petrichor and ozone, it's a heady blend better than any alcohol.

Her dark hair is left damp, skin shining. A quick jaunt up the pavement reveals the nature of the storm to her, the bellowing from above distinguished from other sounds of the city. Masculine basso, purring through the body, rolling into the foundations of the Earth itself.

Her eyes widen slightly. Metal itches at her wrists, the Aegis already responding to the halcyon call above. It knows lightning. It knows the seductive song of the Skyfathers, except she is that one oddity in all of their midst: a skydaughter. Scratching her skin pink won't change the fact the bracelets rub and hum with harmonized energy. "What is this?"

As Diana examines her wrists, the itching turns to an angry, low buzz. This is not a natural storm. This is not a /godstorm/. Someone is tampering with the natural order; they are abusing the storm, not making it part of the world.

Thor senses this as well, down to his bones, and it offends him at a base, primal level.

"SHOW YOURSELF!" the God of Thunder roars, his voice echoing for blocks. He flings himself into the air in full flight, searching, seeking— there.

There is his quarry, standing on a roof with a sword in his hands. Diana would know it well, being a student of history; a nodachi of truely ancient make, easily six feet long.

Thor sees it and blanches in shock.

The man wielding it is dressed in white and blue, a classic kimono and sandals. He is enraptured by the blade, at least until he spots Thor.

"<Imposter!>" he shouts, in Japanese. "<Susa-no-O-no-Mikoto told me you would come! He said the pretender would arrive!>"

The man lifts his blade, and thunder peals and lightning crackles. "<Behold Heaven's Cloud-Gathering Sword!>" the man bellows at Thor. "<I am Bumei Akihito, and I claim divine right to rule this land!>"

Something about the tampering is inherently offensive. Diana circles around the side of the great complex of buildings, still wrapped in the buzz of the posh east side. She makes it no more than a few blocks at a prompt pace before sliding into the first alleyway she can find.

It so happens to serve as an access point for three vans and a cleaner's truck servicing one of the fancy buildings around. Better late than never. She slithers out from her black jacket, revealing her white blouse to be pockmarked by raindrops. A necessary sacrifice, really, for the iconic sapphire and ruby armour underneath.

She's nothing she can do for the shield or sword stowed away safely but fortunately she can fight without either. Her clothes are stuffed inside out, stowed in a parcel chute not in use. Next goes the skirt.

Down to her usual attire, she throws a look up at the sky. Instants later, her body is propelled at speed into the angry swirl of bruised violet and seared gunmetal that ruins the fine vista. Her first leap carries her up to a balcony jutting over the road, decorative. The next moment, she rotates upon the fellow standing atop a roof with no business of it.

The Aegis bracelets hum in an angry burn, offense done as the father of the Olympian pantheon stirs at the molecular level. Or at least his anger responds, licking her skin with a whisper of pain.

"<Susano-o-no-Mikoto has no business being here,>" she calls back in flawless Japanese. "<Bumei-san, he earns his name in Nihon. Why would he come to this city, so far from his own people? Why would he send you?>"

Thor startles at the woman addressing the man, and in perfectly fluent Japanese. She came from nowhere, a tempest of dark hair and burnished armor; the God of Thunder gives her a speculative, flat look, unsure what to make of this warrior.

Her attire assures him she coould be nothing else.

"Lay down the relic!" Thor bellows at the man. "It is not meant for mortals to wield it!"

<"No!"> Bumei screams, clutching his sword closer. He looks to Diana as she lands near him, putting his back to a vent for protection. He hefts the weapon in her direction, angrily. "<My god blessed me! I am his student! I will rule the skies in his name!>"

Thor starts to whip Mjolnir in a hammer. "I will not warn thee again, mortal! I do not wish to smite thee, but you must stand down before a living God shows thee the error of thy ways!"

Now might be the ideal moment for a jumbo jet landing at LaGuardia to make its appearance and flatten the lot of them. Fate is rarely so kind. She's probably drinking fine wine and watching her programs on the telly.

Diana does not approach any closer than she has, holding onto the metal railing installed for purely decorative purposes. A basic understanding of electricity is all she needs to release it, waiting until hopefully Bumei looks away to Thor whipping his hammer in tight circles to jump to the next stony outcropping.

The fact she can spring all but soundlessly marks her as more than meets the eye, did not the dazzle of liquified lapis lazuli or bronze cladding her serve in that stead. It has been an age since she made her last appearance in the dying days of the War. Some lessons never change.

Golden light comes to hand as she pulls away the lambent belt from her waist, extending the Perfect into a lengthy spool. A twist of her wrist secures it along her braceleted forearm.

"<Your god gave you that sword and told you to go forth? Or did he grant it to you without instruction?> she asks, keeping her distance to avoid him panicking. Let the golden man in his impressive armour pull all the attention his way, a leonine hero of yore. She personifies the other side, quicker, cautious. "<Such gifts must be treated very carefully indeed.>"

"<My god gave me this weapon and trusted me to use it!>" Bumei shouts at Diana. <"To strike down the pretenders— this Nordic fool, and you, Greek harlot!>"

He hefts the Nodachi, looking from Thor to Diana. The thunderstorm overhead crackles, and Thor looks at it with worry.

"<I will return my god to his authority! No pretenders will usurp him!>"

Abruptly, he rushes at Diana with the sword, swinging it in fast, dangerous flickers of motion; no matter how insane he is, he's usiung the weapon fast and competently, enough to be dangerous even to Diana.

Thor moves to intercept… but a ghostly figure drops from behind Bumei, and lightning strikes it. Electricity fills the empty gaps in the air around the spirit, supercharging it with electricity and making it fifty feet tall.

The titanic elemental screeches at Thor and plunges towards him with rending claws made of lightning.

Greek /harlot/? That would make Diana's eyebrows rise if she hadn't heard worse. Somewhere it smarts to hear such foul accusations on a man's tongue but she shoves her offense away.

Offense in the other sense of the word causes her all kinds of problems. Bumei rushing across the rooftop would be an issue if she had her own shield or sword, which she does not. Time to alter course.

Smoothly she drops back into a defensive position, the Perfect shining as warmly as any sunbeam. A snap of her wrist and the loose end flies, snaking away from the critical edge in search of suitable anchoragee. She leaps away, still holding the end, falling into a smooth tumble that keeps her outside easy range of a sideswipe or stroke.

Her technique may force the Japanese adherent to shift to an overhand grip, less effective with a nodachi. Sliding the golden cord between herself and her opponent might just impair him from thrusting or cutting at her.

Turns out that Greek harlot knows how to move, tumbling acrobatics not merely for show. Speed opens up her range, but it does make for a golden spiderweb around the rooftop. She has to trust in Thor's ability to handle that screeching beast before she ties any bow on her presents.

Bumei is a fairly competent swordsman, at least enough that Diana cannot 'manage' him with casual motions. Perhaps it is training; perhaps it is a demigod's spirit raging through him. He leaps over the lash of the golden cord, swinging the ancient weapon with massive, comparatively clumsy strokes.

Clusmy does not mean innocent; a single blow from a godly weapon could wound Diana mortally. And Bumei knows what he's doing.

He screams a curse at Diana and flickers the Nodachi in a swinging arc, and when Hestia's lasso encircles the blade, he snatches it back and into a momentary defensive stance, before lunging at Diana again.

Meanwhile, Thor faces a larger and slower, but no less dangerous adversary; he swings Mjolnir in an arc to blunt the rake of claws at his royal person, but a backhand catches him and sends him crashing through the side of an adjacent building.

Roaring, Thor flings Mjolnir at the construct, with himself hanging onto the handle.

Themyscira taught her about tumbling from horseback and facing multiple Amazons armed with little better than a stick and her wits. No sword here to pull up will give Diana security.

Only her wits, the Perfect, and the bracers shivering in their rising charge of anger.

The nodachi pulled aside isn't close to being out of play. Swiveling to keep her side guarded, she dashes further to the side. Let the Japanese be briefly on the defense, she won't stand still to make herself an easy target or to give the elemental reason to start lumbering after her.

She tugs her wrist to send the point up into the air, out of reach for anyone unable to fly. "<The sword!>"

The split seconds count. One for the hammer to meet shining claws.

Two for the lasso to tighten, unbreakable and humming with life's own energy. Bumei lunges and she raises her arms in that classic position.

Simmering golden bands turn citrime. Bronze melts into a dazzling configuration, and then the energy wave tears out from her crossed bracers, hurtling everything ahead of her away. Hopefully!

The nodachi swings down and smacks into the crossbar of the Aegis as Diana guards herself.

There is a sharp percussive *ting* of metal on metal, and the resulting shockwave blows Bumei, Thor, and the lightning revenant backwards twenty feet. Bumei loses his grip on the sword and it goes skittering across the rough rooftop gravel. He too goes tumbling backwards and fetching up hard against a ventilation shaft.

Thor grunts in pain at the explosion of force from Diana, but the giant is more injured. The God of Thunder swings Mjolnir in a mighty underhand cast, smacking into the monster's jaw. It screams and staggers backwards, flickering out of existence as Thor hits it hard enoguh to disrupt the beast's very existence.

The wave takes out something essential and gives it form. Divine recognizes its own making even when haunting the fit form of a young woman older than empires. Some, at least. Her fists clench as she endures the explosive call of the lightning crawling along her bones, writhing from the hammered fissures in her gauntlets.

Diana stumbles back, catching herself. No matter how often she's felt this sensation, which is still not very, every time stuns her. Her wide eyes blink at the hammer flying over her field of vision, and for once she gets a truly good look at who threw it.

"Ai! Send it back where it belongs!" Her encourageement is loud and clear. A breath of power races up the back of her neck and releases her.

Who comes to first, Bumei or her? Thor has the advantage, and he might be the first to the sword. It's about to be a point of fact rather than a thought exercise as she stoops to grab the Perfect and haul the lasso tight, snatching the tangled sword up and away. Or away, just that will do.

Thor's quite tangled up with the beast, which leaves Diana to deal with Bumei. He comes to a moment after Diana, lunging for the sword.

The Lasso wraps around it and flickers the weapon out of grasp, flinging it to be buried in a wall behind her.

Bumei is out of his mind with rage, and rushes Diana. Fists flail with magical force, but there is no skill or authority behind them. He is more than mortal, but less than the Demigoddess, and there is no substitute for Diana's years of training with the Amazons.

Thor swing his hammer twice, shattering the form of the massive construct. With a scream of pain it vanishes into a crackling of lightning and steam, electricity leaching into the buildings nearby. If Diana can but keep the nodachi away from Bumei for a little longer…

"<I do not want to hurt you!>" Diana says emphatically. What may not reach him through the bloody fugue of battle possibly has a hope of registering subconsciously. She ducks back at the first swing he throws, but it still likely strikes her armoured side or her shoulder. Bruising force pushes her back, but her drop into a spinning kick means to throw him off his feet and back onto the rooftop.

All the better for her to seize with intent to strike, or rather, to pin. Applying the strength of her hands and knee to an opponent where he can do himself no harm is desirable to striking him down completely.

Whether she can /achieve/ that is another matter altogether.

A skid and a dash plants them within full range of one another, dancing the devil's violent waltz in hopes of peace. How odd, that two sky-princes are so caught up.

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