1964-09-17 - Impromptu Internship
Summary: Kamala meets up with Gidget at Macy's and discuss possible future employment.
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While Sunday is usually considered a work day for Kamala, for most of the rest of the world, it's not. So she has freedom from classes today and she decided to come into town to Macy's. She can window shop. Sure, she could by most small items, but as she's eyeing how high that skirt sits on the mannequin, the young woman's nose screws into a small frown. "Not a chance." she murmurs to herself, preparing to head towards the lower level and the cafeteria that's downstairs.

Gidget was the same area and looking around, scrunching her nose it seems. Picking up a shirt off of a table, she'd feel the fabric and just sat it back down before moving down to a rack of blouses. Letting out a sigh she would just roll her eyes and picked up the pink silk blouse and tossed it over her arm. She needed something cute to wear for the opening but she didn't have time to make something for herself. "…this is what I get for waiting…." The tall young woman wasn't very subtle in her voice, speaking up as she seemed frustrated.

The voice is caught and it takes only a few moments to lift her head to smile over towards Gidget before giving a wave to the older woman before stepping towards her before coming near Gidget. "Did not expect to see you here." she offers. "I'm Kamala.. we met at Gwen's house yesterday?" she asks, hopeful that she's remembered as she's dressed in a modest long sleeved tunic dress that goes down below her knees.

She'd hear a voice and turn around as she then smiled. "Oh hey! Yeah I remember you!" She'd smile brightly then as she nodded. "How are you? And why not?" Giving her a playful wink she'd nod to the clothes. "Don't think I go shopping?" After teasing her, she'd look back to that shirt on her arm and put it back on the rack and smile to her. "What brings you by here?"

"I just thought.. you'd make all your stuff.." Kamala admits, a moment of heat in her cheeks before she laughs a little. "Just looking at things I can never wear. Self-torture." the young woman laughs at her own joke before she smiles a bit brighter. "And they have the most wonderful cheesecake in the cafe." She turns her attention to the taller woman and then gives a bow of her head. "I heard you're having your opening soon. I would like to come, if I may?"

She'd laugh a bit then and nodded. "If I had the time I would make everything. I have quite a few I make yes but….I tend to just buy from a department store and alter it to fit me properly…." She'd then nod as she smiled. "And I get it. I just got to the point where I can spoil myself but I don't. Why when I can just spend the money on the fabric?" Laughing she would then grin at the mention of the food. "Oooh….see that's why I could never be a model either. I eat waaay too much." Gidget would let out a snicker then smiled. "And it's…it's not mine. I'm just running the show for someone that's using my mentor's fashion house. I'm only sticking around until the show up I think but…." Those cheeks would flush slightly. "….someone….a friend of mine said he was coming to it to keep me company." Clearing her throat she'd then brighten up. "Oh please do! It's going to be fun! Get to see some crazy costuming and stuff."

"Muharram is in a few days. Ten days of fasting." Kamala explains with a smile. "Have to make sure I get a nice little pudge for the time. Because yeah, have to learn to pace myself.." Then she pauses and glances at Gidget a little more critically, before her mouth forms a perfect little 'o'. "You jave a date and I'm totally interrupting! I mean of course you have a date. I mean, why wouldn't you have a date?" the young cheeks flare with flame as she clears her throat. "I'm really excited to see what you have to make!"

"Fasting….I don't think I can do that. I eat too much!" Laughing she would then tilt her head a bit. "Huh? No no….at the opening." Gidget would wave her hands then. "My friend is coming by the opening. I mean a lot of people are going to be there. And….I don't think it really is? I know we're going out the night after for dinner and drinks but…..I'll be workind Wednesday so not much fo a date if it is." She'd run her fingers through her dark hair and then smiled a bit. "And I can't wait to see what La Couturiere has to show. I'm sure it's going to be aweome. I on the other hand…have a few suits to catch up on for clients after this."

"Sounds like you're very busy!" Kamala says with a grin. "A good social life and all. I mean, you can balance all of that out. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my life." she admits with a small laugh and settles her hands against her hips for a moment. "It was good running into you." she offers with a swift smile that seems to warm her brown eyes. "Though I didn't get a chance to see what you made for Gwen!"

"Social life?!" Gidget almost burst into laughter but she caught her self. "Girl I'm just now deciding to try and be social after about…six years….." Putting her hand up as if she were whispering she'd smile. "….I didn't even know the guy was asking me out out…that's how bad my social cues are now. We had been on a date already and I thought we were just hanging out." Sighing a bit she'd just smile. "Oh! The thing for the policeman's ball? Oh that's going to be awesome. It's one of my fave designs I've made and so glad I get to make it come to life…."

"Wait, you went on a date and didn't know? I thought you were all sophisticated and stuff!" Kamala mock pouts for a moment before she ooohs. "The Policeman's Ball. How romantic." she gives a little wistful sigh. "I'm sure it Gwen will make it look really nice." she affirms this with a sharp nod and a small chuckle. "And you're going to have your own event soon, how much more social can you get than that?"

"I…" She'd blush a bit as she folded her arms. "….I don't get out much….okay? I've been working since the age of sixteen to get where I am now. I'm almost thirty-one now so….heh…." Clearing her throat she'd smile as she shrugged. "Just because I work and design for the posh people doesn't mean I am exactly. And as for Gwen….the outfit won't do her justice. I'm just glad she'll get to showcase it." Chuckling a bit she'd just smile then. "I mean…for the event….I"m just there to make sure no one gets handsy and stuff with the clothes on the mannequins."

"I.. I was just teasing." Kamala immediately looks apologetic as she touches Gidget's elbow. "I'm not one to talk about social lives or dating.." she shrugs as well as she gives a smile towards Gidget. "It's actually quite fortunate, you know. To work so hard and leave your mark while helping others show what they are on the inside by showcasing their outsides." she points out gently before offering a smile to her. "I doubt anyone would get handsy. I mean, these are supposed to be all sophisticated with little sandwiches and stuff, right?"

"Sorry…." Gidge would push some of her short out of her face and smiled. "….I had someone poke fun at me recently and I get a bit defensive…." Taking a deep breath she'd sigh then smiled. "And I try…..most people don't get to this point until their forties or so….but I was determined." Chuckling she would then smile as she nodded. "And it's supposed to be. Some people get all uppity and think they can just buy something off of the mannequin. But nope! Custom!" She'd look around a bit then before casting those brown eyes back to her. "And yeah….as for dating. I was engaged once….six years ago….didn't end well and I just buried myself in my work for the past six years."

"Then I will not broach the subject again." Kamala explains quickly and then ohs. "You were? I mean, when I get engaged, it'll be because my parents wanted me to be. Probably won't even be my choice as to who." she shrugs. "Just as my own ammi did." There's a grin. "Well, you won't have to worry about me.. most of it will probably be designs I cannot wear anyway."

She'd smile a bit and leaned in as she looked as if she was going to say a secret. "…..my fiance wasn't my choice either…" Giving her a wink she would then stand up. "But when my father found out what he did he told me I can marry on my own terms." Gidget would smile a bit then as she nodded. "And you never know. A lot of them are long and cover most of the body. Just ask…it won't hurt. And hey….if you want someething…just let me know…" Blushing she would chuckle. "I won't say I am familiar with your style but….if I had guidance I know I can make it for you."

"No no, I wouldn't want to impose!" Kamala is quick to explain. As much as she would love the idea, it just isn't her way. "…I mean, I really really appreciate the offer, but such things have to be earned and not a show of wealth that wasn't deserved." she responds, before ohing softly at the fiance. "He must have been a very poor match. I am glad that you have found your own way."

She'd chuckle a bit. "It's nothing….really. It doesn't even have to be fancy fabric. Just say…." A tap of her chin and then she smiled. "….a prototype that you can keep." Gidge would just nod matter of factly before she then sighed, shaking her head. "As for him….." Letting out a snort she'd just laugh. "He cheated on me with some model….just found out she left him for some rich dude. I call it karma….."

"That is indeed insaaf for his actions." Kamala responds and then laughs a little. "That would be a little deceitful, I will discuss with ammi the idea. Perhaps I could find a way to earn it through work.. I mean. I draw. Designs and stuff.. though.." she demures for a moment. "They may be rather.. off?"

She'd chuckle and nodded. "Well just let me know. I'm sure I can just…." There was a thought then and she would grin a bit. "Maybe you can see if it's okay if you're an 'intern' under my receptionist. She can teach you a bunch of business skills with orders and organization. I can talk to my mentor too and see if it's okay. That way it's not for 'free' you know…."

"Intern.. I.. I would like that!" Any excuse for Kamala to have to move closer to the city, really! "You barely know me though. I could be some evil super villian in disguise." she comments teasingly, clearly not meaning it. "Let me at least interview and try to earn the position? That way my own heart is at ease."

She'd nod and then laugh a bit. "I think if you're friends with Gwen….you should be good. If not….I'll just have to find some of the super people I know." Laughing then she'd pat the girl on the shoulder and nod. "I'll talk to Mr. Pucci and if he's cool with it, I'll set up an interview and we'll go from there. How's that sound?" A tilt of her and she'd nod. "You're learn some real office skils and earn an outfit in the same blow."

"Sounds like a plan. How.. how many super people do you know?" Kamala asks curiously before she gives a more enthusiastic nod. "A few weeks back, Gwen helped me when I was being harassed by some squares because of my beliefs.." she explains. "Anyway! I should let you get back to your shopping, I didn't mean to take up so much of your time."

She'd chuckle a bit then and nodded. "Well without giving people away…..both knowing and hanging out with plus just met in passing…." Tapping her chin then she'd smile. "I think it's about four or five….." Gidget would chuckle then smiled as she nodded. "No stress. Go get your cheesecake! I won't be here long. I may just have to make something really quick or wear something I own…." She'd bow her head slightly and then smiled. "Oh!" Reaching into her handbag she'd then pull out a business card and hand it to her. "….call my office when you get an answer."

Accepting the card with a smile, Kamala gives a swift nod of her head. "Four or five.. oh wow. I'm so picking your brain sometime!" Not that Kamala hasn't already met four or five.. even incidentally.. "Have fun shopping!" she offers over her shoulder as she puts her card away in the little bag with the Captain Marvel lightning bolt on it.

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