1964-09-18 - Lunch With Friends
Summary: It's friends, some new, some old, having lunch.
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Lunchtime at the Factory is starting to become a nice little side-project for Luke. Before, Luke was open for a bit of liquid lunch for the crowd, but food offerings were minimal. Today, Luke stands in the corner of the section of the large warehouse that makes up the bar in an apron and little chefs hat, a rack of ribs on the open flame BBQ in front of him. It's probably not legal, and more than likely a fire hazard that the fire department will come down on him eventually for…but it smells damn good.

Outside of the bar, a loud engine could be heard revving as Robbie parks his charger in a fairly decent parking space. He wore his trademark Leather jacket with a white sweater underneath, jeans and boots. He walks into the bar with his hands in his jacket pockets after smelling that food. Walking up to the counter, he takes a whiff of the air "that smells damn good. Ribs?" He asks curiously. Looking at the taller fellow with a gentle smile. Food is good for the soul, even his.

Danny comes in from the street dressed in his usual grey suit. Must have gone to the office, today. As soon as he steps inside he takes in a deep breath and says, "Luke! Ribs! You are now my favorite and least favorite person all at once." Because he's going to get him some of those ribs, but that suit might pay the price. He grins as he makes his way over to the bar and slides onto a stool. There's a nod for Robbie in greeting and a friendly smile. "Afternoon."

"Well, so far my evil plan for lunchtime domination seems to be working." says Luke with a grin, brushing some BBQ sauce on the ribs as he glances over at the two newcomers. "I'm running a new special, trying something new. Five dollar all you can eat ribs and a beer." He grins, "But who is only going to drink one beer with ribs, am I right?"

at Danny's entrance and greeting, it wasn't hard to steal his attention. "Hey.." he greets "Arn't you Danny Rand? The guy who runs that big shot company?" He asks out of curiosity rather than any kind of malcontent. Newspapers man. "I'm Robbie." He greets to Danny. Just being friendly. Though when Luke speaks about 5 dollars aaalll you can eat, Robbie smiled a wide one and puts five dollars on the counter "Sign me up then." He chuckled a little "and you're right. Good business."

Danny takes a moment to take off his suit jacket and hang it up so that he won't end up with sauce all over that, at least. The cuffs are rolled up as well, because this is going to be a challenge. "I can't imagine only drinking one beer with ribs," he agrees. "That smells amazing." He has become a regular at the Harlem bar lately, grabbing lunch pretty often. He nods to Robbie and says, "Yeah. Nice to meet you, Robbie. Joining the lunch club?"

Robbie shrugs at Danny a little bit at his question "guess so. Especially if the food is as good as it smells." He looks to Cage a moment before sighing a little…those ribs smelled like heaven. looking back to Danny, he asks curiously "Sounds like you know the chef well. You a regular here?" Might as well get to know who sits next to you right? Better than awkward silence.

And bouncing in the door was Gidget and it was obvious she was off from work now. Wearing a pair of black high waisted shorts, a black and white stripped crop top and some black heels she made her way into one of her favorite spots to hang out. She'd pull off those black oversized sunglasses and put them up on top of her head amongst that dark short hair. Looking around she'd then inhale as she sighed softly. "…oh god there's food…" Laughing she'd make her way up to the bar and waved. "Hey guys!" Well she was in a good mood for sure.

Luke Cage chuckles. "This is working out better than even I had hoped. I'll have to make this a regular thing, maybe even hire a chef." He makes a few plates of ribs, taking them over to set in front of Danny and Robbie, before slipping behind the bar and pouring them each a pint of beer. He sets the glasses down in front of them, giving Gidget a smile as she makes her way inside. "Hey Gidget. Did you come to sample the newest addition to my wares as well? I figured I might try making fresh food at lunchtime, see if I can't gather a regular crowd. Seems to be working so far."

"Yeah," Danny says to Robbie. "Stopped in not too long ago and found the beer, the company, and the burgeoning lunch crowd to be pretty good." He puts his own money down, for beer and food before settling back on his stool. Glancing over his shoulder at the familiar voice he says, "Hey Gidget. Come on over. Meet Robbie." He introduces the two as a kind of matter of course before turning back toward Luke. "I think you've really got something here. Draw a whole new crowd just for lunches." He breathes in the smell of the ribs and then takes to them with his fingers, apparently not shy about getting sticky.

Robbie would glance to Gidget bouncing through the doors all cheery-like. At her greeting, Robbie offers her a gentle smile and a nod of his head "Afternoon." He greets, then Danny introduces him. "I'm assuming your gidget." He extends a hand for a handshake. He would have likely said more, but the ribs get put on the table. His attention to anything else becomes significantly lessened, and when beer is put out, he smiles to Luke and rolls up his sleeves "thanks. Nice to meet you by the way Luke." He offers before digging into the ribs. Surprisingly not a messy eater really. But they were dang good.

She'd grin at Luke then. "Dude I am starving. I went in to work for a little bit this morning but took the rest of the day off." She'd pull herself onto a seat and smiled. "I'll take some of that, Luke." Looking over to Danny, she would smile brightly and nodded. "Hey hey….and…." Leaning over she'd reach out and take Robbie's hand, giving it a firm shake. "Nice to meet you, Robbie!" A nod as she then looked to Luke. "I think…you're doing good. I may have to come up here for lunch now…and take longer breaks if you're going to be cooking…"

Luke Cage nods to Gidget, making his way back over to the BBQ and makes a plate for her as well. Bringing it back over, he slips behind the bar and pours her a beer as well. "Hell, at this rate I may have to just add a kitchen onto this place. It sure does beat a roast beef sandwich or cold friend chicken."

He grins over at Danny, and nods to Robbie. "What do you think? Maybe next time get some corn or beans to go with it? Maybe some kinda salad? I'm sure it needs some work, I've never claimed to be skilled in the culinary arts."

"Hey now," Danny says to Luke, "That roast beef sandwich was really good." He waves a rib-bone in the bartender's general direction to emphasise his point before he goes back to picking the meat off the bone with his fingers. He's actually remarkably neat despite the fact that he's certainly not shy about getting into his food. He considers the question then says, "Corn, mashed potatoes maybe, cole slaw? That's salad, right?" Or at least some proximity of salad — a distant cousin maybe?

Smiling to Gidget, he nods to her "nice to meet you, Gidget." Then right back to the food! He takes a small sip of his beer. At Luke's question, he shrugs a little "I mean, if you want a full meal with it, I favor corn." He gives his opinion a bit. "You may not say your an expert, but this is pretty damn good." He compliments, chuckling at Danny faintly, but leaves him to figure out Coleslaw by himself.

That smile would brighten then as she saw the food and sat her handbag down. "See….though I may have the height….this is why I could never be a model…." She'd take a long sip of that beer before exhaling softly and nodding. "I don't have a real diet….I just eat…." Gidge would laugh as she then watched Danny get snaked away for now. She'd smile over at Robbie then and nodded. "Same here. And heck…." She'd look to her food and smiled as she looked back to Luke. "So….gonna be doing this more often I hope." Then she began to dig in, careful not to get it on her shirt though.

Luke Cage chuckles and leans against the wall over by the BBQ, flipping the ribs and basting them again with sauce. "It seems to be the general consensus that this is a good idea, so it seems like I may adopt this as a regular thing. I don't know about ribs everyday though. Maybe once a week? Still trying to figure it all out."

Luke grins, "So, Robbie is it? What brings you in today? The others I've seen around, but this is the first time I have laid eyes on you."

Robbie watches with a small smile as Danny gets dragged off to the wonderful world of business discussions. Digging into his food a little more. Though as Gidget was talking on how she could never be a model, Robbie decides small encouragement is in order "if you really want it, you can do it. You already look like a model." He may have just been being nice, but he's kind with encouragement! Or he was telling the truth for positive reinforcement.

When Luke addresses him directly, Robbie nods a few times "I'm new in town…just was looking for a nice spot to grab a nice meal and a good drink. Maybe even information if I ever need it." He gestures to the food. "Who knows? I might even be a regular soon enough."he smiles faintly to the larger Luke Cage.

Laughing she would nod. "I insist! Give me a reason to get out of work and see friends, you know?" Though her fingers were covered in sauce she would still keep it off of her clothes. Licking her lips she'd reach for that beer with both palms of her hand and took a long drink. Looking over to Robbie she'd laugh then. "Oooh no I'm good. I dress them as it is….I don't want to work with them more than I have to. At least where I work I hardly ever have to…just when fashion week shows up." Taking a deep breath she'd dig back into her food but spoke first. "And welcome to town! It's never a dull moment."

Speedball bounced in, well…not literally. He was not a stranger to the place or the local hulking hero of many, and more notably? The science hippie was still in a good mood from four years ago. One would honestly need a vivid imagination to picture Robbie Baldwin having a bad day or…sleeves on any of his shirts. Seriously, he was not 16, wherever did his sleeves go to? He swung through in gregarious grinning greeting and reached over to snag a bit of meat from the ribs off Gidget's plate, giving her a wink, and spinning around to drop into a stool of his own. "Luke the Duke of Harlem and Hell's Kitchen and… other things with an H. That's good. There any more?"

Luke Cage nods to Robbie. "Well, welcome then. As you seemed to have noticed, I'm Luke. I own this place, run the bar, and sometimes play bodyguard to Gidget's out of town friends." He shrugs, "I try to keep this place decent for all types to come in here, so as long as you don't mind the occasional weirdness, you should find yourself a good time here."

He glances over at Gidget and laughs, "I thought you had that anyway, just to come and see me. But hey, if I'm not enough for you, then by all means I will just start having to make a lunch. Maybe I will branch out into dinner as well."

He glances over at the other Robbie, and smirks. "Dude, I am none of those things. I'm just a bartender, and no chef apparently. Want some ribs? I got a five dollar special on ribs and a drink." He pauses, cocking his head at Speedball, "For you I'll make it a root beer. No caffeine."

A small smile awaits Gidget even as she denies wanting any more of what she already has on her plate, Reyes nods a few times. "that's fair, chica." He says, throwing Spanish casually in his sentence. At her welcome to him, he smiled faintly "thanks. It certainly doesn't so far."

Looking then to Luke, Robbie Reyes nods a few time "sounds like you have a nice job. All I do is work on cars and bikes." He smiles lightly "don't worry, I'll be sure to help keep it decent." He nods a little

ttthhheeennn other Robbie comes in "Afternoon." He greets to him, then back to his meal. "The ribs alone is worth the buy." He sips his beer.

Gidget would chuckle a bit then as she smiled at him with a grin. "Aww….did I hurt your feelings?" Laughing then she'd search for a napkin then snatched one up to wipe her hands…..just as Speedball pops up and steals some off of her plate. Blinking she'd look over at him. "Robbie! Hey!" She'd frown playfully as she leaned over and pushed him a bit before she would look to Luke. "You let jokesters like this in here?" Gidge would just shake her head as she finished off her beer and just looked at the one rib left. "Man…." Sighing she'd look to….Robbie and smiled a bit. "Eh….I make clothes. But working on cars and stuff sounds awesome!" She'd finally go back to her food as she eyed Speedball. "….Robbie….I'm hurt….you'd still my food."

Speedball chuckled, pleased with himself. At the admonished look from Gidget he held up the rib he took a bite out of and offered it back to her. "I'll share?" he offered. To Luke he made a gesture from her plate to him. "Yeaaaaah, Luke that's be great. And you know you could be. They call it public relations. Marketing. You should totally let me advertise for you." There was a sage nod to this. He did stop being a cheap ass and fished out a ten spot and slapped it down. "Fiiiine, Gidget. You drive a hard bargain. Now it's not theft, it's an investment. I'm a joker that pays his tab, remember that. Luke the Duke, hook up a beer with that?" OH could the eyes get bigger. Eeeeeh? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! Who's your buddy? Greeting he spun anti-clockwise on the stool and greeted the biker. "One, I heard that. Two? Killer jacket."

"You did. I'm crushed. Can't you tell?" says Luke with a grin to Gidget as he starts to plate up a couple batches of ribs, moving over to set them down in front of Robbie and Gidget. He gives Robbie an incredulous look, "Just what in hell am I going to advertise? That I got beer, liquor and ribs? How the hell is that going to make me anything than what I am, man? I don't need any titles, nor am I looking for any." He shakes his head, "Shit, I just want to tend bar and make people happy. End of story."

He moves over to pour a beer for Robbie (the other one) and slides it in front of him, "At least you pay your tab, though." He grins, turning to the others. "Can I get anyone anything else? Another beer? More ribs?"

Robbie shakes his head a little to Gidget "no, you didn't hurt my feelings." he chuckles faintly "I'm just stating my understanding." he says to Gidget, and smiles faintly at her compliment of him working on cars and motorcycles. "Thanks. It's not all that great, but I enjoy it, so..that's what I'll do. Might open my own place." he shrugs a little.

Looking then to Speedy Gonzales Robbie, he raises a brow at the energetic young man, before nodding a few times "One, I know. Two, thanks." he smiles to the science hippie. "Name's Robbie. Though since yours is, apparently, also Robbie, you can call me Reyes to keep it simple." he nods faintly, though wipes his hands clean to extend a hand in greeting for a handshake. Robbie remembered his manners.

He does look to Luke as he speaks about not wanting any kind of advertising. "I'd drink to that." he nods a little, and at his question, Robbie Reyes shakes his head a little "No, I'm good. Thank you though." he nods a little.

Gidget would just push that food back to…..Speedy and shook her head. "I'm too hurt….I thought you liked me….I thought friends didn't do this to each other." Looking to Luke then she'd feign a pout then as she tilted her head. "….would you steal my food?" Then she would let out a laugh as she finished her last rib and nodded. "Alright….." She'd look to Biker and shook her head. "….this is going to get confusing…."

Speedball grinned with that bullshit boyish charm of his that was just infectious. "It is. Baldwin. Nice to meet you Reyes. Great taste in names. My props to your mama." He turned around not letting up on poor Luke, holding his hands in the air he proclaimed "Master of Ribs, Baron of Beer! Man… who can fold me like a paperclip. Okay I get it, I get it. Just saying these are important commodities you bring to the table my friend. "Gidge', you are killin me here!!!" He blinked and considered casually asking, "Ya know, if I need to go stand on the building and beg forgiveness, ribs in hand.. I'm 'a do it." There was an amused grin widening. He would. He soooooo would.

Pointing to the door to the office, Luke looks to Baldwin and says "Go back there, ladder next to the door has roof access. Just pull the bar to unlock it, and have at my friend. I want to make sure I can hear it from down here, so be loud." He grins, giving Gidget a wink. "And wouldn't it be Ruler of Ribs? You failed on the whole first letter being the same scheme you had going there man. I'm disappointed."

He turns and refills all the beers, sliding a fresh round onto the bar in front of each of the patrons regardless of if they asked or not. "Gidget, if I stole your food, you would shank me. I'm not that dumb." He grins again, looking to Reyes, "So, you work on bikes? What would it cost me to get one of those? Doesn't have to be fancy or anything, but something that has some heft to it. I don't want to be looking like a fool with a bike to small under him, ya know?"

Glancing to Gidget as she rubs her head from the obvious case of the confusion that may follow. "Just call us by our last names." he says with a small smile, and with that he finishes his last rib and focuses the rest of his attention on his nice bottle of alcohol, which was only half-empty. He takes a sip of it and savors the taste a moment. Though by no means an alcoholic, he liked himself a good beer.

He glances to Speedball a moment with a soft nod "Well…she was good with names." he shrugs a little "I'll be sure to send her your regards." he says with a small smile there. Though he seems rather..curious? about this one. He's a little energetic, but in a good way. "Asking for forgiveness atop a building with ribs in hand is no easy promise" Robbie amusedly spoke with the strong hint of a jest in his voice. "Nice to meet you Baldwin." he nods faintly, another sip of his beer.

He looked then to Luke Cage, nodding a few times "Hmm…that would depend on the bike you want. If you don't want a fancy one, I can make you one Harvey-davidson style. the price is negotiable, but I'll give you a discount thanks to the excellent meal you've given me. you want it cheap but with horsepower yeah? hmmm $300 (Given, it was the 60's)." he initially offers "But like I said, I can happily work out a deal."

"But….." She'd look over to Speedy and then to Reyes but just shook her head as she laughed. Look to Luke she'd shake her head. "Don't encourage him! That would be so embarassing!! Also….yes. I would probably stab you with a fork or something." Gdiget would blush a bit as she then looked back to Speedy. "Baldwin….that just doesn't sound right. But I'll go with it. You can just pay me back on Thursday…" There was a laugh then as she looked over to Reyes and smiled. "I guess I'm just used to one Robbie. Now there's two!"

Speedball looked to Luke soundly disappointed. Man, he was right, he did drop the ball on that one. Maaaan. "Luke I don't really nee- right." He hopped to a stand and smoothly looked over to Gidget and said, with all due seriousness, "Gidget, I wronged you. I cannot for the life of me life as a dishonest man who has… Hey guys what's that thing that those far out knight-y guys go on about? Oh yeah, Who has slighted your honour or whatever. And since you are upset? I must make amends." Oh he was grinning far too much for this and put the rib in his mouth and started to wipe his fingers off looking to Luke the Helpful and pointed, Back and to the left? he tried to mumble.

"If you ever stab me with a fork, and don't yell 'FORK YOU' at me, I will be sorely disappointed in you, Ms. Boileau." Luke says trying to hide a grin, "You can't let good lines like that just vanish into the ether. It's got to be a law somewhere." He grins, pulling out a beer for himself from the cooler and popping the top off with a flick of his thumb.

He looks over to Reyes, "$300 huh? I can probably swing that. Something like a Harley would work for me, I think. Get one of those new Duo-Glides or something?" Luke scratches at his chin, "I like the rumble those things make, that's for sure. Sounds like a big cat purring…a really big cat."

He laughs at Baldwin and nods, "Back, to the left, then up."

Robbie Reyes Smiles a little to Gidget when she apologizes for there being too many Robbies, and she earns a little chuckle. "I understand Chica. it's okay if you mix us up one of these days." he smiles to her, then….tilts his head when Speedball does an entire medieval-esque drama scene where he overly apologizes to Gidget, earning a light shake of the head from Robbie "Wow." he says with a light laugh "You in theater?" he asks Speed bally Robbie a little jestfully

Then Robbie returns his attention to Mr. Cage. "I can make that work. Should see my bike, you'll hear that thing a block away." he chuckles faintly in a joke. "She does purr -loud- though when I need her too." he pulls out a note and writes down Luke's order. "Alright, I'll give you a shout when it's done. You can pay me when the job's done if you want." he nods a little, cracking his fingers. He seems to be enjoying this company.

Speedball warmed a grin back to Reyes with a laugh, "Not in a long, long time man. Just can't take things too too seriously. That'll be the end of us all and no one wants that." A hand slapped Luke on the shoulder. "Be right back. Also mind if I use your phone quick? It's local." He looked back to Gidget. Oh yes. This was happening! She was embarassed, but he might not know what dignity or pride were. Man, he's consistant. Those R&D test subjects are crazy. She got a wink, yes it was in jest, but oh yes, he was serious.

Danny had been pulled off to the side to sit and talk with someone from the office. The two had been discussing some things, going over some paperwork which he apparently had to sign for, and eventually his colleague departed, leaving Danny to once more rejoin the group. He makes his way back over to the bar and settles down to put some cash down for another beer, fortunately having been able to finish his ribs before he got dragged off.

Gidget didn't know what to say to all of what Speedy was doing now. The only thing that was for sure was the blush that was just deepening on her cheeks. "….oh my god can you not…?" She'd watch him just….bounce off and go use his phone.

Looking back to Luke then she would just blink then as she shook her head. "I think both of you are on something now….." Chuckling she'd slide her beer glass out to him…tapping it since it was empty. "More please."

Cutting her eyes over to Reyes she'd just shake her head a bit. "I don't know if I can do that. That'd just be rude of course…." Looking to Danny then she'd just wave her fingers then.

Luke Cage laughs, "I'm on something all right, Gidge. Good BBQ. It's a drug all its own." Luke grins and takes the glass to refill it, sliding it back over into Gidget's hands once the foam curled over the rim. "Don't mind me, i'm just in a good mood."

He looks over to Reyes and nods, "Sounds good. I'll start saving my tip money and hopefully by the time it's ready, I'll have the cash on hand for you. Do you have a rough timeframe?"

He looks back to Danny and smiles, sliding over another beer. "Well, that seemed like fun. Just so you know, you got some sauce right here…" he points at a spot on Danny's tie, dead center of the chest. Of course, there is no spot and Luke is just going to flick Dannt's nose if he looks. "Hope that wasn't a client."

Robbie just shakes his head at Speedball as he runs off to use the phone. "..apparently.." he smiles faintly, though when Danny returns to the table, he greets him with a friendly expression "Welcome back. Hope suits (the guy Danny was talking to) didn't tire you out." he says with a hint of jest in his voice. His attention then is swiftly taken by Gidget, smiling a little wider without showing his teeth when Gidget looks embarrassed.

"Well…at least he was having fun." he shrugs a little with a light shake of his head. "Then I think we'll be alright. You look like a sympatica chica. A nice lady." he smiles a little, cracking his fingers only a little as he finishes off his beer. Sighing contently.

Looking then to Luke Cage, he nods a few times "Alright. Done deal." though when he's asked if he has a rough time frame, he shakes his head a little "Not too rough. It's actually fairly loose. I'll definately have it ready for you in a months time. Few weeks at the earliest." he shrugs "I usually do this kind of stuff in my spare time, so I get alot done." he shrugs a little, hiding his double life. Though he puts some money on the counter for another beer. "May I have another?" he asks politely, even though he just payed for it. Strange.

"Sometimes they make me work. It's one of those conditions of keeping the company," Danny says with a little bit of a wry grin over at Robbie as he settles back into his spot at the bar. He glanes between Gidget and Speedball for a moment, studying them both with one brow arched, but he doesn't ask. He gives her a little grin and nod of his head at her wave. He does glance down at his tie though when Luke points out something might be on it, just in time to get his nose flicked. He slugs Luke in the arm in return which, does absolutely nothing, but he does it anyway and smirks. "No, just an employee."

Luke Cage nods to Reyes and grins, taking the empty beer glasses and replacing it with a full one, "Sweet. I'll look forward to hearing about it. Gives me something to save up for."

He laughs at Danny, especially when Danny hits him in the arm. "Man, I can't believe you fell for that. That's some old school shit there." He grins, and slips another beer up onto the bar for Danny, "This one's on me, man." He grins, "I don't know what is with me today. Seriously. I'm all wired."

Almost laughing at Danny for falling for that, Robbie shakes his head a little "How did you fall for that?" he asks with a jest, drinking his beer glass when Luke gives one to him. "But I guess I should be happy for you for having a good talk at least." he shrugs a little.

Looking then to Luke Cage, he nods at him with a smile "Thank you." he says in thanks of getting another drink. "and I'll be sure to tell you all about it. Pick your brain on what kind of parts you want and what does what." he smiles to him.

"So then, what do you two do in your spare time? Though I imagine a CEO would be all business all the time." he comments to Danny, and looks to Luke "or you Luke, do you bartend and/or cook all the time?" he asks them both, curious to get to know them a little better.

Sometimes, you're just not paying attention — and even the Iron Fist is not always vigilant. He smirks at them both and says, "Go ahead, laugh it up." Though he does take the beer that's set in front of him and lifts it to take a swallow. He settles back on his stool then and glances toward Luke and Robbie as they talk about parts, having missed that part of the conversation "What are we building?" Then he shakes his head to Robbie and says, "When I'm not at the office I have plenty of other things to do — read, practice, meditate, wander the city, get into trouble, pursue personal projects."

Now that Gidget was back with her wits about her, she'd just clear her throat as that blush finally faded away. "….I swear…." Taking that glass of beer in her hand she'd just take a long sip then looked back to the others. "….what?" She'd look off to the side for a moment before she would just turn back to face them, being nosey and just listening. Yup…she was safe….for now.

Speedball disappeared from sight into Luke's office. Apparently he used the roof, and the un-melodious sound of a clatter and then "Giiiiiiidgeeeeeeeet, I'm sorry for stealing your riiiiiiiiibs. Im sorry for committing a snack-riliage!" And finally he came back in through the hatch and locked it. The question was where did the Apple come from?

"I think I just negotiated with Robbie here about getting myself a motorcycle." Luke says to Danny with a grin. "Something with a nice purr of an engine, you know…something to really please the neighbors." He chuckles, lifting a glass of water to his lips and taking a sip. "Not that I really go anywhere, but still…it'll look cool."

He grins and turns to Reyes, "Me? I just bartender. Every once in a great while I get out and do something else, like I am going to be working for Gidget here in a few weeks guarding someone, but that is more of a quid pro quo things. She made me a suit, I wear it to go play security for her…co-worker? Is that what she is, Gidge? I don't know how to describe her." Luke shrugs a shoulder, then looks up towards the roof and starts to just crack up. "Sweet Christmas, he actually did it…"

Smiling faintly to Danny, he does tilt his head at one particular part "Meditation? Sounds relaxing." he shrugs then, and nods in agreement with Luke when Danny asks what they were building. "I'm going to build him a motorcycle. Should be good for him to make noise when he needs to."

aaaaand then Speedball Robbie happens.

Looking up, he tilts his head "Did he just…." he chuckles faintly, shaking his head and adequately facepalms. "Guess you weren't wrong Luke when you said the occasional weird situations happen." he shrugs….and he knew…ALOT of weird. he looks between Luke and Danny then "Hm, noted." he nods a few times, taking another sip of his beer.

"I'm sure you will look appropriately cool," Danny says to Luke with a bit of a grin. "I should probably get a license and learn how to drive at some point." Nope, that's what happens when you spend your formative years on a mountain and then return to having a driver. Then he looks up toward the roof and blinks. "What the…?" He looks back at the others, not quite sure what's going on there.

Gidget would just blink then as she stared in horror. "….oh….my god….." That blush that was gone? Yeah no it's back ten fold and her brown eyes were big and wide. When Speedy showed back up….apple in hand…..she'd just stare at him with his mouth agape. "….w-why….did you do that?" If she could drop dead….she'd be six feet under now. Looking at her beer she began to chug it then….quickly before setting it down. Looking to Luke she would frown as she stared at him intently. "This is your fault…..for suggesting the idea." Fidgeting in her seat she'd pull her handbag into her lap and started to dig some cash out of it before she would set it in front of him. "Thanks for the food, dude….and the berr." Clearing her throat she would cut her eyse over to Speedy and then waited. Yup….she was embarrassed.

Taking the towel off his shoulder, Luke wanders back over to the BBQ, the lunch crowd having come and gone. "Well ladies, and gentlemen I'm afraid I have to clean this mess up an prep for later. Ben will be around if you want anything else, so feel free to have him grab something else for you. Gidget, Danny…always a pleasure to see you. Robbie, nice to meet you and will look forward to seeing the kitten purr!" He bellows out, "Yo! Baldwin! Get your ass down here and off my roof, fool!"

With that, he picks up the grill…the whole thing…and carries it into the back room. Didn't that weight a ton, and have hot coals that should be charing the hell out of his hands? It must have cooled off and be lighter than it looks.

Speedball looked a little confused and immediately sympathetic. He's a goofball, but apparently not an asshole. "Awwww noooo, nonononononoooo, Awww, Gidget! Awww, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to traumatize you. I got lunch. I mean it." His shoulders slumped and he stepped away to his plate, now present and set the apple on the counter. Quietly he offered, "I owe you a rib." It was an olive branch. Well that was a bravado killer right there. He asked to Dannie and Luke but Luke was leaving, "So I hear the bar's getting an office?"

Waving to Luke lightly, Robbie smiles at him a bit before his expression turns more serious as he watches Luke haul away a, what should be anyway, heavy grill that should still be hot. "….what the hell?" he says as he looks mildly surprised. He looks to the others like 'you saw that too right'? however, he seems to turn his head like he heard a voice…which was the complete opposite direciton in which Speedball was talking.

He would shake his head a little, taking a deep sigh. He glances to Speedball Robbie though "Smooth." he comments to him with a small smile and a shake of his head.

"Speaking of the office," Danny says, finishing off his beer. "I think it's time for me to head back. I still have one more meeting to do this afternoon before I can call it a day." He adds some more cash to the bar. It's enough to cover his as well as a hefty tip and probably a couple of drinks for the others as well. He waves to Ben and points to those gathered, indicating he's got them covered. Then he says, "Was good to see all of you." There's a glance over at Speedball and he says, "I think there already is an office here." Then he is heading out.

She would wave to Luke, not even phased by what he was doing but looked to Speedy. She'd touch her face…it was hot for sure and she'd clear her throat. "I'm….I'm not traumatized…..just…." Depsite all her confidence she was still pretty shy. "….didn't expect a man to yell my name…off of….a roof." She'd look to Danny then and smiled and waved. "Have a good one! I'll be in touch about your project too…." Sighing softly she'd look to Speedy and raised her brow a bit. "I don't know if like….you did that becuase you like me…or to make me blush…." Gidget would just shake her head a bit as she chuckled softy and crossed her legs in those shorts, trying to pull them down some….good luck. "….don't worry about the food. I was teasing about that…."

Speedball looked up and blinked to Luke, and then to danny. "Yeah, man good to see you." The hippie blonde's brow furrowed greatly subdued. A hand reached up to itch at the back of his neck and he muttered to Robbie, "Yeaaaah not… what I'd call it either." Dropping into his stool he looked confused to Gidget, "Why would I be pickin on you?" He blinked seeming honestly confused. Like a 24 year old corgi, sometimes he had his own vision of how the world worked.

Danny goes home.

Nodding a few times to Danny, Reyes would wave at him. "Later, Danny. See you soon. It was nice to meet you." he says with a fairly kind smile. before looking to Gidget with a sympathetic expression. "It's alright, it's alright." he pats her on the back to try to lift her spirits a little. He does glance though to Speedball, chuckling a few times as Speedball speaks back to him. He watches the two converse a moment, sipping on his beer….probably more amused than he should be at Speedball's eternal confusion, or pretension of confusion.

Looking to Speedy she'd shrug a bit as she stared down at her purse but looked up at Reyes then. She'd chuckle a bit and shook her head. "I'm fine….honest…." Gidge would then put her hand on Speedy's hand and chuckled. "Nothing….don't worry about it. I'm just used to be teased is all…." slowly she'd let go of his hand then turned to lean over that bar, her feet and bottom going in the air as she dug around, bottles clinking. "Ah ha!" She'd pull up a bottle of wine that looked a bit expensive and started pouring it in her beer glass. "Don't tell Luke….but I always pay him back…"

Speedball looked at her hand and looked back to Gidget frowning, "Kids can be awful. I seen it." Alright so things were alright, but still that bombastic good mood was spent for the day. He turned on his chair offering her a smile and glanced between she and Reyes, "Reyes, you from New York? Mechanic I heard right?"

Looking between them a moment, Robbie simply smiles a moment. When Gidget attempts to snag herself an expensive bottle, he gives her a look that locks onto her eyes "Then be sure to repay him then Ms. Gidget." he puts about $7 on the table for her "That should help you out a little." he looks then to Speedball, rising to his feet. "If you two would excuse me, I have a few things to do." he straightens out his jacket though Speedball appears to stop him. He looks to Speedball "I'm from Los Angeles, California. But yeah, I'm a mechanic. You need something built?" he asks curiously, playing with his car keyes in his right hand. flicking it into his palm a few times.

She'd look over at Reyes and raised a brow. "Dude….I come here a lot…." She'd chuckle as she smiled over at him. "Thanks but….that won't cover it…." Plopping back in her seat she'd pull a twenty out of purse and leaned back over, balled it up and shot for a little bucket on the back counter. "Yes!" Licking her lips she'd sit down and sighed a bit. "Trust me….I'm not a booze theif…." Chuckling she'd toss her head towards Speedy. "He'd probably punish me if I did."

While it might not be one of her usual hangouts, every now and again Janet Van Dyne likes to switch it up, see what people she might meet and what inspirations might strike her fancy. That's how she decides to go less luxurious for a change, heading over to lunch at the Cigar Factory. She stands out immediately with her expensive manner of dress, all of her own design, and somewhat reminiscent of Jackie O, complete with a red pillbox hat.

Speedball arced an eyebrow at the woman slinging a twenty. Blonde-Robbie rolled a look to Reyes and noted, "I think we just got schooled, son." He lifted his beer back to Gidget, "Toucheeee, Gidge. Touche. And yeeeees, Yes I would be disappointed. I dunno about punichbut we'd be making sure Luke was squared away with. He's a god guy. Looks out for the little guy. Wouldn't be right to mess with his biiiiiz."

Looks at Gidget a moment "I didn't say it would cover it, I said it would help." he shrugs a little bit, apparently not taking much offense. though at her answer that she would never steal from Luke and with Speedball Robbie's encouragement that this was true, Robbie would nod a few times. "I see. Very well then. Happy to hear it…guy just lifted a burning grill no problem." he shrugs a little bit, when in truth he wasnt too surprised about this. "Nice to hear he looks out for those who can't look after themselves too well."

then Janet walks on in. He does tilt his head to her, but he does offer her a gentle smile. "Hey." and that's it, before his attention is back on the two before him.

She'd chuckle a bit as she nodded leaned over to put that bottle back where it came from. Sighing, she'd take a sip as she shook her head. Listening to these two just elicited that from her. Hearing the door open she would look up as she saw the woman entering and smiled brightly. Gidget would then wave as she nodded a bit. "Hi there!" A tilt of her head as….she seemed…familiar but couldn't place it but looked back to the Robbies. "Reyes….are you heading out or something? I see you're slowly trying to escape….."

"Do I hear correctly, Robbie?" Janet offers in Speedball's direction, "you got yourself in trouble and need to pay the establishment so they won't blacklist you?" She didn't quite catch the whole conversation, but did overhear something about having to pay for something. Janet does wave amicably at everyone who seems to share a table with Robbie, "so, what's good to drink around here? It's my first time visiting the place."

Speedball looked up to Janet earnestly with a laugh, "I am soooooorry, Janet, but you have got to have me confused with a co-worker." The dimpled grin warmed to her as she got a casual wave over. "Robbie, man, you ain't heading out yet are you? We were enjoyin this keg Luke got from Pennsylvania. I dunno what it's called but it's pretty good."

Glancing to Gidget as she seems to chuckle a moment. Robbie Reyes would have his attention taken from him when Janet appears to be scolding Speedball, or at least leading up to it. Robbie crosses his arms lightly, before looking back to Gidget "I was planning to leave. Though I might stay a little longer if you all wish." he shrugs a little bit. Confusing Robbie speak brings his attention back to Janet and Speedball Robbie. Though he is curious about who this lady is.

He does look to Robbie Speedball when he asks if he's leaving. "I don't intend to drink anymore today, but I'll stay for a short time longer."

Sighing a bit she'd just sit back and not be rued. Listening to Robbie greet the woman she would just cross her legs and sip on her wine. Taking a deep breath she'd look over to Reyes and smiled. "Well you don't have to drink to hang out." Licking her lips she would nod and chuckle a bit. "We're harmless I swear….just a bit eccentric." Those brown eyes would then turn to Speedy's friend as she held out her hand. "Hi…sorry. I'm Gidget Boileau…..nice to meet you…"

"Oh?" Janet asks, doubting Robbie quite a bit, "if that's the case I won't offer to cover the charge for you. Glad to hear you're keeping out of trouble."

Janet does nudge Robbie once again, the Speedball variant that is, and mutters to him quite audibly, "aren't you going to introduce me to your friends? You're being rude, Robbie." But as Gidget introduces herself, she turns her attention on her with a warm smile, "thank you!" She averts her gaze to Speedball and quips, "see? That's how polite people do it, Robbie," and she extends her hand towards Gidget, "Janet Van Dyne, and I insist that I do drink."

Speedball blinked and thought about this. When nudged he raised his hands like little t-rex arms with a grin, "Nuuuu I'm in peril, I'm in peril. I mean I won't say no. yeah yeah, I'm a menace. We covered this. Ummm this is Robbie Reyes, mechanic with very good taste in coats there. And this is Gidget Boileau, designer on the rise and is moonlighting helping us out at PymTech. She makes fabric do gymnastics."

Robbie looks to Gidget a moment "I know this….this is an…interesting group." he turns his head again a little bit as if he heard something, before just shaking his head a moment, looking back to the group. As introductions are being made, he approaches "Robbie Reyes." he nods a little with his greeting, extending a hand for a handshake. Might as well be polite.

He does glance to Speedball as he goes into more specifics with what Gidget does, humming faintly.

She'd blink a bit as she heard the name. "Like…the….Janet Van Dyne….?" Blushing she'd shake her head and nod. "And here I look like I'm about to go spend a day in the beach in these shorts and top. It's a pleasure to meet you." Laughing then she'd look to Robbie and nudged him. "You always do that." Looking to Janet she would smile. "My mentor is just venturing into the states so he has me running his fashion house. I've just recently been told to spread my wings and get my feet wet with my own commissions. Robbie here…." Pointing to the Baldwin kid. "Was super kind to get me in on at PymTech kind of like a consultant…." Taking a deep breath she'd look to Reyes then and chuckled. "We're fun….well I am when I'm not at the office working on projects."

"Hi, Robbie Reyes, mechanic with good taste in coasts," Janet greets the other Robbie, twirling her fingers at him, before turning to look back at Gidget, "a designer? As in fashion? Or something that doesn't matter, like Stark's engineering stuff? Fabric gymnastics sounds fun."

When Gidget shows signs of actually recognizing her name, Janet smacks Speedball across the back of the head, "you didn't tell me Gidget had a well rounded education in what matters," she reaches to give a Gidget a wholehearted handshake. "I'm afraid that's me, less impressive in real life when compared to the tabloids, huh?" Sure, they write all sorts about her scandalous ways, lewd affairs and constant partying, but she really does seem pretty normal and upstanding. At least for the time being. "Oh, don't worry honey, I don't judge. You're just out to relax and unwind, right? That's why I'm here…" though admittedly, Janet is dressed like she wants to be seen, and wants to inspire more tabloid gossip if not something in the fashion section. Listening to Gidget, Janet muses "running fashion house of a mentor venturing into the States? Are you working for Emilio Pucci by any chance? He's a doll, strong competition for sure."

"PymTech too?" Color Janet impressed, "seems like you're doing all that you can do, Gidget, good on you!"

Smiling softly to Janet, he simply nods in greeting….and he didn't really know -who- she was…he might have seen her in a paper somewhere? But he doesnt look too jazzed to be meeting -the- Janet Van Dyne. "Nice to meet you." he crosses his arms again and leans against the wall, rubbing at his head a little bit. He does seem to be quite amused at Gidget and Janet's interactions however, periodically chuckling a little bit at some parts o ftheir conversation.

Speedball flinched! He was used to being cuffed in the back of the head lovingly. Oooooh putting the aaaah in teamwork. He looked back to other half of team Robbie mouthing the words, 'How am I always the one in trouble here?' Thought here was a grin. In this he jsut answered Janet, "Beeeecause I'm clearly a terrible person." He dimpled a grin adn let Gidget go on and on about fabrics.

She'd giggle a bit at Janet scolding Speedy and just chuckled. Looking to her she'd smile and shook her head. "Now I wouldn't say that. You know you can't believe everything you read in the tabloids….." Gidget would just nod then as she smiled. "Yes I am. Trust me….I don't dare wear hot pants to the office…." Laughing she would lean in to feign a whisper. "My receptionist would have a heart attack…." Sitting back she'd then nod as she heard her mentor's name, her face lighting up. "Yes! He took me under his wing years ago. I spent a few years in Europe studying before he opened up shop here six years ago….." PUlling those sunglasses off of the top of her hand and running her fingers through her short hair she'd nod. "He is a perfectionist though. And yes….that's Robbie's doing. We went to lunch and showed me PymTech….then told me he gave my card to some people. Now….I"m kind of consulting how to probably contruct things out of their fabrics…."

Robbie shakes his head lightly at Speedball Robbie, shrugging as if saying he didn't know. He does rub his head a little more, before moving off the wall. "I'm going to head out. "You all have a nice night yeah? Buenos Noches (goodnight)." he starts heading that way. rubbing at the side of his head a little more as he starts up his car with the push of a button, engine revving loud.

Anyone could try to stop him if they wished or call him back.

It's not hard to figure out that Gidget is probably the only one at this group that actually knows about her for Janet, well, Speedball knows some stuff a lot of people don't, but he has access to priviledged information, so that doesn't count. "I'm Janet Van Dyne, it should be nice at the very least," she winks at the other Robbie, but to Speedball she quips, "don't flatter yourself, I've seen worse."

Janet applauds with sincerity to Gidget, "seeing Europe and apprenticing with Emilio? I'd say you should thank your lucky stars." She nods at the mention of Gidget's work on fabrics, and notes, "I ventured a bit in that area myself, you know I do superhero costumes? Clever way to get to meet a bunch of them. Doesn't that ring out well in tabloids? Janet Van Dyne…seen with Captain America, oooh my!" She flirts her lashes intentionally, before slipping into other Robbie's seat, "cheers Robbie."

Robbie goes home.

Speedball was a good Avenger and would boast that no one plays dumb as well as he does before realizing… that's really not at all complimentary as it sounded in his head. Well dang it. His grin went lopsided and a tad wry, "Yeha, imagine that. You getting to hang out with those super fly folk. Man, especially Captain America. I hear he's a hell of a guy and that Masked Marvel? There's a handsome and talented kid. I'd like to shoot pool with that guy." He shook his head to Janet amuuuuused and let her and Gidget talk looking between them.

She'd smile and nod. "I don't really have a life to show for it though…." Chuckling she'd shake her head. "I've been sewing as long as I can remember but….been on this path since I was sixteen…." Looking up to see Reyes leaving she'd wave at him and smile. "Have a good one!! Don't be a stranger!" That bright smile never faultered as she looked back to Janet then. "Oh I didn't know that….." Licking her lips she'd blush a bit. "Yeah…I've been poked by a couple of kids to help with their's since they don't have any. No one like Captain America but….I feel like I'm helping out in my own way. Keeps them safe and not exposing themselves…." Looking to Robbie she'd chuckle a bit then nodded. "This one here has been super sweet to get me in at PymTech. Wasn't expecting that….." Sighing softly she'd then lean in and nod. "I'm sure you're like….way more better at them though. I'm slowly learning how to modify for people's….requests." Looking to Robbie then she'd smile as she nudged him playfully then. "Oh come on….you told me they pop in at the lab too sometimes." Looking back to Janet then she'd chuckle. "I met Johnny Storm….he's…interesting. Handsome….not really my type. I kind of like blonde, goofy, and more laid back types that don't feel like that need to pretend to be all…macho."

"I know, right?" Janet grins at Robbie, before turning to Gidget and noting matter of factly, "there's no one like Captain America, so don't worry about that." Janet rolls her eyes when Johnny Storm is mentioned, "I heard he's great looking, but also heard he's got a revolving door of girlfriends." Is she gossiping about others? Never. She does nudge Speedball, "hear that Robbie? I think you got a shot with Gidget if you play your cards right."

Speedball says, "I'm pretty certain those cards need to not be shouted at from the top of a bar apparently." He laughed and snacked on his ribs. Licking the sause from his thumb his head tilted , "Well they do sometimes. But then we put them to work and they avoid us for a bit. Turns out though hero types really really like not falling apart on a dime. It's a love hate relationship. They love having pants at the end of the day but love being knifey-proof.""

"I….somehow don't find that shocking. Might be tabloid that doesn't lie about someone's habit…." Rolling her eyes a bit she'd chuckle a bit. "He's a good enough guy though….at least that's the vibe I get from him…." There was a shrug of her shoulder but then she head Janet's comment and blushed slightly. Taking a long sip of her wine then she'd cut her eyes over to Robbie then, that brow raised as she looked at him. "…..oh is that what that was?" Oh now she was curious as she stared at him intently.

Janet laughs, clearly appreciating the sentiment. "I'm sure he has a heart of gold, after all, he is putting his life on the line by living the hero life." Janet shifty eyes at Gidget, trying to sneak in another nudge at Robbie as he seems like he's about to leave, "don't run away, Robbie, you'll get nowhere doing that!"

Speedball looked at the ladies with a wary, but amused expression. The grin warmed to Gidget as she got a little too on the nose and he laughed replying in a composed manner stifling amusement, "I dunno what you're referring to." He looked between the two slyly, "Yous two are trouble. I think this is where I back away sloooowly before I get into trouble and go help… luke tote around a flaming grill." He gave Gidget a wink to let her know no hard feelings. "Janet, always a damn pleasure." Flee! Flee Robbie! They are planning!

Her cheeks were still flush as she looked at him and just shook her head a bit. When she was leaving she'd part her lips to say something but just laughed as she waved to him. "See you later, Robbie." Gidget would just facepalm for a second before looking back to Janet and nodding. "That he is. Though he's quite the showboat but…hey….I guess you gotta have a schtick, right?"

"Yeah, each have their own, without one you're just boring…" Janet notes, before quipping to Gidget while looking at the fleeting Robbie from the corner of her eyes, "he just been to awkward city, hasn't he? Can't believe he didn't ask you out at the very least for your number…what a silly guy."

"I guess. I mean….the few I've met have seemed pretty cool but….haven't really caught on to what their thing is." Gidget would chuckle a bit but then fidgeted in her seat a bit at that mention. "Oh…..well…I can answer that…." Chucklng she would rub the back of her head nervously. "He already has it. We went to lunch last week and….he's coming to a collection reveal I'm running for….a friend of Mr. Pucci's on Wednesday then dinner on Thursday…." Yeah she talked too much when she was nervous. "I'm kind out of practice….after working for about six years and not really going out much. Didn't even realize he was asking me out the last time…didn't realize the first outing was a date. Just thought he was being nice and then taking me to the lab…."

"Does he…? Good for you, Gidget," Janet says with an impish smile, "so how is it going? You think it'll get serious with Robbie?" She then just laughs outright, "don't be naive Gidget, it's always a date with them."

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