1964-09-19 - A copterlock lands on a hood
Summary: And Julie meets the new resident alien.
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Julie is up a bit late in the evening: there's a shiny-new late-model station wagon in front of the garages where she's often to be found, when not in the Danger Room or off-campus just lately, currently working under the dash by the light of a caged bulb on a long cord.

Warlock is exploring; he's exploring in the form of a cat-sized helicopter of chrome, brass, and black, with 'windows' looking like bright yellow eyes and a front grill that looks like a smiling face. The helicopter zips around and comes to settle on the station wagon, the spinning coming to a halt before a voice rings out of a speaker— not the mouth— "Greetings! Are you the the school mechanic?" he inquires in a relaxed tone of voice.

Julie is peering up from behind said dashboard with that light held off to the side, somewhat. Spinning rotor blades and the like are something she has quite a special sense about. All the spining parts Warlock micght have at the moment. Her head tilts a bit, curiously. "Ah, yeah, more or less," she says, in a New York Italian accent. "Me and Scott, anyway. Who's this I'm talking to?"

"Self is named Warlock." And with that, the blades fold up and retract into the helicopter, and the whole thing changes. Its a blur of motion, pieces folding in and twisting out, and soon enough there's a man-shaped robot sitting on the hood. Still all chrome and bronze looking, but with black tendrils that look like dreadlocks from his head. "Self has been welcomed to the school by self-teacher Xavier, do not fear; self means no harm." THe bright yellow eyes and big white grin remain, though.

Julie ahs, then leans further to hoist herself to look between the windshield and the open door. "Ah, right. Ah, hey, just try not to harm the paint, it's brand new. I guess for now it is, anyway." She smirks. Scratches her head a bit, though. "Ah, call me Dizzy. I never saw anything that can do what you just did, but you need a tune-up or something?"

"Greetings human designated Dizzy." Warlock offers a robot looking hand out to offer a shake, a human custom he doesn't entirely understand but mimics anyways. "Tune-up?" There's some confusion on his features for a moment, but he shakes his head quickly, "Oh, no. Self is fully functional and capable of 'tuning-up' himself if harm comes to self. No. Self would not expect you have ever seen a Technarch before — after all, you are alive." He nods his head emphatically to that, "Self is the only one of self-species who seeks friends among organic life and does not see them merely as sustenance."

Julie pauses. Looks Warlock over again. "Sooo… You come from a species of people-eating space-robots?" She hrms, and gets up fully, clicking off that caged lightbulb. "Maybe they oughtta try some Quaker State or something, you'd get more organic energy out of it and not haveta worry about being unfriendly."

"The Technarchy are not robots. We are techno-organic beings." To demonstrate, Warlock's body shifts again. It seems to disassemble and twist in tiny increments until he's… a man. A completely regular looking dark skinned man. "We are not machines, we exist in equal parts machine and organic tissue, down to cellular level; but configurable in any manner we choose. But.." And he manages to look ashamed, and slumps his shoulders, "The Technarchy does not recognize organic life as sentient — or, rather, does not care. Organic life is food. It is converted by the transmode virus and incorporated into self." Pause, "Well not self. Self is different. Self feels where self-sire and the others of self-species do not feel. Self would never hurt a sentient." He pauses, looking confused, "Quaker… STate?"

Julie ahs, and pats the hood of the Pontiac. "Ah, it's some stuff we use for lubricants in the engines here, got a lot of organic molecules in them: slightly different stuff, we use for fuel." She winks and waves a hand at a red box off to the side, where a padlock pops open. "Got a beer if you want one, too, though." She winks. "Silly question, but what's a transmode virus?"

"Self does not drink." Even though he looks like a man, has a man's voice, his speech pattern make it hard for him to blend in. Acknowledging that with a helpless shrug and a grin, "Understanding! No, self-sire would not use Quaker State, or not exclusively. If he knew of this planet he would consider all of it his due." BUt he hesitates, "Self's understanding is that you, human being, are defined by your D-N-A. It makes you… you." He points at himself, "Self is, at the essentialcore, the transmode virus. It is injected into organic material and the material is hybridized into techno-organic life, which becomes part of self. It makes self… self. If self injected you— and be assured self would never do this— you would become as much like self that you would cease meaningfully being you. Your thoughts would be echos of self's will; your material either substance to repair self or .. allowed to continue independant operation. This is how the Technarchy feeds." He pauses, "Though self prefers to plug into wall socket. Less efficient but does not harm anyone."

Julie seems to take a moment to parse what Warlock's saying. Gets a more sober look, then takes out a little brown-and-gold bottle for herself. "Ah, yeah, guess we wanna keep your Papa well away from here, then." She plunks on a stool and opens her beer with something in her pocket, still sort of looking quizzically. "Well, electricity, we got. If the power's ever out, I can just spin youse up a generator anyway."

"Self-sire would kill self, first; so if Magus finds the planet self will draw his attention while self-friend Doug and I find way to defeat self-sire." Warlock says this in a solumn tone, but then he blinks, "Questioning. You have ability to create electricity? It is self's preferred sustenance for it harms none, not even plants. Self finds plants beautiful. There is nothing like a flower on self-world of Kvch."

Julie hrms, "Guess there's all kinds of space aliens. Like anyone else, I guess. And, ah, well, I don't make electricity directly, but I can spin things, so if I got some magnets and a bearing and some copper wire, you get current. Of course, I could just use parts from cars and stuff. We use lots of electricity on this world."

Considering a moment, Warlock tilts his head, then extends his hand out. What looks like a hand unfolds and forms into a very basic engine as she describes— an outgrowth of flesh becoming machine. "Of course, if self spun this, it would use self's own energy, so it would not generate new energy. But if you could cause it to spin…" He sounds both interested and excited by the prospect, and nods encouragingly at Julie to try.

Julie sips at her beer and looks at the projection, there, "Crazy," she comments, though it doesn't sound disapproving. Sips the beer and holds out a hand. There's a slight 'vrrr' sound that isn't quite a sound and any free-spinning part starts turning, …the speed increases if it seems to be working. "No idea what kind of voltage you might run on or nothing," she adds, "But I bet we could work this out."

As her power spins up the engine and it produces electricity, Warlock laughs in delight and shakes his head, "Self can run on any voltage. Self is nearly endlessly adaptable; self could if self wished create panels to convert solar energy to sustenance and live like a plant does, but it would require long periods of sitting still in the sun, and while self would not mind that so much…" he shrugs, "Plugging in works better. So you are a human-mutant who can cause motion?"

Julie nods. "Pretty wild, ain't it. Probably folks like me keep physicists awake nights, but what can you do. Anyhow, I'm pretty sure we can keep you in juice, whatever it is you're using for batteries. So, how'd you find yourself here in New York?"

"Self heard a signal, when self was a spaceship fleeing self-sire." explains Warlock, his form shifting and reverting to that of something that looks like a robotic-man with bright yellow eyes. Perhaps he's more comfortable in that shape. "So self diverted and flew to this system. Self… hit the moon." He sounds embarassed, "…self had some damage from flight away from self-sire. Self hit moon, bounced, landed in Europe. Self-friend Doug found self wandering and confused, and amazement, self-friend Doug learned to speak Technarch. Self-friend Doug taught self about world designated Earth, and said there was a place for mutants to be safe. Self is a mutant: self's mutation is compassion. Terrible weakness, horrible offense to self-sire Magus, Lord of all Technarchy. Self saught refuge and friendship; self-friend Doug thought self could find it here." He seems almost shy suddenly.

Julie ahs. "Well, I figure Doug brought you to the right place, we're all pretty much different in some way. A lot of families don't really understand, but maybe one day they will. That's what this place is all about, really. People get scared of those that's different around here, too. More than they probably need to, but the Professor figures we can work that out eventually."

"Self will do what self can do to help. Self understands families not understanding." Though most don't probably try to kill their kids; not that killing their kids is uncommon in the Technarchy. Warlock nods emphatically, but he smiles, "But now self really is hungry so will go plug into wall. Happiness. Well met."

Julie smirks, "Ah, likewise, nice to meet you, ah, Warlock."

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