1964-09-19 - Morning Visitor
Summary: Kamala shows up to visit Gwen after they both have interesting nights.
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Gwen was in the living room, relaxing after an…interesting night in Chinatown. Not often you break up a human-trafficking ring and get a veiled promise of gratitude from the Triad. Right now, she just wanted to be Gwen Stacy, budding rock-and-roll star.

Think Gwen had a night? Try going to the South China Sea and finding a statue of yourself in an alien superweapon that's been hidden for who knows how long! Having noone else to talk to on her adventures, really, part of Kamala wanted to pound the skins for a bit and just decompress as she knocks on the door of the Stacy residence. "Gwen?"

Gwen looks over to the front door and smiles, standing up to walk over. She is in her casual clothing—jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt with THE ROLLING STONES emblazoned across it. She opens the door and smiles warmly. "Hey, Kam. C'mon in. I think we have some fried chicken left over from last night."

"Hey." Kamala is dressed in her traditional look, a tunic looking dress with leggings and sleeves and a scarf around her neck. Without much thought behind it, Mala steps into Gwen's arms and presses against her for a long and affectionate embrace. "Thanks." she finally mutters against the other girl's shoulder before starting to step away.

Gwen is mildly startled, but she returns the hug warmly. "Hey there…Give me a moment to heat up the chicken." She must really like chicken. "How was your night?"

Releasing from Gwen, Mala looks slightly abashed for a moment. "Sorry. Long night." she says with a chuckle before straightening out her dress. "Didn't mean to go all assaulting personal space. Just finding good friends is few and far between, you know?" With that, she's heading to sit in the kitchen area so she can keep Gwen company while she warms the leftovers.

Gwen chuckles. "Hey, Kam, you can hug me anytime. Even in front of the fans, if ya gotta. We have to look out for each other, don't we?" She walks over to the fridge. "I got water, juice, soda, and chocolate milk. One of my vices."

"Water will be fine." Kamala offers and then laughs. "And you and MJ will have /lots/ of fans." she points out with a grin as she sets down her messenger bag. "So besides building a really groovy studio and having awesome friends, how else are you doing, Gwen? I mean.. do you go to school?" she asks, a hint of concern as she realizes how little she actually knows about Gwen.

Gwen pours two glasses of water, placing one on the counter in front of Kamala. "I…had plans to go to community college. Then my dad was killed, and…well, I couldn't hold it together. Dad was one of the reasons I went. I was trying to…make him proud of me. It just hollowed me out. And then the funeral…all those people who admired and respected my father…some of them even being the same people…" She sips her drink. "Maybe in the spring. When I can look at a school schedule without tears in my eyes."

Nodding her head slowly, Kamala folds her hands around the glass of water in thought. "You have done a lot that he would be proud of. I know that we are of different faiths, but there is a teaching.." she starts. "When a person dies, all his deeds come to an end, except for three: continuing charity, the knowledge he imparts, and the child who cares on for him. You have embodied all three of those without much effort, Gwen. When you are ready.. your friends will be there. I will be, for certain."

Gwen smiles to Kamala. "My dad used to say something similar. He said that you don't die until your name is no longer remembered." She smiles. "You know something? I got a gift from "Don Carlo" Gambino himself. One of his capos brought it to the wake. He said that my father was a man who never abused his power and was one hundred percent clean. He said it man him a fearsome foe but a man of respect, and that the one who killed him was the worst kind of coward."

"Oh wow. That wasn't intimidating at all, I mean… a mob boss with a gift of respect? I think I would have not been able to handle it as well as you have." Kamala admits as she takes a drink of the water. "But now it's on you to be that person of respect and to never abuse your powers to be a good and upstanding citizen. That's a lot of responsibility - but if anyone can do it, I have faith in you."

Gwen grins. "With you in the band with us, how could we fail?" She ruffles Kamala's hair through the hood. "But we don't want to be a cookie-cutter band. You wear whatever you want to. And if anyone gives you guff, just leave 'em to me."

There's a small laugh as her dark hair gets ruffled. "You know, you've done a lot to make me feel welcomed.. but at some point, I need to stand for myself.' she says with quiet honesty. "A few days ago, I snuck out of my parents' house. There was a party down at the shore, I was made to feel invited, I was so stoked. You know, the cool kids finally allowing the brown kid to join them." she explains.

"When I got there, they pressured me into taking a drink of alcohol. It was vile. I spit it up immediately, and they thought it was the funniest thing they ever saw." she says quietly. "I realized that they hadn't invited me as a friend. I was there as their entertainment. It hurt.. it hurt alot, but not as much as betraying the trust of my parents."

Gwen nods, but there is that little flash of indignation in her eyes, and Kamala knew that Gwen could be a warrior roused to battle. She could sense it in her.

"I freely admit there are times you must stand. But you don't have to stand alone. Dad said a policeman's greatest asset was their partner. A cop alone was a cop who'd taken leave of their senses unless forced into it."

Reaching to capture Gwen's hands for a moment, Kamala stays the woman, the warrior. She's not done quite yet. "I ran away." she admits. "I wanted to get away, to hide. I didn't have a partner. I had to figure it out for myself. And as I did, I must have fell asleep. Because I had the weirdest dream. I was with Captain America and Captain Marvel, and they were telling me that I should do better. I could hide behind my skin color, my clothes, and just be another name. Or I could be more. I want to be more. And I know I will need my friends for that - but I want to be there for you as much as you are for me. understand?" she asks, releasing Gwen's hands as her fingers brush across the surface to recapture her glass.

Gwen nods and smiles. "Anything you need, all you gotta do is ask. And I'm sure Miss Drew and MJ would say the same things, were they here." She winks, but the smile is solid, not playful. A smile of commitment.

"Of course." Kamala responds with a smile. "I should get ready for class. And I have to do a little bit of research. I'll see you later, alright?" she asks as she finishes off the water. "Thanks for letting me come over."

Gwen smiles gently. "Thanks for letting me be the good host. Take care of yourself, Kam."

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