1964-09-20 - La Couturiere Debuts
Summary: A collection reveal for the enigmatic La Couturiere at Casa di Pucci!
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Who is La Couturiere? Are they a man or woman? If you speak French, the hint is already there. All that is known is that Emilio Pucci himself is speaking highly of them and even let them debut their first collection in the United States at his personal fashion house and salon. But its obvious people are here to see and be seen. A few different languages could be heard throughout the room, so it's not just for the locals apparently.

Upon entering the salon, the partygoer's senses are attacked on all fronts. All of the seat has been pushed against the walls and accommpanied with a side table or two per seating section. Set up in front of the dressing rooms, since they weren't going to be needed this evening, was a long buffet that was placed with assorted foods to nibble upon at one's leisure. Right next to it was an open bar complete with bartended but also there were cocktail servers walking around with trays complete with glasses of champagne.

Through the general area of the salon are twenty mannequins and all are dressed in a La Couturiere one of a kind, out of these world couture costume or gown. There are things that look similar to a fairy to a rather provocative Red Queen inspired outfit to even something that seems to be inspired by…an insect?

Gwen looks down at herself.
Does she look good in this? It wasn't hard to figure out, but…jeez. When was the last time she wore something like this?
Right. Second grade. She played a tree in the Wizard of Oz production. Her dad, cheering for a tree the others nicknamed Gloomy Gwen, because they couldn't use "weeping willow." She was a VERY thin tree.
She took a deep breath, which did impressive things to the dress. Her arms were bare. Not going to be able to hide THOSE with a jacket now.
She looked at the door, then walked through it.
The high heels weren't bad, once you got used to them. And after you run along a power line at 30 MPH, high heels are no big deal.

Apparently having the night off, and a general interest in fashion, and then a much more specific interest in just doing generally anything sometimes, Theresa makes her way to the salon to check things out. Tonight she is in a tight emerald green sheathe dress, heels, and her hair put up in curls.

The cab that arrives outside of the venue is carrying a pair of young women that are rather excited to be here. Having come over from the dorms at NYU, the first one that steps out is Kamala Khan. Her head is still covered in her scarf, a deep and rich emerald color that wraps around her shoulders and down her back before draping over her forearms. The tunic style dress is decorated from the right shoulder to midriff with the outline of water lillies and other flowers native to her native Pakistan, with a pair of green dress trousers that poke out beneath her dress, and fade down into a pair of leather sandals as she moves around to open the door for her partner in crime tonight and waits for the redhead within to join her. "You look fabulous!" she grins with delight.

Mary Jane emerges from the cab right after Kamala, "So do you, Kamala, that's fabulous." She grins, wearing a clinging blue and red dress that seems to sparkle in the light. The very observant might notice a similar pattern between the colors on her dress and that of a certain wall-crawling hero's uniform, though it's not that specific. She smiles at Kamala, "Now let's find Gwen and guilt trip her about not giving us a ride here." She teases a bit, winking at the Pakistani girl as her eyes then flicker around the crowd.

Danielle dressed up as dressy up as she can. Her hair is long and tied back. She still has on jeans, but over that is a knee-length dress of traditional Cheyenne style, complete with a bit of fringe and a turquoise belt. She meanders slowly through the salon, hoping like heck that she doesn't look as out of place as she feels. This isn't her usual haunt, but sometimes…. She lingers near a couple of the mannequins, head tilted to study the unique designs, while a mostly-full flute of champagne swirls ever so slightly in her fingers.

Robbie Baldwin actually looked pretty sharp. Hell had sleeves on. He looked pretty Mod in the bright sapphire. the long well kept hippie hair? Yeah there was no hope for that much. But he was there, seeming to know a couple people he shouldn't, at a glance possibly know. That happened when people knew one's relations one could suppose. What was marveling him most was he parade of 800 interesting people (give or take 750) and tiny foods on toothpicks. For some reason all food served on a tiny toothpick tasted better. Very official.

The French have a certain je ne sais quoi about them, something genetically engineered and socially inculcated almost from birth. Milan may host its edgy sorts, and western London has its enfants terribles, but the hallowed Parisians define fashion with their inestimable aplomb. In streams of colour, Vesper is the epitome of monochrome cool: pearly white eyeshadow, black liner, sideswept hair mercilessly wrapped and polished. Her black dress is fitted and sleek, rimmed in a white band at the collar, the essence of mod sophistication in lieu of all else. A few diamond-glimmers at her ears give the shattering of light its spectral due; and how. The black leather gloves are a nice touch, the snowy swingcoat lightly trapped 'round her shoulders doffed as necessary. She turns the fashion statement of high heels into a violation of the Geneva Convention and Newton's Third Law, though the latter he won't explain how. Not while navigating the social scene in its finery. A toothpick will be her accessory and a curious glance for the Cheyenne influences of Danielle's attire.

Gwen is standing in front of one of the mannequins, looking very mystified, as if looking at some exotic bird from some faraway place where electricity is a fanciful story. She is biting her lip and standing with a slight accent on her left hip, pondering. No idea what the price tag is on this one. The hem of the dress sways slightly as she wonders how much models make.

Theresa tucks her purse beneath her arm, glancing around slowly before she moves towards the bar to get herself a drink. Everything else, even everyone else, seems to be ignored until she has that drink in hand. Once she does, only then does she really start looking around, a frown tugging the corners of her mouth downwards.

When they enter the venue, Kamala immediately feels under-dressed. Like she should have just wore a t-shirt and jeans to a black tie affair. The young woman draws in a breath as her steps become a little more halting as she tries to offer a brave smile towards Mary Jane, but it comes up somewhere on the short. However, as she's looking around, before spying Gwen, there's someone else that she spies.

A cousin, in fact.

"Go ahead and find Gwen, I'll join you in a moment." comes the promise from the Pak-American before she's moving off in a blur of green and black hair as she weaves her way through the crowd. When they come at her with drinks, her quiet, "Water please?" draws some confused looks, before she finally ends up with club soda. Sigh. But she's not deterred on her mission as she makes her way over to where Vesper is looking very etheral. "Salam, cousin." she greets the beauty. "You look lovely." Her smile is beaming. "It's good to see family here." Though her eyes hold a million more questions in those dark depths.

Danielle gestures slightly at one of the displayed gowns, using her glass as an indicator, then mentions off-handedly to Gwen, who is both socially close and similarly bemused, "I have no idea how someone would wear it, but it's very .. interesting." Somewhere along the way, she picked up 'interesting' as being the most acceptably neutral word when confronted with art, style, music, etc., on which she has not yet decided yea or nay.

Mary Jane Watson wanders over towards Gwen, and grins brightly, "Well, you definitely would look great in that, mademoiselle." She chuckles a bit, and looks over at Gwen, "Kamala was just here… think she saw someone she knew here."

Speedball arched an eyebrow. How oh how Vesper could walk in those shoes he'd never know and was somehow too gentleman to ask. He commented back to Theresa that had the unfortunate dispostion of standing in the wrong place to avoid commentery, "Check that out, it's even got little thingies for the top of the head and like a wing cape. That's actually pretty damn clever." Did he know anything about fancy clothes? Not entirely, but while he was there in case, he might as well find the motes that amused him most.

The morsel of meat and cheese on a stick does not much entice Vesper. She carries it to keep herself occupied. Her steady drift pushes her along the mannequin displays while her attention roams unchecked. Intriguing shapes and splashes of colour profit by holding her eye a little longer. Kamala might spy her that way as she assesses the same dress so interesting to Danielle and Gwen. "Is it meant to be worn or to be seen?" A question of conduct, perhaps. She smiles at Kamala, more than the polite meeting of strangers. Family lines aren't exactly clear. "Bonsoir, ma cousine. How bright you look." The smile turns up at the corner. "I did not think I would find anyone I knew here. I am glad to be wrong. Do you know the demoiselle with the blue stones?" Absent the proper English word, she has to make do.

Gwen nods. Yeah, interesting. That's a word for it. "I feel like a chicken looking at a peacock," she says wryly. She looks down at herself, then smiles wryly to Danielle. "In borrowed plumage."
She looks like she is about to say more, and then the fiery redhead is there, and…
If there were any lingering doubts about MJ's charisma, this look just killed them. "Oh…my…GOD. MJ…" She smiles apologetically to Danielle. "Sorry…and I thought *I* cleaned up okay." She tilted her head. "Those are some solid colors. Maybe I should have used some color as opposed to this." She looks down at herself. "You look awesome."

Well things were definitely in full swing! There was a tall, older Italian woman that would move over near the center most part of the the exhibition. Snatching a spoon from a passing server she'd quickly tap that champagne flute rapidly to gather everyone's attention. Once it settled down, she'd smile as she spoke up in that thick Italian laced voice. "Thank you everyone for your attention. I would like to introduce to you…the woman who is behind running this event for La Couturiere. She is none other than Emilio Pucci's apprenctice, Gidget Boileau." She'd beam then as she stapped aside, starting an applause for the girl.

Before all of this, Gidge had been hiding in her office trying not to have a panic attack. Looking to the one outfit on the mannequin in her office she'd just shake her head then quickly and quietly slipped out of her studio and into the crowd. Just in time too! Making her way around the outside of the crowd she had somehow managed to stay incognito until her name was called. Taking one last deep breath she'd make her way up and waved as she smiled brightly. That tall young woman, standing at 5'10", was wearing something that most of her acquaintances had probably never seen her in. The dress was completely hugging her upper body, the bodice thin straps with a deep downt he front to meet a criss cross of satin at her waist. It would then go to hug her hips and down her thighs only to flair out in a mermaid style sequin gown. The color of her gown was varying ombre of a deep maroon into a soft blush pink. Needless to say the girl was ahead of her time….no wonder Pucci hired her. Even her make up was to the color scheme of her gown, a deep smokey eye that was from that light rose pink to that deep dark maroon; her lips a soft pink.

Once it was quiet again, she'd put her hands in front of her….but she began to speak and those hands were animated. "Thank you all for coming! I am so excited to be entrusted with this display and do hope that it's all to your liking! The designer wanted to make something truly one of a kind and out of this world, pushing the envelope. Thought not all of this is for just any function, this is definitely for those of you lovely ladies that want to be the belle of the ball or be the most uniquely dressed at a costume ball. Unfortunately…." There was a short hesitation but she would smile. "La Couturiere could not make it. They fell ill at their hotel and will be staying for the night but they send their deepest regrets and warmest regards. I however will be here all night to answer any questions you may have….so please do not hesitate to ask!"

With that Gidget would start to head back towards her office then, snatching up one of champagne flutes from a passing tray. Stopping by that receptionist desk, she would put a hand to her chest as she then took a long sip from her drink and finally relaxed. Everything….was done. Now to just….let everything happen.

With an assessing glance sent towards the others that Vesper is directing her to, Kamala has to shake her head at the idea of knowing Danielle. "I do not." she admits. "But the girl with her is Gwen Stacy, a friend of mine." she says with a grin and places her hand on Vesper's elbow. "Come, I will introduce you." There's a bright smile with her offer. "And then I'm going to pig out a little - tomorrow is the New Year for Muslims, and I will be fasting for the next week and a half." comes the explanation as she's moving to lead Vesper over to where Gwen and Danielle, and now MJ are.

"Gwen?" Vesper has a distinctly French accent. No escaping that simple fact however good her English may be, and it is more than passable. She pulls her coat around her a little tighter and proceeds after Kamala's lead. The cheerful young woman is an excellent guide and beacon. "How do you measure the start of your calendar? Is it the first day of autumn?" Maybe it's never donned upon the Gallic scientist to ask. She is now, voice kept down. The people they are approaching are given a friendly nod, marked by a greeeting of 'Hello.'

Danielle lifts her champagne in polite social greeting ritual to MJ when the redhead approaches Gwen, then eases a step or two to the side so she isn't hovering or anything. As their hostess for the evening is introduced, Dani follows the crowd's lead for the right moments to chuckle and lightly applaud and return to murmurings. Dark eyes narrow in consideration as she looks over Gidget's own lovely gown. As yet more people descend upon poor Gwen, Dani discreetly sidles out of the way and begins her careful swim through the crowd towards the nervous-excited hostess, hoping perhaps for a word. Like, undoubtedly, more than a few other guests.

Mary Jane waves over towards Kamala and her cousin, "Hey!" She blinks as Gwen excuses herself quickly, then shrugs a bit, looking about to say something more to her but apparently business calls, so she then looks over at Danielle, "That's a really nice outfit you have on. I like it. Definitely seems a bit easier to move in than this."

Speedball was actually not there for the clothes and happened to skirt around the edge of the room and wait with his back to the doorframe to the office. A wide, dimpled grin warmed greeting Gidget, "Heeeeey now, you are not allowed to hide when you look that good. There's rules or something." Yes he made it. Yeeees he saw her. Nooooo she was not escaping to her nice safe rock.

"For me, it's the start of the year of 1384." Kamala is explaining as she walks with Vesper as she responds to the question. "It is based on the moon cycles.. there's more to it than that, but I doubt you want to hear me go on all night about the particulars.." she pauses as Danielle is starting to retreat. "Salam." she greets the Cheyenne woman. "I'm Kamala, this is my.." well, what does she introduce Vesper as. "…this is my friend, Vesper. And this is Mary Jane Watson, she's a fellow student of mine!"

It wasn't long before poor Gidget was getting bombarded with questions. Those nerves were pushed back quickly as she spoke to a few people, her slight New York accent completely disappearing as she suddently began speaking French fluently and that accent coming out naturallly. Once those few people had left she leaned on that desk for a moment and then spun to see….Robbie at her door. Smiling brightly but blushing at his comment she stepped over and gave him a hug, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I'm so glad you made it…." Clearing her throat then she'd pull back slowly to look at him, her eyes wide. "….well you look handsome. You clean up well…." A playful wink before she saw Danielle heading over. A playful poke at Robbie before she would look to her with a smile. "Hi there! Thank you for coming!"

Danielle gets caught in that awkward zone between two social circles, and momentarily hesitates to consider her options. Then she settles first for raising her hand in a light wave to Gidget, offering up, "Very impressive work! I'm glad I came." After that, she returns her attention to the small cluster, and offers a similar smile to Kamala and her.. is 'posse' the right word? Regardless, she accepts the introductions with the correct amount of politely vague mumbling and nodding, then fulfills her side of it: "Danielle. Nice to meet you all. And, thank you," she continues on in reply to MJ's compliment, "This is about as feminine as I get, honestly, but I do like the feel of it."

Mary Jane smiles, "Well, it looks very flattering, and stylish too. Oh, I'm Mary Jane Watson, but most people just call me MJ." She offers a hand towards Danielle, "Nice to meet you Danielle." She looks curiously over in Kamala's direction, giving the Pakistani girl a grin.

Speedball gave her a hug with one arm hiding something. "Yeaaaaah, I dressed like a real human being just for you." He gave Gidget a kiss to the cheek careful not to smudge theart in progress that was glamour makeup to match the dress. In hand he produced a tiny shrimp on a toothpick for her. "I got this for you." A shrimp. He looked so smug. "I know you gotta be starving. But, I also got you this. Congrats on the show." One purple rose proving his mother raised that boy right to have at least 'a' manner on his person at all times if not manners, plural.

She'd smile at Danielle and nodded. "Thank you! I'll be sure to let them know!" When she ran off she turned back to Robbie with a smile. Raising her brow she would then take that shrimp. "Well…..thanks…" Laughing she would pluck it off the toothpick and devoured it. "…I haven't eaten dinner to be honest I was busy then ran out to relax then came back here to do this." Sighing she was about to say something else but saw that purple rose being displayed to her. Blushing she'd take it and smelled it before looking back to him. "Robbie….thank you…" Looking around she'd seem to check the coast before leaning in to kiss him quickly on his cheek but right near the corner of his lips. "I should uh…." A server passed by and she would stop them. "Can I get a small cup of water please?" The'd nod as they ran off as she turned her attentions back to him. "….so dressed up just for me hm?"

"I need to talk to Vesper for a moment, I'll be right back." Kamala promises, going after the other woman - and to stuff her face with as many free snacks she can get in before midnight.

Speedball grinned a bit more answering Gidget smoothly, "Weeeeeell it was either dress up , or go hop up on the building and yell down at you. Then you'd go running out of the building, trip, possibly ruin the dress, and then it's my fault. I cannot, in good conscious be knows as Robbie; Fashion Foe. Just looks terrible in the headlines." He nudged her back over towards the others, "I know, literally, no one here. Well except you. And my new best friend Guy Withshrimp. Should catch up."

She'd laugh then as she shook her head before sighing. "…I'm so glad you didn't do that…." Taking a deep breath as she started to push her towards the crowd she'd cringe. "Oh come on….just let me hide for a minute…." Laughing she would then let him shove her back into the foray. Sighing she would hold that rose tightly as she went back to the crowd, just making polite conversation before she would spot Danielle and her crew. "Hi ladies! I hope you're enjoying everything."

Danielle shifts her glass to her left hand, in order to shake Mary Jane's. "A pleasure. I'd say I'm impressed by all this, but my only frame of reference are movies." She grins and tilts her head towards one of the extravagant display gowns. "That friend of yours and I were taking a look at that one in particular. It's stunning, but I don't know if we'd figured out how to get into it." When Gidget makes the rounds, she smiles wide again, "It's a lovely event. Though if I had to pick a favorite, that gown of yours is top of my list."

Mary Jane smiles, and blushes very slightly, "Why, thank you. I have to admit I was a little… inspired by it." She hmms, "So what brought you here, Danielle? If you don't mind my asking?"

Speedball smiled, proud of himself for being a catalyst, but proud of her for actually getting all of this done. It was way cool, truth be told. "Yeaaaaah you're not hiding. Tomorrow? Tomorrow you can hide. Promise." Man the guys' good mood was catchy. He greeted MJ First, "Hey, nice to meet you." A pause happened before giving Danielle a nod, "Way far out outfit. I dig it."

She'd chuckle a bit and smile as she chuckled. "Oh! Thank you. This is one of mine I made. Every now and then I get to make something for myself when I have the time…." She'd then look between the two women and nodded. "But you two both look great. Not everything has to be…." She'd motion to some of the outfits around. "…..all this. I normally just like to be off of work in some shorts and crop top…" Gidget would murmur it softly as if it was scandalous then just winked at them playfully. Looking over to Robbie then she'd smile. "I promise…..I won't hide. I'll be there…." Chuckling she'd just shake her head at him. "Just make sure you have an idea of what we're doing."

Danielle half-smirks, half-grins at Robbie's comments. "Thank you. I was going for 'way far out'," she's teasing lightly, but it does feel good that people seem to like her style. In response to MJ, she hmmms and sips her champagne lightly before responding, "My.. friend, Amanda, thought I could use a bit more culture and socializing. She had to work tonight, but it was either this or that week-long lecture on modern art at Columbia…"

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