1964-09-21 - Connections
Summary: A Bat and a Spider cross paths with another Spider and a Speedster…and a strange bond is formed.
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"Ladies and gentlemen…rock and roll."

White Widow is having the time of her life.
Three, count 'em, THREE robberies averted. One bodega, one mugging, one bank. The trifecta, as fas she was concerned. And all the evidence would be enough to KEEP the sorry bastards in concrete boxes as long as the law would permit.

She launches upward from a powerful swing, somersaulting lazily as she is propelled up and forward. "She was an acrobat's daughter…" Widow sang as she fired another webline.

Someone is shadowing the White Widow tonight. Not enough to have been on the scene of her victories, but enough to stay on the spider's trail. Of course, that's how spiders hunt. From the shadows. Following, stalking, waiting for their prey to tire before pouncing upon it. She can sense her - and it's a confliction - though Silk also knows where Gwen may be heading.

She has worked these streets before, escaping from her would be captors, and tonight is no exception. Following after the second webslinger is another figure. This one is also female, dressed in black and white speed suit as she moves quickly on augmented legs to trail outside of Silk's vision.

And with Silk concentrating on that unfamiliar feeling of being near a like-powered being, she doesn't notice the extra little pings on her spider-sense of the approaching speedster.

As a multitude of robberies occured, though more specifically the mugging and the bank, Batman would be on a nearby rooftop overseeing White Widow's actions with narrowed eyes behind that cowl of his. Having stopped a police chase earlier, Batman was curious as to this new heroine that caught his attention. He took note of her web-line acrobatics, and doesnt otherwise make a noise. If one were to look where he was, he'd be gone just like that.

Gliding across the skies of Manhattan in between jumps, he also notices Silk traversing the rooftops and slinging across the night sky, his eyes everwatchful…he's played this game for a long time. He knows this city like the back of his hand. He doesn't seem to outwardly notice whatever, or whoever is following Silk, but he does have a feeling something is there…one does not survive the shadows as he does without being able to tell when a shadow does move. He continues to glide, before fireing a grappling hook to propel him to a building so he could get a better view of the spider women and this mystery pursuer.

"…her muscles would swell up like yeast…"
Quadruple-gainer. Gold Medal, easy. She swung around the corner of the skyscraper, heading off to the building above the subway station.
"One look at her face, made guys keep their place, and she feared neither boy, man, or beast…!"
She landed squarely on the side of the glass-paneled building, legs slightly apart as she stood up…er, out, as she was at a 90-degree angle.

The second spider-slinger lands nearby, her head tilted to the side as she watches Gwen doing her thing. The Bat can tell the difference between the two women - Gwen is thick and supple in all the right places, muscular, beautiful. The one following her? Thin, lithe, the body of an acrobat.

The second follower? She's somewhere between as she suddenly makes her move not on Silk, but on the Widow as she runs up the wall and tries to knock Gwen from it. However, Gwen's spider senses may be working well enough to sense the danger just mere moments before the speedster struck.

The attacker speaks in Korean, "«You can dye your hair and change your outfit, but I will still find you and bring you home to the Revolution!»" she calls out as she speeds towards Gwen.

Batman is taking accurate details of how Qwen moves and maneuvers around the city. Though what catches his attention are the other two web-slingers en route. He almost goes to try to interfere between this mysterious spider-attacker who speaks Korean, which he understands perfectly.

A narrow of the Bat's eyes arrive at the attacker's words, though he still doesnt make a move, analyzing the scene and coming up with a plan on the spot. Eventually, The Bat has a batarang in his hand, and with a motion of fingers, turns out to be three batarangs. With a perfect toss, the three batarangs attempt to catch the attacker off guard to lend Gwen a helping hand! and afterwards, he jumps off the building in a dive, opening his cape to cause the fabrics to harden and turn into a glider, and as such, he heads into the fray!

Gwen looks up. The words might as well be igPay atinLay, but she sees the speedstar coming at her. The colors of the points of probability have different colors, and the speedster is red across the board.
Then the flying objects. white points, so no danger there.
*Focus, Gwen. Speed is the weapon. Disarm her.*
Yes, Daddy.
She fires ahead of the speedster. Just a little, enough to put the sticky webbing right where she will put her feet…

|ROLL| Cindy Moon +rolls 1d20 for: 10

|ROLL| Cindy Moon +rolls 1d20 for: 13

The batarangs smack into the glass of the building, splintering it, but Hurricane seems to be able to move just enough to get around the attacks, and leaps above the spider webbing that was being spent by Gwen to try to pin her in place. She swerves around and strikes at Gwen's midsection, attempting to knock the breath out of her, just before a second figure swoops in.

This one is on her own webline, and her outfit.. well - it's just a one piece made out of webbing and a webbing scarf that cover the lowerhalf of her face, allowing her dark hair to roll free.

"«It is not her you want! I'm right here!»" Silk calls out to the speedster, hoping that her appearance, firing off several webs to try to capture the woman would be enough to distract Hurricane. Unfortunately, she's able to avoid that attack as well.

"«Now you show yourself. It is time to quit these childish games and come home…»"

"You and your kind took away my home, Hurricane!" Cindy calls out in English. "I will not go back!"

Gliding right towards the two spiderwomen, Batman locks on target to Hurricane, attempting to knock her off course with a kick hoping to hit right in her sternum with those armored boots of his. With Batman officially entering the fray, something perhaps a little more startling is that he starts speaking Korean himself in that deep, modulated voice «Why do you seek this woman? What plan do you have in store?» he demands inquisitively for answers, and if he happens to miss, he has his grappling hook already at the ready to keep him balanced. and totally -not- falling from a building.

|ROLL| Cindy Moon +rolls 1d20 for: 1

Well. THIS party got rocking and rolling in a hurry.
First, the speedster seems to weave and move past the obstables, and then…
The woman in the spidersilk. She knew it was true. She didn't know how. Maybe Old Biddy Web knew…
Hurricane. Okay, a name to put to the person. She steps back…and then Hurricane loses it somehow. Some kind of rotten luck. She suddenly loses momentum dealing with whatever was throwing her off.
Off. Off the side of the building, and then the next thing that will go through her head is New York pavement.
She fires both "barrels" at the falling Hurricane, hitting her, enveloping her, cocooning her…and stopping her. Widow grabs the webline, stopping Hurricane's descent, then begins to pull her up slowly.
Nobody dies tonight.

Hurricane, steps right onto one of those window panes that was shattered and her foot slips through. With a scream, she starts to fall, plummeting to the earth.

Gwen is not the only one to react that way - Silk's own webbing flies out, joining with the Widow's to intertwine and secure the woman so that she doesn't hit. But when Gwen starts to pull her in, Silk stops, lifting her golden eyes to meet the White Widow's for a moment. "Nice moves." she murmurs, watching her for a long moment.

Then is suddenly looking for the other one. Because that dark armor is not something she wants to have to deal with as it looks like Silk is about to feel the scene, but not before giving the other spider a wink.

As Hurricane seemed to fall through one of those infernal broken windows panes, Batman was already on the move, grappling hook ready to be fired to wrap around the falling woman….but Silk and Widow are faster. After seeing they have it well in hand, and if they looked up, there the Dark Knight would be, watching. He looks between them a moment with that eternal no-nonsense expression on his face.

and with that, the Caped Crusader, turns a little bit, putting a finger to the temple of his cowl as if receiving a Transmition for communication, likely tapping into the police feed, before glancing back to the spiderwomen. "Good work." is all he offers in that voice of his, no smile, no wave, nothing. just 'good work'? just good work. He turns as if he's about to leave.

Who WAS that masked man? And the masked woman?
"Hey!" Widow called out as she webbed Hurricane to a solid-looking pane of glass. "Who ARE you two? And…" She looks at the woman in webbing, and she seems…distracted for a moment. She then seems to shake it off mometarily, then calls out, "Hey…hold on a second! I could use a little help here!"

When the dark man seems to be ready to retreat, Cindy pauses at the side of the building. "She is not so heavy." she comments with a dry since of mirth. "And would not have been in trouble were it not for the broken window by.."

Hey, where did he go anyway?

Just like Bruce Wayne to leave two beautiful women to hang around while he sneaks out the back to go Batman.

"I'm Batman."

Batman would seemingly already be gone, though in actuality he was already on another rooftop. Beautiful these women may be, they are also dangerous, or such thoughts went through the Dark Knights mind. She was probably considered light in terms of weight to Bruce, so even one of them could have likely been able to carry her away, so he thought.

He kept a watchful eye on them from a distance, a narrow of his eyes as he stood there on the edge of a tall building, looking out into his city. The night for the Batman would not be over just yet.

Crime never sleeps.

The Batman remained another moment to watch the two ladies, making note of the information he had already gathered, before with a sound of his grappling hook fired, fades into the night.

Wayne goes home.

Gwen blinks under the mask, looking around for the shape. No sign. She spots one of the projectiles, snagging it with a webline, tugging it back to her.
A bladed thrown weapon, in the shape of a stylized bat. "Jiminy Christmas," she says softly, almost respectfully. This was no dime-store weapon.
She looked to the web woman, suddenly at a loss for what to say. She falls back on inquisitive nature, as always. "Who is this…Hurricane?" She looks at the speedster, concooned except for the head. She didn't seem talkative.

"He did not look like a bat." Cindy points out diplomatically. "And they fly, not swing." She makes her way closer to the other spider, and frowns as she looks down at Hurricane, who is cursing quite vividly in Korean on occassion.

"She is Hurricane. A North Korean. As I once was." she says simply. "Before I came here - to find myself. My family." she says, meeting the blonde's masked visage with her own vividly gold eyes. "Leave her outside of police, they will send her back home. But they will come again. They always come again."

Gwen looks at Hurricane for a long moment, then takes out a camera, one of those slim spy jobbies you wind by opening and closing. She pulls the helmet off, then holds Hurricane's head steady as she takes her picture—once from the front, one of each side.
"You think you might know who *I* am, but I *know* who you are, and if I see you again in MY city, I will have even MORE fun with you than I did THIS time." She leans back, then shoots a spread of webbing over Hurricane's mouth. Not her nose, she leaves that open. She turns to face the webbed woman, seeming caught in those eyes for a moment before she recovers. "So…now that she's being nice and quiet, what may I call you, honey?"

Hurricane's eyes widen as she gets mug-shotted by Gwen and the woman screams her righteous indignations in Korean for a moment before Gwen silences her but good.

As for Silk? She may offer Gwen a smile under her own mask - it might show in her eyes. "If you find me, you can find out." she says, before falling off the side of the building and sending out a webline to catch the side of a building to send her swinging away - and leaving the Widow the choice of the chase and that promised identity - or staying with Hurricane until the police arrive.

Gwen looks to Hurricane for a moment. Only a moment, but that is enough.
"Sorry, honey. But she sounds like she'd be better company. And if you struggle…" She points to the street 12 stories down. "…watch that first step. It's a LUUUU-Lu!"
Then she springs away from the wall and fires a webline to pursue the other spider-woman.

"Do you call everyone honey?" comes the voice from the spiderspun woman ahead of Gwen. "You afford yourself that level of intimacy - but what have you done to earn it?" Silk asks as she moves from building to building, leading the blonde spinner on a merry little chase, but she's not terribly trying hard to shake her. Just enjoying the view, really.

The chase is not without its amusing aspects. And, Gwen had to admit, the view was…quite interesting. There was something about those golden eyes that stirred something in her, something…primitive. She could use a different costume, though. Not going to scare many criminals looking like an escapee from the ICU.
"I'm just a friendly person, Miss Whoever-You-Are. And your costume is starting to fray a little."

She comes to a halt on a rooftop. "Is that what you noticed?" comes the teasing tone, as she waits for Gwen to land and Cindy sends a bit of spider silk her way. "Maybe you should tell me where to put it." she says with a little smirk beneath her mask. "And I may already know who you are.. I feel as if I do."

The White Widow lands on the rooftop as well, coming to a stop and eyeing her warily. She is about to say something, but stops. "There's…something about you. Something…familiar." She pauses, then takes a step closer. "Are you all right? You're not hurt, are you?"

"I'm fine." Silk steps closer, coming within a breathe of the other woman. "Why would you assume I was hurt? You were the one that was struck." Silk points out, her hand moving to settle on the flat plane of Gwen's stomach for a moment, before withdrawing it, even as her nails drag the fabric for a moment.

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