1964-09-23 - Riding with the Rider
Summary: Gidget runs into Robbie Reyes and he gives her lift to somewhere she can relax
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Stepping out of her apartment building, those shades came down up her face as she made her way out. Finally the event was over and she'd be taking it easy for a couple of days. Turning she'd make her way down the sidewalk to go for a walk. Where to? Who knows! However she wasn't dressed to the nines but rather in some pink hot pants, striped pink and white cropped top and some hot pink wedges. Coming to a stop she'd look to her handbag and started to dig around for something.

As the day would start to reach fairly mid-afternoon time, it seems Robbie was just going for a light walk….though his motorcycle was parked just up the street. Reyes does see Gidget though, and a faint smile comes upon his face. He wears his signature leather jacket, but this time he wears a plain white t-shirt underneath it, black pants and combat boots. Simplicity at it's finest with Robbie apparently. Approaching her respectfully, he does put a hand briefly on her shoulder "Hola, Gidget." he says kindly, removing his hand just as briefly as it came on. "How are you?"

Feeling the hand she would look up and then blinked as she saw…..the other Robbie. Smiling she would finally find what she was looking for, her keys. Tossing them back in her purse she'd smile. "Hey there!" Pulling her shades off she would beam up at him then. "I'm doing great. How are you?" Looking around then she'd run her fingers through her short hair. "Out for a ride?"

Robbie would smile faintly to Gidget and gives her a small nod, "happy to hear it. I'm doing pretty alright, just taking a light walk. My bike's just up there." he points to his Victory model motorcycle…thatl ooks like it has parts from a yamaha. Good god that's a fast bike. He looks around a bit "You headed somewhere or just going out for a walk?" he questions in return fairly curiously.

"Oh nice! It's a great day for it!" Licking her lips she would then smile a bit. Glancing over at that bike she'd take in the details but then looked back to him. "It's nice to see it in the light where I can actually see it." Shifting her weight she'd put a hand on her hip then. "And me? No no. I have nowhere to be right now. Just wanted some fresh air, you know. It's a pretty day for sure!" Chuckling she would shrug a bit. "So if you have suggestions I'm all ears."

Robbie would smile warmly to Gidget, looking over to his bike as well. "It's a great day for a casual ride about, yeah." he nods a few times, crossing his arms. "yeah…seems I keep seeing you at night, which is likely a coincidence." he chuckles a little at their misfortune on seeing the bike clearly. "ah, gotcha. Good day to be out and about. suggestions?" he hums faintly in thought "hmm well, if you want I can give you a ride to a bar or something so you can get a drink or really anywhere else. I'm just wandering really." he offers with a shrug

She'd laugh softly then and nodded. "Right? Weird timing. You'd think I was a vampire if you hadn't met me in the day time at least once….." Letting out a giggle then she'd shrugged a bit. "Oh! That'd be great. Though I don't know what bar to hit up. That's the challenge. Or maybe a club." Tapping her chin while thinking she would shrug and smile. "Can you drop me off at Luke's place? I really should see if he's okay. I read in the paper what happened there ."

Robbie smiles lightly to Gidget at her vampire joke…didn't he kill one a few days ago? ah, Ghost Rider business. but doesnt seem to laugh too much. Seems he's a more serious type, but he does nod a few times at what bar or club to hit up, though not a clubber or bar-hopper himself, he knows his places. "hmmm that's fair." he was gonna say more, but Gidget asked if he could drop her off at Luke's place, and he nods faintly…though when she says she read in the paper what happened, his face goes more deadpan and straight-faced, as if reminded of what happened. eventually, a small smile emerges "He's alright. I talked with him a little earlier in the week." he plays it off, but nods, flicking his keys into his hands repetetively. "Sure, I'll drive you over there." he starts heading in that direction with a nudge of his head that signalls her to follow.

"Oh good!" Licking her lips she would sigh softly then. "I was worried. I didn't know all who was there and man it sounded it as." Following quickly behind him she'd then continue. "How did he sound after all of that? I'm sure my friend is pissed. But as long as no one got hurt."

Robbie chuckled faintly at her words. "yeah..no one was hurt. Luke was pretty pissed that his bar got shot up a little bit…insurance I think mostly, but he's fine. Maybe he'll be there and you can ask him all the details for yourself…he'd probably tell you the whole story. You seem fairly close." he shrugs a little, though he meant close as in friends, Gidget could take it however she wished. "Otherwise, no one got hurt." he smiles faintly, happy about that fact at least.

"Oh I'm sure he's pissed! I know that poor place has been getting beat up lately." Sighing softly she would just shake her head a bit. "Hopefully he is. If not….I'll be calling a cab to find somewhere to go." Hearing his comment about Luke she'd chuckle. "Yeah he's an awesome friend. He's been on my case about getting out and having a social life. Even telling me to go on a date or something." Laughing then she'd shake her head a bit. "He's uh….kind of like a big brother."

Robbie smiles faintly to her and cracks his neck a little. "I can just wait for you to find out if he's there or not and just drive you somewhere else if he isn't. No point in wasting money right?" he shrugs faintly. "I know the feeling a bit….kind of. I have a little brother." he nods a few times. "It's good to have a friend who continues to push you out into life like that. Arn't enough good people who do that these days…prize that friendship." he says encouragingly, though his head does turn a little like he heard a voice, but he just ignores it for now, looking back to Gidget once they reach the bike "here we are." it can easily suit two people comfortably. three if you want a tight fit. He mounts his bike and starts it up, offering a hand to Gidget to help her on.

"Oh are you sure? I don't want to like…take up your time or anything?" Chuckling she would just shake her head then and smiled. "And yeah…I need to hold on to friends. I didn't get out much so….my friends are very few…." Once he got onto the bike she hesitated for a moment. Licking her lips she would then take his hand and then slowly climbed onto the back. "But cool…thanks! I appreciate it…." Wrapping her arms around his waist she'd sit up straight then as she waited for him to start that bike up.

Robbie would nod a few times "I'm sure. I don't really have plenty of time that I need to be doing something…it's a free day for me. So don't worry about it." he nods a few times, "friends…or at least true ones arn't a dime a dozen. I'm sure you'll be able to find them rather easily though. that's just your personality." he nods a few times, and when she hops on his bike with him, he starts up the bad boy, and both of them can feel that purr of the engine. Robbie gets out of the parking space with expert grace, before off they go down the street to Luke's place. "This your first time on a motorcycle?" he asks curiously.

Taking a deep breath she'd smiled. "I guess. I'm still trying relearn how to be social…" When he moved out of the spot, her grip would tighten on him before she would relax a bit then. Gidget seemed to be in her own world before she would take a deep breath then realized he asked a question. Blinking she would then tilt her head a bit. "Oh! Um….no. It's my second time but when I did ride…it was years ago…." Trailing off she'd leave it at the then in regards to her adventures on a motorcycle.

Robbie would nod a few times as they went at a -legal- speed for once in Robbie's life most likely…blame the Rider for that one. Though he does chuckle faintly at her words and her grip around his waist. "Oh? did you ride when you were younger? or did you have a boyfriend or something who rode you around?" he asks curiously, though he remembers his manners. "….you don't have to answer that. I probably nitpicked that more than it needed to be nitpicked." he admits.

She'd chuckle a bit. "It's okay to ask….I don't mine….." Leaning just a little bit so she didn't have to scream and she was closer to his ear she'd sigh. "No it wasn't mine. My ex-fiance used to pick me up on a bike. My parents hated it….was sure I'd die. But…." There was a pause before she just let whatever thought she had go. "…that was like….ten years ago…." Clearing her throat a bit she'd shrug. "It was fun when I did but I had not reason to after we broke up, you know."

As Robbie accelerated a little more, going with the crowd of traffic yet still with freedom of movement, he listened when Gidget leaned to whisper in his ear, and at her words he nods a few times. "I understand. Sorry that didn't work out." he can still apologize that it happened right? Even if it's not his fault, it's a habit of his to do so. "It'd be awkward I think if you did. Who knows, maybe you'll find someone else." he says with a light, meaningless shrug, eyes ever forward as he watches the road. they were about a block away now from Luke's.

"I'm not sorry…." Laughing she would just shake her head a bit. "He was a cad. But karma eventually came around and bit him in the butt." There was a smirk on her face though it couldn't be seen. But the fact that what he did to her happened to him was just prices. Exhaling she would just shrug. "As for that….heck I don't know. I'm not even worrying about it. Maybe I'll just be a spinster who end up being a successful fashion designer…then I can just a bachelorette's life until I die…." That's when she giggled. "My mother thinks I'm a lost cause….that I should have been married by now."

Robbie chuckles faintly. "I can only imagine." and they're about halfway there now. "I would ask what he did…but I'm not sure I really wanna know as well as you're probably not comfortable sharing that…so I think I'll refrain." he thinks out loud, and he shakes his head a little bit. "eh, who knows. You might find some guy in passing and decide your gonna marry him…wouldn't be the first time I've heard that story." he nods a few times. "But meh, live and let live right."

She'd laugh a bit then. "You can ask…if you want. I don't mind. I'm not the type to just pour my life story not people. It's really not that interesting…" She'd laugh before she would roll her eyes playfully. "Yea….right. That requires me finding a man that doesn't think I"m weird. Or thinks my job is dumb." Letting go with one hand she'd wave it around. "If that happens….I'll owe you fifty bucks." Exhaling a bit she'd then smile a bit. "But….unless you can see the future….good luck."

Chuckling faintly as he pulls up to the Cigar Factory, Robbie would smile in a friendly manner to Gidget. "heh, it's usually a safe bet not to do so I imagine. and everyone has an interesting story, the only question at hand is how it ends." he smiles then, coming to a complete stop and parking on the side of the street. "Here we are. and Don't worry, I'll expect my 50 dollars in a few years tops then." he winks at her a moment. "I'll chill here for a moment. if hes there, gimme a hollar." he nods.

Once he came to a halt she would tilt her head a bit then slipped off. "Trust me….I'm nothing special. I'm breakable and no crazy powers like some people." Chuckling she would nod then as she turned. "Be right back." Running the best she could in those heels she would make for the door and turned the know and…nothing. Sighing she would peek in a window for a bit before shrugging. Licking her lips she'd spin back around and make he way back to him. "Well….he's not there so….." Shrugging she'd put a hand on her hips then laughed. "I guess I need to find a bar to go to…."

Robbie shook his head a little at her "You don't gotta have powers or abilities to be special. That's just what life is." he chuckles a little, and when she takes off to look for Luke and he's not there, Robbie nods a little "alright…hop on." he nods, staying true to his word.

She'd blink but then smiled as she nodded. "I guess…." When he told her to hop on she'd move back to that bike and swung that leg over and wrapped her arms back around his waist. "Alright…." But then she blinked as she looked over his shoulder then. "Wait….where are we going?"

Robbie would smile to her a little, before shrugging at her question. "I dunno. You want to go to a bar right? Well I imagine we can just travel until we find one that suits you." he shrugs a little "Unless you had a particular place in mind?" he pulls out of the spot, driving in no particularly specific drirection.

She would laugh then. "Yeah I do…." Licking her lips she'd look around a bit then shook her head as she tilted her head as she thought for a second. But then Gidget just laughed as she leaned to try and look at him. "Suit me? You mean that I won't stick out like a sore thumb in?"

Chuckling a little "heh, I meant a particular place that you just so happen to like. Sadly, I can't read minds unlike some people in the newspaper I hear." he references discovered mutants with telepathy. he cracks his neck a little though as he starts to speed up "Hold on." and he hits the gas! afterwards, he pretty much takes her to the nearest bar….off into the sunset like those old westerns Robbie's little brother watches all the time.

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