1964-09-21 - Day After the Future of Tomorrow
Summary: The day after Gidget's big show Robbie B. takes her out for a little picnic in the park.
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Thursday after the big show. There was a lot of sleeping off a potential hangover, no doubt. For Robbie? That also meant morning classes at NYU. No rest for the rubberized. He did offer to pick her up actually at her house though and promised they would keep it casual and he wouldn't make her dress like a sequin mermaid again for at least a week. She was off the hook for formal wear. But he knocked after chatting up the doorman in that way he could sort of assume he was everyone's best bud and had on sleeves. See? Totally formal in this case. He held up a daisy with an amused smile, "This isn't teh residence of the hardest working woman in New York this week is it?"

Once he got to her second floor apartment, music could be heard then it would shut off as she heard the knock. Needless to say she needed this day to relax after the big show. Heck she even took the day off! Opening the door, there stood gidget in a long white spaghetti strap sundress and big ol' white floppy hat. Once again around her neck was hanging a gold pendant on a gold chain, rather odd but she seemed to have an afinity for it lately. Smiling she would tuck some of that short hair behind an ear. "You're funny…." Laughing she would that flower and blushed. "You're going to spoil me with these flowers." Leaning in she would give him a kiss on the cheek then tuck it into the brim of her hat. Gidget would turn and walked over to her coffee table to grab her handbag before walking back to the door, stepping out to shut it after her. "So….where are we off to?"

Speedball warmed a grin shrugging a shoulder countering with an amused, but earnest, "Well I like to see you smile, soooo I'll count that as a win. And why not? Really someone ought to and frankly?" He sighed and shook his head at teh window, "I am disappointed in you, New York. You are completely dropping the ball here." Ah! but she asked! Clever he felt super clever. He offered a hand to her and hmmmed cryptically, "It's a surprise. You don't have to be blindfolded though as it wouldn't go well with the hat. C'mon, I got a cab waiting at the curb." Because nothing was better in New York than pizza and public transportation. They had those beat on every other major city.

Gidge would blush even more now as she laughed at his comments. "Robbie….." Looking at his hand she would then slowly take it and stepped closer to him now. "Wait…surprise?" Laughing she would shake her head as she then went with him back downstairs. "Oh should I be worried?" She'd be a bit quiet then as she watching him carefully before speaking up again. "Oh….your friend Janet? She's uh…..she's a hoot…." Chuckling she would then shield her eyes a little bit as they stepped outside then.

Speedball gave her hand a squeeze. See it was alright! Least scary guy in Soho even. At the mention of Janet? His expression dimpled into a wide grin, and the back of his fingers came up to cover his mouth. "Aaaaw hell, she's gonna get me into so much trouble. But naw, nothing to be worried about. it'll be neat." So optimistic this one. He grabbed the door to the cab and slid in after her dropping in. "So I want to know what she had to say?" One eyebrow arched TOO amused. And off they were headed not far across Greenwicch VIllage to teh park. it was nearby and only a few minutes, but why walk. Something rattled in teh trunk.

She'd smile at the squeeze and then chuckled a bit as she held his hand gently. Taking a deep a breath she would slip into the cab and chuckled. "I don't know if you want to…." Once in the car she would wait for him to get in and then once he was she would slowly lean over to lean against him. Looking up at him she would chuckle a bit. "She was asking me why you didn't ask for my number or on a date while you there. I told her you already had that info and we were going to do something today…." She'd look over at him then suddenly blushed. "She asked me some other things but….I'm not going to get into it…." Gidge would then blink as she heard that noise and looked behind her but said nothing. After a while, they would arrive at their destination! She'd look out the window then back at him. "….the park?"

Speedball blinked both eyebrow going up. "WooooooowI'm being solicited out by Janet Van Dyne. She either wants something or… Gaaaah she's gonna hold that over me and extort me for lunch and details." Oh how he knew it too. Still how they were pals was a leap of logic but his mom held some serious celebrity. It was almost easy to forget that. When they arrived he nodded. "Mmhmm." he was up to something. "Hey, don't guffaw the simplicity of nature in the middle of a concrete jungle."

She'd laugh then as she shook her head. "She cares about you apparently. That's probably why she meddles…." Smiling she'd just nod then as she then opened her door. "I'm sure it'll be fine. I mean what could happen right….?" Licking her lips she would slowly climb out of the cab on her side then looked over at him. "And I'm not!" Gidge let out a laugh then. "I'm just….I thought we were getting food. I mean I don't mind a walk to work up an appetite either." Walking around the back of the cab she'd go to his side then.

Speedball went to the back of the cab and pulled out, Oh it was a picnic? Blankie and a basket. Seemed so though with him it could be a fire tarp and a basket with jars of flubber. It was a 50/50 toss up. He closed the trunk and, man that guy could just carry things for days. he wasn't Luke but he was fit. The smile to her was one of warmth and amusement, "Giiiiidget. When have you ever known me to not involve food in… whatever I was doing. There were almost two accidents at the lab, you have no idea. I got you covered on food."

She'd blink and then smiled brightly as she saw that basket. Once he had everything she would just link her arm around the one with the blanket or whichever one was free. Licking her lips she would then motion ahead. "Lead the way…." And with that she would lean in slightly and then seemed to be in thought. Was she a bit nervous? Yes. But she wanted to just get it out now. "….you know I'm like thirty one right?" Looking up at him she'd smiled. "I mean…I don't care…I just…didn't know if you knew how old I was…." Looking at her feet then she'd chuckle nervously. "I know I act you know….weird but…." Trailing off she would just shake her head then looked back at him. "Anyway….food. I'm so excited!"

Speedball ran his tongue along his lower lip thoughtfully until he finally shrugged. "Ya know what, I actually like you because you're weird and fun and not like a lot of the other people I know. I mean, suuuuure I'm a hyper fun guy." was that one item or two? "Really though it's great getting to talk science with someone else who just thinks it's way neat and doesn't freak out when I say stuff like yeah we played with micro robots that ya gotta eat or neat bugs. I mean you'd be surprised at how many people get squeamish. Being 31? Well… You're good at survivability? That's a good skill to have Means it's a solid investment of my time." He nodded sagely and in some world that math would have more meaning, but he was keeping it on the optimistic anyways.

Blinking she would just stare over at him then before smiling softly. Gidget would smile a bit before she would finally speak up. "I like you too, Robbie…." Chuckling she would finally shut up about it and then looked to the basket. "So what's in there? What kind of food did you pick up?" There was a grin as she playfully reach over to the basket to try to peek as they made their way to the spot he wanted to go.

Speedball came up to where the shade was pretty alright, set the basket down and flipped the blanket out. See? He was doin pretty alright too; a bit bombastic, but not hopeless. "We have," he presented, "fruit, like three different cheeses, one's like a dill Havarti, a raclette, and some… I think that's a swiss of some sort. Tiny crackers, sliced smoked sausage. You know, effectivly a world of food that can be fit on a cracker." He grinned sith a shrug of one shoulder. "And we can hear the music in the park from here. I thought you might enjoy just getting out for a while after your show. How you doing with that?"

Seeing the set up she would raise her brow a bit then blushed as she just looked at everything. "Okay…..this looks really good…..did you bring water or soda?" Chuckling she'd look at him with a smirk and nudged him playfully. Lifting her dress just slightly she would sit down on that blanket and pat the spot next to her then. "I needed this. I really did…." When he would sit down she'd look around for a moment, taking that hat and those shades off before setting them off to the side. Looking over at him she'd blush a bit as she shrugged a bit. "It's good. It went well….my mentor called me not long before you showed up to see how it went. I'm sure he'll get a full report from the receptionist. She's such a gossip…." Licking her lips then she would then lean a bit closer to him now as she winked playfully. "But seriously…..this is really nice….this might deserver a kiss." Giggling she'd pull back slightly so she wasn't in his personal space as much.

Speedball wdiened a grin and gave her a wink oromising, "Well I promise I didn't get any of the food out of the fridge at the lab. And Iced tea, actually. Small thermos in there." After everything was set out he sat back leaning on his hands giving her foot a nudge with his, "Awww I told you it went pretty great. And you know, you are in luck, I DO take both a kiss, and not being told to stand in front of a target as a sign of affection." he nodded sagely which begs the quesiton how often do these things happen? "Hey, your boss, mentor, whatever alright? Sounded like they were pretty under the weather if they missed a big show."

"Well good to know…." Laughing she would just shake her had a bit then before she would reach over to grab that thermos. As she felt that nudged with his feet she'd give him a nudge back before she would open it up. Pausing there she would look over at him and chuckled. "Oh….the designer….." She'd go quiet a bit then shrugged. "I think they just weren't feeling well. They're uh….close to my mentor hence why he let them do the show." Leaving it at that she would just open up the thermos and before looking over to him. "So don't tell you to be target practice…..go it." She'd hesitate for a second, is if thinking before she would turn to face him fully. "But…a kiss too? Okay." And with that she'd just go for it as she leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. Worse case? He moves her back.

Speedball leaned over and reutrned the kiss though he stopped her after with an "Nuh uh" and kissed her once more for good measure. He could be a flake, but he was a flake on a mission and that mission was to make her smile. He arched an eyebrow and grinned a bit, "You really know some super secret people. Well best to keep that under your hat. Still cool though and …yeah after this past week not havnig any more emergencies break out would be kinda cool. I mean I have a research paprt to finish writing on conductive materials and heat reduction. I know, like totally riviting I know."

When he stopped she would blink and then parted her lips to say something but he kissed her again. Oh yeah….now she was a bright red. Clearing her throat she would try to push it away then nodded. "I…yeah." Well poor Gidget was speechless now as she tried to gather her thoughts. "Its funny you should say that…..I do. Between a couple of….unique individuals and them….it's funny." Licking her lips she would frown slightly as she seemed in thought about something but then looked to him with a smile before turning back to that thermos. "But you should get that done. Don't do like me. Finish it and then you have have your days off to hang out you know." But then she just had a thought as she looked to him quickly. "Oh my gosh! Speaking of emergencies! I read in the paper what happened to poor Luke's bar!" Taking a deep breath she'd shake her head. "Poor guy seems to keep getting the place messed with! But he was so lucky to have some people there that's used to that sort of stuff you know?" Taking a deep breath she would put a hand to her chest. "I'm just glad no one got hurt…."

|ROLL| Speedball +rolls 1d20 for: 10

Speedball looked sideways a the mention of Luke's bar and looked slightly guilty. He looked to her and sighed, "We were down there that day. It was craaaaazy." He wasn't going to lie to her. It was sort of a mood killer, but he wasn't going to lie to her, that wasn't cool. Well shooting up the bar was't cool either. He looked down handing her a bit of cheese and keilbasa on a cracker, "Luke dunno how he's gonna pay for it. I kinda wanna help figure something out. Help with labor. Somethin"

She would blink and then widened her eyes. "What?! What didn't you tell me!!?" Her eyes would look him over then as she seemed to be….way more concerned than she should have. "Who is we?!" Looking back in his eyes she would frown a bit then. Now it's funny she didn't ask how Luke was but…she wasn't worried about him. Her hand would go to his chest as she went back to looking at him. "You didn't get shot right?" After she was pretty much feeling his upper body to make sure he was okay she'd then looked back to him. "I'm going to see what I can do. Maybe I can get a fundraiser or something….or see what I have in my savings account….."

Speedball wasn't going to lie to her and answered tentivly, "I'm… I'm alright. Promise." Pleasepleasepleaseplease believe that. He paused and furrowed his brow, "Don't… spend your savings. Luke'll get pissed. You met Luke? I mean it I'm alright. I think everyone was more scared than anything else. The authorities came and got the folks causing the trouble, but no one got seriously hurt thankfully. Scary though. I'll be honest, I was really afraid someone was with those dudes with shotguns. Craaaazyness."

She'd frown a bit as she moved her hand from him but put it on one of his. "Okay…just…." That tone would trail off as she didn't know how to say this. Shaking her head she'd decide against it and nodded. "Alright…..just…..be careful." But who was we? She started to think as she seemed to be in a tizzy. That thermos was to the side now as she put both of her hands on his. "Look….we just started….." A hand would go to her head then as she winced but shook her head. "….just started hanging out and stuff but I would actually be disappointed if something happened." That thermos would tremble a bit as she squeezed his hand. "So don't go trying to play hero with crap like that, okay?" As she said that with a bit of a determined tone, that thermos would shake violently before falling over. Blinking she would turn and looked. "…how did I bump that…" Quickly she picked it up and started to dab at the small spill. "Man…I guess I'm still not caught up on sleep."

Speedball gave her hand a squeeze and forrowed his brow. He didn't like people being worried. The whole point of doing hero stuff was so people didn't have to worry. He warmed a lopsided grin, "Naaaah don't worry about me, Gidge'. I'm fine. I'm always fine. I can handle an elastic cat, I can handle anything." Yeah that cat was distinctly abnormal. He looked to the thermos and uprighted it almost concerned that was kinteitcs getting away from him but how does one bring that up? Whoops! He gave her hand another squeeze and assured, "Really, it's okay."

She'd nod a bit then took a deep breath. Gidget would hesitate but put her head on his shoulder after picking up her mess. Letting out a soft laugh she would shake her head a bit. "If you say so….." Picking her head up she'd smile over at him then finally ate that cracker he made of her. Chuckling she would push him playfully then. "Now how many girls you got fawning and worrying over you. At your funeral you'd probably have like twenty of us…." Laughing softly she'd grab that thermos and passed it to him.

Speedball propped his back up to teh tree and pulled a knee up. Folk artists with guitars and bongos jammed a little ways away singing songs of lazy summers. He looped his arm around her and shook his head, "Better be like thirty. I'd miss you though. But seriously, if the lab ain't killed me yet, I think we're okay. Didn't… didn't mean to scare you though. It's why I didn't really bring it up. You've had, um… a lot on your mind. I like when a bunch of people dressed up like fancy bugs is the most harrowing part of your week, ya know?"

Chuckling she would shake her had a bit. "I'll be sure to find you thirty women…." When he put his arm around her she'd lean against him then, relaxing a good bit. "You're fine. And trust me….I'd rather know that not know." Licking her lips she would then look up at him with a smile on her face. "I don't like surprises like that. Just….tell me so I don't find out later and freak out." A shrug was given but then she'd close her eyes a she listened to the music. A smile tugged at her lips now as she listened for now….content with where she was right now.

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