1964-09-25 - Clowns are Creepy says the Vampire
Summary: In which Cass and Chance meet, play some darts, and ruminate on private investigation, justice, and clowns.
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There's a goodly number of people in O'Rourke's tonight and one of those people is Cass. Cass has been drinking scotch for most of the night, any scotch that they want to put in front of him, and at the moment he's currently playing darts. And despite the fact that he has had quite a bit to drink, an leans a little to the right, he still manages to remain a pretty decent shot on the board. That is, until he catches an elbow from someone passing and turns around, about to slug them full on when he catches a look from the bartender.

"You want to keep drinkin' here, Cassidy, you'll rethink that…" comes the warning.

"Shite, fine.. but the lane's cleared for a reason," Cassidy mutters more under his breath that clearly isn't English before he throws his last dart and leaves the board to amble back to the bar. "You know I'm showin' a world of restraint here. That should warrant at least one more.." He flashes a brilliant smile at the bartender who just smirks at him. Nope. He's going to have to pay for his next round.

Chance wanders into the bar, and takes some time to consider the place for a long moment before making his way to the bar. He nods to the bartender, offering a slight smile, "Jameson's, neat." Once he's given his glass, he hands over money and sips it and then wanders over to the darts, "Care for some competition?" he asks with a friendly grin.

With his glass refilled, Cass eyes Chance for a moment and then shrugs his shoulders as he wanders back over to the board. "Sure," he says, "Why not?" He nods toward the board and says, "Best score outta five?" He lofts both brows at Chance, seeing what he thinks of that before he picks up the fistful of darts and makes his way back over, offering the handful over to Chance.

|ROLL| Chance +rolls 1d20 for: 16

Taking the darts, Chance inclines his head with a smile, and sips his drink before setting it at a table nearby, "Name's Chance." he offers by way of greeting, taking aim and tossing. It's quite a good shot. He pauses, asking after a moment, "All five at once or take turns?"

"Cassidy," he introduces himself as he leans back against the wall and watches Chance take his first shot. He nods his head in approval and takes a swig from his glass before considering, as though weighing a very important decision, "On the one hand, if ye do them all at once I can lean right here and drink until it's my turn which appeals to me general sense of laziness at the moment. But, if we take turns, then that makes it a little more interestin', builds the anticipation and all, one round at a time." He looks at Chance as though studying the man might give him the answer. Finally he says, "Ah, just throw'm all." He gestures vaguely at the board. "Let's see what ye've got."

|ROLL| Chance +rolls 1d20 for: 5

|ROLL| Chance +rolls 1d20 for: 16

|ROLL| Chance +rolls 1d20 for: 13

|ROLL| Chance +rolls 1d20 for: 5

Chance chuckles softly at th indecision, shaking his head and looking amused. He could cheat at this sort of thing, to a certain extent, but the day Chance cheats at darts is the day he retires from the ignoring gravity thing. So he takes aim, and lets lose, one after the other. His consistency is wildly inconsistent, never doing better then his first shot — but he matches it nearly once. Two of his shots hit the outermost ring. He shrugs and grins, "I never said I was especially good at it. I'm more of a poker man."

|ROLL| Cassidy +rolls 1d20 for: 12

|ROLL| Cassidy +rolls 1d20 for: 11

|ROLL| Cassidy +rolls 1d20 for: 14

|ROLL| Cassidy +rolls 1d20 for: 8

|ROLL| Cassidy +rolls 1d20 for: 2

"Oh, I was never very good at cards," Cassidy says with a shake of his head, "Terrible poker face." He grins, broadly, and then reaches over to take up the darts after arking down Chance's score on the board, because there's no way he'll remember what it was if he was left to his own devices. "Too expressive, me. Always givin' m'self away." He then takes careful aim, well, as careful as he can given the givens, and takes his shots. His first couple of shots aren't bad, and seem at least consistent for their middling performance, but toward the end it's clear he gets lazy, and lists just a little bit to the right again, the last shot almost missing the board entirely, insteads ticking into the wood at the edge. "Oops, ehem.." he clears his throat a bit. "Very well then, seems ya won this round. Maybe it's your name." He squints a bit at Chance consideringly, rubbing his jaw. "I blame it on your name." Not on the scotch at ALL.

"That's why I'm good at it; I don't give anything away. It helps in my line of work: I'm a private investigator." Chance chuckles at mention of his name, and goes to lift up his alcohol and take a long sip. He has to grin, "Now I regret not putting money on it. Next time, we take turns— and a dollar a point difference?" He suggests, "To make it interesting."

"Oh, so you go chasin' around cheatin' husbands an wives and sit around waitin' to catch them in the act, doin' somethin' naughty with the neighbor or the secretary? What's the craziest thing you ever caught someone doin'?" Cassidy asks as he tips back his drink and nearly drains the glass. "A'right," he says, "You've got a deal. Never done it that way before, and it's always worth tryin' somethin' at least twice — just to make sure the first time weren't a fluke."

Chance looks almost physically pained, "That sort of work pays the bills, but to be honest, I hate it. I much prefer to get hired by lawyers— on either side of a case, but usually defense in the case of criminal law since the prosecutors have police to do investigating. Anyways, yeah, lawyers will hire an investigator to dig up proof of their case. Things are interesting there: but confidential." He grins, and then goes up to retrieve the darts.

Cassidy looks a little bit disappointed, "What? Nothin' like a bloke dressed up like Mickey Mouse doin' a goat or nothin'?" He shrugs his shoulders then and says, "At least that'd make an interestin's story." The rest he just kind of takes in with a slow nod and then says, "See, now confidential stuff could be interestin' or it could just be borin' in an interestin' folder because it's got a bit red CONFIDENTIAL stamp on it. What's the fun in that?"

|ROLL| Chance +rolls 1d20 for: 4

"Well, I suppose I can tell you that there was a woman who, indeed, was cheating on her husband. With clowns, of which her husband was terrified unnaturally." Chance grins wryly, and shakes his head, "Some of the confidential stuff is indeed boring, but its *purpose* is what makes it professionally interesting." He turns, handing half the darts over to Cassidy and taking aim to throw. It hits the wall, not the board. "Ahem."

|ROLL| Cassidy +rolls 1d20 for: 6

"Clowns! Creepy fuckers," Cassidy, the 100+ year old vampire says with a little shudder. Then he looks over at Chance and stares at him for a moment or two before he says, "Sure, sure, I guess. Good doing an all that shite, I'm sure. Catch the bad guys, kiss the babies, make the moms stop cryin' and all that." He watches the opening shot and winces a little, "It's alright. Thinkin' about clowns' got me a little shaky too." As though to demonstrate, he takes his own shot and only does marginally better. "I'm up by two," he says though with a flash of a grin.

|ROLL| Chance +rolls 1d20 for: 17

Chance chuckles, looking amused, "Yeah, clowns." He takes aimi and lets fly, and this time almost gets a bullseye. "Make that down by 11. Or nine. Are we adding all our points up or difference between the highest shots?" He snickers, "We didn't really define the bet sufficiently, it suddenly occurs to me." He then nods his head more seriously, "Oh, I never so much caught bad guys as provided evidence for or against them; a PI can't actually arrest anyone or anything like that."

|ROLL| Cassidy +rolls 1d20 for: 4

"We're doin' the difference between shots of each round. So right now, I'm still up two unless I throw worse than you, in which case we'll find out how much I'm down by, add two, an' that's the score." Cassidy's figured this all out despite the pretty solid buzz that he's got going on. He takes another swallow from his glass, emptying it, and sets it on a small ledge along the wall before taking aim for his next shot. "Oh fer fuck's sake," he says as it nearly goes off the board. "So down 13, and up 2… is down 11." He squints at Chance then as the number comes out to what he'd said before. "Should rename you to Lucky." He waves a hand a bit at the explanation of what a PI can or can't do, "You're ruinin' the fantasy with yer logic and facts, mate."

|ROLL| Chance +rolls 1d20 for: 6

"Man, practically my whole job is defined in one way or another as ruining fantasies." Chance chuckles, grinning after, taking aim and this one going wild. "… perhaps I need a drink." And with that he goes and lifts up his glass and knocks it back, holding up a 'sec' gesture and heading over to get a refill. He's back soon enough— having whiskey neat isn't all that hard. "What do you do?" he asks curiously.

|ROLL| Cassidy +rolls 1d20 for: 12

Cassidy's brow furrows a bit and he says, "When ya put it that way, that sounds even less fun than clowns." He takes a moment to consider that observation as he leans against the wall and waits for Chance to come back before he moves to take his shot. This time he does just a little bit better, managing to get it a little further toward the center of the dart board. "Alright, round three.. I'm now down 5." Well, he's better off than he was. "Me? I fix things, do some odd jobs, drink a lot, do a dizzying amount of drugs, and occasionally help this buddy of mine find…ah… direction." Sure, that's it.

|ROLL| Chance +rolls 1d20 for: 14

"Oh, its fun if you like puzzles. I enjoy puzzles and figuring people out." The PI has a long look for Cassidy at all this honesty, and he shakes his head slowly, "Besides alcohol and the occassional cigar, I don't really do drugs. I won't pry, though: it sounds like one of those I don't need to know situations." He throws again, and makes a solid, though not his best by far, hit. "And every so often I enjoy seeing justice done."

|ROLL| Cassidy +rolls 1d20 for: 19

"I suppose a good puzzle's not so bad every so often," Cassidy says an holds up a hand for a moment as he wanders over to the bar and does some negotiating with the bartender. A bit later he returns with another glass and after taking a swallow from it, reaches for his last dart. "Tie breaker round it is then, as I've now broken even." He chuckles and says, "To each is own. A nice cigar and some booze is just fine." He doesn't judge, it seems. "Though if you ever decide you want to give it a shot, you let me know and I can make sure you don't get anything that's gonna kill ya." It's a friendly, affable offer, as though it were perfectly normal to do so. "Justice," he says, consideringly, and then after a bit he nods. "Yeah, I can get behind seein' a bit of justice done."

|ROLL| Chance +rolls 1d20 for: 10

Chance whistles appreciatively at the last throw, and heads up to pull out a pair of darts for the tiebreaker round. "Not quite as lucky as it seemed— apparently." he notes wryly. He lets the offer to find him something to try go with a simple nod, "I know my limits with alcohol, I'm not entirely sure it would be safe for *me* to try anything more… extreme." And with that he tosses, and…. its a middling shot. He winces. "There's not quite enough justice in the world, and the system that enforces it gives the guilty every possible chance to get off. Which is good, I suppose, on the one hand: on the other, though…"

|ROLL| Cassidy +rolls 1d20 for: 16

"Well I did say Lucky, not whether it was good or bad luck," Cassidy says with a shrug of his shoulders, "So it looks like I come out ahead by 6 in the end." Leaning back against the wall, he takes a swig from his glass, and then another before he says, "Systems are corrupt half the time anyways, buncha gob shites who'll toss ya over even if ya weren't doin' nothin' at all." As if there were a time that Cassidy was doin' nothin' at all. "And others? Well some folks jus' need killin'." There's a glance or two in his direction and he holds up both hands, unarmed, "Jus' sayin'. Present company excluded a'course. Just havin' a drink, friendly game." Then he reaches for his glass again.

Reaching into his pocket, Chance pulls out a fiver and a single; not a bad haul for a game in the 60's, really. He hands it over with a grin, "I can't say I disagree." he remarks in a casual tone of voice, "My father was murdered, and his murderer got off on a technicality. When he fell to his death, I can't say I didn't say thank you to gravity for doing what the justice system failed to do."

Cassidy takes the cash without hesitation and shoves it into his pocket with a grin and says, "Don' worry. I'm sure you'll get a chance to win it back sometime, Lucky. Especially if you hang around here." He nods to the bar, indicating perhaps that either there are a lot of suckers or maybe he'll give him the chance to win it back personally. "Aw shite, sorry man. That's a bitch. Well, here's to him gettin' what was comin' to him." He raises his glass in a toast and then tosses it back before setting it back down next to his first one.

Chance grins and shakes his head, "I'm not worried; I make a good living. Mostly finding proof about rich, cheating spouses, but still. Depending on circumstances and your jacket, that's my hourly rate, plus expenses." He flashes a grin and finishes off his drink, "Well." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a thin metal container, and from it a business card he offers over. Will Chance Investigations. "If you ever need a private eye."

Cassidy eaches over and takes the card when it's handed over, turning it over in his hand for a moment to check it out and then he tucks it away into his jacket pocket and says, "Never know. Stranger things have happened." He then offers a hand and says, "Was good to meet you. Y'ever in need of," his brow furrows a little bit, "Well y'ever in need, ya come on down an' let me know." He offers a grin then, broad and easy, and then begins to wander on out of the bar.

"I'll keep that in mind." Chance flashes a grin, lifts a hand, and heads out.

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