1964-09-25 - Gidget Explodes.
Summary: Gidget comes to the bar….and explodes
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The Factory is going through some repairs due to the recent damage done. Luke is there, shirt off and in a pair of dirty jeans laying down spackle on one of the numerous bullet holes left in the walls from the other night. Quite a few of the hole have already been patched, but there seems to be many more to go.

Even where Luke was in the Cigar factory, the loud revving of a motorcycle engine could reach his ears. Robbie would arrive on a motorcycle that was clearly not meant for him, as it was large in length and clearly made for someone taller and bigger. The bike itself is a black Harley-davidson, looking sleeek and actually looks like it has some muscle to it, as it appears to have parts from a Yamaha for greater speed. Robbie pulls up to the side of the walkway, away from the entrance only a small ways…since it was a closed bar, he doubted he would have any problems. He flicks the keys into his hands, as he makes way to the pub. "Luke!" he calls out, seeing if he's there.

Well it was lunch time for the tall fashionista and where was she heading? Back to Luke's again. She had tried to come by one day with Robbie Reyes but no such luck. Licking her lips she would walk up and spotted Robbie too. "Hey hey!" Well she was dressed for work, those wide leg pants and silk blouse ensemble complete with that gold pendant around her neck. Taking a deep breath she would chuckle a bit as she just tilted her head then opened the door. "Well then….." Taking a deep breath she would look around but saw Luke, her brow raising. "Um…" She'd make her way up to a table and sat her handbag down. "Dude….are you okay? I saw in the paper….then….I saw Reyes and….." Frowning a bit she folded her arms. "Then I talked to Robbie when we were out and he said he was here. I"m glad no one is freaking hurt! Who even did this?"

Speedball walked in on his lunch break, one sleeve looking singed. No wonder he kept losing them off all his t-shirts. "Bad people, misled, with too much free time and too little disregard for people minding themselves." He zoomed by and gave Gidget a smooch on the cheek, "Hey pretty." It was to Luke he was headed though setting a crate of things down. Things to… ooh patch and finish wood? Sander, stain, polyeurythane, circular saw for the fixtures. Good stuff.

"Yo." says Luke to Robbie as he enters. "I'm over here, fixing shit up. Rather not have my premiums go sky high so I am fixing up as much as I can on my own. Still, i'm sure the news didn't help matters much. I can't exactly deny it happened." The big man shrugs, moving on to fill another bullet hole. "Let me finish up a few more of these then I will get back behind the bar."

He is about to fill another hole, when Gidget pops in. "Oh, Hey Gidge. Nah, I'm fine. Just another ruined outfit, and damage to the bar. I'm just glad nobody got hurt, the rest is easy enough to fix." He shrugs his shoulder again and then sets down the spackle knife before wiping his hands on his jeans. "No clue, other than just some guys in masks looking to make a buck. Don't know if it was more organized or not, but this is the third time is as many months. I'm starting to think someone is trying to make a name for themselves in Harlem and just doesn't know who he is messing with."

As Baldwin enters, his eyes glance from him to Gidget and back at the little kiss, a small smirk on his lips. "Yeah, what he said I guess. So…" he says as he moves towards the bar, "something I should know about going on here with you two?" he says as he grins, looking at Gidget more than Robbie B as he asks.

Robbie would pat Gidget on the shoulder briefly as he normally does with his greetings to her, and his hand is retracted as quickly as it was given. "Good to see you gidget." His hair had grown out a little more, now more long and messy instead of short and curly. and he had grown out a rather nice, yet perfectly trimmed beard. He wore his standard leather jacket with the upside down white U decal on the front, a black hoodie underneath, black pants, and combat boots. He wasn't wearing his biker gloves today. or at least he put them away before he arrived.

Then Robbie B comes in, and he gets a nod from Reyes "Hola Baldwin." he greets him, remembering him from the last time he was at the Cigar Factory. "Hope you've been good." though he chuckle faintly when Speedie Robbie plants a kiss on Gidget's cheek. He would look back to Luke "When you got time Luke, I got something to show you. No rush." he nods, taking a seat at the main bar, though not actually facing the bar itself. "Place looks a little better at least. Might as well make it easy on ya huh."

Sighing softly she would just shake her head. "I swear Luke….you're going to give me a heart attack one day. You should have called me…instead of me reading about it. Isn't that what friends do?" It was obvious Gidget was perturbed to say the least. "I'm just glad no one go hurt…."

Looking to Reyes she would smile then. "Same here, Reyes!" Chuckling then she'd see Speedy pop in and before she could even anything out of her mouth, he gave her that kiss on the cheek. Her face? Bright red as she tried to clear her throat but smiled over to respond to him. "Hey Robbie…." Licking her lips she'd then hear Luke and those brown eyes snapped over at him. "Um….huh? What now?" Ooooh dear. Poor girl was cornered now. And her hear just started racing. "He and I have been…" Her hand would go to her head then, that sharp pain coming back again before she would just ignore for now. "We've been going on a few dates and stuff…"

Speedball was, as always, in a good mood and greeted Reyes, "Hola, mi amigo. Que pasa?" He paused and warend, "So you know, that's presently the extent of my 'Espanol' other than letting you know 'Mi lagostas quierra un aeropuerto con queso por favor'." Which was pretty fair to assess he didn't own lobsters and they did not want an airport with cheese. Points to him for politeness! At Luke's question both eyebrows went up. "Hmm? Oh, yeah! We're here to help you with repairs." He paused and added earnestly, "You're not the only one that cares about this place, big guy." He looked to Gidget setting the crate of tools downa nd looking for a place to dive in and get to work. He snap-pointed to Gidget, "And that too. Luke what we need help with next?"

Gwen stepped out of the car. She looked at the flyer, then looked up at the sign. Never been here before, but she had to be adventurous. Which meant doing what she had never done before.
She had been doing a lot of that this summer.
She knocked lightly on the door to the Cigar Factory, then realizes it is a bar and opens the door slowly. She isn't sure what is going on, but there are quite a few people here, as well as…
Gidget. Crap. Probably still doesn't like her.
Well…might as well dump cold water on it all. She steps into the bar, looking around carefully.

Luke Cage shrugs a shoulder at Gidget, "You had your big shindig that night, and I didn't want you to be fretting over me or the bar while you had all that going on. I was fine and there was nothing you could have done, so why burden you with it on your big night?" He sighs, moving over to grab his t-shirt and slipping it over his head before heading towards the bar. "Sorry, next time I get all shot to hell, I'll give you a ring." He winks at the fashionista and grins.

He looks over to Baldwin and smiles, 'Oh yeah? You two? Congrats!" You want to help, you can start sanding down some of the dry spackle spots while I start taking orders."

To the general crowd he asks who wants what, ready to make food or drinks as the orders come in. He looks to Reyes and nods, "Oh? Give me a bit and I will take a look. Let me get everyone settled in first."

He looks over to Gwen as she enters in, "Hi there. Sorry, place is a bit of a mess but I'm open. Come on in, find a seat and I will be with you in just a moment."

Nodding a few times to Luke, Robbie Reyes would nod a few times. "Sure thing. Like I said, amigo, take your time." he does look to Baldwin as he attempts to speak spanish, which Reyes happens to amusedly appreciate. "Was about to say, that didn't make much sense. I suspected." he pats him on the shoulder once, though when asked whats up, he nods a few times, though speaking in English to be polite to Robbie Baldwin. "Not much. Got something for Cage, but otherwise, figured I'd find nice company here.

A smile then goes to Gidget, though his eyes widen a little bit when he finds out she and baldwin have gone on a few dates "Well happy for you two. Hope it lasts." he gives them both a genuine smile, then Gwen walks in. Robbie looks her over a moment, she looked familiar as heck. He eventually rises to greet her. "Hola, senorita. Not sure if you remember me, but I believe we met in passing at one of Julie's drag races, but I'll introduce myself again for official purposes." he extends a hand for a handshake. "Robbie Reyes. Please, have a seat." he smiles, warm and friendly, before taking a seat himself, resting his hands on his knees as he looks around. "..you've managed to cover quite a few bullet holes." he does, however, look to the chair that has the 'jess's seat.' tag on it. "Who's Jess?" he asks to Luke.

Gidget didn't know how to handle the attention and she would just shake her head a bit. "I mean…..yeah…." Blushing she'd just run her fingers through her dark hair as she tried to keep her anxiety down. But what the heck was going on? She knew the people! It felt like….something was just building up over the past few days and she didn't get it.

Looking to Speedball she would just chuckle a bit. "I'm sure you'd be the one to answer these questions better than me….I'm just awkward…." But then she would look over to Reyes and smiled. "Thanks….still doesn't mean you'll get fifty bucks…." Letting out a laugh then she'd just put her hand to her head and smiled.

Hearing the door open she would spin around and saw….Gwen. Eyes would barely widen but she still smiled at her. That headache just increased then as she made her way over to her and just….reached out and hugged her. Closing her eyes she would just hold her for a second but let go then. "Hey Gwen I…."

Pound. Gidget stumbled a bit. Pound. So okay she stumbled and went to the floor. "….my head! What is wrong with my head?!" She'd struggle to get to her feet, but reached out for a chair nearby only to have it fly away from her. Panting heavily she'd look over at it and just stared as she sat there on the floor.

Speedball looked pleasedby the well well wishes with a pleased, smug grin. There was even a curious wave to Gwen having seen her but not known the story. "Hey, thanks man. It is what it is and we're having fun…with…Gidge?" The hammer went back into the box and he looked to Luke as the 'adult' in this situation. Okay Luke was older than he was and was responsible enough to have a business and be… badass and bulletproof. He resoected this, "Wooooah guys-" Speedball, who really should have been named Screwball, crouched next to where Gidget crumpled resting a hand on her back, "Guys water, ideas, something?" He wasn't without a serious concern, "Gidget? Hey, hey breathe…"

Gwen moved closer to Gidge. She was startled and glad and…
Gwen jumped back….actually, she LEAPED back, a good 20 feet. She saw Speedball next to Gidget, and everything was redlining!
"GET BACK! GET THE *FUCK* BACK!" she nearly shrieks as she dives for cover behind the bar.

"Is that the rumbling I heard outside, Reyes?" Luke says to Robbie as he grins, "I can only assume if it is outside and you didn't bring it in with you, it must be something heavy or large enough not to fit through the do…"

And then everything went to hell

Luke blinks at Gidget goes down, and vaults the bar with an ease of motion someone his size and bulk probably shouldn't have. "Gidge?" he says as he moves closer to her even as Gwen takes vaults over the other way behind the bar. Hearing Gwen, Luke looks to Baldwin and says, "Get back. Sounds like she is going to explode….or something!" Luke goes to cover Gidget with his body, like someone jumping on a grenade.

Nodding lightly to Luke "Yeah…that's kinda the surpr-" then oooohhhh shiiiiiiit. He turns his head to Gidget as she starts to meltdown. He got the feeling she was gonna blow up..but he wasn't afraid. He kneels down next to Gidget "Don't worry, we're here with you." he says with a smile. He was invulnerable himself, even in his base form for the most part. Explosions weren't really a problem. he does nod to Cage in a 'got your back' kind of way…

Though he does glance to Gwen…how the hell did she jump back that far on instinct alone? how many powered people were in the same room exactly? assuming she was one. Either way, he stays right next to Gidget to try to help her cool down.

"No!" She'd shake her he'd as she kept her hands on her head and shut her eyes. "….it's just a headache! That's all!" But now it was getting worse as she laid not he floor in the fetal position, crying just from the sheer pant of it all. "…just….get a doctor or something!"

Well that wasn't going to do any good. Gwen had the right idea to get the heck as anyone that was even near her…..heck touching her was thrown back rather violently across the room. However as she snapped her eyes open they stopped mid air before just being dropped to the floor.

Gidget was trying to pull herself up to her feet but that necklace around her neck began to glow a bright yellow. Panicking she tried to pull at it but then it started to just…bore itself into her chest. Screaming she would just claw at is as it seemed to just meld into her body. "GET IT OFF! GET THIS THING OFF OF ME!"

Welp that wasn't going to be easy either. As it was essently forcing it way into her chest, those symbols that were on the necklace started to emit from that same spot it was entering on her chest. "No no…..no no!" That same color of light start to form around her….like a bubble as she started to pound on it. "GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

Speedball didn't move. Luke told him to move, and he stills tayed put kneeling there witha hand on her back. He'd been atomized a couple times, not that he told anyone this. "Someone get EMS on the phone?" He watched her tear at her necklace and hunched there trying to help her get that necklace off. "Shit, is this thing radioactive?" He looked to Luke and just hugged Gidget looking…scared? "Water? Soemthing? Gidge, you've been having these headaches a while. Breathe. It's gonna be okay. Gonna be alright." He wasn't good at people having health issues.

Gwen didn't know Jack or Jill about this. But she was her father's daughter, and she could see something like panic. If Gidget panicked, whatever air in that bubble was going to be gone in a New York Minute.
She had an idea. It was only an idea, and she hoped she was right.
She poked her head up from behind he bar. "Gidge! It's Gwen! Stop fighting it! Calm down and BREATHE SLOWLY. You have to calm down!"

Being flung about by an unseen force is something new to Luke. Being flung around by some unseen force then being suspended in mid-air by some unseen force is even newer. "What the fuck!" yelled Luke from his suspended position, fighting against the force that was keeping him suspended in place. "Let go of me!"

Thinking, and thinking fast, Robbie didn't see a whole lotta options here. He appears to be in thought a moment, but it was pretty clear Gidget was trying to fight or stop what was happening, to no avail. or so he thought. He looks then to the floating Luke Cage, sighing faintly "Well..that complicates things." he says in his normally calm demeanor before looking to Gidget…then to Speedball, trying to figure out some kind of plan. "Water ain't gonna fix this, amigo." he narrows his eyes at her necklace though.

Poor Speedball would have been push away by now as that barrier formed around her. Gidget would keep pounced on it as she kept crying, almost hyperventilating as she looked to Gwen. "Calm down!!? My body is on fire, my head hurts, and I'm trapped in a bubble! HOW DO I CALM DOWN?!"

Looking around she would then look down to see that the necklace was completely gone but those symbols were burning bright on her chest. Crying she would just wrap her arms around her as there was a stranger humming sound that could be heard coming from her. Those eyes would go wide as she started to gasp. "Robbie! ROBBIE!" Pounding away she would start to glow that same yellow color as she started screaming. "IT HURTS!! OH GOD MY CHEST HURTS!!"

Before she was even able to get the rest out there was a small boom inside that barrier but it was contained by it just showing smoke. After a few seconds the barrier would flicker but then disappears as the smoke pools out, leaving behind remnants of what was Gidget's clothes. Anyone that was still being held back or held up was immediately released from that grab. And Gidge? Completely MIA.

|ROLL| Speedball +rolls 1d20 for: 16

Speedball looked like a rat pawing at the outside of a hamsterball trying to get in. He slapped it as it forced him back. He looked to Luke like Fix it, bro! He looked to Reyes who… well he should know about mystic shit right? Normally he had a pithy comment. This was not one of those times. His had slammed into the bubble, "Gidge… Hang in there Gidget. Guys… Luke break it!" His brow furrowed and he SLAMMED his fist into the ball witha shower of yellow light pouring from around it and then slammed his fist into it again, and again, and there was jsut a overflow of yellow balled lights like a soda can and a lava lamp had a really wild night but Robbie B wasn't laughing. "no No NO LUUUUUUke?!" Speedy-B's fish turned into a jackhammer trying to crack this thing to no avail and she was… gone?

Gwen stood up slowly, she looked around, trying to find any sign of Gidget.
She shook her head slowly. No. No. She…blinked out, disappeared, something. She did NOT just watch a person she realized was still her friend just…explode. Like a rotten canteloupe. She watched the impromptu light show, but her eyes still gazed around the room…

As Gidget vanishes and the power holding him stops, the sudden drop has Luke falling to the floor through one of the solid wooden tables with a loud crash and the sound of splintering wood. Quickly he rises from his prone position, taking a brief moment to brush away some of the splinters and wood chips from his torn shirt. "What. The. Fuck." says Luke as he looks to the place where Gidget just was. "Did you do this, Baldwin? Is this one of your company things gone wrong?" he asks..after all yellow bubble like things were something that he has seen from the bouncing blue boy. The questioning isn't accusatory, Luke sounds like he is just confused as to what happened.

He looks to Robbie, then Gwen. "You two alright?" he asks, focused more on Gwen than Reyes. She is the 'unknown' element in this group, though with that leap she took earlier she seems she can handle herself ok.

Robbie Reyes just stared on, uncertain of what to do. Had to do with that necklace, but he likely wouldn't have been able to get through that barrier. "Hm…that..wasn't normal." he crosses his arms faintly. "..magic.." he mumbles to himself as his pondering the idea. Not everyday you see someone just vanish after their necklace digs into their skin.

He looks then to Cage, nodding faintly "I'm fine. Should be asking you that." though he does look to Gwen a moment, eyes holding with hers, before turning his gaze back to where Gidget was. "What…" his eyes turn aflame from rage, it looked like fire danced in his irises. but he doesnt transform. But clearly, he was pissed. His face didn't show it, but his eyes sure as hell did.

the bubbles cleared and he was… looking uniformed like the amazing Masked Marvel. The cheer was gone withthe bubble. He didn't answer Luke but the motes of light around him gave away a lot of what he generally didn't discuss. He looked to Gwen, hurt and said "N-no… Ms…. person." He didn't have an introduction. He took a deep breath and admitted, "They never tested anything like that on me before."

Gwen blinks. "Okay…what just happened? That necklace…I saw her wearing it before but it never did THAT before!" She walks the circumference of the bar, looking around with what her dad had called her Junior Detective.

"Fuck if I know." says Luke as he looks over towards Gwen, walking over to the spot where Gidget had just been. "Saw her wearing that necklace over the last few weeks or so, but didn't think much about it. Just figured it was new jewelry she liked." He stoops over to pick up a bit of the clothing scraps, poking around with his finger at the pile left on the floor.

He looks over to Robbie B. "There isn't any ash, so she didn't disintegrate or anything…" he says in what might be taken as a comforting tone. "…but I have no idea what happened to her. MY best guess would have been something with one of your science things."

He turns his head to Robbie R, "What about you? Do you have any idea what is going on here?"

Robbie seems to growl a moment, kneeling to investigate where she had disappeared. Bubble coming up out of nowhere? glowing necklace? This screamed the mystic arts to him. "I highly doubt she's dead. no disintegration, just like Luke said….as to if I have any idea…you likely wouldn't believe me if I told you." says the guy who can have a flaming skull if he feels like it. "I highly suspect magic is involved." and yes, he looked completely serious like he's dealt with it before…

Though he looks to Gwen "..have you dealt with this before? out of all of us, you were the first to react. by far in terms of self defense or protection." he stares Gwen down, seeing if she knew anything. "…and you jumped 20 feet, but that's not the problem here." he looks then back to the spot. Rising to his feet, Robbie crosses his arms, eyes still like dancing flames as he marks it. "..at least the necklace was magic, I suspect. Don't think it could have been much else." he crosses his arms.

Minutes would seem to go by though it felt more like hours to Gidget. Throughout the room could be a sound of something like air being sucked into something…..then a loud echoing gasp as that same smoke seemed to reform into a corner behind the bar. A soft cry could be heard followed by a thump on the floor. Panting, two hands would appear on the counter as Gidget slowly started to pull herself up but stopped as she looked down. Her hair was a mess…..that symbol was still burned into the center of her chest where the necklace went. Looking down she'd squeak as she wrapped her arms across her chest before slowly ducking down. At least the bottom half wasn't visible; she wasn't that tall. Looking around she'd be beet red as she just….hid as she was naked as the day she was born. "….what…..the…." As soon as she raised her voice the glasses behind her began to tremble but she jumped and looked as she stopped talking. Looking around she'd then cast her eyes to Speedy, brow raising then tried to stay calm. Yeah right. "Did I just….EXPLODE?!" And off goes one of those bottles into a wall. "Oh crap Luke…I…." At least the bar didn't blow up. Edging down the length of the bar she went to go clean up but before she got there all the pieces just moved up in the air and just kind of…stayed there. "Um….." Backing away she'd make sure she was covered as she looked back to everyone. "…I….I don't know what the hell is going on…." Looking down at that now almost….tattoo marking on her chest and back up. "….that freaking necklace is gone!"

Speedball pressed his fingers to the ground looking to Gwen adn Luke very calm as he was going to be objectivly countering, "That necklace wasn't PymTech, I din't give it to her, and I… soak radiation so this. isn't. me, kay I don't…" his expression turned thoughtful to mask over concern. There was a thump behind the bar and his head swiveled. "G-Gidget!?" He blinked twice in surprise then, ummm, he looked down looking to the right and left. Hey he liked her just fine but the lady had no clothes and that was asecond level of trauma he wa s pretty sure she didn't need right now. "Gidget you okay? You sort of imploded and teleported"

Gwen is momentarily nonplussed with the sudden re-appearance of Gidget. Then she realized she was wearing only what the good Lord gave her, and said quickly, "Turn around, PLEASE!" She reached into her backpack and pulled out the spare sweats and sweater. Her Emergency Clothes. They would be a little loose on Gidge, but that's okay. "Here." She quuickly hands the sweats to Gidget. "Put this on. Sheesh, you guys…"

Luke Cage arches a brow at the noise, glancing back towards the bar as Gidget reappears behind it. "Holy shit…" he says, standing from the crouched position by where she used to be. "Well, you either exploded…or teleported? Not sure which is more accurate."

He moves towards the bar towards her, her being naked doesn't seem to phase him much as he strips off his t-shirt casually and tosses it in Gidget's direction so she has something that can keep her decent. "Reyes here seems to think whatever it was, was magical..and had something to do with that necklace."

Robbie then suddenly turns to face Gidget, and thankfully doesn't toss her clothes because…that's too much clothes. Though he does shift his gaze when he sees her stark naked in that birthday suit of hers. What? happy to see her alive? yes, so much so that the fire in his eyes die…but he had no desire to see her in the buff as it were.

"Yeah…you kind of exploded in a bubble." he does point at her though a little "Where did you get that necklace?" he asks curiously. after all, what kinda scientificness causes someone's necklace to blend into their skin and push itself deeper. He heavily suspected magic was in play. "..either that, or you've somehow developed superhuman powers to explode. Now, I don't think that's the property of the necklace itself, but it's a theory." the Hellhunter speaks, though he's not entirely an expert, but he has a strong feeling. "I could be wrong, hence the questions."

She'd look around and then cleared her throat a bit. Gwen was on the case as she handed her those sweats. Ducking down she would quickly pull them on and then stood up fully now. Wrapping her arms around her body she would look at the group and then…was hit with another shirt from Luke. She'd stare at it and then chuckle as she just…tossed it back. "….I think you need as many clothes you can keep, Luke…." Looking over to Robbie B then she'd raise her brow. "….what….the…..?" Staring at him she'd then look to Gwen and just opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. Her hand touched those markings on her chest then frowned. "….crap….what is this….?" She'd then look up to Robbie R and just seemed to stare. "I….I bought it." Licking her lips she'd look down at the ground. "…I got it at an estate sale….I thought it was pretty…."

Speedball tried to pull the bbbles back, the kenitic force back from forming a protective force from around him, though the lights still danced around him. He waited to look up until she sounded more comfortable, though she had reason to question him: there were motes of light all over. "An estate sale? Where at, Disney's Haunted Mansion?" Hey someone had to ask. "Do you hurt? Are you okay?"

Gwen smiles wryly. "Well, Gidge…I guess I should say welcome to the club." She hugs Gudget gently, then says, "Hang on to those until you get home. I'm in no rush to get them back." She winks. "I should get going, but I'll be in touch. There's…someone I want you to meet."

Luke Cage shrugs and puts the t-shirt back on, slipping it over his head as he moves behind the bar to start fixing drinks that he is sure everyone will need here in the coming moments. "My clothing budget is what it is. If you don't take the shirt it's likely to get all shot up and torn anyway." He smirks, "You can just make me some new ones." He grins, pouring glasses of whiskey for everyone. "I don't know shit about magic, so you all lost me in that part of the conversation. I barely know the science shit that happened to me."

Robbie frowns slightly to Gidget, rubbing his temples a little bit. "You didn't know…but I know that -that-" he points to the necklace that's maybe still half-embedded in her skin like a tattoo "isn't science." he crosses his arms lightly, not convinced otherwise it seems. He looks then to Gwen Stacy as she makes her exit, giving her a light wave. "I should go investigate this…" he takes a long hard look at the necklace tattooed on her. he sighs though, before tossing a pair of keys to Cage. "It's out front. Can't miss it." he does before he forgets. "Well…this isn't the weirdest thing that's happened."

She would look to Robbie B and just stared at him before shake her head. "No…not the Haunted Mansion…." Licking her lips she'd look to Gwen as she left, giving her a hug then went back to look between Robbie R and Luke. "Look….I just got it from house. I don't know if it was technically for sale but….I found it and they sold it to me." Licking her lips she'd just wrap her arms around her body then as she seem be a bit….embarrassed. Those pieces of glass that was still in the air would suddenly just fall, causing her to jump but then a chair went flying in that direction, smacking against the wall. She'd put a hand to her head and frowned. "….the hell….?"

Speedball walked over and folded his arms on the bar and still looked concerned, though getting him to take much seriously for a long period of time was hard. A life of using humor to deflect fear made him really really good at this. Keep it casual Baldwin. A room of people saw you weild kenitic force incarnate. Play it cool. "Hey it might be telekensis. Had teammates back where I used to livwho could do that. Not totally common. I'd reccommend avoiding Hallmark stores until you figure it out though. Fever? Shortness of breath? Did you go anywhere that you remember? Did you sell your soul to a leprechuan?"

Luke Cage watches as the glass shatters and another chair goes flying into a newly repaired wall, collapsing the drywall. "Shit." He shakes his head, muttering something under his breath as he downs one of the whiskey shots before sliding the other ones down the bar for people grab. "You people are a bane on my bar's wellbeing. I should ban the lot of you." He smirks, pouring himself another glass.

Robbie would ponder faintly to Gidget "you -found- it and they just sold it to you? did they seem overeager to do so?" he asks curiously. Before he just shrugs, moving then to one of the seats at the bar. "and stop beating up Luke's bar." he gives Gidget a wink. before looking back to Cage "I'll stop by soon to help you clean up the place. Two's better than one." he smile faintly. though he seems to frown at Speedball lightly when the topic of selling souls comes up, even though it's in jest. He just looks back to the counter, humming a moment.

Gidget would look around at the three men and sighed softly at them. "….can I just scream now…." She'd look to Luke then and looked at him sadly. "….just….tell me how much and I"ll write you a check or something." Licking her lips she would just tilted her head as she then looked to Robbie b. "No, handsome…." Rolling her eyes she would finally make her way to the other side the bar and ran her fingers through her hair. "I just got the necklace…and the headaches started….and then I kept…knocking…stuff over…." Trailing off she'd then think back to the night she hung out with Gwen and frowned. "….aw hell…" Facepalming she would groan. "….I wonder if I had just stopped wearing this thing…." Looking to Robbie R then she'd stare at him. "I'm sorry!" And there starts another chair. She'd groan as she pointed at it and it just stopped. Those brown eyes would blink and then she'd look at them then back to the chair before it just fell to the floor. "Oh my god make it stop…." Looking to mister flames she'd then raised her brow. "No….they seemed hesitant but….the woman seemed to just be like okay."

Luke Cage rolls his eyes.. "You know I am kidding, Gidge. Break all the chairs you want, I can get more. I'll just make Danny pay for them." He smirks, taking sip of his drink. "I'm just glad you are alright, that is what is important."

Speedball seemed pacified withthe compliment, but when was he not? He warmed a lopsided smile terribly pleased. "Gidget, look, we'll help you figure it out. I think…we… yeah. Like Gwen said welcome to the club?" He looked to Robbie and Luke like 'whe's in the club?.. That was news to him but he also didn't keep track of people's identies either. "Guess a few people have a little bit to admit."

Robbie nods a few times. "Alright. I'll do some investigating around." he looks then to Luke, giving him a faint smirk, before looking then back to Gidget "When you have the chance to take off that thing, do it." he nods, leaning off the counter. He gives the other Robbie a small smile "Good to see you again Baldwin." he puts his gloves on, covers all of his hands. Before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pair of motorcycle keys."


He says as the pair of keys get tossed at him. "It's right outside. can't miss it. Black with a deep seat and easily the largest there." he gives him a thumbs up. He then looks to Baldwin, chuckling faintly "Yeah, we are." he said just able to tell what his facial expression was saying like it had subtitles. "I'll see you all around."

Looking around then she would sigh a bit as she looked to Luke. "I know…I….I'm trying not to make it worse…." She'd look around then as she those eyes caught Robbie B. "Hold up a darn minute…." Walking over him she'd fold her arms across her chest. "….are you the 'blue bouncy guy' in the paper?!" Staring at him intently she would then put her hand to her head as she wobble slightly then. "…..calm it, Gidget….." Looking over to Robbie she would look down to her chest then back at him. "Trust me….I want it off….but I think it's in there…." That's when she would blink a bit and then looked back to Speedy Rob and shook slightly. Yup…now shock was hitting her. "…..I…blew up….and…." Slumping to the floor she'd stare at it now then at her hands. "….I….blew…….up….."

Catching the keys in his hand, Luke looks down to them then back up at the leaving Robbie. "Really?! Man, I can't pay for this shit right now…" He looks around at his bar, then back to Robbie. "I'll get it to you as soon as I can."

Luke looks to Robbie B. and Gidget, "You two going to be ok if I head out. Looks like I need to go back to the hardware store and make another order for drywall and the like. Gidge, you know where the spare keys are. Lock up when you leave and shove em back through the mail slot."

He glances over at Robbie, then Gidget, then back to Robbie. "Uh oh…I think that might be my cue to get the fuck outta dodge. At least she already knew about me being bulletproof…" He whistles low, and slowly starts to head for the door.

Robbie just chuckles a little to Luke "Remember the deal? Don't worry about money." Luke knows what he's talkin' about. He waves at everyone as he heads out!

Robbie goes home.

Speedball looked to Reyes and offered, "Hey ring us up later this week, man. Bowling is afoot." He looked back to Luke offering, "Hey, I got your back. I got some time free and more energ than I know what to do with Luke. I meant it, I'll help you out withthe labour. Besides I build a lot of the stuff in teh lab and maybe… we can use your place as a staging ground to test less reactive surfaces." Still though he kinda owed Gidget some answers and didn't really deny her accusation of him. He reached across the isurface of the bar to squeeze her hand sympathetically, "Been atomized a few times. I get it. I really…really do."

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