1964-09-25 - No Vampires Allowed
Summary: Even Batman takes a night off, right?
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So, much to her protege's shock and (possible) horror, what was a joke turned into a dinner date! Carol suggested a nice and somewhat secluded Italian restaurant for the evening, and considering Bruce tends to be trailed by papparazzi all the time… she also suggested just meeting there. And so she currently waits at the table in the corner, candlelight illuminating her blonde locks as she wears her hair loose tonight. A glass of water sits in front of her, as it looks like she just arrived, always tending to be a little bit early for such things.

….and she was most certainly right. Bruce Wayne arrives in a limo outside of the restaurant originally surrounded by paparazzi until he had his personal security shove them all off as Bruce himself just smiled and waved, playing that persona of the billionare-playboy-philanthropist perfectly. "…thank you, thank you! Now if you'll kindly excuse me, I have a dinner tonight." he says with that classic smile as he enters the restaurant, only briefly returning to his eternal deadpan expression. He is shown wear to go by the standing waitress who would be sitting…well everyone. she shows him to Carol, and he gives her a charming smile. He wore a black, two-piece suit with a blue, stylished striped tie. He also wore dark shoes that were polished, and clearly made by tailors for the upper echelon of wealth, alongside a faaaancy silver watch on his right wrist. Taking a seat at the table, he smiles to Carol.

"I expected, but was hoping you wouldn't be so early." he says with a grin, returning to his more Batman like personality. "You look outstanding tonight."

Carol grins, "Well, so do you Bruce. I have to say, I like the suit." She chuckles a bit, and shrugs, "Can't help it, it's a habit from my spy days." Which aren't exactly over, but that's neither here nor there. She then chuckles a bit, "I don't think Kamala was quite expecting me to be quite so liberated as to ask you out first. Or really, ask anyone." She looks moderately amused at that, "But I thought it'd be nice to see you socially, instead of just during business." Since, well, that's really what they do. Not exactly normal business, mind… but it's work.

Bruce would chuckle slightly "Thank you thank you, though I feel I pale in comparison." he says with a little flirtateous gleam in his eye. What? he couldn't flirt with a beautiful woman in an Italian restaurant? "Kamala is an interesting one to say the least…she does seem to idolize you. Though I wasn't expecting her to act the way she did when she found out we were going on a date." he smiles to her faintly. "Likewise, Carol. One of the reasons why I accepted. There are times when I would rather just talk to learn about a person than to run an investigation." he winks at her a little. "Regardless, it's good to see you. Happy to be here. I hope I'm not so on time that you've ordered already?" he teases a little with some teasing humor.

Carol laughs, "No, was waiting for you. Kamala is… well, whatever happened to her to give her powers just happened. Like, a week ago, if that. I think she's still getting used to it." She blushes very slightly, "And she was apparently the head of my Newark fan club. I didn't even know I had a fan club, let alone one in Newark." Her eyes dance a bit, then she sips her water, "Well, what exactly were you hoping to learn, Bruce?" Now that she's at ease, she does have that Bahston accent, which gives one clue as to where she's from originally, at least.

Bruce smiles to her "Happy to hear it. I haven't seen her capabilities, and she seems hesitant to use them." he spoke straight to the point, likely after reading body language and the like. "Well, heroes tend to be the inspiration for much of the youth. You've had your fair share of heroism, so having a fan club dedicated to you isn't much of a surprise." he does his infamous grin "hmm what was I hoping to learn? Well…" he listens to her closely, already possibly realizing she may be from good 'ole Boston Mass, but of course this could be one of a possible multitude of accents she's learned…she did admit she was a spy.

"hmm for starters, you keep talking about having Kree-human hybrid DNA. Was one of your parents Kree? or was there something else that contributed to that?" he asks curiously. "Of course, you don't have to answer that. and I'll answer your questions, to be fair, after all."

Carol smiles back, "It's not a secret, but I'm not sure it's exactly believable. Heck, sometimes I don't think I believe it sometimes. When I was working security for NASA a few years ago, on behalf of SHIELD, I had a run-in with some Kree Infiltrators. And well, there was some gizmo called the Psyche-Magnetron, which gave me my powers." She gives Bruce a wry expression, "I know, it sounds like something Kamala made up, but it's the truth."

Bruce listens carefully to Carol's words before her explanation, offering her a warm smile. "You worked security for NASA? You musth ave been very skilled." and he hears of SHIELD, which he already surmises that's who she spies for… most times, anyway. "hmm Psyche Magnetron? Curious." he listens carefully to her, already reading her facial expressions and other body language techniques to decifer if she was lying or not. "I believe you." he says with a smile, adding with a bit of wit "Maybe she might even try to put it in a comic book." he grins. "Well, you can ask me something now if you wish. I wouldn't want you to feel interrogated." he smiles charmingly.

Carol chuckles, "Well, I won't bother asking you if you're a vampire or not… figured you'd run screaming from all the garlic here if you were." She winks, then adds, "Where'd you get your training? That's… not exactly normal for someone that's a millionaire." She leans forward a bit, looking somewhat curious.

Bruce would grin at Carol when she thankfully refrains from asking if he's a vampire or not. "Appreciated." he answers, and seems charmed by her playful gesture of a wink. Though when asked about where he got his training, Bruce would nod once, before answering "All over the world. Japan, China, Korea, Russia, Siberia, Africa, South America, the Himalayas…a little of everywhere did I perfect my craft." he answers with a smile. "Talking about all of it may keep us here all night." he winks at her then.

Carol grins, "Well, I can think of worse fates…" She chuckles, "So, what next, Bruce?" She tilts her head, waiting for the next question as she sips her water thoughtfully.

Bruce nods faintly "As can I…and trust me, I would know." he nods a few times. "hmmm what next indeed Carol?" he grins to her a moment, watching her body language a little more before he asks "Where are you from, Carol? Your accent is like that of one from Boston. Though given, you could have masked this…you did admit you were a spy here and there." he smiles to her, taking a sip of his own water as their waitress appears to be en route.

Carol laughs, "Yes, normally I hide it when I'm in the mask, or on duty, just to stay in practice. But I'm a nice Catholic girl from Boston, Mass… and I have the Red Sox gear in my room to prove it." She grins, "But yeah, my father was someone who decided that my job in life was to get married and have a bunch of kids, so when I was eighteen I enlisted in the Air Force instead. Flew fighter planes, though never in combat, even though I was the best." And there's the pilot side of her. Ask ten fighter pilots who the best is, and you'll get ten different answers.

Bruce would smile to her a moment, apparently accepting the fact that he was surprisingly right on that note. "Absolutely nothing wrong with being a nice Catholic girl from Boston, Mass." he does frown a moment when she describes that her father decided her purpose was to get married and have babies. "I've always disliked that system. That's why in my company men and women have equal fielding when it comes to positions." he shrugs faintly "Though I'm happy you found a place in the Air Force..and apparently was the best…I wonder how many of your fellow comrades said the same about themselves." he gives her a little wink there, sipping on his water. As the waitress finally arrives, Bruce orders a shrimp alfredo, and even states he'll take the bill for this one. Gentlemanly behavior. though he looks to Carol for her to order her food. She could speak for herself after all. After that was done, Bruce would smile faintly "Now then, what else would you know about yours truly?" he gives her an intrigued expression.

Carol orders the chicken parmesan, herself, and grins at Bruce picking up the tab. Since, well, his pay grade is a bit more than hers, so she's totally fine with that. "Oh, they'd say they were the best, but they'd be wrong." She winks again, "It was in the Air Force that I got the attention of the CIA, then SHIELD. The SHIELD Director liked my drive, and dedication."

Then she hmms, "I have to know… why bats?" She doesn't ask the obvious question of why he does it. She's read his file, and knows what happened to his parents.

Smiling faintly at her choice in order, Bruce would nod "A good choice. They do the sauce just right." he nods in compliment, and when she speaks about how SHIELD liked her drive and dedication, he comments "It'd be most reasonable to take you on with them. It's what I would do." he shrugs faintly.

Then she asked the question about the bats. well it makes sense, it was what everything about him being a hero was based around. "After my parents funeral, I ran off to get away from it all. I fell into a well. I wasn't hurt, nor was the well particularly deep, but it was inhabited by bats. I recalled being afraid, terrified even of creatures who couldn't care less about me other than that I dropped into their home. Thus, I decided that the criminal mind is ruled by fear. Thus did I decide to use my past fear against them. Now? I fear nothing." he smiles faintly. "Hence the bats." he nods a few times.

Carol smiles a bit, her eyes looking sympathetic when the parents get mentioned, then she nods, "Yeah, especially some of the ones we fight. You would think that they'd get ahead further if they put their talents to a constructive use." She shakes her head slightly, then adds, "But that does make sense. Better than being bitten by a radioactive bat or something." Her eyes dance a little at that, as she does tend to keep joking. Just a habit of hers, apparently.

Bruce nods a few times. "You would think so. But that's the problem with a group having powers and another doesnt. At some point, one is going to use it against the other, regardless of who's using what against whom. That's where we come in." and by 'we' he means the hero element in general…which is apparently a rapidly growing population. "I would hope I didn't get bit by a radioactive bat. That would be unfortunate I imagine." he winks at her with a hint of sarcasm. "Hmmm let's see, how about..favorite movie?" he asks curiously, probably just wanting to take a small break from incredible life events. He mainly does this to provide a change of pace that could be unique…or boring. who knows?

Carol hmms, "Honestly, I don't see too many, but I think a sentimental favorite for me would be the Magnificent Seven." She chuckles, "Maybe a bit too grim, but I feel it's not a bad metaphor for what we do. Though hopefully without quite the same ending. Though sometimes I feel like we're in a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World."

Bruce would smile faintly "It's a good movie. My father was always a fan of westerns, and often watched them with me. Though I was more a fan of the Zorro films." he shrugs "But like you, I don't watch to many movies. Haven't rested to watch one in a long time. and I see what you did there, with that reference." he winks softly, and it's not too long until their food arrives! "Thank you, we appreciate it." Bruce nods to the waitress, who kinda gives him that kind of 'please notice my prettiness' kind of look, but Bruce is entirely focused on Carol. he sets his napkin in his lap to avoid food getting all over him, and eats with one hand in his lap, the other holding a fork with his wrist resting against the tables edge. Manners to the extreme apparently enough.

Carol is pretty well-mannered herself, or else she's adaptable for whatever situation. In this case, it's probably the latter, considering her military background. "Yeah, I never really saw too many movies when I was younger. Was always more into sports… I didn't need heartbreak in my movies, I'm a Red Sox fan, I see it all the time." She winks at Bruce, "Honestly, I always would rather read a book than a movie. There's just something about using your own imagination, you know?"

Even though he may not mean to, Bruce makes a mentol note of her demeanor jsut because it's out of habit. He does chuckle at her Red Sox heartbreak line, which she does get a few nods. "Completely understandable." he says as he swallows a piece of his alfredo "…and entirely believable." a wink then. though when she speaks of preferring books to movies, Bruce looks her in the eyes a moment, those ocean blue eyes locking onto hers. "Precisely. Besides, in terms of story content, it's just better. Movies have a specific runtime to adhere to, so everything's jumbled together. but a book? as long as you need it to be with no rush in how fast you get to the end." he smiles.

Carol nods, "Plus, movies are done by committee really, where a book… sure, it's edited, but it a singular vision, and doesn't end up being a mish-mash." She smiles warmly at Bruce, "Actually, I did just finish Lord of the Rings. I don't know if you've had a chance to read it, but it's really interesting."

Bruce would nod to her a few times. "Exactly. Just more you can do with pen and paper than all these visual effects." he chuckles faintly. "I did end up reading the Lord of the Rings. During my travels one of the books came into my possession and I just couldn't set it down. It was a nice relief in between the intensity of it all." he smiless warmly back to her "Fantasy isn't my favorite genre, but it's one I enjoy nonetheless." he keeps his eye contact on her as they continue to converse.

Carol grins a bit, not minding the eye contact as she maintains it, "Maybe it's just the fighter pilot and would-be astronaut in me, but I adore what Isaac Asimov has written too. It's really interesting. Plus, having a woman be the smartest character in his books is a pretty bold choice. Well, it shouldn't be, but it is these days."

Bruce would smile to her a moment, already about half-way done with his meal. Must be that 'eat quick because you still don't know when you'll die' mentality, even though he eats with perfect manners and etiquette. "It's possible it could be. He is a good writer, I've read his works too in my spare time at the Manor." he nods faintly. HAH Batman with freetime. Funny. "Sadly, this is a repressive time. With time, this may change, but for the present, it is something we'll have to deal with for now at least." he smiles faintly to her though. "So then, how long have you been with the Avengers Initiative?"

Carol hmms, "Since about the beginning, really. Cap recruited me to help liaison with SHIELD, then he brought me onto the team wholesale once he saw what I could do." She grins, "I was part of the team that helped take down Doctor Doom. Still can't believe that joker called me fat." Yeah, he had a bad day.

Bruce shakes his head a little "He may have qualities of a leader, but his arrogance and anger tend to lead to his own defeat…that and the occasional mistake of insulting a powered individual." he smiles to her faintly "You have more experience with the team than I. As you know, I only recently joined." he looks around then at that moment. "The Avengers is necessary. I'm happy that the initiative reassembled."

Carol nods, "Yeah, me too. It's nice to be part of a team. Just to know that you aren't in this alone." She smiles a little, "I mean, there's just so much more that a group of people can do, compared to one person."

Nodding lightly Bruce would smile faintly. "Hence why I joined. There's only so much one can do." he sighs a moment. He sees the necessity. Almost everyone he faces now is so much more powerful than him. He does smile warmly to Carol though. "You are a very beautiful woman, Carol." he says with that suave in his voice. He's not above compliments at least.

Carol blushes a bit at that, "Well, I… thank you, Bruce. I have to admit, you fill out that suit rather well." She grins a little, shaking her head as she takes a sip of water, her own plate pretty cleaned off during the conversation. "I have to admit, I was a little surprised that you said yes to the dinner idea the other day. You called my bluff and everything."

Grinning faintly when he sees her blush, Bruce would nod a little when she returns the compliment "Thank you, Carol." He would then take another sip of his own water. Though when she states her surprise, Bruce would nod "I was surprised you turned it into a legitimate offer. I expected you to laugh it off of retract it entirely. I was surprised, as was Kamala." he winks then. "Regardless of how it came to be…I'm happy I'm here with you tonight. It's been awhile since.." he looks around "I've just sat down and ate at a nice restaurant."

Carol grins a bit, "Well, I have to admit, I was a bit curious. I mean, I've done the 'date a millionaire playboy' thing, and honestly? Really overrated." She chuckles, "But that's not you. I mean, you put on the act, but that isn't who you really are."

Bruce tilts his head a bit at her words, figuring he already knew who it was, but is polite in not saying it outright. "Have you now?" he tilts his head faintly "and it really is." he says in agreement. "Very perceptive of you. It's a good cover. No one would naturally suspect Bruce Wayne of nighttime activities aside from idle gossip." he explains his reasoning for claiming his inheritance in that one sentence. He had an immediate interest in this woman, and it showed in his eyes as they returned to greet her own.

Carol chuckles, "Yeah, well, the gossip rags did have Tony Stark and I dating for a few months… his godmother is one of my best friends, in my defense." She shakes her head, "Not exactly my finest hour, but he had his moments. Not many of them, but he did have them." She smiles wryly, "So I guess my going to dinner with the infamous Bruce Wayne will have me painted as a social climber par excellence, no?"

Smiling faintly, Bruce would nod a few times "Who am I to judge?" he shrugs faintly…he didn't really approve of Tony dating ANYONE really due to his personality and character, but decisions will be decisions. "I'm sure he did. Underneath his witty and sarcastic exterior is a good man." he nods, apparently having done his research on him too. "Well, that depends. Would you go on a second date with the aforementioned infamous Bruce Wayne?" which was pretty much his way of asking her out again. "Because surely you would gain such attention." a small wink there as he sips his water, and afterwards, his hands clasp together to rest on the table since his meal was finished.

Carol blinks at the offer, then smiles, "Well, the first date was pretty good… and I'd definitely look forward to the second, Bruce." She chuckles, "What were you thinking?"

Bruce would smile warmly to her, nodding a few times "Well, I would have to say likewise, Carol. I've enjoyed myself tonight." and at her question, Bruce would tilt his head a little "I don't know really. Maybe just a walk through the town? I can dress far more casually to go undetected." he teases faintly, but he was also being serious "Where would the Lady like to go?" he asks her, clearly finding her opinion important in this decision.

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