1964-09-25 - Spats for the Sorcerer
Summary: Strange visits to appreciate the work-in-progress of his order and Gidget learns that Eastern medicine could hold some relief for her headaches.
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Well the weekend was over and needless to say it was back to work! The big show was over and now she could focus on more projects for herself and others. Heck she had already played catch up on a lot of stuff now and was just getting in some final fittings on stuff. Looking over an outfit on a mannequin, she would be on her knees as she was pinning in a hem of something that looked like a waistcoat. That French music was playing softly again in her office and it smelled of…bread int here. Yup…she had her breakfast there as she got there super early. Slowly, the tall young woman would stand as she looked it over. Today she was actually wearing some wide leg pants and just a loose long sleep silk blouse; around her neck though was that strange golden pendant that's become a staple of her wardrobe now…the Eye of Providence in a strange configuration of triangles and circles. Leaning on her desk then she'd peek over the costume and smirked. "….man I miss this…."

Having phoned ahead to the secretary, a miss Gabriella, the good Doctor arrives in short time afterwards. Miraculously short time, given the distance between the office and his Sanctum. Ah, Gates, so useful. Of course, no sight of such a rift in reality, just a sudden appearance from a nearby alleyway and then he makes his way to the receiving desk.

"Gabriella, good morning," says Strange, smooth baritone and silvery charm at his best. A nice cup of tea and nothing incredibly disturbing before 9am has made for a very good morning indeed thus far. He's in a long dark Belstaff with a remarkably crimson-hued scarf about his neck. "Miss Boileau asked me to stop by with shoes, for spats," and he indicates the pair of dress shoes held by a fingertip in each heel's topline. "I have some time to speak with her on the matter. She's in, I presume?" Like as not, his voice can be heard by the fashionista.

Even though in her own world she would lick her lips a bit as she reached over glass of water on her desk. That free hand would go to her temple then as she wince a bit and shook her head. Those headaches just keep getting worse and worse it seemed. Taking a long sip of water she would just give herself a moment, even as she heard that voice.

Clearing her throat she would push herself off of that desk before making her way to the door. Opening it fully, she would smile brightly…pushing aside her own issue currently. "Doctor Strange, come on in…." Chuckling she would step aside to let him in then shut the door after him. Looking to those shoes she'd smile then nodded. "You remembered….perfect…." Licking her lips she'd motion over to the mannequin she had been working on. "It's all pretty much put together….I just need to get you to try it on to see if it needs any tweaking….then I can do all the finishing work and detailing."

Hearing the door open, Strange glances over to see the fashionista herself in residence. "Ah, Miss Boileau. Thank you, I shall." Entering the office, he does lift up the shoes for her to see and nods at her acknowledgement to their presence. The shoes are set upon the seat of one of the guest chairs and he meanders over to the mannequin in question. Bright eyes run along the vision in smoke and fiery accents and he nods to himself before looking at Gidget again. "You've made good progress. I look forwards to seeing it on myself."

A little smirk and he divests himself of the Belstaff, revealing a simple white button-down and black slacks beneath it. The crimson scarf is slung atop the coat with the mental reminder to behave, there are mundanes present! — and the Cloak of Levitation in disguise does indeed remain utterly still.

"Has business been good then?" he asks, working at the buttons from each hook at his cuffs and then from neck down.

"I told you….I'm pretty fast. Fast in the sense of I don't sleep a lot and I'm almost always here." Chuckling a bit she would then would carefully remove that waist coat from the mannequin then walked it back over to the desk. Laying it out gently she'd smooth it out before walking back over to retrieve the pants.

"Oh it's been great. We just had a collection reveal here his past Wednesday for a new designer out of Europe. It was amazing and it was well received for the most part." Stopping for a second she would put a hand to her head then cleared her throat. "Um…I…" Retrieving those pants she'd slowly turn and made her way back over with the pants. "What was I saying…..? Oh yes….the collection. I'm sure they got some business out of it. Some really avant garde costuming and ball gowns….."

Down to a pair of silky shorts in black, Strange nods and listens, glancing up from laying his shirt and now dress pants atop the pile slung across the back of the guest chair.

"Nothing like a successful gathering to grow a business. Congratulations." His smile is warm, professional. On first go the pants, fitted beautifully to the length of legs and for the musculature that sometimes makes the thigh too tight. Afterwards, the waist coat and the good Doctor rolls his shoulders, feeling how it settles on his frame and flicking his brows high.

"Well done," he comments, looking to Gidget. "I'd choose to wear a dress shirt beneath it. Thoughts on the matter?"

Once he was all settled in she would smile brightly as she looked him over. "Thank you! My mentor was very pleased when he heard all the reports on it…." Walking behind him she would smooth out the coat and nodded to herself. "So hopefully that can help him here and the new designer as well…."

Making her way back around him she would tug the front a bit then nodded. "And thank you. How does it all feel? Movement feels good? Anything feel too tight?" Looking up at him then she'd nod. "If you do…I'd wear a Mandarin collar shirt. It will blend nicely with the coat's collar…."

Stepping back she would beam a bit then as she seemed to be excited. "I can not wait to see this completely done. I love it! So…if you can just put on the shoes…." Her hand would go back to her head again as she leaned on the desk. "….god these headaches…." That hand would slowly go down to that pendant on her neck as she cleared her throat. "Sorry."

He sits in the guest chair in order to lace on the dress shoes in question. Scarred fingers deftly draw laces tightly and Gidget is given a pitying smile even as he ties the last of loose bows.

"Don't apologize. I deal with migraines from time to time. I'd recommend aspirin, if you're not opposed to Western medicine." Standing again, Strange pays close attention to how the suit moves with or against the rotation, extention, flexion of joints and limbs.

"The movement seems fine. Not too tight anywhere in particular, though I have had issues with the shoulders in the past with coats, along the back. I sometimes have to make abrupt motions and seams have torn before. Mandarin collar then, noted," he adds, making a deft mental note that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

She'd shake her head a bit then laughed. "Oh trust me….I wish it was time to time. But it's been going on like this for a few weeks and I've never had headaches like this before…." Shrugging she would just sit back as she waited then for him to finish. That hand would slowly reach over that glass of water but it seemed to evade her. Oblivious as she spoke she'd chuckled. "It's like….I'm the world's biggest klutz now and I have non stop headache."

Still grasping she'd look over and frowned. "Like now…I don't even remember being that far from the glass…." It was more to herself than anything but she would just pick up the glass finally and took a sip. Exhaling she would stand back up and motion for him to stand. "Let me get them and see how I did free styling them." And with that she wandered back over to the cutting tables.

He watches her motions and slowly shakes his head. Indeed, something's off inside her brain, neurons misfiring and processing sensory cues incorrectly.

"I'm aware of the irony in my suggesting this, but you should see a doctor if you haven't already," Strange replies as he rises to his feet and walks over to the fashionista.

She'd chuckle a bit as she grabbed those spats and walked back over. "Oh I have…trust me. My friend first told me to go when it started up and it was three days non stop." A shrug then as she waited for him to stand before she would kneel down and adjust the hem on those pants slightly. "They said nothing was wrong….maybe the weather….or allergies…." Moving to sit on her hip she started to put the spats on over his shoes and frowned a bit. "….hrm." Removing one she'd reach up on her desk to snatch off a measuring tape and measured his shoes then. "….I'm sure I'll be fine. I'll stop knocking crap off of stuff eventually….and hopefully it's just the weather…."

The good Doctor rests weight back on his heels, attempting to not loom overtop Gidget as she works at securing the spats to the dress shoes. The pronouncement of the other medical professional has him frowning and folding his arms lightly; he's mindful that the waist coat isn't finished just yet, no need to test said seams with vigorous motions just yet.

"I'll grant that the weather may be uncomfortable for anyone with fall pollen sensitivities, but to have pain ongoing for three days straight is more than a simple allergic reaction. I'd suggest going for a second opinion to another office. Head pain shouldn't be dismissed so casually."

She'd finish what she was doing with those spades, changing some of the pinning places before standing up she'd chuckle. "Well….it's been about three weeks now so….yeah." Setting those unfinished spats on her desk she'd just lean on it then. "It's not nonstop at least but at least everyday…."

Turning, she'd walk around her desk to a notepad to make some notes then. "And….this is for near Halloween correct. I should have it done by end of next week…."

"Yes. I'd prefer to have it by the weekend before the holiday itself, if this is possible," Strange says, remaining where he stands for the moment, arms still loosely folded across his chest. He's still categorizing how the full suit fits on him, attempting to find any foibles before leaving — there's the suspicion that Gidget will do her utmost best to make it an impeccable product if he can figure these things out.

"Have you tried any Eastern medicine yet? Any tea or acupuncture? There are wonders to be accessed if you haven't." The man would be the one to suggest this with hearty amounts of experience, well and truly.

"If that's the case….." Tapping her pencil on her chin gently, Gidget would then just nod. "I'm going to get it done by Monday. I don't have any other customs that need my direct attention so it's completely doable…." Smiling over at him she would then tilt her head a bit. "Have? No not yet. I've already read about it but never knew where to go…." Laughing she would just move back over to him to help out of the coat. "It seems super awesome but heck….I need to find people that do it and make the time…."

"If you're even in Greenwich Village, look up O'Riley's Tea Shop. Order a chamomile blend, with feverfew, and stir in raw manuka honey." Strange nods, shrugging a shoulder to help the fashionista in removing the waist coat from his torso, revealing the lean musculature once more. "It may take the edge from your symptoms, but it won't remove them entirely. I drink the blend myself after long days at my own tasks." Mind, he has a specific blend for the worst of the migraines that contains herbs from beyond this reality entirely.

"Shall I stop by again on Monday or wait for your call on the matter?" he asks, working his way out of the pants as well.

"Chamomile….O'Riley's. Perfect..I love in Greenwich Village." Writing it down she would then look up at him. "Well Doctor….didn't think you'd be into that stuff. A lot o doctors seem to not really listen to ti…." Gidget would then set her pencil down finally and she smiled. "I say set up an appointment with Gabriella for after lunch on Monday. It will be ready and packed up to go for you then, Doctor….."

Strange fusses with the buttons on the cuffs of his white dress shirt, last thing to go on at this point other than Belstaff and far more worn dress shoes, comfortable and broken in and shined to give them some smartness of look.

"After lunch on Monday then, very good," he murmurs, frowning down at the stubborn circlet. Finally, it slips home in the hole and he flexes arms to settle the shirt further. "I spent many years chasing down the mysteries of Eastern medicine, Miss Boileau. I found my answer in it and more. Consider my suggestion heavily-biased for it." He gives her a faint smile.

"Perfection…." She'd lean on her desk then as she gave him a smile. "And….noted. If you seem to swear by it then I suppose I'll have to give it a shot." Closing her eyes she would put her hand to her necklace and idly toyed with it before looking back to him. "Anyway…..anything else I can do you for before I head out to lunch?"

Retrieving the dress shoes that were required for spat measurements, the good Doctor considers both her and his answer. Finally, he replies,

"Not at the moment. I wish you luck in finding a cure for your headaches. I do understand how debilitating they can be at their worst. If you tell Mrs. O'Riley that I sent you, she may give you a discount on your order. She has a fondness for me that I return with shepherding customers her way. Seems only fair, in the end." Strange pulls his coat back on and the lazy sling of the scarf about his neck somehow ends in something far more exacting and settled. "I'll return on Monday. Good day, Miss Boileau." With a nod, he'll aim to leave the room and be on his way.

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