1964-09-25 - Speedy Fesses Up
Summary: Robbie and Gidget have a small heart to heart.
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Well everyone and left it seem….leaving Robbie to his own demise. Raising her brow she just looked at him a bit and then sighed softly. Feeling his hand on hers she'd just sigh a bit then. "Robbie….." Chuckling a bit she'd just look over at him and tilted her head. "…did you ever….plan on telling me?" That brow was raised as she moved from behind the bar now to stand in front of him. Looking over that….suit she'd just tilted her head then. "And welcome to the club….?" Gidget would blink a few times then. "You mean….Reyes too?!"

Speedball very rarely had much serious to say though the question brought him up short. He extended a hand across the bar top in invitation. "Ummm about that. The last time I told someone who I was? Some big wanna-be villian tried to kill them to draw out a fight to gain points with some bad guy group… and I almost lost my mom. Soooo kinda careful with that stuff. Luke and Robbie knew about me cause I might have not been…entirely honest with you about that gun thing the other day."

She'd stare at him as she was now in front of him. Taking a deep breath she'd chuckle a bit. "I'm not your mom. I'm sure….I would not be on the list of people to use…." Shaking her head she would then nodded. "But I get it….no liabilities right?" Squeezing his hand she'd nod as she looked up at him. "But you're not the only who's dirty little secret I know. And I'm nobody to them…..I wouldn't even worry." Gidget would smile before frowning slightly. "See….this is the second time someone has lied to me…." Sighing she would just shake her head. "…but…I get it…."

Speedball frowned and looked a bit hurt at that, "Hey, be fair. I'm not saying I don't blame you, I'm saying that puts you at risk. Forgiiiiive me if I didn't want to put you in danger. Geeze. And I didn't… lie to you. You asked me if I got shot, I told you I was fine. It's still… the truth." He looked at the now flawed surface of the bar. "I seen a lot of people get hurt, Gidge. It's not… fun."

Gidget would see that frown and would frown right back. "Look…." She took a deep breath and this was probably the most….blunt she'd ever been with anyone honestly. "I could be shot walking down the road….so risks are there." She'd take both of his hands in his now as she stepped up closer to him and stared up at him. "I'm not saying you gotta tell me everything….but…..whether you think it or not I like you….a lot. And the means I'm going to worry." Pausing she would shake her head a bit then as she sighed. "Hell I've been in danger at the rate. I uh…." Now she was about to probably piss him off. "I know about Luke because….I was in here one day and was getting harassed for being. I got mouthy….the pulled a gun. I got shot at….but Luke dealt with it. This was….a while back….before we went out the first time…." Licking her lips she'd shrug a bit then. "And I can't imagine what you see……like my dad…he was in the war so he can't unsee a lot of stuff." Letting go of her hands she'd wrap her arms around his neck and stared up at him. "I appreciate looking out for me…..and fair….you didn't lie. You're right….I'm sorry…"

Speedball furrowed his brow and just hugged her tightly. He squished a cheek against her temple. "New York is so violent. It totally needs to be like sent to its room or… something." He looked at the window in teh front of the bar and shouted not-too loudly, "You're grounded Harlem!" Arching an eyebrow he looked back to teh fashionista, "Better? And I'm… sorry… for how I went about trying to not freak you out. That at lest fair? we can talk about how that came to be another time. This business withthe creepy haunted jewelry has me a lil freaked. How're you right now?"

Feeling that hug she'd blink but then close her eyes she leaned against him. A smile tugged at her lips as she seemed to relax then. "You're funny….." Some of those smaller broken pieces of already broken chair and glass started to float up around the floor a bit. Taking a deep breath she would just lean up against him then. "It's….fine. And I'm sorry for being grumpy about you trying to just….keep me safe…." Clearing her throat she would finally look up at him and chuckled. "You're freaked?" She'd pull down that sweater a bit to show that weird marking on her chest. "How the hell you think I feel? Now I can't even wear my dress you like so much without this weird….tattoo showing…" When she exhaled deeply, those items clattered to the floor, causing her to jump then. Sighing would put her face in her hands then. "….I'm…..I'm fine. My head hurts. I….I feel that weird pressure in my body again. Maybe I just…..need to be locked up somewhere…"

Speedball hrmmmed swaying in place, because it was ridiculous, because he wanted to, because he could and it might make her laugh. "I might… know some people that might have a place to go while this gets figured out. I can talk to teh bossman, or Cap. about some place to recover. In all honesty I might have a couple people that I know that cooooould possibly have an answer to help you out. I might know a crazy talented extra planaer sorceress. Might be able to tell us what that necklace was or did or…Gidget… we'll make sure you're okay. Whatever else is going on you don't have tacle it alone, okay?"

At the swaying she'd chuckle a bit as she then looked up at him. There was a slight look of worry then. "….wait….um…." Now her face held a little bit of panic as she heard that. "I…." There was an actual fear in her eyes as she heard all of this. It was definitely overwhelming. "…thank you, Robbie…." Looking at the floor she'd then put her face on his chest and finally started to let go. Crying she would just sob then. "…what is happening to me….? I'm scared!" And as soon as she said that, that golden barrier….that force fieled appeared around both of them this time as she sobbed. "…I don't even want to go home…what if I trash the place….?"

Speedball noted the bubble come up and just hoped this wasn't going to ruin the floor. Man, Luke had no luck at all. He made a point to borrow a floor sander. "Woah, woooooah Gidget, it's okay. If we blow up we blow up. If we don't… well… better. I don't… I dunno what's happening to you. What we can do is try to calm down and if I need to tell you wildly inappropriate jokes to distract you I'll do it for…" He placed a hand over his check, "For your sake and the well being of the bar. I know. It's one of the many skills I bring to teh able. Just… we'll figure it out. On the upshot? Not the worst we seen. I mean you're not trying to consume all of reality. That's pretty decent of ya."

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