1964-09-26 - Boss is Back
Summary: Pepper ducks into Bruce's office to drop off a file and stumbles on her boss. They share some pleasant catching up
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It would be a late afternoon, almost early evening in the day, with the night shifters starting to pull in for work. Yet even at this time of day, New York is still very much alive. traffic is neverending, people still honk their horns at each other, but more importantly, Wayne Enterprises is still on the clock. Everyone's still trying to get from point A to point B.

Bruce Wayne, however, would be in his office with his hands in his pant pockets, and looking out the window. He wore a gray, two piece suit with a stylishly striped black tie with white stripes. He also wore a -fancy- and expensive looking gold watch on his right wrist, as well as perfectly polished Oxfords that in terms of appearance are clearly for the upper echelon of wealth. Bruce Wayne stares out the window, clearly contemplating something as he watches the city bustle below.

Pepper knew he travelled a lot. There would be stretches of weeks she wouldn't see him in the past, but that was being CEO of a business. And whatever else he got up to. She never questioned it, she simply kept the company together financially, made what excuses to the board were necessary (she got very good at that with Tony) and would always bring him the reports when he returned. With the third quarter wrapping up, the final projects in hand and Bruce in the office, she decided to drop them on his desk personally.

Of course, she didn't necessarily expect him to be in this late. She was a woman, she had to work twice as hard ot prove herself worthy, so she always stayed that late. The rest of the male execs never did — they had wives and children that needed them. So, she's used to being alone in the executive hall. She knocks to be polite but then just pushes her way in, thinking herself alone. SHe jumps a touch as she sees him, "Oh!… Mr. Wayne. I…I didn't realize you'd still be in. I'm sorry. I…I have the final quarter projections…" She motions to the stack of a ledger in her hand. She's clearly at the end of her day, no more meetings, as her suit jacket is off as are her heels. She's walking in bare stockinged feet, tailored red skirt and white satin camisole.

Thankfully enough, Bruce while the time was near, it wasn't quite time yet for him to run off for his nighttime activities. Though when Pepper walks in, Bruce gives her a warm smile, even as she jumps a tad and explains herself, though he himself barely reacts in any kind of startled way. Instead, he turns to face her, a small nod of appreciation from the CEO.

"Thank you, Ms. Potts. Though please, no need to apologize, you didn't know. You can just place it on my desk if you wish." he approaches her lightly, looking at her appearance, though nothing judgemental. "You look nice. Albeit relaxed. It's a nice look for you Pepper." he smiles to her "Thank you for the reports. I'll go over them in a moment. How are you?"

"I…ah…I really thought everyone had gone home. I…I'd never leave my office like this during business hours, Mr. Wayne, I swear!" The redhead half stammers out, her heart in her throat and cheeks heated with firm embarrassment. But she has come this far, so she pads the rest of the way across the room and slips her ledgers down upon his desk to be studied at a later point. Arms now free she pushes one hand back through her hair, trying to look far more put together and proper than she feels. "I..I've been here since seven. I just thought I'd relax a bit. Truly. It… well… Thanks…" Only now does her mind realize he said she looks nice. SHe gives him an even deeper blushing smile. "I'm fine, sir. Stock has steadily increased over the year, everyone seems content with that, most of the growling and death threats have stopped, so… I'll take all of that as a win."

Listening to her even as she stammers, Bruce would give her a warm smile, nodding when she placed the reports on his desk. Though Wayne would shake his head a litle at her stammered words "Pepper, it's okay. I know you well enough, or I'd like to think. Calm.." he smiles to her, making a hand gesture to maybe take a breath, especially when she tries to fix herself a little. "You're a hard worker, Ms. Potts. You're allowed to relax a little." Bruce would chuckle a little. "My pleasure. Now then, that's good news. Though I'd be disappointed if we didn't have death threats and growling to begin with. Happy to hear it's died down..well done." he nods to her. "A win is a win Ms. Potts. I'll be sure to remember your success in the next board meeting." he says with a charming grin, perhaps saying so to see how she'd respond, his hands returning to his pockets.

"Oh, that's not necessary. Just let the numbers speak for themselves, really. We don't need to rub it in their faces any more than the stock market is." Pepper states flatly, a flash of a grin crossing her mostly unpainted lips — that perfect red lipstick has worn off over the day, so she looks somehow younger for it. Not armed to the teeth with her war paint.

"…How was your last trip? I try not to bother you when you're traveling. We've got things here mostly handled anyway." There hadn't been much time for them to well get to know each other. A stolen dinner or two right at the beginning, some late night business meetings when she was first taking over as CFO, but she's run things without his direct guidance ever since. That was why he hired her, after all.

Bruce would chuckle faintly at her response, though she earned more respect because of it. "Oh if you say so. I just wanted to see the look on the COO's face." he laughs a little, running a hand through his jet black hair before stroking his light beard faintly. He noticed her lipstick, a testament to her dedication to work rather than appearance, Bruce would nod faintly at her words.

"It was nice, more working than relaxing than I would have liked, but that's the name of the game.;and don't worry, I know I leave things in good hands whenever I go somewhere." he smiles, stating his confidence in his chief-team. "You all do good work, after all." he crosses his arms "Though the food was extraordinary."

"The food? Where did you go this time?" Pepper asks, relaxing inch by inch a bit more. The last thing she really had to do was put that report on his desk, so she's not rushing out and back to emergency work, but she also doesn't really know how to go home from work any time before 8 pm. It simply doesn't happen in her mind.

She does, however, make her way over to the coffee pot in his office. She peers inside, "…should I ask how fresh this is?" She inquires with an arch of a brow, perhaps planning on putting in a late night no matter what. "And of course we do good work. You hired us for that reason. So you could go on these things and not worry. I know the play boy guise is… Just that. I know it very well. Doesn't mean I'm going to tell anyone else." She smirks teasingly.

Bruce would chuckle faintly to Pepper "A place called Genji Steakhouse. Probably some of the best oriental food I've ever had if you could believe it. Highly recommended." he nods a few times. Though when she walks over to the coffee, Bruce would nod a little "It's fairly fresh. You may have a cup if you like." he nods to her. "Already planning on a late night?" he asks teasingly, and he nods a little. "I did. and I still have that confidence in you." though when she states that she knows that his play boy guise is just a guise, Bruce would smile "Whatever do you mean?" he gives her a small wink before he pushes off the desk to stand up straight. "Hmm…Though I do plan to depart here in a little bit. Going to go check on a few things at the Manor."

The offer of the coffee gets a thankful nod and Pepper pours them both a cup. He might have not have asked, but she remembers exactly how he likes it and it's rude to just pour herself a cup alone. She sets the cup in front of him and then scoops up her own, leaning her hip to the side against one of the chairs in his office. "I…suppose I can get started on next quarters financial's, really. This was the big project for the end of the month and… it's done." Pepper gives a half embarrassed smile, "Just not much of anything to do at home, so I might as well work. Keeps the mind sharp. Don't let me keep you, Bruce, though. I've already held you up."

When Pepper makes him a cup, Bruce would give her a warm smile. "Thank you Ms. Potts, you didn't have to do that." he gives her a thankful smile, before nodding a few times. "Have you ever taken a day off, Pepper?" he asks curiously. then she answers him when she says she doesnt have much to do at home. "You could always grab dinner or something or other." he laughs faintly. "and I think I'll enjoy a conversation with you before I head out, if you'll indulge me." he smiles faintly.

"Of…of course. I just didn't wish to keep you." Pepper responds warmly, but she doesn't seem too eager to run out of his office either, so she sinks her hip a bit deeper into leaning her hip on the back of that chair, both her hands now nursed around the coffee cup in front of her. "And…I'm sure I took a… day or two off at some point this summer. Doesn't look good to take time off in the first few years and really, it's not like I've a family who needs me there. So, don't worry about it. Truly." Pepper insists, even if it sounds like she's making excuses even in her own head. She keeps her smile in place and raises her mug of coffee to him in a silent toast before taking a long sip.

Bruce gives her a kind smile, chuckling faintly "It's just the Manor. It'll still be there in a few minutes." he chuckles a little in humor. "So you take days off and then do nothing? Not go see a nice movie, or maybe pay a dear friend a visit?" he says more teasingly than anything, but he does seem pleased that she seems to relax. "It is nice to see you actually relax, Pepper." he smiles to her warmly. "Even you could use a day off now and then, even if it's for something as boring as sleep." he smiles to her. Sipping his coffee again. Seems he was in the business of improving spirits today.

"…Sleep. Psh. Rather overrated and annoying, if I say so myself." Pepper mock rolls her eyes, half dismissing the thought. But the rest of the questions get a slight shrug of her shoulders, "…Tony… he took me out to a few galas this summer. I've had some *evenings* off. It just hasn't been a priority, you know? I'm certain you are no better at taking time off than I am. I just don't know what you *do* with all that time you're not here."

That's the danger of hiring someone as whip-crack smart as Pepper Potts. SHe's good at reading people. She's well read that Bruce isn't the careless, drunk rich man that some of the press thinks. She knows when he's in office and not. She's smart enough to realize she's missing a piece, she just has no clue what that piece is.

His blue hues lock onto Pepper's own eyes as Bruce considers her words a moment as he sips tea. "Sleep is a good ally, yet it can be a little annoying. Causes people to come in late for work and be a little grouchy the whole day." he winks faintly, and when she states that she didn't know what he did with his time, he plays it off with that infamous smirk of his. "Well, I drive a car around, consider taking a few pals and go on a yaht…I really do whatever comes to mind. Sometimes I play cards with Alfred." he references his butler. He does wink at her a little bit. "You are a smart woman, Pepper Potts. More than people give you credit." he reads her composure and how her eyes dance a little. "Other than that..I'm here." he says with a little laugh.

One arm tucks itself beneath her other, that free hand holding her mug of coffee. Pepper stares at him across the rim of the mug, studying that handsome, supposedly careless expression just a bit deeper. Especially as he goes into his activities. Her head tilts just a bit to the side, sending a spill of red waves over her shapely shoulder. "Mm… you… strike me as the type of man who'd get rather bored on a yacht rather quickly. Maybe not… but…" Pepper shakes her head slightly. She is smart and not buying it, but she doesn't push it further. "Well, I look forward to seeing you in the office a bit more."

Chuckling faintly, Bruce would nod once or twice to Pepper "You're right, I do tend to get bored on yahts rather quickly. I mainly go by myself for the peace and quiet." he nods a few times. "I look forward to hearing of your reports." he looks to the stack on his desk with a small laugh and a sip of the coffee. "But, we'll see what time does yes?" he gives her a small wink.

One last, deep gulp of her coffee and Pepper straightens up a bit again, giving him a more open, quiet smile. "Yes, well… I should get back to it. Finish up the last few things for tonight and get home myself. I'm…glad to see you back, boss. It's not the same when you're not here. You know how to find me if you need anything. You can call me at home too… I promise I won't be out doing anything too exciting." Pepper gives him a small wink, and then turns to move towards the exit, padding on tired stockinged feet with just a bit of sway to her step.

Bruce gives her a warm smile. "Very well Pepper. I'm glad to be back." he checks his watch "Time for me to run off too…" then Pepper talks about him being completely free to call her and the like, and he gives her that smirk. "I'll certainly see about that Ms. Potts." and he gives her a little smirk as she walks out. "You have a nice night Ms. Potts." he sips his tea, looking out the window a moment. How lucky he must be.

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