1964-09-26 - Girl and Coffee Talk
Summary: The Janes meet up at PJ Clarke's to discuss girl things!
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P.J. Clarks. It's been around since 1912, and is the oldest and one of the best shops in Manhattan. College kids go there to hang out. And when someone needs to talk about problems and things, it's where they go. MJ's phone rang just after breakfast this morning and on the other end of the line was Kamala.

"MJ? Hey, it's Mala? You know.. Gwen's friend?" she asks quietly. "I know this all awkward and stuff, but I can't get a hold of anyone and I just need someone to talk to for a bit, if that's cool? If so, can we meet at PJs?" She left the message on the answering service and then caught the buses she needed to get to the location, settling at one of the tables with a plain coffee to sip on.

So MJ got the rather cryptic message and, well, she didn't have work or classes this morning for a change, so she decided to go over and meet Kamala. A little intrigued, too, the teen was dressed rather sensibly as she arrives at PJs. Glancing around, she spies out Kamala and goes over to her table, "Hey, Mala, what's up?" She smiles, looking more curious than anything else…

Kamala is always dressed sensibly. It's part and parcel with her faith. When MJ arrives, the Pakistani girl rises and grins. "I just wanted to spend some time with a friend. You know. Drink coffee. Gossip. Do girl stuff!" she says with an awkward laugh that belies her nervousness. "Okay, so I'm pretty new to this making friends thing, so I'm trying it out. Don't judge." There's a teasing tone to her voice.

Mary Jane grins, "Yeah, I understand that. You're keeping me from physics homework, and I don't mind that at all Mala." She smiles and takes a seat across from Kamala, looking at her curiously, "Sounds like you have some stuff to gossip about, though." Her eyes seem to twinkle a bit, as she looks moderately intrigued now.

There's a little laugh as she folds her legs into her lap and Kamala sits cross legged in the chair. "I don't know if it's anything you'd be… oh goodness, I don't even know where to begin. I haven't had time to practice with the bass at all, what with my studies and stuff. Anyway. You have a boyfriend, right? I mean.. you're a gorgeous and sweet redhead. Of course you have a boyfriend!"

MJ blushes a little, and laughs, "Well, I do have one, he's very sweet, but he's also crazy busy. We don't see each other as much as we'd like to." She smiles, "He's had a rough life, but he's still amazingly nice, so that's definitely something." She pauses, and looks over at Kamala, "Wait, did you meet a boy that you like?" She grins, just a little bit, seeming to get an idea on what Kamala's called her about… even if it isn't the right idea.

"Maybe? I don't know. I've never - you know. Dated before? We've been out for ice cream a couple of times and we held hands for a little bit last night. And it was nice." Kamala shrugs and looks thoughtful, because she's also considering the social norms - but there's something else. "I don't think my family would approve. I mean, they're really strong in the faith. I am as well, even if I have some wiggle room."

Mary Jane hrms a bit, "Well, I'm… not all that religious, I guess, and I'll be honest, I don't know much about Islam." She grins a little sheepishly at that, "But, you know, if you two are happy, maybe find out if they feel the same way about you that you're seeming to feel about them?" She pauses, then smiles a little wider, "How do you feel about them? I mean, do you just feel better when you see them? Like a weight's lifted when they're in the room?"

Kamala considers for a moment. "Yes. That. And just so easy to talk to, you know. We come from different worlds, but always - it seems we just get along." she sighs in thought. "I just don't want to ask and scare them, you know? What if they don't like me that way? What if I'm just reading it all wrong. I mean - I'm not all that.. special or attractive. I'm just me."

MJ pffts at that, "Don't say that, Mala. You are special. But hey, if you don't ask, then you'll never know… and then you might just end up missing out on something that could have been great." She looks at Kamala, "But it sounds like you should open up a bit to them. You never know what they'll say. And it sounds like they might be liking you too."

"Maybe. We'll see. Anyway!" Kamala grins a bit and bounces in her seat excitedly. "I'm just so.. I've never been around this many people, and it's really neat. And I just want to feel things out and all these new experiences. And.. for the first time. I feel.. accepted. I've always been judged. Because I'm dark skinned. Because I'm Muslim. And this person makes me feel.. pretty."

Mary Jane smiles, "Well, I think you are, 'mala, but I'm just glad that you're making new friends. And I'm glad I'm one of them too." She grins, "And if you need any help with learning the bass, let me know."

"You're totally one of my best friends." Kamala says with a firm nod of her head. "..and I am so going to need help. I sound like a complete square when I try to play. Maybe it's not a good idea."

MJ smiles gently at Kamala, "Hey, look, the trick to being on stage? It's confidence. Just make yourself believe you belong there. And you do, 'mala, I'm sure of it. Let's get a little practice in and see how it's coming, before we make any decisions about that, okay?" She pauses, "Um, you hanging out with us isn't causing a problem with your parents or anything, is it? You said they were pretty traditional…" Not that she knows what the traditions are, but she is willing to learn at least.

There's a momentary pensive chew of Kamala's lower lip as the young woman considers the question before her. "That is the other problem. And it's a big one." she admits quietly as she folds her hands on the table. "Islamic music.. well, it's mostly in the praise of Allah." she explains quietly. "In the strongest sense - among those that are secular and follow the strictest of Islam, an instrument of any kind in music is haram."

"However, some of the great philosphers have said that instruments are permissible at times." She sighs. "Abu and Ammi? Myself? My brother? We are all of the faith. My brother; he is stronger in it than I am. But I stil choose to follow Muhammad in my own way. I can try this - it is not haram, but at some point, I will want to introduce you to the musical influences in my life. You may be bored to tears - but it is what I grew up with. My parents do not allow Elvis or the Beatles in our home - but they permit me to listen. As long as I follow their rules with it. If that makes sense? Probably not, but it's what I do, you know?"

MJ and Mala are sitting at a small table outside of PJ Clarke's. Mala has a coffee, because she's fasting. Again.

The Infidel Machine, red and gleaming, pulls into the nearby parking lot. The girl behind the driver's seat gets out, looking like a biker girl from The Wild One. She stretches, then strolls towards PJ Clarke's, smiling as she spots MJ and Kamala, walking over to them. "Hey there, fellow Janes." She smirks. She likes the sound of that.

Mary Jane nods, "Well, yeah, we don't want to cause any problems with that, for sure. And I'd love to take the time to listen to some of that music, too, 'mala. But, well, let's see how it goes, and how much you feel comfortable with…" She then grins and glances up towards Gwen, "Hey Gwen, how's it going?" She scoots over in the booth, giving Gwen space to sit down with the pair.

"As long as you don't try to use the garage as a studio, I think we are good. And allow me to remained.. well.. who I am. True to myself, you know?" Kamala grins back at Mary Jane, before she notices Gwen and gives a wave to blonde. "Salam!" she greets sleepily, nursing her coffee. "I'd welcome you with a hug but I went out on a long run and exercise early this morning and I'm totally thrashed." There's a swift smile offered. "We were just discussing the band.. and well, what I can do as far as music goes. I come with a lot of strings." She glances down with the quiet admission.

Gwen shrugs. "Good. Guitars need strings." She winks. "I would have been around more often, but I've…had an interesting development."

Gwen sits down next to Kamala, giving her a wry smile. "Anyway…it seems I'm involved in a little international INNNtrigue. I came across a girl from North Korea. Apparently her parents sent her here to escape the regime. So, I'm helping her and she's going to make an official declaration that she is seeking political asylum and wishes to defect."

MJ grins, "Really? That's very cool news! How'd you run into her?!?" She looks a bit surprised at that, then adds to Kamala, "And hey, we're not asking you to change anything… except learning to play bass. We wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable with anything we do on stage, okay?"

"Okay.." Kamala starts to say and then when Gwen speaks up, the girl blinks a little, her brown eyes wide. "That's.. wow. Sure she's not a spy?" she asks playfully, before shaking her head. "I've heard stories about bad things in North Korea. I'm glad she's okay."

Gwen smiles and nods. "She's a little new to America. I ran into her while I was checking out places for flyers and such."
Technically true.
"I made a deposit at the bank…" Foiling the robbery. "…passed by a couple in a breezeway…" While the guy was mugging the girl. "…and picked up something at the bodega nearby." Like two gun-toting crooks.

Mary Jane gives Gwen a wry look, "Well, that sounds cool. Is she going to be staying with you, or does she have her own place? And… well, hey, if North Korea gets our sheet music I'm gonna be really cheesed at you Gwen." She winks at the blonde, then takes a sip from her coffee.

Gwen grins. "Yeah. The Great Leader would probably claim unicorns gave him the music. No, she's got nobody." The grin slips a few notches. "I get the feeling her parents are gone. Real gone. And…well, there's enough room for her to stay in the guest room. I guess I'll just move my stuff to the attic. Heck, she can probably wear my cast-offs." She sighs. "She seems…strangely fragile. A friend of my dad's is ramrodding a green card application through the system."

MJ blinks, "'Strangely' fragile? She grew up in North Korea, Gwen… that would probably make anyone fragile. And heck, that's a lot of culture shock. Did you want a hand with anything?"

Gwen thinks for a moment. "Yeah. Be a little understanding. She's had a tough life. When I brought her home, I got a strange vibe from her. Like I was her hero." She smiles crookedly. "Imagine that, being anyone's hero."

Kamala had to get up for a moment. When she returns, she's carrying fresh coffees for everyone. "Is she going to be in the band as well?" comes the question as the young woman sets down the coffees and retakes her place between MJ and Gwen. "And are you going to find her a date?" she teases.

Mary Jane grins, "Excellent questions. Though we could see if she's musically inclined…" She pauses, then looks at Gwen, "But knowing you, that's been done already. And I'm pretty sure you'd be great at being someone's hero anyway Gwen."

Gwen smiles wryly. "I don't want to toss her into the rock-and-roll lifestyle just yet. She might make a good roadie, but I met her only two days ago. I want her to get settled, get accustomed to American life before I start making any demands out of her. Otherwise, she might think I'm liberating her from one work camp to put her in another." She looks down. "As for a date, she…I don't think so. I feel like her big sister, and I'm a cop's daughter to boot. Imagine what any potential date would have to deal with. I worry someone would take advantage of her,."

"Good, you are already learning." Kamala says with a laugh as MJ has to excuse herself, and glances aside to Gwen. "Did you know she had a boyfriend? I didn't know she had a boyfriend. Totally stuck my foot in my mouth. Because she said they don't see each other all that much."

Gwen chuckles sadly. "Yes…Peter Parker." There is a note of wistfulness in her voice. "He and I went out, when we were younger. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be for us." She shrugs. "Life goes on. I thought he was stuck up, but it turned out he was just shy. Dad thought the world of him."

"Oh. Awkward." Kamala admits as she ducks her head. "Well, nothing to worry about from me on that!" she says with a brightening smile. "Also. My shoe leather? Totally halah for all the times I've stuck my foot in my mouth today." she decrees.

Gwen chuckles. "Relax. I'm not going to give you a hard time for stuff you didn't know. No prima donnas in this band. Listen, I'd like you to head down to the music store with me sometimes. We can pick up some music sheets, and you can learn how to play bass."

"Definetly sounds like a plan. Also.. I'm gonna be a little busy.." Kamala smirks a little. "Ammi is on me because I'm getting a little pudge around the middle and she thinks I should exercise more. So I'm going to be doing some early morning training - not just jogging in the like, but I met someone that wants to help me learn some self-defense, too."

Gwen nodded. "Yeah. Dad had me learn self-defense when I was 11. Basic stuff, though. I should work on something more advanced. Hey, if you ever need an exercise partner, let me know."

"I will! I just figured you were busy. You know. The house, the band, and now a house guest!" Kamala grins. "Pretty soon you'll have a houseful of people and I'll wonder if you've opened your own school to wayward girls." she teases with a wink.

Glancing down at her watch, Kamala realizes what time it is. "Oh goodness, I'm going to be late to class. I should get going!" Reaching over, Kamala gives Gwen a quick and affectionate hug before rising from her seat. "I'll see you later!" she promises, before heading off quickly, carrying her book bag over her shoulder.

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