1964-09-26 - It's Your Choice
Summary: Luke pays the exploding girl a visit….
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Well Gidget was definitely hiding to say the least as she stayed in her studio. After yesterday's shenanigans, she took a few sleeping aids to knock her out. Gwen had stopped by the talk to her…coach her….help her. Licking her lips she would blink a bit then as she slowly woke up still in that oversized t-shirt. Running her hands through her messy hair, she'd look at her broken privacy screen and just flopped back on the bed…..glancing at the mess around her apartment. "….great…."

*Knock Knock*. There is a light rapping on the door of the apartment as Luke waits on the other side, arms folded as he drums his fingers against his bicep. "Gidge? You in there?"

"….aw hell…" She'd whisper as she cleared her throat then hopping out of bed. "Um! One second!" He could hear rustling as she tried to pick up the mess around her apartment but all it did was fluster her. Before she knew it that front door would fly open as she was bent over her bed trying to pick up something. Slowly, she'd look over to him and grinned slightly. "….morning?"

Luke Cage arches a brow and laughs. "Well, good morning to you too. I've heard of being able to see a full moon during the daytime, but I must say this beats any celestial view in my book."

Luke grins, walking inside and shutting the door behind him. "You doing' ok? Seem to be less explody at least."

Blushing she would frown a bit as she folded her arms. "Flatterer….." She'd clear her throat as she started to picked up that broke floor screen, only to have it fall apart on her. "….ugh!" Licking her lips she would just drop and threw her hands up in the air! "I give up!" That screen then moved up into the air and slammed into the wall behind her. Slowly she'd turn and looked at it, even more shattered and she just took a deep breath.

Looking back to Luke she would try to stay calm now. "….I'm….I don't know. I mean…I can't…control this crap." Taking a deep breath she'd just shake her head. "…she thinks it's my emotions control it…."

Grinning, Luke continues to check out her ass until she stand up and he can't anymore. Nodding, Luke leans against the wall as he folds his arms again. "It'll likely take some time. When I first had my 'accident' I couldn't control things either. I'd go to open up a door and crush the doorknob, or rip it off it's hinges. With practice comes control." He shrugs a shoulder, lifting it up into the air before lowering it again. "She who? That chick that was at the bar? She seemed to know something, anyway. What's her story?"

She'd stick her tongue out at him then laughed as she walked over to him. "You just wanna keep staring at my ass….as if you haven't seen it before…." Chuckling she would finally sight as she stood in front of him. "Dude this is….this is too much. I even went to the doctors for the headaches and they said….it was nothing." Of course when he mentioned Gwen she'd go quiet for a bit then shrugged. "Gwen? Um….." Trailing off she would just shake her head. "She's just a really good friend….helped me find some clients. Apparently when we were here….something moved while we were talking but I thought she was messing with me…"

"Guilty as charged." says Luke with a nod. "I mean, it's a fine ass. Why wouldn't I want to look at it, and from the sound of things I won't get to see that view anymore. You and Robbie huh?" Luke says with a grin, no hint of jealousy or anything in his voice. "I'm going to assume you didn't tell him about us, and have no plans to do so? Just so I know what not to say."

He cocks his head, "She the one that helped you with that 'side business' you had? The one that you needed to talk to Storm about fabric for? Obviously she has something going on. She's got a pair of legs on her, leaping across a room like that."

Licking her lips she'd just blush even more a bit. "Look….he and I…." Chuckling a bit she would shrug as she ran her fingers through her hair. "No I didn't. I didn't think it was pertinent…..we were just messing around. And I don't really plan on it. But as he said we're just….having fun…" Clearing her throat a bit she'd then smirk. "But all we've done is hold hand and a kiss so…" There was a smile and shrug. "But…I like him so…."

As the topic went back to Gwen she'd frown slightly and shrugged. "She's given me an avenue to make costumes for people….but the costume wasn't for her."

Nodding his head, Luke says "I get it, Gidge. It's all good. You don't need to explain yourself or worry about me. I knew what the deal was, and if your happy, I'm happy for you." He grins, "I won't say anything. Not unless he really pisses me off and I can get a good dig in, anyway."


He nods again as you talk about the costume, "I get the feeling I should drop the subject. This is one of those her secrets are not mine to tell type of things. Got it."

She'd walk up to him and just sighed softly as she put a hand on his chest. "….it would have been cute….you actually had a crush on me. I might have reciprocated……." Was she serious? Joking? Letting out a sigh she would lean in then stopped. "….and don't do that. That'd be weird…" Well of course she knew he was kidding….she hoped he was hiding. Chuckling a bit then she would smile softly. "Pretty much…..I don't out people. Ever."

Luke Cage chuckles softly, his brow arching as she mentions a crush. "Nah, Gidge, I would never do that. Tell him I mean. That isn't my secret to tell, even if I wanted to, it would be yours." He places his hand over hers, lifting it to his lips and kissing the back of it gently. "I just want you to be happy, and if you are happy with Robbie, then who would I be to stand in the way of that? An asshole is what." He grins, "He obviously cares a great deal for you."

Chuckling a bit she would tilt her head then laughed. "I'm kidding. I knew what you were about when we talked about it." Winking playfully she'd just chuckle at him kissing her hand. "Stand in the way? No. Be honest? Yes. But….there is nothing to be honest about…" She'd then raise her brow a bit as she listened to him. "Huh? What do you mean?" Gidget would just chuckle. "How do you even know?"

Luke Cage shrugs a shoulder, lowering her hand and grinning. "You didn't see him yesterday, when you ere having your….episode. He was certainly acting like a man who cares a great deal. Maybe that is just who he is, so you're right. I don't know for sure. Call it intuition."

"No….I didn't. You're right." Chuckling a bit she would then wink a bit. "Yes I did…." She'd go quiet for a moment. "….I could see everything….all at once. Even when I had….exploded or whatever." Licking her lips she'd just shake her head then frowned. "I'm hurt you didn't seem to be more concerned…." Laughing then she'd move away and then turned to her furniture and shrugged. "But I think it's how he is. And….he and I had a long talk about not telling me about…his…stuff…"

Luke Cage smirks, folding his arms over his chest and arching a brow at Gidget. "I was concerned. But your friend Gwen made it sound like you were going to explode…which I guess you did. But I was trying to contain the explosion so everyone didn't explode. Not that I was all that successful on any part of that. Floating around like some damned astronaut in space…"

He looks back to her, "We all have secrets, Gidget. You can't be to hard on the guy. Hell, the only reason you found out about mine is because I was saving your ass."

She'd look up at him then from that sofa and smiled. "Sorry….about that…I got scared…." Licking her lips she would shrug a bit and then chuckled softly. "I won't….I wasn't." Closing her eyes she would lean back and shrug a bit. "He thinks that he can look for some help for me…..find somewhere for me to go where I won't tear up too much stuff…."

Luke shrugs, "No harm, no foul. I would have been scared too. Hell, I was submerged in boiling liquid when shit happened to me, I wasn't a calm and collected individual myself." He drums his fingers on his bicep as he looks to her, "Might not be a bad idea. Find a place to get away, figure out what it is you are dealing with and how to control it away from people so nobody can get hurt accidentally."

She'd shrug a bit as she pulled her knees up to her chest and shrugged. Licking her lips she'd put her head on her knees. "That's what I'm afraid of….hurting people…." Closing her eyes she would just shake her head a bit. "Gwen thinks I could….help….but…..I don't want to do anything bad…."

"Ultimately the choice is yours." says Luke. "There are some folks out there that run around in costumes and do their thing, like that Widow lady you had come by. Others, they aren't so public with their abilities. Like me, for example. Now, I have my own reasons for not just coming out and being a public superhero type, like I am not wearing some silly spandex costume. It ain't my style." He grins. "But nobody can make you do anything, so if you don't want to…don't. Once you learn to control it anyway."

She'd chuckle a bit at the mention of Widow and just laughed. Shaking her head a bit she'd then grin. "Johnny wears spandex…and doesn't hide…." Grinning then she would wink before shrugging a bit. "I don't know. Not sure what I could do with this crap anyway…."

"Yeah, well…I ain't Johnny Storm. Could you just imagine me squeezed into a tight spandex costume? That would just be absurd." Luke snorts. "Hell, you don't even know all you can do yet. It's to early to make any type of decision on that."

There was a wink as she licked her lips a bit then tilted her head. "But maybe I'd like to see you in spandex…." Snickering she would just shrug a bit and sighed softly. "You're right….so right…." Gidget would smile up at him brightly then. "Thank you…for checking on me too."

Luke Cage laughs a full bodied laugh. "Yeah, tell you what. Make me a spandex outfit, and I will wear it once. Only once, because if I do wear it I'm likely to get arrested for causing a scene or something." He rolls his eyes, grinning. He smiles, "Of course, that is what friends do, right?"

Grinning she would stand up and wink. "Promise?" Laughing a bit she blow him a kiss then as she tilted her head. "Now I'm going to have to make you something….and you better wear it…." Standing up she'd wink a moment then watched him. "So…do I get one more kiss since you seem to not be knocking the cobwebs out anymore?"

Luke Cage eyes Gidget with an amused smirk on his lips. "You're serious?" He thinks about it for a moment, then shrugs a shoulder. "Fine. I promise. But you better not end up making me look like some kinda fool."

He smirks again, raising an eyebrow. "You want a kiss, you can come over and get a kiss. I am not going to stop you. As for any leftover cobwebs, I'm pretty sure I got them all. Still, if you want me to check again…" he shrugs, "I mean, you did say you two are just having fun."

She would laugh a bit as she tilted her head. "I think it'd be fun….." Shrugging a bit she'd walk over to him and stopped in front of him. "Oh you're just ridiculous…" Chuckling she'd stare up at him as she licked her lips. "I think you're right." Shrugging then she'd smile. "And I'm going by what he said at the bar but…" Leaning she'd stop short and smiled. "….I probably shouldn't."

Luke Cage smiles, lifting a hand to her chin and using his fingers to tilt her face up towards his. "Probably not." he mutters, before lowering his lips to press against hers softly in a slow and gentle kiss. "But the fact you have to stop and think about it means it isn't that serious…not yet."

Chuckling she would raise her brow a bit and smiled softly. When he kissed her she smiled softly and that mess around her started to float up in the air. Breaking the kiss she would chuckle a bit and looked at him. "I don't know what goes on your guys minds….but…..I don't want to ruin something if I'm wrong, right?"

Luke Cage grins. "No, I don't think you would. And that would be a shitty thing to do on my part if I did it. Robbie is a good kid, and he deserves his shot without some asshole like me screwing things up. You asked for a kiss, and I think we should leave it at that."

Licking her lips a bit she would wink then. "He is a good kid….." Stepping back slowly she'd nod then. "And you're not an asshole…." Shrugging a big she would look around at the stuff and just sighed. "But….I do like him….a good bit so…." She'd pat him on the chest then. "And I know we're just friends….and you'll put up with my crazy self."

Luke grins again, "That's fair. You put up with me, i'll put up with you. Robbie will just have to put up with both of us. Sucks to be him." He laughs.

Taking a deep breath she would close her eyes, trying to calm herself a bit. Slowly, those items would float back down to the floor. "Let's just see if he puts up with me…" Sighing she would chuckle a bit and shook her head. "Let's start placing bets on how I mess this up…"

"Nah…" Luke says shaking his head. "…I'm not in the habit of placing bets on my friends fuckups." He grins, "Robbie seems to be pretty lax. I think he will put up with you just fine." he says with a chuckle. "My advice, just be honest with him about shit. Dishonesty is probably the number one thing that will make things crash and burn, and no…I am not talking about you telling him about us. Us was before him, so that is none of his business."

She'd nod a bit then and chuckled. "I think he's sweet….so I'm trying not to mess up." Then she'd wink and walked back over to her sofa, plopping down on it. "And yeah….I wasn't going to. I never really told anyone at all so…." Gidget gave him a shrug then. "….not like it'd be a whole deal anyway"

Luke Cage nods again. "Well, there it is then." he says with a chuckle. He glances down at his watch, sighing just a little. "I need to get going to prep for opening. The glasses aren't going to wash themselves. Shit, now that would be a power to have. Dishwashing." He grins, "Seriously though, i'm glad you are ok, Gidget. You'll get through this. Oh, and tell your designer friend that I was sorry I missed her thing. That was the night I got all shot up, and got stuck dealing with the cops. By the time I got out and the paperwork was done…it was way to late."

Luke Cage goes home.

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