1964-09-26 - Montauk on Point
Summary: the Royal Guard catches up at the lighthouse, regroups, and makes a new plan
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It had been a couple days since the team had returned to the surface. Most people have laid low and even Max returned to New York and seemed to be 'behaving' as far as that went. Triton returned to Attilan but it was never for long and hit the Atlantic once more to keep communications with Atlantis on the up and up. Tonight Triton reached back out to Corvus meeting him up at the lighthouse as he favoured. It was defensible and you could see who was coming up and listening. Good times.

For his part Corvus is rather prompt. This time he's less obvious about his approach, likely because he isn't Max Sitting. Once at the top he dips his head in greeting, "Triton, it's good to see you. Things are well, all things considered, yes?"

Triton offered a slow nod to Corvus looking as put together as he normally does. The words, though muffled, were as direct as ever. "It's good to see you too, Corvus. I'm working on putting together a team to go back. If… you think you can stand away from your regular detail to work that in. How's New York treating you?" He looked around out the window and back. He didn't have a high opinion on it, but then again he didn't seem to have much of any opinion on it.

"Of course. Just finished up that bow I was toying with, think it'll be useful." Corvus leans against the wall, not seeming to mind getting his suit a little dirty. When asked about the city his gaze turns so he can look off toward it. "It's alright. Nowhere near as nice as when I went to a little town called Macon on a mission. The people are backwards, but the air isn't nearly so unpleasant."

Triton leaned back curious about this development. "Sounds… interesting. I'll be direct. I'm concerned what opportunity people are going to seize with the Kree returning. It didn't go very well last time. I thought we might… discuss impartially. I know we haven't always seen eye to eye but I trust you as rational or at least reasonable, Corvus." His sister? Well less 'unbiased'.

"Like I told Karnak, I don't have any control over who I protect. I serve at the pleasure of the crown, and I also don't believe using the kree to usurp the throne would be proper." Corvus straightens himself back up as the conversation takes the expected serious turn. "If it comes down to it my main concern is protecting the King." Apparently he really was more reasonably than his position might suggest.

Triton tilted his head and offered, "I'm not my sister Corvus. And I do care what happens to my cousin. He didn't have things all wrong but his methods left… much to be desired. Soeaking of method and motive, did you get a final summary of what happened with the findings down below?"

"I won't let the Kree or anybody else hurt him either. Hopefully he doesn't try anything.. but you know how he is." Corvus takes the glasses from his face to clean them with a bit of cloth. "There's still bits and pieces I'm not too certain about."

Triton seemed satisfied with Corvus' answer. Neither of them really got to pick their assignments, though at least Triton was close enough to make suggestions on his. The discussion was…casual as things ever got between old soldiers. "Yeah… yeah I'm aware. If you have questions I'll inform as I can. I know Maximus will have insights for the potential on the army we found, but I have reservations about acting on them."

Chloe walks along the beach, and a tiny merlin falcon circles the air above her. Her steps draw her toward the lighthouse and, with a sudden smile, she makes her way up to it. The falcon cries out, and she holds up a hand for the bird to light upon. The bird perches there, remaining so as she draws closer.

"I find it's best to prepare for the worst when it comes to situations like that." Corvus puts his glasses back on, making sure they're clean before tucking the bit of fabric away. "I won't be making that call though, I'll stand beside the orders I get."

Triton folded his arms and leaned back against one of railings and was about to respond but heard the skree of the Merlin. The Merlin meant Hell-Stabber was not far off. A turn of his scaled & masked head revealed yup, the presumption was correct and a subtle nod indicated to Chloe that it was fine to approach. Old Soldiers meeting grows. "We found a terracotta army in the heart of the shell. It looks like a score of us craved as Accusers and respond to whoever has the hammer - which we have secured in Not-Attilan presently."

Chloe waves to Triton with the hand not hosting the wee, fierce raptor. "Am I interrupting?" she asks, pausing before she draws closer. Corvus is given a curious look and she inclines her head to him. "Sir," she says. Then to Triton, "I was thinking I might take a rest from the beach." As for the merlin, she perches in her drab plumage, looking about with an expression of general disapproval.

Corvus turns his attention to Chloe as she enters. He lifts his own hand in a small wave, "Not at all." Outside of his armor he's not recognizable in the slightest. With his thick glasses and shaggy hair he might as well be a banker or tailor. "Since you two seem acquainted, I'm Corvus. It's nice to meet you."

Triton gestured with clawed, webby finger from Corvus to Chloe. "Corvus, Chloe. She went with us to get us through the shell. Chloe, Corvus; fellow member of the Royal Guard and my cousin's keeper. He helped Maximus build the dive suits you all used." He looked past the beasch to the open water and echoed, "Eh I was thinking of taking a rest from the beach too." In a totally different regard.

Chloe offers a slight bow, not too much so as not to upset the cranky falcon. "Corvus, what a pleasure. Might I not be out of line for saying I don't envy you your task of keeping Prince Maximus." She adds quickly, "I jest." She preens the falcon's feathers with her fingers, and the bird nips her harmlessly. "This is Morganna," she says. "I'm afraid she does bite." The bird doesn't look any bigger than a pigeon.

"It is a full time job." Corvus allows with a small grin. "Good to meet you as well, Morganna." He nods once, looking back to the city. "I've been meaning to get away when I get a chance. Maybe spar. Haven't had much time to recently."

Triton tilted his head and had to give Corvus this one. "Tomorrow, can you make it to the gardens in Attilan, Corvus? We can test what we know. Test out some of your dive gear too. I really think we might benefit from going back. I'll see about getting us clearance for that."

Chloe laughs quietly and says, "He's an interesting fellow." Morganna's eyes lid, and she ruffles her feathers, settling in with her fiercest stance. She is a mighty predator. Chloe strokes her head, unafraid of getting bitten, despite the warning she's given. "If you're at the gardens tomorrow, perhaps we'll meet again. I keep them in as good an order as I can."

"That's one way of putting it." Corvus reaches back and runs his fingers through the hair on the back of his head. "I should be able to make it. I don't get out there often enough. Most of my free time is spent tinkering, but I do my best work in Attilan." That hand drops back to his side and he produces a pack of cigarettes from the pocket of his slacks.

"I've been fortunate, Prince Triton has had me appointed to the palace gardens. I'm afraid I was quite lost until he found me here in New York. I spend most of my days there, coaxing the plants to grow and keeping the pests under control. This one here would help more if I let her." She strokes the bird's head. "But she's quite vicious, I'm afraid, and she leaves a mess."

"Sometimes being vicious makes the work quicker." Corvus lights up one of the cigarettes and takes a drag, making sure to blow the smoke away from Chloe and Morganna. "It's good work to have. I know there are some days I'd almost prefer it over guard duty."

"I'm quite content there," Chloe says with a wistful sigh. The cigarette is noted, but she doesn't seem to mind it. The bird, to be fair, doesn't seem to approve of anything, regardless. "Though I'm sure being a guard has more purpose. Security over pretty grounds, but we ply our talents where we might, yes? Mine is with plants and animals."

"Somebody has to tend to the grounds. I'm sure you work harder than I do." Corvus takes another drag before ashing his cigarette. "I make armor and weapons. But I can sense danger, so I managed to get out of the family business."

"I'm interested in armor," Chloe says. "Not for gardening. The pests aren't that bad." She laughs a little. "But I used to fight a lot, and there's some part of me that likes to be ready." Morganna nibbles at her fingers again, and she murmurs, "I don't have anything for you." She holds her hand aloft and the bird takes flight, off to seek a snack somewhere. Chloe shakes her head, watching the bird go. "Such a brat."

"Have anything in mind?" Corvus watches Moriganna fly off then looks back to Chloe. "I prefer form fitting armor myself. Easier to get away with wearing it under your clothes." There's a pretty good chance he's wearing his now, even if his hands and head aren't covered.

"Form fitting is easier to move in, too," Chloe says. "For me it has been, anyway. "Something I could wear under my clothes, for those times when I'm helping Prince Triton with a mission. Nothing ostentatious." She purses her lips as she gazes out over the beach. "I'm not sure what kinds of enemies we'll face. I'm used to guarding against claw and fang. I suppose it's knives and guns these days."

"Alright, shouldn't be a problem. Won't have to worry about either of those things, for the most part." Corvus looks like he may be about to say something else, but instead a finger rises up to his ear. "Looks like I have to run. I'm sure I'll see you in the gardens though."

Corvus goes home.

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