1964-09-27 - A Simple Hit
Summary: Deathstroke and Ravager go spoil some gangster negotiations. A simple job that gets interrupted by the Batman
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In the always fluid politics of the underground there has been a trend in the last few years. The Kingpin rises, the old families are pushed out. Even the mighty Nefaria have been losing assets and influence.
But the Count criminal empire is vast, and he has many capable lieutenants. He has allies all over the world, ties to Hydra, and deep pockets. Tonight one of his lieutenants is forming an alliance with the fledging Yakuza mafia, which under new direction and with stronger ties to the Pacific gangs is able to bring a large contingent of well-trained soldiers into any conflict.

The Kingpin did not like the idea of having the Yakuza turned on him. So he was willing to send someone to foil this alliance. Bullseye would be the most logical choice, but too close tied to his own name. Some Yakuza leaders would take offense.

Deathstroke will send the appropriate message. Deathstroke means someone is willing to pay a fortune for the alliance to fail.

And Slade thought it was going to be too easy. Easy job, easy money that he doesn't need. He almost told the Kingpin no. But it has been a slow month and his daughter needs training. Why, the only interesting thing the lazy girl has done this month is going to see the Beatles concert.

So he dragged her into this little operation, she gets a 30% and that is not pocket money for Rose. The job does not specify if the gangsters need to die or not, just that the alliance must not happen and message needs to be send. Slade is going to kill half of them, maybe severely injure the rest if they don't run away quickly enough. That should be enough a message.

In consideration for the need of some stealth he has left his heavy plate armor behind and wears dark blue and black chain mail. Still bulletproof. Should be enough. No machine guns or assault rifles either. Just an Uzi and a couple S&W (Model 39). And the sword. The sword is expected. Builds up the brand.

This once he let Ravage pick her own gear.

That assessment isn't totally fair. Rose has done other things this month. She might not be maximizing her full potential, but she did things. But it /is/ true that she needs some source of income. And while working with her father is plenty stressful, there are worse jobs. Especially considering her resume would pretty much be this exact kind of work. For this one? Gearwise, she's going light. A pair or swords. This is dealing with organized crime. It's not a warzone.

It was already in the middle of the night, and Batman was already in full swing. He'd been tracking the Yakuza's and the Count empire's dealings, even leading him to Wilson Fisk. Fisk came later though, as he discovered that a meeting would happen in the Green-wood cemetery. The Dark Knight prepared accordingly. While he's dealt with these two factions on many occasions in terms of fighting them, the Caped Crusader never liked entering a fight unprepared.

And so did he go to the meeting spot, though at a distance, in fact being on one of the green-wood cemetary's tall mausoleums, with binoculars in hand. He activated an extended transmitter to listen in on their conversation when it happened so that he would have all the proof he needed.

He wore his standard dark grey and black batsuit, which was more than bulletproof. it provided assistance for pretty much anything one could suffer damage-wise. he brings along his famous utility belt, because you just never leave the Cave without it. He switches on thermal vision on his cowl to see just how many there were going to be he had guessed anywhere between 10-20 people. The Bat hunts tonight.

Behind the helmet Rose can't see Slade's scowl. There will be a lecture about bringing knives to a gunfight later, and the need to always have a ranged weapon. As usual he feels the girl is not taking it seriously enough.

But it is not a warzone, those are gangsters.

Five Nefarias. One old man and four well-dressed thugs. No visible weapons, but they all should be carrying handguns. They get little respect from Slade, those Made men. Some are a decent shot and the best served in the army, but they rarely have any good hand-to-hand or survival skills. Also, they are too busy watching the Yakuza and not paying attention to the environment.

The Yakuza are different. There are ten of them. Four with the middle-aged leader, to match the four of the Nefaria. Suits, but two have shotguns. Five more have taken positions around the clearing where the meeting is taking place. Those wear dark, loose clothes, and besides handguns they carry short Japanese swords. Wakizashi.

Nice touch. Wakizashi and not katana. It shows respect to tradition. It remains to see if they have traditional training too or are just poseurs. Slade does not recognize their spokesman and that bothers him some. But he might be a newcomer to New York.

"Go left, eliminate the sentinel quietly. Wait my signal," he murmurs to Rose. He moves like a shadow despite his size and the armor. Unfortunately the Wilsons are coming from the opposite direction to Batman and Slade had no chance to spot him even with his enhanced senses. On the other hand Deathstroke is clearly visible to thermal sight.

Rose does go to handle the task as instructed. She's not worried about the look she got for just bringing the swords and even rolls her eyes a little in response. The swords are barely needed as it is as far as she's concerned. They're there for intimidation as much as they are for fighting. Or that was the plan. When she sees that they've got swords too, she actually smiles a little to herself. Maybe she'll be getting more use out of them than she thought. Regardless, she gets moving, moving into position so she can take out the sentinel without anyone noticing her.

Catching every single one of the mobsters from teh Yakuza and the Nefarias, Batman immediately starts making mental notes to start taking down the outer ring of Yakuza sentinels watching over the meeting…but something more peculiar catches his attention.

He spots Deathstroke and Ravager rather easily, narrowing his eyes as he starts to move in, not making a single noise as the Dark Knight moves in on a Sentinel closest to him. If Deathstroke or Ravager was watching closely, they could possibly see a shadow moving -fast-, taking down one of the gunmen with very little difficulty. It was almost like he was gone.

but instead he was just knocked out behind a gravestone as Batman moved further in, staying completely out of sight.

In the quiet darkness of the cemetery the only noise is the muttered conversation between the lead gangsters. One of the Nefarias lits a cigarette, the flame of the match illuminating him briefly.

Deathstroke slides to the guarding Yakuza closest to him. Like Batman, he is quiet as a shadow. Contrarily to Batman, he does not hide what he does. He grabs the smaller man from behind and breaks his neck so quickly he can't even gasp. The lets the body fall down. There is a muffled thud.

One of the Yakuzas in the gathering hears it and turns, lifting his shotgun slowly.

Deathstroke opens fire with the Uzi, stepping out of the Shadows while drawing his sword. The Yakuza falls back, his head exploding in blood. Another short bursts, the Yakuza leaders takes several bullets in the back and goes down.

The Japanese react fast, diving for cover. The Nefarias are slower, they drawing guns before seeking cover. Dumb. Deathstroke nails one right away. The fool with the cigarette shoots back. In the darkness, at fifteen yards, he misses.

Rose got her signal, too. Loud and clear.

Now was the gunfire the signal? Or the shouting of the various groups? It doesn't really matter. This is why Rose got into position ahead of time. So when Deathstroke drew all of their attention, it gives her the perfect opportunity to strike. Blades already drawn, she moves without a word, hurrying up behind them quickly and quietly, letting her precognition take over. If she kicks that one in the knee from behind, he'll turn slightly and his gun will be pointed at his neighbor… which will throw that one and leave him in a perfect position for removing his gun from his hand. At the wrist. And if she's lucky, the sight of that, should be enough to throw off the one she originally attacked. At least enough to make him an easy takedown and to introduce enough chaos into the fight that they won't be able to fight back against Deathstroke.

Narrowing his eyes as gunfire rang out and a few Yakuza went down from a hail of gunfire, Batman moved and he moved fast to attempt to prevent any more loss of life. After all, to him human life, and life itself was sacred. He immediately drew a batarang, and while a fool with a cigarette fires blindly into the darkness at fifteen yards and misses, Batman rarely does. He immediately tosses a batarang in that direction, using the infared mode on his cowl to see Deathstroke, and the Batarang would aim for the muzzle of his weapon, causing it to explode when next fired if it hit.

Batman then moves right into the chaos, dropping a smoke pellet to help cover him. with a spinkick he completely knocks out one of the Nefarias on impact. then he throws another Batarang, this time aimed for Ravager, attempting to clip one of her swords out of her hand! The Dark Knight was seriously multitasking here.

Deathstroke realizes he has lost sight of one of the Yakuza half a second before Batman burst in. He clips the cigarette man in the shoulder, because he is already turning. Yet the batarang still hits the uzi hard enough to send it flying. Impressive use of a boomerang in the darkness. It also identifies who is attacking, of course. Batman. He has heard about Batman.

Things just got a little more interesting. Moving swiftly, Deathstroke charges the remaining men in the main group. A simple punch breaks a jaw, knocking down the last Nefaria. Then he sweeps a broad arc with his broadsword. One of the Yakuza is bold enough to try to parry the vibranium blade with his own sword. He loses the sword and the head.

That leaves Slade a couple yards from Batman, just as Rose maims one of the Yakuzas. Only two or three of the Japanese men are left standing, a couple more are still conscious, but injured. Not even six seconds have passed. "Batman, I suppose," greets Deathstroke.

Is Slade really going to start a conversation with Batman before this is all finished? Whatever. Then again, there's only a handful left of these guys left. She doesn't need the help. Quickly sweeping from one of the Yakuza to the next, she's not looking to kill, but she /is/ moving quickly, trying to take them down in the most efficient way she can. Afterall, Batman has people he works with too and she doesn't want to end up looking like she doesn't measure up. Dodging and weaving, with only 3 left she's going to make this look the best she can while making sure she gets the job finished. Thankfully, after a few seconds of that, the fighting is mercilessly finished. And she didn't even need to kill anyone. Though a few of the guys she went up against probably won't be back in the game any time soon (if ever).

Batman would take down the last few men near him before he comes face to face with Slade. Batman keeps his eyes locked onto him, though he's only vaguely surprised Deathstroke knows who he is. But Batman knew who he was, the mask being a bit of a giveaway. "Deathstroke I presume." he locks eyes with him. Batman didn't kill a single soul, but that didn't make things easier. Batman though doesnt waste time "On a hit? Who sent you." he states, questioning him.

Batman keeps Rose in his peripheal vision, which was perfect, and he automatically has three batarangs to at least keep her distracted, and he does so, throwing all three of them without even looking as those batarangs (though not lethally sharp) would fly at her, and if hit, that would feel like getting hit by a bat (ba dum dsh?) simply by the force of the throw of the dulled weapon.

Deathstroke is indeed starting a conversation.

Gangsters are a dime the dozen. Even competent gangsters able to use swords are not rare. The whole hit was tedious. Rose could take the remaining Yakuza blindfolded. And she is not blindfolded.

A man that can disarm Slade with a boomerang, in the darkness? Now, that is somewhat interesting.

"If you don't know already you are not worth knowing," replies Slade, jumping in the way of the batarangs, slashing two with his sword and catching the third with his left hand. "Who sent -you-?"

Yakuza one takes a sword to his left lung, will spend 4 months in the hospital and 16 in jail, he was wanted for homicide. Yakuza two gets a foot to the face - that is just a broken nose, he will also lose a joint of a finger for failing to protect his boss. Yakuza three faced Rose with a sword and stands her for nearly 12 seconds. Good, traditional training, indeed. He still ends in the hospital.

The batarangs might not make it to Rose, but she's almost disappointed that they never make it there. She's sure she could've dodged them. And how much more impressive would it have looked if she did that? But it doesn't really matter. This is Slade's show and she's going to let him handle things with Batman from here. With their job taken care of, she just plans to hang back and let Slade do the talking. She'll just watch and let them sort out whatever this is going to be.

Batman would crack his neck faintly, happy apparently that no one else died, though it was expected for Deathstroke to be able to counter him. With everyone down, the Dark Knight faces down one of the deadliest men on the planet. When asked who sent him, Batman would narrow his eyes. "Me." then he lunges at Deathstroke with a flying roundhouse kick, quickly engaging in physical combat with him. He sees Rose starting to hang back with a split second of sight, and thus does he not currently consider her an active threat at least.

But Batman does -not- take his attention off of Deathstroke. though he does keep periodically checking to make sure the other opponents are still down.

Indeed, Slade didn't trust Rose would be able to avoid the batarangs and finish the gangsters quickly. They will have to talk later. Maybe there will be yelling involved.

But right now Deathstoke will have to trust Rose can handle the remaining gangsters, because Batman's kick comes surprisingly fast and when he stops it with his forearm, he feels the impact even through his armor.

It maybe Batman has superpowers? Good information on the Bat is very scarce.

Slade responds the kick by sweeping ahead with his sword, aiming for the Dark Knight midsection. "Someone paid for this thing," he points out. Then he tosses the batarang with his left hand. It hits a tree behind Batman and remains stuck there, three inches into the bark.

Batman would note how fast Slade's reaction time was as his kick stops at his forearm, apparently stopping his momentum, but he is -quick-. as soon as he touches the ground, Batman would catch the blade with those hooked fins on his arms to block it, attempting then to rip the blade from Slades hands, and then attempt to whack him with a back elbow strike! Batman wasn't playing around, nor does he ever.

Though he did notice the force of the throw Slade put into the batarang. Superhuman? Batman possibly surmised. "Who. Was it Fisk? He's been toying with the dealings of the Yakuza for a long time now." Batman reveals some of his infamous detective skill and his ability to reach conclusions with only a fraction of what he has.

Batman is lucky Deathstroke didn’t put all his strength behind the slash, because the fins of the glove are not adequate to party his ‘prometium’ sword. They are barely enough to save the Dark Knight forearm.

Still surprising, and Slade gets hit in the head by the forearm blow. His helmet absorbs most of the blow, but he takes a step back, and crouches, going on the defensive for a few seconds.
He is definitely faster and stronger than Batman, but the other man technique is shocking. Slade thought he knew all the fighters in the world that could face him. He was wrong.

"You should know the rules," he growls in response. "I won’t say a name."

There is almost a minute of feints, strikes and counters. Batman lands a few blows. Deathstroke lands a few less, but he hits harder. The outcome of the battle is undecided when the police sirens can be hear in the distance.

Too soon, even though the skirmish was very noisy, they should have had several minutes. Obviously someone told the cops beforehand about the incoming gunfight. Deathstroke seems unfazed, but suddenly he drops a grenade to the ground, at his feet. There is a flash of light and a thunder-like sound. Flashbang. But instead of attacking, he backflips to the top of a mausoleum. Yep, definitely superhuman. Then he jumps down, moving impossibly fast. Deathstroke and Ravage vanish into the night.

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