1964-09-27 - Making the Grades
Summary: Charles and Tessa do a little catching up.
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With all the hectic nature of the lives of mutants, one can sometimes forget that this is, in fact, an actual school. In this case, with the fall starting to creep in around the grounds, most of the students are inside studying as the sun slips down to the horizon earlier and earlier.

Currently, the Professor is sitting in the gazebo, nursing a bottle of beer as he watches that rather spectacular sunset against the picture of the lake. He doesn't seem to have a worry right now… but, well, looks can be very deceiving.

Sage knows that all too well. She's very good at having worries and not showing it. …. Or considering them worries, really. Turned-in quizzes in hand and marking pen behind her ear, she marches outside, determined to take in some air and get away from the noise inside. Some of the students are just far too loud - whether they mean to be or not.

Charles glances over and smiles at Sage, "Good evening. The students were a little restless today. I think it's the excitement of the fall." He gestures, "Care to sit down? It's a little easier here away from all the thoughts of others, I've found." Which explains why he secludes himself out here a fair amount. Or at least, one of the explanations.

"I noticed," she admits, nodding her head. It's not the first time she has decided 'turning off' her telepathy was a wise decision. She had problems with not just.. snatching random thoughts and hearing others. That part ws always hard. She really does not want to go through that in a place like the school. "You seem to come out here fairly frequently, I've noticed," she says, as she pulls herself a chair to Charles' side.

Charles chuckles, "Well, it's nice to get away from things sometimes. I mean, I can screen most of it out, but occasionally it's good to just get back a little closer to nature, and just… well, sense the emotions of the animals on the grounds. It's relaxing, in a way."

Sage sits. Primly as always. "I haven't tried prying," she says simply. "Reading the animals, to clarify." She glances down at her quizzes and begins, shaking her head a little. Then thinks better of it, awarding partial marks. She's teaching beginners here, not students with experience.

Charles hmms, "Well, I don't think it's prying to sense the emotions that they're feeling. I suppose it might be, but I don't delve that deeply. It's definitely a different experience, though they can communicate in their own way." Which is when a starling flaps down to land on the gazebo, not too far from Charles. The bird looks at Charles, chirps out a melody of sorts, then flies off.

Charles Xavier. Professor. Mutant. Disney Character. Who'd have thought it?

She watches, of course. Tessa always watches. Impassively as ever. She does, though, nod at Charles' explanation. "I keep telling myself I will study zoology, perhaps earn a degree in it. But… you know how I am." In other words: there's a lot of things on the list ahead of zoology, and Tessa always, always, always focuses wholly on one thing, ravenously learning absolutely everything she can. "But I don't doubt you're correct. Animals communicate in their own way." With a hand she gestures in the direction of the bird for emphasis.

Charles smiles wryly, "Indeed. There's always something more to learn, from my own experience." He hmms, "How were the students today? No problems at all?" He asks mainly because she expects him to ask, it isn't like he thinks there really would be problems.

Sage considers a moment. "They were fine. I think perhaps they don't know what to make of me." It probably hasn't helped that since her arrival before the new semester, she interacted rarely with students and mostly with staff. "I think they wonder if perhaps I am some kind of robot wearing a human costume."

Charles laughs a bit, "I somehow doubt that's the case. Though I do hope you obey the Three Laws, because otherwise we'll have a rather dire scenario unfold I'm sure." He looks rather amused at the notion.

"Do you?" Tessa tilts her head slightly, looking up from the quizzes in her lap. "What do you think they think?" She hs been - let's be honest - careful when it comes to telepathy talk. She hasn't mentioned to Xavier that despite his tutelage, she effectively 'turned off' her ability, essentially hiding behind the rather impressive mental shields that seemed to be a part of her mutant gifts. Helps her avoid detection from people she'd like to avoid, too. "I suppose I'm just the unusual languages instructor, then." Which probably isn't too far off from what the students really think.

Charles chuckles, "I don't pry, and I definitely wouldn't invade your privacy. Or theirs." He hmms, "Besides, your shields are strong enough I doubt I could break them without a serious effort." He shakes his head a little, "Though, I suspect they think you're an enigma, someone to try and figure out."

"You noticed I kept them up." There's no judgement in her voice, no surprise. Then again, it's probably hard to hide her mental shields. They are.. unusually durable.

Charles smiles wryly, "Because when one is walking along, a forty-foot tall wall of stone is rather noticeable." He sounds a touch amused, "I trust you, Tessa. There's never been any question of that."

"I know. And you know I trust you, Charles. I wouldn't be here otherwise." She marks another quiz. A perfect score from the looks of things. "It's good to see that my lessons aren't entirely intolerable," she notes absently.

Charles nods, "Indeed. I'm certain that your lessons are quite on point. It seems like more are successful than not, judging from the results so far."

Sage would smile, but she hasn't in so long; she just nods her appreciation instead. "Thank you," she murmurs. "I put much effort into ensuring they are a success, as you know." Tessa always did give her focus her all. Not half-assing it, this one. She stifles a yawn and moves on, marking through the quizzes fairly quickly. "It pleases me that everyone got nearly everything correct."

Charles grins a little, "I think you should probably take a break, and maybe get some dinner." He looks at Sage with a wry expression, "Before you start to fall asleep grading quizzes, which really would not be good for the students."

Sage gives Xavier a look that refuses to confirm or deny if she's allowed herself to get that tired. Instead, she simply focuses on the rest of the statement: "Is that an offer, Charles?"

Charles blinks a bit, then chuckles, "If you want to take it as such, though it's a friendly gesture, not necessarily a romantic one. Besides, I am a pretty good chef. I've been practicing, you know."

Tessa smiles. Or as close to a smile as she can manage. "I'm not sure I'd be capable of a romantic gesture at this point, anyhow. A friendly gesture is moe than welcome. … And you've been practicing? That's excellent. I still remember that awful fish and chips you attempted."

Charles sighs a bit, "I'm never going to live that down, am I?" He grins, "Shall we, then?"

"Never," Tessa confirms. She sorts the quizzes (alphabetically, thank you) and tucks them under her arm, in a file folder. "Let's," she agrees with a nod.

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