1964-09-27 - More Costumes and Questions
Summary: It's a day of visitors as Widow, Silk and Reyes all pop in to see the designer.
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White Widow swings in low. She is keeping as unobstrusive as possible. But this is important. SHE is important.
She lands on the side of the wall outside the window to 2B, waiting there for the one who has become so much more. And she needs the best. And there is only one person who can provide that.
She looks up, waiting for her to arrive before intruding on Gidget's private sanctum.

Following behind her is her new shadow. At least it seems that way. Landing nearby, Silk is in her spidersilk one-piece and scarf, and frowning mightily underneath. "Are you sure of this?" she asks quietly. "..I am not used to sharing my identity so freely, even if I may trust you with my all, Widow."

Widow smiled gently to Silk. "I guessed. BUt I only ask you to trust me that I trust her. There are reasons that I do. Reasons that are mine, those I can tell you. Reasons that are hers…I respect her too much to tell you. She will tell you if she wishes to. But trust me."
She raps lightly on the window, the one not connected to the fire escape. She says, "This woman…is the finest clothing designer I know. No one else is good enough for you."

Currently Gidget was laying in bed, still wrapped up in those sweats that Gwen had loaned her. They had been washed since then but she had been terrified to wear her own clothing as of late. Sighing a bit she would groan as she gave a stretch before rolling over to look at her somewhat picked up apartment from the mess she had made. Her short dark hair was pretty wild right now to say the least; obviously she had been sleeping. Slowly, she'd pull herself out of the bed to make her way to the kitchen. Of course…hearing that wrapping on the window caught her off guard and she spun around. At those same moments all of the windows of her apartment flew open, banging against the sides of the building. Panting she'd look and see…Widow. Sighing she would put a hand to her head. "…don't….do that…." There was a laugh as she didn't sound angry when she spoke.

"Here I thought you liked me in fray nothings." Cindy may be childishly sticking out her tongue at Gwen, but when Gidget moves to answer the window, Silk moves back a little, getting that odd feeling from her senses again as she waits for the Widow to address Gidget first.

Widow backs up as the window flies open. Right. Surprises aren't good. Let's get this going.
"Let me go in first," she whispers. "Come in when I say your name, please."
The "please" is necessary, no matter how Cindy feels about Gwen and vice-versa. It is about respect.
Widow hops in, landing lightly on the floor. She blinks as she sees Gidget, then smiles at the sweats. "Hey, Gidget. Remember that special order I asked for weeks ago? Well…I have another one. And when she comes in, you will see why." She looks over her shoulder.

She'd stare at her and then past her before frowning. "Widow…." She'd fold her arms a bit. "Yeah I know but…." Letting her speak she would then then nod a bit as she sighed. "I don't know if this is the best time for me to be around…people." Gidget would step back as she nodded then smiled. "For you? Fine. But don't blame me if I freak them out." Sighing she would walk over to that sewing station in that studio apartment then retrieved her measuring tape. "You know I'm obviously not going to work right now."

"…we're disturbing her." comes the response outside the window. A feminine voice, with an obvious Asian accent, as Silk slowly lowers into position - showing more skin that what is normal, and spider silk barely covering her enough to remain modest. "…you should have called her first. I thought there was a phone in every American home."

Widow looked to Silk, then back to Gidget. She sighed. "The truth? I was checking to see if you were busy. I also…didn't want to risk you saying no, sight unseen. This is…important to me. I'm sorry if I manipulated you, Gidget…but I did it her her."

Gidget would stop at that desk as she heard the woman's voice but said nothing. She'd take a deep breath as she then gripped that measuring tape tightly. "Widow….." Her voice was steady but she would finally speak up. "Manipulated….I should be used to it shouldn't I?" Now her tone was a bit sharp as her sewing machine flew off that desk towards the opposite wall. Quickly Gidget lifted up her hand and it came to a halt, her breathing quickening. Finally she'd turn around to see Silk and just blinked. "….um…." Slowly she would turn her attention to her sewing machine that was hanging in the air and just plucked it from there, letting out an oof before carrying it back to her table. Looking back to the two women she just seemed tired as she grabbed a notepad then walked back over to them. "It's whatever, Widow….." Looking to Silk with a smile and a brow raised she would chuckle. "….how do you get anything done and not have all that falling off….?"

"You do not need to do this." Silk says simply, there's a frown there. Her curves do little to help with the silk that covers her and she glances up at Gidget. "We can come back when you are feeling better." She slowly makes her way inside and looks herself over. "It works.. well." she says with a shrug of her shoulder. "I make it myself, after all."

Widow steps back a little. She hated doing stuff like this. But Gidget had looked worn out, drawn, disheveled. Like she had been, walking up having webbed herself to the ceiling two days after the bomb.
Maybe it was too soon to push her into motion. But she had done it, for better or for worse. She was sorry she'd done it, but having a project for Gidget and a good costume for Silk seemed to solve two problems—for Gidge to get outside of herself and for Silk to wear something suitable for her new role.

"It's fine….." She'd smile softly as she seemed to just go into work mode then. "I don't know how long it will be before I'm….okay. And any friend of hers is someone I'm here to help…" Taking a deep breath she would set that notebook and pencil down on the coffee table. "Now then…." Gidget would nod as she moved closer to her but just barely. "If you can just hold your arms out and your feet shoulder width apart….I can take your measurements…" Now she was in her element. Anything that might have been tremoring or moving came to a complete halt. "…and then you an tell me what colors you'd like for it…"

There's a momentary pause as Silk considers. "How much does this cost? I have a little money." she starts to say, unsure of what to do. After all, she's here, they're taking her measurements. American heroes get their own costume makers? How cool is that?? But very expensive probably! She moves as she's asked, the silk that covers her moving with her fluidly. "Uhm. Colors?"

Gwen smiled. "I…had a few ideas. I spent some time last night." She goes to her backpack, pulling out a few sheets of paper. "Let me know what you think of these, both of you." She takes out one picture, holding it up for both of them to see. "What do you think of this?"


Tilting her head a bit she'd smile and shook her head. "Don't worry about it…." Sighing softly she would look up at pictures Widow held up and tilted her head. "….what about her face?" Gidget would lean in to look at it then nodded. "I mean if she likes it but….I don't know how I feel about so much silver…." Looking to Silk she would give her a nod then. "It's yours though….you have to wear it…."

"Not enough black. And yes. Want to cover my face." As is the point as to why Silk's face is still half covered in spidersilk at the moment, unsure of how to react as she fidgets a bit, and as she does so, some more of the silk forms on the ends of her fingers from nervous habit.

Gwen nods. "Okay." She puts it away, then takes out another one. "There is this red scarf I like. It's warm, and expands to cover the face." She holds up the second picture.


Gidget would nod then as she pointed at it. "Now that I like….." Cutting her eyes over to the Asian woman she would nod. "Thoughts….?" Now she was just waiting as she stood there with her measuring tape.

"Better." Cindy agrees readily as she closes her eyes. "if the silk is sticky, it is removable." she mutters, not sure what else to say, but apparently has no complaints about her body.

Gwen looks at it. "I like it, too. Want to go with that one?" She smiles to Silk, her eyes warm and proud, and she chuckles softly. And the mask can be a stylish scarf."

Looking between the two women she would lick her lips a bit then just started to straighten out her measuring tap. "And here I thought I was the designer…." Chuckling she would look over to Widow with a smirk. "If you had a design you know you could have just taken this down to the fashion house, said you were a friend of mine, and had one of the on staff people make it…." There wasn't snark there but more of a teasing tone. Looking back to Silk she'd smile. "So….want to do this or…..?" Holding up that measuring tape she would smile and looked to Widow. "Or would you like to measure her…..?" It seems since the whole exploding she's been a bit….less shy? Bold?

Gwen smiles wryly. "You'd better do it. I'd worry I was doing it wrong." She looks to Gidget. "I trust your judgment, your skill…and your talent. I have an idea. You can give it life."

She'd just wait for the woman to 'assume the position' before she went to work measuring her from head to toe. "So….." She'd cut those eyes over to her quickly before she would looking back to Silk with a smile. "As your friend said….why didn't you call? What if I wasn't here? What if I was too busy in the park knocking crap over and almost dragged to Mutant Town…."

Widow sighed. "I didn't know for sure…I wanted to show you what Silk was dealing with…and I was worried you were insulating, after what happened the last time I visited." She looks down. "I am sorry if I was wrong-headed and unfair to you, Gidget. I'm really sorry."

Gidget actually kept her cool verbally but those stuff around her started to tremor but came to a halt as she closed her eyes. Stopping for a moment she would go back to measuring Silk silently but just spoke to Widow quietly. "Oh no you're fine. I'm just going to have to realize…." Gidge would get on her knees now as she moved to the woman's hips and legs. "This is just how it is. Just hope that now if I get cranky I don't throw you out of a window….." Was she serious? Being funny? Couldn't tell by that tone in her voice. "Just….maybe one day…..people will stop being so negligent to people's feelings."

Widow shook her head. "No…no, I'm gooing to call or something from now on, before I show up at your doorstep. No more sudden appearances." She crossed her chest. "Cross my heart and hope to spit."

Sighing she would quickly wrap up what she was doing before crawling over to her coffee table and starting to write all these numbers down. "It's whatever, Widow…." That brunette would quickly jot down then numbers then sighed as she looked over to her. "I'm just tired. And can't do anything without something flying off or that weird barrier popping up if I'm even agitated…."

Gwen walks over to her. "Look…you owe yourself some time to get it all sorted out. You can do the costume whenever you have the time. I'll cover any and all costs."

Having been on a rather grand investigation, even consulting a few powers of Hell as the Ghost Rider. Robbie would know where Gidget was due to that one time he saw her leaving her apartment. as such, even Gidget coudl hear the familiar engine roar as Robbie pulled in his charger to a nice parking spot. Once he exited, Robbie would give a light sigh "THis is gonna suck." he mumbled to himself. He wore his trademark leather jacket, a white hoodie underneath, black nike gloves with white trim, black pants and boots. He wore his chain across his chest as per the usual.

Robbie would approach her door, his hands in his coat pockets and he would give it a light knock. "Gidget, it's Robbie. I have news, chica." he knocks again, then he waits…probably hoping he doesnt have to knock down the door…because that would suck.

Well Gidget had stayed in all day but had a couple of visitors earlier to get some stuff done. Sighing a bit she'd heard the knock but sat there quietly for a moment. "…one sec!" Robbie would hear a couple of thumps, possibly some cursing, and then finally some clicks on the door. Slowly she would open it up then blinked as she raised a brow. "….Reyes?" She'd open it up some more then looked in the hallway and back to him. "…..what….what are you doing here?" That tall woman's brown eyes got big as she hid behind the door some.

Robbie would nod a few times "Reyes. Si senorita." and when she opened the door, she would be greeted with a faint smile, though it may have been forced. "I learned more about your little friend there." he points to her chest, though not her breasts, because that'd just be rude. "May I come in?" he asks curiously. He did give a damn about Gidget after all, and decided he would be emotional support for her.

"Um….one sec….." Quickly she'd shut the door before the sound of her running, followed by a thump, a yelp and silence. After a few moments she would return to the door and opened it up completely. Her apartment had looked a little ransacked but that was about it since she picked up. Taking a deep breath she would motion for him to come in. "Great….how much more news can I take?" Chuckling she'd just shut the door behind him and then started to pick up some more stuff. "Sorry….it's a mess in here….."

Robbie would smile faintly to Gidget without answering and tilted his head as he heard thumps and running around, before she finally opened the door to let him in. "I'm not really good at being the bearer of news, regardless if it's good or bad. But gracias." he says as he is let into her home. "You may want to sit down…" he warns.

She'd blink as she tugged at the pants she had thrown on quickly before setting that pile of stuff that was in her hands. Slowly she would sit down on the sofa, her hand going to that tattoo on her chest. "….should I just not know?"

Robbie would give her a small look, though even he had to admit she looked really nice, despite having thrown on clothes suddenly. "No, you should. It's information, the more you have, the better." he stays standing though. "Now that it has embedded in your skin…it will harmonize with your psyche. your mind. Your powers will apparently manifest in a traumatic or life changing event, which makes sense as when you were stressed or scared things levitated. Your powers will be hard to control at first, but with practice and discipline, they can be." he frowns faintly though.

"Gidget, I'm going to be honest with you." he leans forward, putting ah and comfortingly on her shoulder "I don't know if it can be removed."

Listening she would just seem to sink into her sofa. Those legs would pull up to her chest then as she put her chin on her knees. Taking a deep breath she seemed to be deep in thought before she would just sight. Closing her eyes she would try to stay calm but the stuff around her started to float up in the year. "You mean….I'm stuck with this? But….but…." She would open her eyes to look back at him. "Someone else had this before though….it was in a house. So how did they get it out?!"

Robbie would look to the objects starting to float in the air, just proving a testament to his point. "Gidget, calm down." he looks around to show her what he means, and he gives her shoulder a squeeze, kneeling down to be comforting. "I don't know…and it likely wasn't good. If we can get it off you, we will…but for now…" he sighs once.

Shaking her head she'd look around before suddenly shutting her eyes. Those items came crashing down to the floor and she would just nod. "I bet it killed them…" Looking over to him then she'd sigh. "I wonder if it was the old man's…..maybe it killed him. Maybe that's how he died…."

Robbie would shake his head a little "I doubt it. But it's possible. This seems to be a benevolent artifact to protect it's wearer and those around them. But even good-looking ones can secretly be malignant. I'll try my best to look into it. Until then, I'm here for you..you can vent if you want."

She'd look over to him and just shook her head. Her eyes were tearing up but she'd just….shake her head. There was a slight smile on her lips then. "….you uh…." Gidget would wink at him playfully as she let out a sniffle. "You don't seem the type to listen to a girl bitch…."

Robbie would wipe a tear from her eye to show his care, before he just meets her with a smile. "I'm really bad at it, but I'll do it for my friends and those I care about." he gives her a little nudge before sitting down next to her.

Gidget would blink at him wiping her face then sighed softly. "I just….don't know what to do, man. What do I do with this? I called work and told them I had the flu….that I needed to rest for a week. I can't keep hiding from work…."

Clearly not good with social sadness, Robbie would nod a little bit to her "I understand. I didn't know what to do either, but the best we can do now is teach you hwo to use it while we figure out a way to remove it." he states simply. "We'll make it work."

Licking her lips she would just look at the floor then and sighed. "I….I guess we can just….." Looking out her windows then….she'd frown. They were still open from earlier. Staring at them, she'd squint really hard as the widows started before shutting pretty hard. Panting she'd lean back and nodded. "…..I'm kind of getting a handle…kind of…."

Putting a hand on her shoulder again to provide some semblence of comfort, Robbie would nod a few times. "Take it in stride. If you're starting to get a handle, that's a good thing. it really is. Don't worry, there's always light at the end of the tunnel." he smiles

Looking over at him then she'd seem….tired. Smiling softly she'd just look at him before nodding. "…so what is it that you do? I know Luke….and well….Robbie I just found out about….." Closing her eyes she would yawn a bit. "….I think you left before you got outed…."

Robbie would look at her for a moment, looking to the ground. "You….don't want to know what I do. Really." he answers her in what he thinks is honest, and he clearly doesnt appear to enjoy the thought of telling her that he's practically a demon.

She'd smile softly and nodded then. "….okay." Closing her eyes she seemed to be dozing off then. "….sorry….I'm just….really tired….." Taking a deep breath she'd chuckle softly. "….doing this stuff seems to wear me out in the end of the day…."

Robbie offers with a small nudge that she can use him as a pillow if she wants. "I can go if you need to rest." he says affirmingly. But he does nod a little "You're not used to having that much energy to expend, so it'll be a little draining for a few days." he nods faintly.

She'd just lean over and leaned against him as she chuckled. "….probably for the best…" Licking her lips she would open her eyes to look up at him then smiled. "….people gossip….even when it's not true…."

Robbie would chuckle faintly, giving a small nod to Gidget "Alrighty." he'd whisper, looking her right in the eyes for a long moment, just looking into her eyes. "People are quite fickle like that, you know. Just how they're gonna be. Let 'em talk, I say."

Staring back at him she would blink as she shifted to move off of him. "….what?" Chuckling she'd run her fingers through her short dark hair. "….trying to see if my soul is all jacked up…." Gidget would just chuckle a bit. "That's what it said right? It'd merge with me or something?"

Tilting his head faintly at her, Robbie would shrug a little "What? you have nice eyes." he compliments chastely, but it's a compliment nonetheless, while he could certainly see her soul, he doesn't comment on that nature, but he does answer her question "Yeah, it's merged with you physically, and it's merging with you mentally too. It won't take over, moreso it's like bonding with you."

"Oh….." Blushing she would clear her throat a bit as she sat up and chuckled. "….thanks." Letting out a yawn she would nod then. "I can find you later I'm sure…..and we can talk about this some more I think…"

Nodding faintly, Robbie would rise to his feet. "Sounds good. Get a good nights sleep Gidget." Robbie was also very horrible with how flirting worked. to him, nothing was wrong or out of the ordinary, so he couldn't for the life of him figure out why Gidget was blushing. He would let himself out, locking the door behind him so she wouldn't have to.

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