1964-09-28 - Not the Tacos! (Part 1)
Summary: Two Robbies and a Mike find a turned over taco truck.
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It is a Thursday night.

Central Park, New York City.

What could go wrong?!

Well there were hobos, thugs, greaser gangs, giant spiders… Yeah it's never really quiet is it? It's after dark and there was an overturned taco truck in a copse of trees and someone's dog, on a leash, still attached to a bench yipping as people came near.

Mike Matthews is out patrolling, a thing that he's been doing of late, looking for a bit of trouble which usually means that he will find it. The overturned taco truck causes his steps to slow as he looks around, and then the dog that seems to have been abandoned. And rather than walking away from what he sees, he approaches the truck. "Now that's a travesty," he says. "Tacos are one of the park's better food offerings."

Even as these things would in fact occur, Mike Matthews would not be the only person on patrol tonight. With a loud hum of the engine of his motorcycle, Robbie Reyes would be just coming down the street from Harlem when he noticed the overturned taco truck and the dog yelping. Eventually deciding to go investigate, Robbie would park that bad boy on the side of the street, dismounting with a crack of his gloved knuckles. easily identifiable by his trademark leather jacket to those who know him, but his most significant form of wear is the chain he wears diagonally across his chest. Time to go to work, or so he thought.

Speedball was in suit, and the bouncing blue Masked Marvel. There was a rustle of leaves in the tree when RObbie B dropped down and ricocht off the lamp post and eventually to his feet. "Awwww and I was hungry too. Eeeeveryone's a food critic." He looked to Mike and then to Robbie, "Anyone seen what happened? Also we know if everyone's okay and mooooost importantly, it's Taco Tuesday not Thursday. Why's it out?"

"Didn't see or hear anything," Mike says as he notices Robbie and Speedball. There's a momentary look for the suit, studying it for a moment, and the bouncing. Then he looks over toward the dog and says, "Looks like someone tipped it over though, and someone else left their dog. My guess is that someone's not okay." And with that, he begins looking through the trees where the taco truck seems to have been upended.

Robbie would shake his head to Speedball and Mike "Didn't hear a thing." but he doesnt stop for idle chatter or so it seems. His eyes completely on the Taco truck. "Wonder what actually happened." he is mildly tempted to flip the truck back upright, thoug hhe's uncertain if there's someone in there, so he refrains. Though he does try looking for the soul using his ghost rider abilities.

…if there was one to be found.

Speedball looked towards the dog and walked over just out of reach to check on the dog, not scare it,a nd also not get chewed on if he could help that part. It whined and pawed at the him at the end of the short leash curious. "Awww says his name is Brewster. Heya Brewster. Where's your human pal? Who's a good doggo?" He looked up and asked the other two, "Any lunck on that end?"

As it would have it Robbie could find the soul of the driver. Was he skimming off the top? A little. He was supporting his mother who needed help with her pancreas. He also didn't seem departted from himself yet. Might not be long, but he might not be dead yet. The truck was still a food truck on its side.

Mike Matthews goes hunting through the trees, looking to see if he can find what might have upturned the cart itself while Robbie goes in search of the person who was inside. He looks for signs of something in the woods, continuing to walk in the general direction that it seems that the truck was thrown, to see if what threw/tipped it might still be present in the area.

Robbie would turn his head faintly and tune into the man's soul. "…He's still here." he says about the possible victim, "He's not dead yet…his sould hasn't gone on." he attempts to flip the truck off him with his enhanced strength, because if his soul hasn't left, there's still a chance, even if it ends up just being a slow fade. He glances to Mike "What's the scale of the damage?" he asks, looking now for the body of the individual.

Mike finds evidence of some large vehicle that did a hit and run, possibly- no two. Car chase maybe? There is a bit of a sound, muffled, from the cab of the taco truck.

Robbie, making an attentpt to force the truck back on its wheels is met with a little difficulty as feet and wheels find little purchase with the mud though it seems manageable in the end. The driver was still in the cab.

Speedball on the other end of things, was making sure the doggo was alright as the other two had an ear on things. The puppy whined. "Aww I ain't got much in the way for food for ya buddy. I can see if I can find you something. Why you out here alone?" The dog didn't answer. It was a dog.

"Looks like a couple of vehicles hit this one and knocked it over," Mike says, though how they were all in the park together, he's still puzzling out. "I'm going to go see if I can trace any tracks." And with that he's off, moving far more quickly than a normal person ought as he follows some of the skid marks. Unfortunately, whoever caused the accident is gone and he's back far faster than he should be. Looking over to Robbie he asks, "The guy going to be okay?"

Robbie immediately attempted to open the truck door to get to the driver. His soul was still there….so maybe he'll be alright? "Dunno. He took a good hit. His spirit's still there, there's the same odds for if he lives or dies…that's up to fate at this point." He does glance back to Mike though, taking a mental note of his crazy speed. He whistles faintly. "That fast, huh?" he asks curiously, before looking back to the driver.

He looks back to Speedball and Mike, not recognizing the latter. But that's for later.

Speedball untied the dog and let the pooch loose who went running after… Mike? The doggo was running with Mike to find the source of the disturbance. Drag race gone wrong maybe? Robbery? Curious.

The driver of the taco truck was unconscious and in bad shape. Speedball looked back o RObbie and siad "Okay for one you jsut moved a truck WITH a stove in it. And two it could be up to fate or we can call an ambulance? Hey guy," He called to Mike, "Either of you know first aid or anything?"

Mike Matthews shakes his head and says, "No, but I can get him to the hospital if the two of you want to keep looking around. Do you think it's safe to move him?" He comes jogging back up to where the two of them are, not even the slightest bit out of breath. There's a small nod to Robbie at the question, glancing at the upright truck and says, "That strong, hm?" But he moves to the driver's side, and if he's in decent enough shape, he just picks him right up. "Going to take him to the ER. I'll be back."

Robbie would glance to Speedball as he starts talking again. "I did. and sadly, I don't know any that can save someone's life ese (homie)." then Mike get's his attention when he speaks "Fair enough." then he says he can take him to the ER, and based on how fast Robbie saw him move, he didn't exactly ahve any problems with it. "Sounds like a plan. We'll see you when you get back, if you decide to come back." he nods faintly to Mike, before glancing to Speedball "Come up with anything aside from idle chat with a dog?" he asks as his hands return to his pockets.

Speedball hopped back over and furrowed a brow. "Yeah not much. I was hoping to see if he'd run back to his human or just not starve in the park. You need a dog? He can use a good buddy. Just sayin." He was, for all teh yammering, happy to help Mike and RObbie move the injured guy from the driver's side seat to Mike's care to get ot the ER. "Prolly safer for you to do it than me. Need us to clear a path? Or… yeah we can be here and keep looking." He hopped into teh truck and dug out the info from the glove box. "Dudeski, take this woith you in case he needs ID"

Mike Matthews nods to Robbie and Speedball and carefully lifts the man, takes the ID and then he's moving off through the park at a serious clip, but not so fast that he would drop the guy or do him injury on the way to the hospital. Fortunately, he knows where that is. The only thing he says before he leaves is, "I'll try to make it back once he's been admitted." Which could take a little bit depending on how busy the ER is. And then he's gone.

Robbie would nod softly after watching Mike zoom off at -very- fast speeds, before he looks then to Speedball, nodding a few times. "Figured as much. But I don't know what you can do, so I thought I'd ask real quick." he looks back to where it's suspected a car chase occured. "Think it had to do with any local gangs?" he asks curiously. Still new to town, he doesnt know all of them.

Speedball watched Mike zoom off with a look that was impressed and one of respect, yo. Witha glance back to Robbie he said with a cocky casualness, "Eeeeh I pretty much am kinetic transferance. Been blown up a couple times. Atomized. Thrown out of an airplane which made a HELL of a ricochet. That was way neat. Ummm yeah I dooooo not know CPR though or talk to animals. That's sort of out of my wheelhouse man. But it… could be? Or a jewelry heist or something. Worth askin. You'd be surprised what I see happen from collatoral damage. Buuuuut" He peeked "Looks like the cash box is there so I don't think it was a robbery."

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