1964-09-28 - The Inhuman Imperative
Summary: Meeting and greeting at the Montauk Point Lighthouse goes… well, interesting.
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Having parked somewhat nearby, Simone makes her way across the grass toward the lighthouse. She's hard to make out, at first, due to distance and lighting, but eventually a figure in a white pantsuit with a bright yellow blouse under — unmissable, really — stands out against the dark background. Eventually, she makes her way to the building itself, circling the wall until she finds the front door, or perhaps the only door. She doesn't seem to sure of the layout of a lighthouse, but at least she's found her way there. To knock, of course.

"Pizza's here!" Leave it Kamala to order pizza at the Lighthouse. Because Dominos has been delivering since 1960, yo! Bouncing down the stairs towards the door with eager anticipation. "I made sure Triton's had extra anchovies on it." Is she teasing? It's not really and entirely sure as she's going to answer the door, the Pak-American dressed in her own tunic dress with sleeves and leggings as she opens the door and blinks. "Hi."

Triton was covered from the bridge of his nose to elbow and knee in suiting and armour plating. He also wore a mask where only his ears and eyes poked above leaving the muffled fishman curious on the consideration. "Thank… you? I'm not certain what pizza is consisting of, but thank you." He didn't really do surface societies much. There was a map unrolled from the Lighthouse Archives that he was pouring over when one of the two doors opened. "Ves…per…" It was not.

The windy point is the last landfall until Portugal, a very distant atoll from the city. No wonder Inhumans love it, with the fresh air to alleviate a little of the poison dripping in their veins from the background pollution. New York's ambiance can be called electric, chaotic, stifling: rarely is it outright deadly. On the other hand, Long Island's furthest point attracts the occasional picnicker, the seafood served at a quaint restaurant good. Swimming is awful. And well… it's fantastic for those who crave speed, as one bohemian crouched over an Italian bike does. The engine howls and thrums as she twists the clutch, jumping up through gears. Negotiating twists and turns on the highway — two lanes, really nothing special, constitutes freedom from thoughts, classwork, diplomacy, the suffering of separation. Name an affliction, precision turns around the bend at the last part of the road to eventually turn southwest again is a panacea for all that ails you. A rev of the engine and Scarlett does the irresponsible thing of parking illegally on the grass. Neither does she think anything about backflipping off the seat, springing up in a reverse arc because there's no one to see, no one to hear, no one but the gulls and —

"Sha-o-tyeh dao!"

— "Ee, Triton!" Okay, there's a girl standing on the edge of the light. Nothing to see here.

"I am not," says a voice with an unamused tone, "pizza." Simone fixes the girl with a curious look, which softens the tone some, but also proves that as much as she is not who the girl was expecting, the girl is also not exactly what she was expecting, either. "Hello," is her eventual response. Of course, then there's a voice from the other direction and she turns to find who it belongs to. Her confusion is not alleviated, it seems. "I'm sorry, but perhaps I'm in the wrong place," she says, turning back to the doors. "I was sure I would find, ah," she pauses, her head tilting as she tried to work out how to put it. But a glance past Kamala and into the building proper seems to settle her some. "…other people from Attilan, perhaps."

"Oh. No, you're in the right place! I mean, if you're looking for Inhumans, you are. I mean - you are one, right?" she asks, as Kamala suddenly realizes she said too much. "If you're a government agent, just me and my Uncle here!" comes the very loud announcement to warn Triton to you know.. come investigate. "Me? I'm not from Attilan, I'm from Jersey City."

Triton turned his head and said only to Kamala with utmost patience, "We get information by asking for information, not by giving. Not by sharing." He looked to Simone and paused for a moment nodding. "She is… one of us. Come. You found what you are seeking." He was still curious on what 'pizza' was and might even find out eventually this evening. When Scarlett pulled up on the Italian machine he flicked webbed fingers inviting her in. "Scarlett, Kamala. I believe you two met. And you, traveler?" Large dark eyes fixed to Simone wondering with some immortal patience.

Scarlett on the roof is about as dangerous as a seagull, if a great deal more flashy. She might have thought about pulling off the helmet first, but it goes after a few moments, the glasses slapped off her nose and pocketed before someone questions if she's dropped from who knows where. No need to fear being under a direct assault by a lone bohemienne in rough leather leggings and a fitted jacket. She shakes out her flaming hair while balancing the helmet on her hip. "Allo. I wasn't quite expecting this, but I suppose it explains why…" Her tone trails off, the arc of a smile afforded to the assembled two inside and Simone without. "Mind if I hop down and have a proper conversation? Up here, I feel like John Lennon about to belt out an anthem, and no one needs that. I'm Scarlett, by the way." Yes, she's probably not a surprise. "Adjacent acquisition of the Great Refuge."

"No, I not a governement agent," Simone says, a gentle chuckle on her words, "I'm as you say, Inhuman." She glances to Scarlett, tilting her head some before she shifts to give her room to get down, at her request. "By all means." She doesn't move to head inside herself, a stickler for courtesy it seems. Or good at playing at one. "Simone," she offers to Triton, "A recent arrival to the area, I'm afraid."

"Sorry…" Kamala offers, a duck of her head as Triton chides her. She really needs to learn about these things. And really, she's working on it - she's only told one other person! "…hi Scarlett!" she greets the redhead before she moves out of the way to let the two women in. "…how many of us are there?" she asks Triton. "I mean. Well.. I'm only half you or something, right?" she asks curiously. But she can't help but to watch the smartly dressed woman. And then tugs for a moment at her own tunic. Nope, she's happy with it.

Triton was quiet. Member of the Royal Family and veteran guardsman; he stood contemplating that question and invited Simone in with a wave of his hand. Eyes drifted to Rogue and gave her a subtle nod in agreement. He considered a judicious choice of words to help kamala out. "It is usually protocol to defer to the highest ranking person in the room what information gets shared about… our people and interests. We have a role in our society, we fit into it, we honour it. You will be given your place and it seems, I think for you my sister has found one." It was not an unhappy tone at least. Muffled by that mask it was hard to tell what his expressions were where body language spoke of a hardened soldier, but the words seemed patient. "There are several thousand of of. The mass majority are at 'home' in Attilan where we belong. There are…prodigals that seem to spring up outside of it though. Curious."

Once invited, Simone slips inside, putting a hand on Kamala's shoulder briefly, "No such thing as half, darling." Not in her reckoning, at the very least. Her attention turns to Triton and she gives him a curious look. "I heard a lot about the outside world," she notes to his curiosity, "and couldn't resist the chance to see it, when it was offered." She gives Kamala a crooked smile, though. "I have not gotten to Jersey City yet." Said like she's never heard of it before.

"Look…" Kamala frowns a little at Triton's address. "…I know that there's some.. royal struggle and structure and all, but I'm just a girl from Jersey. I wasn't raised in this. The whole - who to bow to, and who not to? That's not me. Or my faith. I was raised Muslim, and there is no other Allah before Him." she explains. "I'll keep my mouth shut about who and what I am in public.. but I don't do politics." Even as much as she's a very powerful pawn.

Triton was the soggy one. There was one in Attilan that lived below the waves around it and he must be it apparently. Seldom seen, but widely known. He looked confused at Kamala seeming to follow a small percentage of this. "I have no idea what you speak of. This is a military operation. Our people, those which you share the secrets and the details of? We are a closed caste system. We all have …roles. We are organic parts to the whole of our people. You asked for direction, do not strike at those who answer you honest with the history and present of that which you ask about. There are no politics. There is our leader, Blackagar Boltagon who leads us at present because the Genetic Council wills it to be, and there are the Kree whom we are project and descendant from. This world is political; it is a balance and harmony of many microcosms. Being a part of this welcomes new responsibilities and it is not a simple place to be. You have my…sympathies to this, but it is what it is. I did not make it so but I, Simone, we abide by the needs of our people."

Looking back to Simone there was a dip of a nod, "For you? Return when you can. Headaches are… common. It is the toxins in teh air; the water. This place is… discontent with particles. That is normal."

Chloe comes in with a tentative peek around the door. Then she slips inside and closes the door behind her. She gives a little fingerwave to Triton, then to the others a small but friendly smile. She doesn't have anything to say for the moment, just taking a look around at who's here and what's what.

Simone listens to the girl with a tilt of her head. Whether or not she 'gets it', she seems to be sympathetic. She lets Triton respond, nodding gently to his points. "Perhaps we could ease her into it a little, however. Her world and ours don't bear much similarities," she notes. When she looks back to Kamala, a smile comes to her face. "What is it you do?" The way her eyebrows lift, she probably doesn't mean her role or her duty, but her powers.

Her gaze slides to the newcomer, greeting her with a nod of her head. It's a short greeting. Because Triton gets her attention back. "I think I shall. I tried to spend some time in the city, but it was… unpleasant. I'm glad to hear it isn't just me. Well, 'glad.'"

Forget for a moment that Kamala is an Inhuman with a pretty unique powerset. She's also a teenaged girl who was just told 'know your role'. And she rebels. Oh, she rebels so hard. "…you know what. Nevermind, I'm going for a walk, I need to think, because ever since I got these powers - like two weeks ago, my whole world is upside down and noone wants to explain to me what and who I am - just that I have to figure it out and that I should know my place. Well, I tried, okay! But I can't just do that! I need to know why there's some strange statue of me. I need to know why there's this whole thing that I just don't get!" And with that, she's opening the door. "I'm going for a walk!" And that's when Simone may get to see the girl's powers on display as she storms out and her legs grow, lifting her twenty feet in the air and giving her a hellacious stride. She'll eat her pizza alone, dammit.

Triton seemed patient as ever and said, "Walk. Take time. When you are ready to ask and listen you will have access to all I can share. We ish to be a part of something we must learn how it works, not mash the buttons until something happens. You'll be…" She was gone. The fish man blinked. "…fine." He looked to Simone, "It is not just you. it is all of us. Be glad, recently several of us found radiation that was throughly unpleasant." His eyes closes and his head shook though the soldier stopped alooking to Chloe. There was a pause and he picked up words again, "Chloe, Simone. I was looking for topgraphical maps for inconsistancies on the coast It's good to have you join us."

Chloe watches Kamala go, and her brow knits in confusion. She looks to Simone and Triton. "If she wants to know these things, why is she walking away from the source of information?" Someone doesn't remember being a teenager, and Civil Rights Movement? What's that? She shakes her head. Then she inclines her head to Simone, and she says, "Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you." To Triton, she smiles broadly. "If there's anything I can do to assist you, let me know."

At the teenaged outburst, Simone looks on curiously. That is something she's not familiar with, since she also grew up in the system, as it were. But she finds something amusing in it, as once the girl is gone, she turns back to the room with a crooked smile. "I think I like her. She's got spirit." She gives Chloe a little wave, as if she might need to confirm that that is, in fact, her name when Triton offers it. "And good to meet you as well," she says in reply. "What did she mean," she says, including them both in the question, "Statues?" Once an intelligence officer, always an intelligence officer.

Triton looked around for the Merlin that usually accompanied Chloe. There was a moment of consideration and returned to the questions at hand, "Because some people need time to adapt to change. She was also not raised as a soldier as we remember. It is, I imagine, quite different." Simone got a dip of his head, the top fin stretching for a moment before laying flat to his head again, "I do too. Her potential to do good will be great if direction is found." Were it not found… he could only think of Maximus as the other extreme. "What she means is we have been intercepting Kree communications. We found a point of interest that they are looking for. At this time we do not know what the Kree have interest in this for."

No merlin today. The little falcon is out harassing gulls much to her own delight. Chloe nods to Triton. "I see. I suppose terrigenesis must be a shock when you're not raised to anticipate it." She takes up a stance equidistant between the two of them, her hands clasped behind her back as she assumes a loose but alert posture. Not officially a soldier, but someone who has seen battle. All wrapped up in a pretty yellow sun dress.

"One can only imagine," Simone says, dryly. But then, more sincerely, she adds, "She'll be back. Our way might be different, but she'll need to know. How did she get chosen for terrigenesis?" Chosen might be an assumption, of course. Simone comes to lean against the table, her attention drifting over to Triton again, expression surprised. "Well, that's interesting," she says, understating it by a large margin. "I would offer my assistance as well, in uncovering what their interest in. Seems like something we should pin down."

Triton ran webbed fingers over the page and answered only, "She wasn't. She was raised here and happened on one in the wild. Maximus is looking into it, I think my sister as well." He focused on the map and seemed to be studying it for something else. Still he spoke to the current events, "The perople and the governments here do not know of us or Attilan, and presently to keep us hidden from teh Kree and others and Human nature they are not supposed to. You'll potentially be mistaken for what they accept as 'mutant' and for now? That suffices and can keep us off threat radar. But yes, they have a tool that is both utility and weapon buried below the waves that they are looking for. we're presently working to understand its teleporative powers."

Chloe looks at the map. "Inside, there were statues of us dressed as Accusers." She glances to Triton. Was that okay to say? She's helping! And taking her cues from him. "I'm still not sure what all that was about, but we're getting to the bottom of it." She offers a fleeting smile. Outside the window, there's the rusty pump cry of a little falcon pursuing a gull. Chloe briefly puts her hand to her face. That bird.

"Oh." Simone seems genuinely shocked for a moment, but she's fairly quick to bring her expression back to normal. "Of course, I should have guessed," she adds, waving her hand in the direction Kamala went. As for the information on their status here in this strange land, she listens intently, nodding to show that she's got it. "Alright, keep quiet about the truth and let them assume what they will. I think I can manage." She looks to Chloe as she adds pieces to the puzzle, and Simone seems a bit taken aback at the news. "Well, that's a touch unsettling, isn't it?" It's not a question she expects an answer to, but mostly because Triton brings a sly smile out on her face. "It has teleportative powers, does it? I might be able to provide insight. I also have teleportative powers."

Triton arched an eyebrow. That was… new and useful news. His webbed fingers came up and folded against one another with a nod of his head, "I will see about introducing the two of you then. You might be able to give us much safer and valuable insight than our projections. Our people would appreciate this." Looking back to Chloe he stood up straighter and informed, "I wish to return with you, Nick, Corvus to see if there is more we might be able to glean. I have some…theory but it means heading back to dangerous waters. Your insights on it would be valued."

Simone goes home.

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