1964-09-30 - Meeting the Captain of the Guard
Summary: Triton, Gorgon, and Chloe discuss security and current events.
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Triton had been on an extended 2 year assignment in the South China Sea, and only recently returned in the last few months. There were troubles that were found which meant their intuition proved fruitful. That was something. They still had it, and into the great room waded the Fish and behind the prodigal found and dubbed 'Hell Stabber' by Maximus. It was catching. Today Triton was looking for someone instead of something, and Randak willing they weren't radioactive like the last thing he was sent to find.

Happy to be back in Attilan, Gorgon would be walking about with a bit of a confidence to his stepped as per the usual, but it was clear he was in thought…but then he saw Triton. "Triton! you're back." he says in that booming voice of his, approaching with the clatter of his hooves. "I trust your journey was successful?" he crosses his very muscular arms, staring down at Triton with a smirk.

Hell Stabber looks an awful lot like a tall, slender young woman in a yellow sun dress with a yellow purse and low heels. Frankly, at a glance, she's more Mall Slayer than Hell Stabber. Still, looks can be deceiving. She pauses upon seeing Gorgon, and she squares her shoulders, standing up a bit taller, and she inclines her head to him in a gesture of respect.

Triton was still armoured up as he generally was, mask and all so he didn't shrivel on the floor gasping for air in short order. Turns out that impresses no one. Terrible party trick too, and it can only be done once. Interior, and exterior eyelids blinked and then squint. The top fin flared a bit and contrary to Chloe's posture, Triton's relaxed, hands held wide in greeting "Cousin, You say this like I have ever disappointed you. And don't bring up that one time; that was Namor's fault." There was humor to him, but a fondness. He was smaller than his hulking cousin which was really saying something as he was lean, but not lacking in stature. A webbed hand found Gorgon's broad shoulder in greeting and there was a gesture of introduction, "This is Chloe; prodigal returned, spent the last 10 years fighting demons in the endless war, and recently appointed master gardener and adjunct tooooo your units." He looked to Chloe and stood on only as many formalities as he was require to and no more. "My cousin, Gorgon, Captain of the Royal Guard, and still…appreciated by all. It's good to be home. Good to see you home too. You're back just in time."

Gorgon himself would be wearing his full battle garb befitting of the leader of the whole royal guard. When Chloe inclines her head to him, Gorgon gives her a friendly smile, and bows his head in return as a form of greeting, before he turns his head back to Triton. He does laugh when that one time with Namor was brought up "BAH! that was hilarious though. I know you're fantastic at your job." he pats him on the back. He turns his head then to Chloe as Triton introduces her "Oho ho! a demon slayer huh? Well, it's always great to meet some of those. He smiles to Chloe as Triton keeps going "this is why everyone wants you for their introductions Triton." he teases him, looking back to Chloe "A pleasure, Chloe." he looks back then to Triton "Happy to be home and back in good company."

"One can't fault his way with words," Chloe says with an admiring glance at Triton. To Gorgon, she adds, "Mostly, I'm a gardener. It's a genuine pleasure, Captain. I've heard so much about you, passing time at the palace." The gardens around the palace have been thriving rather nicely, lately, all lush and green.

Triton tilted his webby mitts upward with a simple shrug. "What can I say, are we anything if not a fan of the people?" He was still wearing the half mask, but the grin reached his eyes beyond. "Besides, if I introduce my sister like that I get that hard stare as an answers. If we do that for- You know what I'm not discussing Maximus until he stops welding my things to my other things in my room." A slight shake of his head followed. Nope. Nooooot going there. Unceremoniously he pulled out a chair and dropped into it. A brief glance was drift towards Chloe with a not as if conveying this was less 'formal' and she was welcome to sit should she wish to. "Gorgon, did my sister or Crystal fill you in on bringing you up to date in our findings?"

Smiling faintly to Chloe, Gorgon nods to her "That he does…he's always had a flair for the ceremonio-" and then he plops into a chair because why? "…sometimes." he laughs then a little, "The gardens have certainly been looking nicer, so good job there." he pats her on the back, before glancing to Triton, apparently preferring to stand "Sadly, I haven't seen either of them. I remain incredibly uninformed." he sighs, crossing his arms. "I really do need to see crystal though…has she been troublemaking at all?"

Chloe takes a seat as well, comfortable yet alert. She dresses like a pretty girl but holds herself like someone ready for attack at any angle, even when she's relaxing. She looks to Triton. "While you tell him, do you need anything from me? Food? Drinks? Or should I remain on hand?" Her features soften with fondness as she regards the Fish.

Triton waved a hand, "You are not a servant here, Chloe. We're…fine." So many things to fill him in on and still Triton considered everything before he spoke. "Crystal's been a sterling asset. She's been helping acclimate the younger generation of those joining the fold. You should speak with her. Her work speaks for itself. Tomorrow join me on deck. I can give you a compiled report. Short story is we have a ruptured nuclear submarine that was shot down by a Kree communications device that is superlative in defending itself. We have Kree looking for it and the radiation may be damaging it. So I'm planning a recon trip back."

Gorgon waves a hand in dismissal at Chloe "What Triton said…we're just enjoying some good conversation. Stick around." he gives her a nod, before looking then to Triton "Happy to see her step up to the plate…here I thought she'd still be riding Lockjaw around recklessly." aaaaaaand at the words of a report, Gorgon siiiiiggghhhs "Reports huh? Yours are -always- my favorite…." he chuckles faintly in jest. "Oh? submarines? Interesting. I'll hear you and read your reports after I have some talk with Crystal." he shrugs faintly. "Need me to come with?"

Chloe flashes them both a smile and relaxes again, or at least into that alert relaxation that has become second nature. "I'd like to go back on the recon trip," she says. "In case we need to make a hasty retreat again, I can take three others with me." She glances to Triton. He remembers her method of beating a hasty retreat, surely. "In fact, if the Captain doesn't mind, I'd like to accompany you on more of your outings. I know you can take care of yourself but an extra set of eyes and hands can be useful."

Triton tilted his head and warned without humor fading, "It's a few thousand feet below sea level. As a fair warning. And you know you love my reports. They're bulleted and all fit on one page." Being succinct was at least in his favour, though the addendums he could take on by way of footnots could make his younger sister proud. Apparently long memory was not lacking on that side of the family. Dark eyes glanced off GOrgon and to Chloe eriting an arched eyebrow ridge. Candidly he summed up, "She has the ability to do small portal exfiltration. Harrowing, but useful. If you're comfortable going back with us I ha have Chloe, Nick, and Corvus tagged to accompany. Gorgon you know I won't ever tell you know but I will forwarn hazards include radiation , crushing dpeths which…you've sat through some of our debriefings. It's not as bad as some of those. Still, noteworthy for you. Corvus and Maximus have been working on a diving apparatus to get us there. Still, there's a map… and a statue army there. I think it' honestly in your best interest to take a look at it. Karnak was there with us when we went. The family's all aware." All. Well soon all. "We have transmission that the Kree have been probing for it. Turns out the 'lifeform' is the AI that is running the place. I think…" He looked to Chloe slightly confused, "Are the AI and Nexus dating? I was blurry on that."

Humming faintly at all this new knowledge…Gorgon would just laugh with pride "I have the lungs of a thousand fish!…..not. I'd likely drown." he growls. "anyways, I was teasing about those reports." he pats him right on the back..maybe comedically hard. though he does glance to Chloe when she asks permission to tag along. "I don't mind it. if you can make yourself useful, knock yourself out." he permisses, then glances back to Triton "I hope Maximus and Corvus hurry it up then. I want to check this place out." he nods affirmatively. "…..all this and wondering if an Artificial intelligence and Nexus are dating? Priorities man." he shrugs lightly.

Chloe taps her upper lip and tells Triton, "I think at this point they're just friends." She inclines her head to Gorgon and says, "Thank you, Sir. I'll be an asset." There's no boasting in her tone. It's all business. She will be an asset. There's no question. Her seriousness fades, though, as she tells Triton, "So there you have it, my Prince. I'm at your disposal." She shoots Gorgon a grateful smile.

Triton swayed forward with the slap on the back. Interior then exterior eyelids blinked to Chloe then Gorgon defending the query, "It gives us an advantage if the being is amicable to speaking with Nexus." The AI might actually accomplish what several Inhumans couldn't do: Speak Nexus's own personal language to him and understand how his brain was literally wired. Triton couldn't decide if it was ironic or uncanny, but supposed the same could be said for him. "The diving devices are made. Feasibly, we could get you down there."

The fish man leaned back in the seat comfortably in his seat about to add something when someone walked in, uniform neat and crisp announcing, "Lord Triton, you are requested. The Genetic Council had questions for you."

Triton returned a curt nod. "At once. Let them know I will be there momentarily." After (and only after) she left his shoulders slumped and he asked nether Gorgon or Chloe specifically, "Why is it never, 'Lord Triton, there's food.' or 'Hey, Triton, surf off Bali's pretty great right no'" He stood and apologized to them, "I hate to keep them waiting. They keep thinking of more questions the longer they sit there. I'll return when I'm done." With that he walked out in cadence.

Cracking his neck faintly, even as Triton speaks, Gorgon just kind a blinks at his fish cousin….he was speaking another language now. "ahhh huh…" apparently relationships with technological entities is encouraged? okie. Gorgon just shrugs it off, and once he heads off, Gorgon would chuckle faintly, waving off to him. Then he looks to Chloe "eh? oh, no worries. Just make sure he doesnt get killed. and I like your confidence, it'll take you far Helldiver." he nicknames her.

Chloe watches Triton go, and she shakes her head, "They never let the poor man have a moment's peace," she says. She looks to Gorgon, and her smiles makes a return. "I'm sure he can take care of himself in battle, but an extra set of eyes never hurts. What he really needs, though, is someone to make sure he gets rest, gets food when he needs to eat, and takes time to relax. No matter how good he is in battle, he'll be slower tired or hungry or distracted. I can take care of him."

Gorgon turns his body to face Chloe, and gives her a small chuckle. "The Genetic Council is always prying into that head of his. He's a good warrior, but your right, the dumbass doesnt take care of himself….at all. he's all focus all the time. So thank you for keeping an eye out for him. If he starts making a fuss, just tell him Gorgon will have words with you. He'll know what I mean." he smiles warmly.

Chloe's smile broadens. "Exactly, and thank you. He works himself threadbare, then comes home and Prince Maximus won't give him a moment's rest. He needs someone to stand at the door and say…" Here, she affects her sweetest yet no-shit-brookingest voice, "I'm sorry, the Prince is indisposed right now. You'll have to come back later." For just a moment there, she looks perky, but also willing to bust a chump. Then she relaxes. "I can do that."

Gorgon nods happily at her words. "Exactly like that. Do that and I think the Genetic Council would have to think twice about stealing poor Triton." he nudges her a little with a 'HAH!' "Can't wait for them to get some diving apparatus made…I want to check out this submarine that Triton spoke of." he wringles his hands together only a little bit like he's about to pump iron with weights. but then he shrugs "Triton would be lucky to have ya looking out for him." he bows lightly to her. "Now then…I need to speak with Princess Crystal about hte developments I've missed since I was away. Apparently she's been quite the help."

Chloe is a slight thing, and the nudge keels her sideways a bit. She takes it in stride, though, righting herself and even laughing a little. "The submarine itself isn't even the fun stuff," she says. "The undersea base we infiltrated, with all the Kree technology, and there were these statutes that depicted us, ourselves, armed with Accuser weapon. It was all rather confusing and terrible." She ducks her head, grinning when Gorgon says Triton would be lucky to have her looking out for him. "It's the very least I can do," she says. "He brought me here to Attilan, to home."

Gorgon chuckles faintly, apparently not really noticing he could have ran the poor woman over with that nudge alone. Dumb Gorgon. "Oh? Accuser weapons?" Gorgon brings a hand to his chin "That's…very disturbing. Can't wait to check it out." he grins to the woman. "That was our mission, he and I. Find any Inhumans we can and bring them back here, should that be their choice. I'm happy you decided to listen to the fish." he laughs then, walking off after "I hope you've enjoyed Attilan! we'll talk again soon!" he smiles, waving at her as he starts walking off.

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