1964-09-30 - Two Mutants Walk Into A Church
Summary: Kurt and Charles meet at the Mutant Town church.
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Actually had to ask his Priest-friend to help after the demon attack. He tried to patch himself up as much as possible but ended up needing a little more attention. Now that he's patched up so much better, Kurt has decided to spend the evening at the Church, meditating, chatting with his friend, and helping out as much as his sore back would allow. Usually he's in the rafters helping with the cleaning and dusting there, but today he's at one of the altars with the prayer candles, lighting a few in memory of loved ones lost.

Near the altar, a familiar figure is seen walking up, his face an unusual measure of somber this evening. The Professor moves and lights a prayer candle, then glances over towards Kurt, giving him a slight smile of greeting and nod, though his eyes still look serious as befits this place.

Nightcrawler turns as another joins him at the altar, about ready to duck back into the shadows when he recognizes the man. There's a grin of relief and he nods, letting the other do what he needs to do at the altar. Instead of dissapearing, however, he moves to one of the pews to crouch, his forearms leaning on te back of the pew in front of him. It seems tradition, now, for the two to have a conversation at the Church here. It's almost comforting to keep it.

The Professor takes a seat near Nightcrawler, then speaks to him, "Good evening, Kurt. Is everything alright?" He asks out of simple concern, not probing with his talents as, well, that would just be rude.

Kurt gives a little shrug, winces, but then settles back, "I am not so bad, I suppose. I was…" he mimes being clawed, "by a demon in Mutant Town, but I am healing." He'll live. "Und you? I have met many people from your school. They seem very happy." Except Warren…but that might be something else and he's trying to help his friend. "Have you heard from Raven?" His mother?

Charles shakes his head slightly. "I haven't heard from Raven in quite some time." He sighs a bit, "Warren, well, he's been through a fair amount lately, so his unhappiness is perfectly understandable." A slight hrm passes from his lips at the mention of demons, "Demons? In Mutant Town?"

Nightcrawler gives a little sigh as no one has heard from Raven. "I hope she is ok," is offered as he glances down for a moment. Golden eyes regard his 'uncle' at the mention of Warren, "Ja…I understand. It must be very hard for him. I am here if he wants to talk, but maybe I will say things he does not want to hear." It doesn't mean they're less true. There's another shrug, "The demon is gone. The large, red man made sure that it was gone. It melted…it was very, ah, disgusting."

The Professor wrinkles his nose a bit, "Melted? Well, that's… different. I suppose I should ask Illyana about those things. Especially if that is something that might become a regular occurrence."

"Illyana?" Kurt smiles brightly, "Ah, she said she knew you!" The world gets a little smaller. "I do not know if it is regular. I think it was just a surprise? I do not know…I hope it is not." Because he really doesn't want to carry his sword around. He gets enough weird looks. "But ah! There is good news! I am not a demon!" If anyone wondered.

Charles laughs a bit, "I never had any doubt of that, my friend. Indeed, you'd be one of the people furthest from a demon that I know." And he means that sincerely, shaking his head slightly at the thought.

His grin returns at Charles' laugh and he tilts his head, "But I was not! I felt a pull…here…" he gestures to his chest, "When I was going somewhere a few weeks ago und then I ended up inside a circle und he said that he had…ah, 'summoned' me? So I was not sure." But he can spend time in the Church and not explode so that's also a good sign. "But danke." There's a pause before he asks, "What brings you to the Church here? I always like meeting…"

The Professor smiles somewhat, though the smile is a serious one, "Paying my respects. It seemed appropriate… but also, I was hoping to see you, Kurt. I was wondering if you'd given any thought to joining the school."

Nightcrawler's grin grows a little wider, "It is good to see you too, Herr Charles." He's still not sure if he should call him 'uncle'. The grin does fade a little at the mention of the school, "But why? I am not a child needing to attend school und I know what I can do, ja? Und I am not afraid of who I am or having others see me for who I am. I am too old to attend school." Even though he has no formal education whatsoever.

Charles laughs softly, "I wasn't exactly thinking you would attend as a student, Kurt. I was hoping you would join the team." Meaning the X-Men. But he doesn't actually say it… mainly because some things don't need to be said.

"Team?" This might be the first he's heard of any sort of team. "I'm sorry, but what is this? You are doing sports at this school now?" Kurt sits back a little carefully as he listens to this new bit of information.

The Professor chuckles at that, "Not precisely, no. We are trying to protect the world, as cliche as it might sound." He smiles over at Kurt, "If people see mutants in their best light, it could end up changing minds."

"It is what I am trying to do as well," but maybe through different means. "I am trying to show that mutants are not bad…that we are no different than others. You have a team to do this? Like going to talk to people?" Kurt still seems at least curious.

Charles hmms, "Actually, we tend to be a bit more… proactive. Like stopping threats to humans and mutants alike." He grins a little, "And we also teach young mutants at the school, as well, which even without formal schooling, I think you'd be a good teacher."

"Stopping threats? How do you mean?" Kurt watches Charles for a moment as his unspoken thoughts seem to be getting picked up. Maybe he knew, maybe he didn't. "Teach? Me? What would you want me to teach?" I know we spoke of talking to the young Kinder to talk about being more comfortable when we are different…" but teach?

Charles looks at Kurt, "Like, well, what the Avengers do. Though we focus more on mutants, both in protection… and stopping those that are a danger. As far as teaching is concerned… well, what would you feel comfortable with?"

Nightcrawler lifts a hand and scratches at the back of his neck, "Like SHIELD?" He at least knows about that. "I do not know what I could teach. Ah…gymnastics? Tumbling? I do not know what else I would be able to do. I could talk to people in German, but I am not certain I could teach it."

The Professor nods, "Well, perhaps you could come up and visit the school. See what you think of things? I'm certain that we can find a place for you, if you wished it."

"I do not wish to be a, was ist…a burden to you. But…so many have said so much about the school that I would like to see it, ja." As far as finding a place, he isn't too sure. "I have a place here, but…I would like to see it." It -does- get a little lonely sometimes.

Charles smiles, "I understand, and I would like to show it to you Kurt. Whenever it would be convenient for you, we could take a tour, and you could see the other students and faculty."

"I am free most of the time…" as he doesn't really have a job. "But maybe I should wait until my back hurts less? Where is your school? Should I just…" he makes a 'Fwwwt' noise as if to indicate his 'bamfing' there.

Charles hmms, "It's in Westchester County, so I don't know if you can go that far. But yes, when you feel up to it, come on by. I'd love for you to see it." He grins, and suddenly Kurt has an instinctive knowledge of where the school is. Telepathy can be handy sometimes.

"Where is that?" Kurt asks but then he gets that knowledge of where it is. How…interesting! Golden eyes widen, "That was…ja. Ja, I would like to visit. When would be good for you? I think you are busier than me."

The Professor nods, "Well, a bit… but anytime in the afternoon would be best, most classes are in the mornings. Besides, you can take advantage of the visit to see Harry's." He looks a bit amused, "It's the local watering hole, most of the students and faculty frequent it, as do I."

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