1964-09-30 - You Look Familiar...
Summary: Hope meets Scott in the city.
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Saturday afternoon in early fall, and Mutant Town is out to enjoy the cooler weather. It's always run-down, of course, but with the crisp touch of fall in the air, kids have been sent outside to play, with a group playing stickball down one alley and another playing jacks on the front stoop of an apartment building. Adults are out and about as well, trying to finish their errands before it gets dark out and the thin veneer of civility wears off the neighborhood.

Hope falls somewhere in between the two groups, hands in her pockets as she peruses a newsstand, trying to get a sense of everything around her. The feeling of so many powers can be a little overwhelming, but it's good practice for control.

Conveniently close to that news stand that Hope peruses, a fine looking Harley Davidson motorcycle is resting on its kickstand. The rider, Scott Summers, is reclined against the seat, both legs off to one side, as he turns the pages of the latest newspaper. His eyes are hidden from view by the visor connected to his face, though his head turns slowly from left to right as he reads.

Hope runs her mind through the feeling of the various mutant powers in the vicinity like shuffling a deck of cards, getting a sense for each of them, until she lands on one that feels familiar. She stops short, turning away from the newsstand to search out the source. It doesn't take long to locate the man with the visor, though it does take her a minute to decide how she wants to react to it. Straightening her jacket, she steps away from the newsstand, walking around to the side of the motorcycle. "Excuse me?"

Scott lifts his attention, that identifying visor shifting out from behind the newsprint to look directly at Hope. His eyes search her features behind that ruby quartz, attempting to discern if he might know her or not. Offering a friendly smile, Scott folds his newspaper in half before saying, "Yes? Hello, can I help you?"

"Hi," Hope smiles faintly, raising a hand with an awkward wave. "I'm…Hope." Just Hope. Maybe don't lead with the weird parts. "I, ah." Did not think this all the way through. "Sorry. I just. You looked familiar." Not untrue, at least. "Do you live around this neighborhood?"

Scott's eyes continue to search Hope's face, the slight smile on his face perhaps revealing that he might think the pretty young girl a little off. "Well, Hope, it's nice to meet you. My name is Scott, Scott Summers," he says, sticking his hand out to shake. His head tilts to the side curiously at the question regarding where he lives. "I live outside of the city, why do you ask?"

Hope takes the offered hand, grip more firm and certain than her words have been thus far. "Oh, no reason," she shakes her head, though there's a brief flicker of satisfaction in her features at the explanation. "Just, you know. Trying to place it, that's all. Place you, I mean. The familiar thing." She waves a hand around her face then shakes her head with a rueful laugh. "Sorry, I probably sound crazy."

"Ahh, don't apologize. We all sound crazy at one point or another," Scott says with a laugh, tucking the folded newspaper under his arm before crossing his arms over his chest. He is still scanning her, as if expecting there to be some punchline or something forthcoming. After a short pause he says, "So where are you from Hope?"

That should be a simple question. Except the answer isn't simple. Hope opens her mouth, hesitates for half a second, then smiles crookedly. "Alaska, actually," she answers. "Cooperstown. I haven't really been there much since I was a baby, though, sort of grew up on the road. What brought you into town, if you don't mind me asking?"

Scott laughs before he says, "Small world. I was originally from Alaska myself before my folks died. After that I bounced around a bit…" Scott trails away for a moment before he says, "Just stretching my legs a little. I'm a teacher, so any chance I get to get out of the mansion I take it."

Hope quirks a brow, looking from Scott to the motorcycle and then back with a wry smirk. "Teacher, huh?" she echoes. "Doesn't really look like a teacher ride. Do you have to sneak it out in the middle of the night so the students don't catch you on it and start getting ideas of their own?"

Scott laughs at this, his head going back and the wide grin revealing a straight row of white teeth. "Well, I guess I would have to worry about that if the students didn't know better than to try and take my ride without asking. I don't usually let people ride it, at least not without me present," he says with a grin, reaching a hand back to lay affectionately on the gas tank of the bike, the latter part of the statement possibly having the lilt of an unspoken invitation. "What about you? What brings you out today?"

"I…" Hope pauses, sobering a bit as she looks around. "I wanted to see this place," she answers honestly. "Mutant Town. I mean, I heard that there was a part of town where mutants tended to live, and I wanted to see what it was like, having that many mutants living in one place. Were they happy, was it comfortable, was it…willing?" The last has an air of doubt as she turns back to him. "I'm not sure what I think about it yet."

"Oh?" Scott asks, his voice showing his surprise at the shift to a more serious line of conversation. "And are you a mutant?" he questions, his tone of voice revealing that he has no judgement or negative connotations with the word.

Something about that question seems to amuse Hope, who shrugs with her hands in her pockets. "Sure," she answers, turning a slow circle to look around the street. "Every mutant, sort of. The doc called it pluripotent echopraxia. Which is the big words way of saying I can do whatever the mutants around me can do."

Scott is silent for a moment, looking Hope over before he says, almost conversationally, "That seems a useful ability. Can you control it well? If not, I know a few people who may be able to help with that."

Hope lifts a hand, wiggling it from side to side. "Usually, sure. It's not perfect, though. Sometimes there's more power than I was expecting, or actually using that power takes some finesse. And then there was the time I crossed paths with someone who had x-ray vision and spent the rest of the day seeing people naked, that was a fun time." Her smile quirks as she shrugs again. "I get by all right."

There is another chuckle from Scott before he says, "Well, if you feel like you want to try it out, you can always find me at the Xavier mansion… If you turn up, just ask for me. Some call me Cyclops, you might get better results asking for me by that."

"I've been there," Hope nods. "It's a good thing you're doing there. A good place. But…I think probably not the best place for me. There are people who…might be looking for me. And it's probably best if they didn't track me there. Better for everyone if I'm here in the city."

Scott nods his head, the chuckle fading as he says, "Well, if you want, I know a few people who could probably help you with that too… I would almost argue that there isn't a safer place to be than at the school."

"I'm not worried about me," Hope grins crookedly, crossing her arms over her chest. "I can take care of myself. But if something happened to the school, to the X-Men, because I was there? That I couldn't forgive myself. Besides, it might cause all sorts of temporal-" She cuts herself off, clearing her throat and looking away for a moment. "It'd get weird. But I did leave word with the professor, in case one of the good guys comes looking for me, so we can get in touch. I've been staying with the Avengers," she explains, pointing a thumb over her shoulder back toward the main body of the city.

Scott laughs and shakes his head, following the direction of the pointing thumb with his eyes. "The Avengers, seems like everyone is hanging out with them. Bobby said he was running with them now too," Scott says. He doesn't seem to catch the temporal slip, maybe thinking that Hope is just a little special. "Well, if you ever need me, you know where to find me," he says before he turns back to his bike and slings a leg over, pulling the motorcycle upright and kicking the stand up. "For now, my time is up and I need to be getting back. It was nice meeting you, Hope," he says while pressing the kicker out on the bike. He rolls the engine through a few times to find the top of the stroke before kicking hard and smiling as the engine roars into life. He gives Hope a look, maybe even a wink, but who knows given that visor, then launches away.

"Yeah. Nice to meet you, Scott," Hope replies, raising a hand to wave. "Drive safe." Another slightly odd thing for her to say, but…Well. Temporal anomalies.

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