1964-10-01 - A Brightside to All Things
Summary: Well that went better than planned
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Gidget had called Robbie B and asked if he could come over. She wanted to see him and was feeling…..off. Currently she was relaxing in a tank top and some sweat pants. At least things weren't floating around her apartment right now. Now was she feeling fuzzy? Yes. Things had happened since she 'blew up' but might as well keep it together.

Speedball was balancing a lot lately. To say he should be tired might be an understatement, but he was still going. Balancing a job, legal trouble, homework, a gal that blew up, fixing a bar that got shot up, -oh and still making team meetings? He was kinda wiped, but somehow cheerfully on his feet. It was civilian attire he was in, though having some sense of propriety he optedto wear sleeves and look 'presentable' when visiting her here. People love to have little to do other than gossip and she had enough troubles. He did have, though, a small box from the local Italian bakery in hand when he knocked. "Thought you could use the pick me up."

Hearing that knock she hopped up and sighed softly. Moving to the door she'd open it to see him and….the box. Blinking she would just stare before smiled and let him in before shutting the door behind him. "Hey…." She'd smile and sighed softly. "Thanks…..for coming by. I'm just…..in a weird…..place."

Speedball actually had a sympathetic look instead of jsut a smart ass comment. "Hey, been there. Got blown up in an inter-dimensional lab accident." He recalled his bizzare tripinto the joining of the world of powered persons and hrmmmed quietly. The box was offered to her. "I thought cheesecake would help. I dunno about you but when I get atomized or pulled into another dimension? Maaaaaan I come back hun-gry. How are you… um… with the things? Sleepin at all?"

Smiling she'd move to her sofa and sighed a bit. Taking the box she would open it up and chuckled. "Thanks, babe." Setting It down she would look over at him and pat the spot next to her. "And….I'm okay. feeling….weird." Looking at her hand she seem to be spacing out. "Had an incident in the park and….had to….bind some people. Reyes and I ran into some guys and….." Trailing off she would just shake her head. "I don't know how I did it but I passed out. "

Speedball joined her on the couch, though he slipped on his back and dropped his head into her lap to look up at her. "This a body attunement thing, an aliens are using me as a conductor thing or a blood sugar thing you think?" SO many questions. "Reyes was there?" An eyebrow went up. Note to self, get deets later. Ask to borrow car. Have backup plan for when Reyes says 'Hell no'. "You… wanna talk it out?" Hey maybe she didn't he could at least ask.

She'd put her hand on his head and smiled softly then. Gidget would just close her eyes before leaning her head back. "I…..don't know how to get to it. I don't think it's my place though I'm sure y'all know a lot about each other……" Those brown eyes stared up at the ceiling. "But some guy at the park gave me an address to go to……" Leaving it at that she'd just shrug. "But….anyway…..all I real want….is a normal day….."

Speedball offered up what was generally known to the paper in some frank assurance. "Baby doll, I'm an Avenger. I know more than I'd like to on most days. You got my word whatever is said about anyone else stays in the apartment. It's cool. Just be careful of strange addresses. That stuff can get dicey pretty quickly. You got a name?"

Gidget just stared down at him and then closed her eyes. "Reyes he….." Swallowing hard she'd shake her head. "I can't. Nevermind. I've never told off on anyone and I won't tell now. All I know is…I had to restrain him….and then the guys that shot at us. After that I passed out." Her fingers ran through his hair as she sat silent for a moment then nodded. "As for a name….no. The guy just gave me his card and wrote it down. I think his name is…..Peter…Piotr…" Frowning slightly she seemed to be in thought the nodded. "Pietro." Those brown eyes peered down in his and chuckled. "…..can I just be a normal girl that gets kissed by a boy and blush…." Rolling her eyes then she'd laugh. "….though some people swear I"m more…..innocent than I am."

Speedball flinched in expression. "Yeah Reyes is… an intense guy. I worked with em. Heeeee's an entirely different sort that's for certain. Good guy, a liiiittle focused someimtes." If you can call hunting the guilty to the ends of the earth 'slightly fixated'. ya know. There's that. That's a thing. His eyes shut and he jsut enjoyed the bit of quiet, the fingers in his long long hair. "Hmmm dunno a Pietro. And no one's innocent. That's some preconceived ideal, you're nice though and maybe people are worried about things taking away your ability to enjoy stuff. If it makes you feel any better the bar for normal has kinda blurred from where it was traditionally to all teh mutants running around and Tesla having poked holes in things. Normal's changed a lot in the last hundred years and maybe it needed to. Maybe we're still alright."

Chuckling a big she'd smile at him softly. "Intense is…a word." Leaning down closer she'd look over his face but stopped short and sighed. "I don't know. I'll check it out and hope for the best." Gidget looked him up before her hand went to his check before sitting back a bit. "I'm not worried….just got deal…." Clearing her throat she'd nod. "Reyes did some research. Seems I'm stuck with this thing in me. Apparently it deemed me 'worthy'…whatever that means. I'm supposed to be…a protector." There was a snort now. "I can't even save myself…..who am I protecting…?"

Speedball smiled brightly at her almost nose to nose and answered her big question. "Them. You're protecting all of them. Your family, your neighbours, the crazy lady withteh chickens across from Luke's place. All them, Gidge. You care, it's a lot more than a lot of people do." Fingers reached up and traced her neck to her cheek. "That's the most important part of being given an opportunity; not wasting it when you ahve the chance to leave the world better than when you found it… and looking good in the papers."

Sighing softly she'd just shake her head a bit and smiled. "Robbie….I'm….." Trailing off she'd go quiet foe a moment….in thought. "I'm just….just a seamstress….." Licking her lips she'd close her eyes and then look down at him then. "I don't know what I'm doing….." Leaning back down she'd put her nose again as she exhaled softly and whispered. "I'm scared….what if this thing kills me….."

Speedball pulled her face closer and said honestly, "Then I will kick it's ass until it gives you back, Gidget. It's not about what could it do, it's more… what can you do?" There was a grin of mischief. Not the best advice coming from someone that was now completely invincible, but it sounded encouraging. He sat up and for once shut up and just kissed her. It's amazing what he can accomplish if he just shut up for five minutes. "I might know someone that can help you… I wnat you to be okay." Wa he worried? Sure, but thankfully he was too overconfident in his optimism to lose too much faith in things sorting themselves out

Blinking she would just stare down at him as he pulled her closer. Taking a deep breath she'd listen to him, a smile tugging at her lips softly. Those brown eyes were looking into his as he spoke and she just chuckled at him softly. "What can I do? Move some stuff….make some weird..barrier thing…" Gidget would then gasp as he kissed her but just closed her eyes and returned it. When he broke it she would lick her lips and smiled. "Who…? And…." There was a playfull look in her eyes. "Why Robbie Baldwin….if I didn't know better…I'd say you are worried."

Speedball rest his forehead to hers with an impish grin, "I might… have a vested interest in your well-being. Hey, just because I'm this confident cool cat doesn't mean I take this stuff for granted. It's scary. You got no prescient for it. And… I fancy ya and normally I'd just punch at things til it goes home if it tried to scare you buuuut I don't think ripping ancient artifacts out of your lady's chest and yelling at it wins many brownie points. Also hella unhygienic. And painful. Very rude." He nodded sagely. Way to understate is, Baldwin. He confessed with a shrug, "When you turned into bubble gum? Yeah… I um… I got scared." Fear and he were not on speaking terms.

Licking her lips she would chuckle a bit then. "I see…" There was a soft giggle then as she watched him carefully. "You fancy me, hm?" Gidget would lick her lips then nodded. "I fancy you too…." Closing her eyes she would shake her head too. "Here's a secret….." Licking her lips she'd lean in and murmur against his lips. "….I was scared too….." Closing her eyes she sniffled softly. "….it was hot….and….it hurt. I thought I was dying…." Pulling back she would then shake her head. "Anyway…..I'm just trying to deal…." She'd look to her kitchen and closed her eyes as she held out a hand. After a few moments a drawer would open….and a fork would fly over to her hand. Letting out a gasp she'd slowly open her eyes. "….I'm slowly getting a handle on it." Smiling down at him she'd nod. "So….what are you doing the rest of this evening?"

Speedball warmed a half grin with as much modesty as he was familiar with: just a little bit and no more. "Hey it's okay to be scared that's-" The smile faded and he sat up, turned and hugged her. He didn't even say anything more on that. That feeling? That one? He got it. Oh did he get it. He only spoke again when the fork went whizzing by their heads, "Whoa, useful! Just be careful at the shop with all those tiny pins. You don't want to turn yourself into that squishy tomato thing you have on your desk." A pin cushion, Robbie. Pin cushion. "Eveniin? Not much. Studied all on lunch cause I won't have time tomorrow because I gotta go talk to that guy, so I'm kinda caught up. I wanted to get it out of the way in case you wanted company."

At that hug she would smile as she returned it. Taking a deep breath she'd bury her face in his neck before relaxing finally. "….sorry….." Gidget would smile then nodded slowly before smiling. "It will be….when I have more….control." Opening up that box of dessert she'd take a small bite with that fork and exhale. "….yum." Chuckling she would take a forkful and hold it out to him. Blushing she would clear her throat a bit. "Oh….um…." Taking a deep breath she would smile and nod. "…do you wanna…um…stay over for a bit….?"

Speedball didn't seem pressed for any urgency or need for apology. He jsut held her. This shit was terrifying, and he had to hand it to her for handling it as well as she was. "Nothing to be sorry for. A bunch of people fall apart when this stuff happens. And yeah. I'd be happy to spend as much time with you as you can put up with me for." He grinned with that bullshit boysih charm, "Awww you miss me? You missed me didn't you?"

Gidget would chuckle and shook her head a bit then. She'd pull back to look at him and smirked slightly. "I'm sure I can put up with you for a bit, Robbie…." Smiling she'd shrug a bit then before licking her lips and tilted her head a bit as she watched him. "Yes….yes I do miss you." Giving him a playful pout she'd smile a bit. "I just don't think you missed me. I'm here inviting you to….stay tonight as long as you want and you're teasing me." Giggling she'd wink at him playfully then.

Speedball was so damn proud of himself. Antagonizing the people you care about was a high form of compliment in the Baldwinverse. Robbie splayed a hand on his chest and bumped his nose to hers, "yes. yes I am teasing you. You had a terrible week. You explodiated. You had people with things on fire tell you that Tiffany & Co. decided you were the chosen one for their fall line. Things are floating. Yes, I'd say making you laugh is kinda the top priority here." He paused and gave her a frank look, but hey, he didn't carry around a lot of pretenses, "Gidget, you're attractive, you're funny, and I'm super into you. You being okay matters to me first. Yes I can totally stay. Love to. I just have to make it to Hell's Kitchen by 10:30 am to talk with my lawyer. Which means I can also make you breakfast. Fun fact, your man can cook the hell out of an egg."

Gidget would laugh a bit then as she nodded. "Well I appreciate the teasing….it makes me forget about all the bad stuff…." Licking her lips she would then sighed softly. "I need the laugh. All of this…..crap is a lot. Hell…..I'm still trying to see where to test all of this stuff. Luke has been letting me using him sort of gym space…." When he looked at her seriously she'd blink. Biting her bottom lip she'd blush then leaned in to peck him quickly. "My man, hm?" Winking at him she'd then smiled a bit. "Good thing I have food in the house for once…." Leaning against him she'd close her eyes a bit. "….I can make mimosas too…."

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