1964-10-01 - Keeping Up With the Inhumans
Summary: The Royal Family catches upon Gorgon's return, and the Royal Guard finds an interesting new directive withthe addition of Fetch's help
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Walking through the streets of Attilan whilst speaking with a few guards under his command, who were more than likely filling him in by perspective and vaguely what he's missed, the hulking Inhuman would nod a few times. "I see..thank you for informing me. dismissed." he two guards saluted the Royal Captain as he walked off again, clearly in thought. He wore his armor today, covering the entirety of him except his hooves, arms, and head. he wore a nice shoulder cape today. He walks with his usually confident stride as Gorgon appears to be looking for someone…or multiple peoples.

Eventually he would just stop and cross his arms, growling faintly under his breath when it doesnt appear he's had any luck thus far…

Triton was a spy and a scout. His job was not to be seen and the camoflaging skin didn't help matters much. Since Gorgon's…we'll call it a triumphant return, Triton's been rounding up all his notes and also tracking down Crystal, though this time not to borrow Lockjaw, but to share the good news that Gorgon is back. That said Triton may have been shadowing Gorgon for a bit now just to see how long he could. It was entirely possible though he did appear in the causeway, mask over his face, but a smile in his eyes, "Cousin, I bring you good news."

Crystal is a rare sight in Attilan these days - despite the relief from exile, her commitments with the X-Men and the Avengers, in addition to recent investigations into Inhuman ruins and her work to gather more information on the outside world for the Genetic Council mean she isn't back in the city unless she has a report to make. Luckily for Gorgon and Triton, she's just finished one of those, walking through the city for a bit before she returns to New York.

Gorgon turns his head to Triton and offers his cousin a warm smile. "Ah! cousin. good to see you. What news have you brought me today?" he asks curiously…sneaky bastard, he had a feeling he was being followed. but it's Triton, so no harm done there. Though he does find Crystal, and he gives her the brightest smile "Princess! my cousin!" he waves to her. "I have not seen you in some time!" he shouts with that booming voice of his.

Triton didn't answer but gestured to behind GOrgon with webbed fingers to where Crystal was. Would they catch up? Sure. Getting an opportunity to catch up withthe half of the family that didn't usually drive his blood pressure up up up? Priceless. "I thought you could use a more proper welcome back." Ya know, for a fish, yes, yes he was thoughtful in these things. Whatever else was on his mind he tabled for now and let this important moment pass first.

"Gorgon," Crystal laughs, a warm smile spreading across her features. Coming closer, she doesn't hesitate to catch her cousin in a hug. "It's so good to see you again." Never mind the whole who supported whom thing. Crystal was just a child when the family left Attilan - most of her memories are still good ones. "Triton, how have you been? Not letting Max wear you down too much, I hope."

Scooping up Crystal in a biiiiig hug with even a twirl, Gorgon laughs happily "It's so good to see you too. You got so much taller!" he smiles at her warmly and sets her down. He glances then to Triton "Thank you Triton. It is greatly appreciated." he nods gratefully. He looks then to Crystal, answering for Triton "Apparently he can barely breathe. Always getting summoned he is." he chuckles, patting Triton on the back. He does stretch though "Happiest I've been in months……"

Triton was the one that remained when Maximus lost his damn mind. Hey, someone had to keep an eye on things, and Triton wasn't one to leave family behind…even when they do things that were really boneheaded. "Actually, I-" He was going to answer but Gorgon took care of that and he wasn't wrong. His head tilted and just shook with some amusement watching them. He got to see any of the family rarely at best. The last month might be the most consecutivly in 9 years. "Things are getting there but… things are pretty alright. I may have a favour to ask of you though, Crystal. If it's not trouble when you head back."

Crystal laughs as Gorgon spins her around, hands on his shoulders when he sets her down. "Yes, well. It happens when you go from being a child to an adult. Still not so tall as certain people, though," she chuckles, keeping a hand on his shoulder as she turns toward Triton. "Of course, Triton, anything you need. I can't tell you what a relief it is to have someone else to help keep an eye on Maximus," she admits. "I usually think he means well, he just…Well. You know. Maximus."

Smiling faintly at Crystal, Gorgon still gives her the warmest smile as he pats her head delicately "Yeah yeah, just never change you hear." he smiles, letting her keep a hand on his shoulder. He looks then to Triton and the Royal Captain gives him a nod "So I hear. Maximus will be….Maximus." he siiiiggghhhs. "It is what it is…" and at this moment he realizes somethign about Crystal is critically missing. "Where's Lockjaw?" he asks curiously.

Triton braced for impact and to be bowled over by a giant drooly dog because Gorgon asked. There was a muffled chuckle from behind the mask. He hated the way it sounded but it was better than gasping like a goldfish. It was what it was. It was to Crystal he asked, "You have a mirror that folds in half and you can find in a pocket that is somewhat reinforced. Could you find one of these for me? Maybe eh five? I figured out a secondary means for communication on ops that would require such a thing." A cosmetic compact? It sounded more high tech than it was when put that way. How these dots connected together he didn't say. Looking between his cousins he winced faintly. "Maximus is… complicated as ever. I have report on that with inconclusive information and possible concern, but I'd like to think that we all presently share a goal here. It's… yeah it's complicated." To Gorgon he offered, "He's recently been helpful." Which was likely not enough to put everyone back in good graces but it was something. Triton: bearer of knives and olive branches.

"Lockjaw will be here soon," Crystal smiles ruefully. "He's visiting people here. He may have gotten all the treats and snacks he can out of the kids at the school, but that just means he's moved on to new hunting grounds here. I wanted a chance to visit the city a bit myself before returning to New York." Triton's question gets a moment of pause, brows furrowing as she tries to work through what he's talking about. "Are you talking about some sort of scrying device?" she asks, confused. "I could speak with Doctor Strange, but I still owe him for help with some of Max's earlier antics."

Rounding the side of the palace, Fetch is striding along holding a datapad in hand. Catching sight of the three, he detours slightly to make his way over to them. "Your Highness." Pause. "es." Highnesses. "Sir, I was asked to give this to you." he continues, extending the datapad to Gorgon. "From the Council." It's not coded for him so he has no idea what it says. Beware Maximus, the Guard is running low on uniforms, pick up milk on the way home, something.

Tilting his head at Triton, Gorgon would laugh a little "what are you all bracing for? We alll know Lockjaw just loves to hug you, cousin." he laughs aloud then. Before he looks to Crystal "ah. Well as long as he gets something. Giant mutt can teleport, he better get treats." a small chuckle there. He does look between Crystal and Triton a moment, his eyebrows raised. "Who the hell is doctor strange?" he asks curiously….how strange. then his attention is stolen by fetch as he arrives and hands Gorgon a datapad "ah, thank you soldier." he reads it over, mumbling as he goes. 'Beware Maximus' he reads without speaking "hah…no shit." he reads on "mmm yada yada…new uniforms…mhhhmmm." he nods a few times. "Alright, I'll look into it." he nods to Fetch. "Thanks."

Triton rubbed at the back of one pointy ear and shook his head to Crystal. "Simple mirror; 3" maybe. Folds to be protected and portable. Basic mirror is fine." He glanced to Gorgon, "Yes, I'm aware." Who didn't love that dog? People who were wrong, that's who. Genetic Council was communicating with several of them it seemed. Good. Communication was good. He didn't discuss what they wanted from him and if Gorgon needed him to know what was on that datapad he'd tell him, so Triton didn't ask. "Corvus has been stationed down in New York to keep ears on Maximus in case he needs anything or to keep him out of harm's way." Or causing harm, and trouble and, oh Maximus, just leave Earth alone. Triton sighed and had to trust him. He wanted to. Okay he was really really trying here. He nodded to teh soldier, "Fetch, good to see you." It was a saving grace with Triton, he wasn't in Attilan much but he made a point to remember names and faces. He looked to Crystal again with a squint of just interior eyelids, "I might ask of your help to pick something up later as well. I'm not easily able to acquire things I need from the city."

"Oh. A compact mirror." Crystal reaches into her pocket, pulling one out and opening it up in demonstration. "Like this, yes? They're in every drug store in town, should be simple enough," she says with an easy smile. "Getting supplies for two households worth of powered people means that I've grown accomplished in acquiring supplies," she chuckles to Triton, attention turning to Fetch with his arrival. She nods politely, taking note of the name the others use.

Fetch waits to see if Gorgon has any orders for him once he takes the datapad but when it seems he doesn't, he just moves a couple steps till he's standing slightly behind the Guard Captain and off to the left. "Are you planning on returning to the outer world again soon, your Highness?" he asks Crystal. "Are there enough Guards to adequately protect everyone who is now there?" Though continuing the train of thought, that last part is directed toward Gorgon.

Gorgon laughs at Triton a moment in playful jest, before he looks between them "Well, good to hear you both have you priorities sorted. I already volunteered to go with Triton to go check out that underwater lair." he informs Crystal, before glancing to Fetch. He ponders a moment, before glancing then to Triton "Corvus is there? Well good…at least someone's keeping an eye on him. Any news of Blackagar?" he asks curiously, before he turns to Fetch once more. "If Crystal would like the help, I give you leave to keep an eye on her and watch her back. Those orders go into effect as soon as the Princess gives the word, understood?" he says to Fetch, crossing his arms again.

Triton snap pointed to Crystal. That! yes!Calmly he only followed that with, "It's very important. I really appreciate it." As for the surface cities? Well he let Crystal answer that. Hell he spent all of his free time at the bottom of the ocean. He looked to Gorgon, and also offered, "Apparently Maximus has been busy. I don't know the voracity of this but it could be in our interests to at least visit him. There's such a thing as giving someone too much room." He caged his concerns. They weren't generally for the street, but there might be… reservations.

Crystal smiles faintly at Fetch, shaking her head. "I'll be heading back shortly, once Lockjaw finishes his business. But we protected ourselves for ten years, with plenty of hostile forces coming after us. We're used to it well enough by now." Somehow, there's no accusation in the words, even as she stands with those who remained behind when the family was exiled. "Guards would also likely draw attention to us, and it seems the Council still isn't quite ready for that yet."

Fetch nods his acquiescence to Gorgon then looks expectantly at Crystal. "I don't look like a Guard." he points out. "Not the kind most people would think of. And I can go places many of us couldn't. And if you wanted to slip away from a gathering, I could take your place so no one even notices."

Gorgon would nod faintly to Triton "Agreed." he says simply, before looking to Crystal. Her response sparks some measure of pride in the Inhuman Royal Captain, taking a deep breath "It appears you gained wisdom with maturity Crystal. Very well done." he smiles warmly to her, before looking to Fetch "She tends to be stubborn in her decision bud." he pats him on the shoulder jestfully..though it may or may not have been hard. He cracks his neck a little.

Triton nodded slowly, "A lot's changed. She's helped establish a positive relationship with both a government organisation and the surface Mutants, Gorgon. We have every reason to be proud of her." At least the fish was in a good enough mood. He was curious though, "Any takers on looking in on Maximus? I can't pass in a city. As much as I instinctively do not trust him I am genuinely worried about him. He said a few things that have me… concerned. Maybe it's his way of keeping us sharp, I do not know. Really though we don't owe him that but… we kinda owe him that."

Crystal's brows rise slightly at Fetch. "Shapeshifter?" she guesses, head tilting. "It's an interesting proposal, but I'm fairly safe in the outside world, really. I'm usually surrounded by other powered people who have my best interests in mind, even if I couldn't handle most threats myself." Triton's talk of Maximus draws her attention, though, a frown crossing her features. "What did he say?" she prompts.

"Stubborn." Fetch repeats. Like that's not a common character trait among the entire royal family. It's probably genetic. "But also able to see how useful it would to have me along." Inclining his head at Crystal's guess, he smiles a smile that transforms into one she might have seen in the mirrow. Though 'she' is wearing the uniform of the Guard. "And with access to your DNA, I would truly become you. Or anyone." Having demonstrated, he's back to himself a moment later. Being a girl isn't fun.

Yeah…Fetch's shapeshifting always creeped Gorgon out, but he knew he was a loyal one…or so he thought! "Creepy, but effective in the case of need." he glances then to Triton "much has. the past few months have been insane to say the least." he shrugs faintly "I can't really pass in the city either…" he glances at his hoove feet…then glances back to Triton "I'm also very noticeable." he sighs faintly, then looks to Crystal "Happy to hear you've made friends." he stretches lightly.

Triton was going to answer Crystal but something Fetch said swiveled the infiltrator's attention curiously. "Were you to do this to me I wonder… how long we could keep you under water. If it's cosmetic or functional and to what extent…" The thought trailed off and he looked to Gorgon. OH that had wondrous possibilities there. He looked to Crystal and damn if the Fish was anything but patient and perhaps compassionate first. "A few things. You were there for it, but he keeps trying to be alone with all the materials we need to commune with that army for one, and that concerns me the most. Secondly Maximus boasting of being in a relationship seems to me like he's baiting us. We should still check in with accomplices and assets and see if any of this goes back to fleets being influenced into passing through the area we're investigating." Because pushing the matter into more urgency by manipulating foreign military with a subtle nudge? Yeah it could have Max's hand all over that. "It could be what it is, we don't know and we owe it to Max to at least visit because it's polite." And he's paranoid.

"I'm not certain I'd want you to become me," Crystal smiles faintly to Fetch, though there's still something thoughtful in the way she looks at him. A comparison to something else she's seen outside, likely. "You might be surprised, Gorgon. With mutants becoming more and more common, it's easy enough to claim to be one and pass in that way. Most people think nothing more of it than that, though being mistaken for a mutant isn't always pleasant either. As for Maximus," she sighs. "Honestly, if he's in a relationship, then I'm happy for him and hope it will distract him from getting into any more trouble. Telling us about it is just…fishing for reactions."

Fetch flicks a glance over at Gorgon but doesn't comment. Effective and useful, yes. Not at all creepy. At least not to him. "I become an exact genetic duplicate of the target, your Highness." he tells Triton. "It lasts until I decide to stop or lose consciousness, whichever comes first." After a moment, he adds "There is no telepathic component to it." Cause that would be creepy.

Gorgon shrugs faintly, before his eyes fall on Triton "…Maximus is in a relationship?" he shivers at the thought "Anywho. I agree…leaving Maximus to his own devices is a historically bad idea." he nods a few times, then looks to Crystal. Hearing her words, Gorgon shakes his head "I'd really rather not attract attention to myself that way either…even hear of people trying to recruit them into some school or another." he makes a disapproving expression. "Nope, would rather avoid that altogether I think." then he looks to Fetch, listening to his words, but still maybe feeling creeped out…exact copies? huh.

Triton shrugged to Gorgon. Hell if he knew. He lived under water. Triton didn't even do relationships but for that really failed disaster with Namor's cousin who- let's not recap that. Few times has Triton called Gorgon back to go drinking with him as an imperative. That was the most memorable. A webbed hand gestured to Gorgon and parroted, "Historically. bad. idea." He conceded to Crystal, "And while I agree and thus said nothing in front of him? He's a little too grabby at the hammer and the opportunity. Still brilliant in an advisory capacity though. Let's… be careful. For his sake. For ours."

"Given his history with the Kree, he's certainly the last person I want negotiating with them," Crystal agrees. "But. I will try to talk to him, if I can find him. See if he'll tell me anything about this…relationship." She sighs, scrubbing a hand briefly over her face before she's distracted by a less painful conversation. "Does that include copying someone's powers?" she quirks a brow at Fetch.

"It does." Fetch agrees, nodding to Crystal. "An exact genetic duplicate." he repeats. "So no equipment, clothing…" Obviously, as his uniform didn't change. "It does allow me to fit in undetected most places and even assume someone's identity for a brief time." Considering Crystal a moment, he says "Before I stepped into the chamber, I was a researcher." So not only violence oriented.

Shrugging lightly, Gorgon read that expression on Tritons face and allmmooosst boasted a laugh. "Agreed, let's stay careful." he nods a few times, before looking to Crystal. "alright….stay careful please." he says…poor sod's always been super protective. He does look between Fetch and Crystal as they talk, sighing lightly, he glances then to Triton and just shrugs a little.

Triton blinked interior then exterior eyelids and offered bluntly, "Or maybe we can just invite him to dinner? I dunno. Still, Gorgon, glad you're back. We need to set time aside while we're both home while we have the opportunity. Karnak's been entirely too busy. She won't ever admit it but the break from it, if such a thing exists, would do her good. As for the Kree? Crystal, yes." He listened mostly on the opinions of shape shifting. The fishman shrugged. "Could be useful. I'm game if it came down to it. Might… actually be helpful to something I'm working on with the Genetic Council. I'll keep you posted when it comes to that, Fetch."

"Respectfully, Fetch, I think I will pass on sharing my DNA," Crystal smiles faintly to the guard. "But yes, it does seem a very useful power. One which I would certainly never use to get out of a dinner with Max," she says over a cough, with a mischievous look at Triton. "No, I'm teasing. You're right, a family dinner would be pleasant. We'd just need to find a place for it."

"Of course, your Highness. I'm at your disposal, given the permission of the Council and the Guard Captain." Fetch says to Triton before looking back to Crystal. "No one would think otherwise, your Highness. So, shall I be joining you on your next trip out of Attilan? I'll need to requisition appropriate clothing in order to fit in."

Gorgon would shrug faintly to Triton "She's always been a workaholic and you know it. Telling her to take a break is like talking to a brick wall…lemme try. I know how to get her to rest." which most likely involved attempting to make a bet. He looks then between Fetch and Crystal, simply laughing "I'll leave you all to talk that one out. I think I'll make another round, make sure all is well." he bows to all of them and gives Crystal one more hug just because he can. "Good to see you cousin!" he laughs and sets her down. "I'll see you all soon. Let me know when we decide to have the dinner. I'll be there."

Triton chuckled though muffled behind the mask, still carried the easy humor with it. "Gorgon, we can just tell her to show up. I'm certain she'd do it. If you feel a need to make a bet feel free. Just don't wager anything you'll miss." As for the place? Triton slowly extended one webbed hand at the palace. It was big, centrally located, and actually did have a dining room that was by all technical accounts still theirs. "If I think of anywhere you'll be the first to hear of it. Fetch? We'll get you caught up with civilian attire suitable for taking a run out to the lighthouse. I may have your help getting things to and from the city as you can pass where I…cannot. Crystal," Triton shifted his weight to his back foot looking for a word for it. "Thank you." It was more profound an actual appreciation for something so simple as a small pile of mirrors.

Crystal returns Gorgon's hug, warm. "I'll look forward to it. Take care, Gorgon," she chuckles before she turns back to the others. "I'll pick up the mirrors," she promises. "And some appropriate New York clothes for you," she nods to Fetch. "And we'll work this out."

Gorgon goes home.

"I do have clothing suitable for outside." Fetch tells Triton. "Though not for other countries." he adds with a nod to Crystal. Tibetan winter wear would not blend in with the streets of New York. "Just let me know when you wish to go." This to both of them and a respectful nod to his Captain.

Triton considered this and looked to Crystal, "You know, might not be a bad idea to ahve a sit down with you, Kamala, and Maximus to cover social norms of the city. Their culture is vastly different and even if the humans mistake our gifts as their own mutations there's cultural norms that would still be expected that we do not have here. Apparently only some of the countries observe anything close to our culture. It could be useful to us later for purposes of diplomacy if more of us are assigned to the surface.

"Kamala is from New Jersey, she knows human norms," Crystal quirks a brow, curious. "And Maximus is fully capable of understanding them. It's a matter of if he cares enough to observe any of them," she points out. "I can certainly speak with both of them if needed, it's just…a matter of balance."

"The country of New Jersey is close enough to that of New York to pass unnoticed?" Fetch inquires. They're on the other side of the world, after all. "I'd be interested in hearing about them. I'll need to know this to better fit in."

Triton nodded to Fetch. "Same. I am still trying to grasp what is happening in the Americas. I always question asking Maximus for insight. I never know when he's using me as a social expierement." He assumed it was always for safety's sake. "Kamala showed me some gathering that was on the boardwalk. Thier people seem unhappy and wanted justice but was unclear for me from where the injustices were issued from. I'm curious to see where these political shifts are, but you are welcome to attend me when I go find out." IT was good knowledge and Triton very rarely stood on formality in such matters. Company? Why the hell not.

"New Jersey and New York are just across the river from each other," Crystal explains. "They're cities in the same area of the same nation. There's a sort of rivalry between the cities, but it's nothing serious. Playful stereotypes, really. And humans are…struggling with the division of their own society. By race and skin color, but it's extended to mutants as well, for example. Women are still fighting for certain rights."

Fetch doesn't find this shocking since it's pretty much the way of the world, at least as far as they know. Tibet, hence China, isn't exactly liberal. His gaze though does flick to Triton. "Unenlightened primitives." is his judgment.

Triton folded his arms across his chest and listened. He was really as patient as he was attentive. Curious, very curious. Still he had to share the assessment, "Wasteful. Still, there is something to be said for the Council and our King's restraint on exposing ourselves to their world. If you want to know how one treats a guest, look and see how they treat their own house." He shook his head and offered an arm to Crystal, completely informal, but not as gregarious as their cousin Gorgon in these matters. "Never think you are ever bothering me, Crystal. we'll have to catch up soon. Fetch, tomorrow training in the garden Let me know if you are free. I have very little experience getting to fight someone with malleable shape."

"They don't particularly enjoy being referred to as such," Crystal smiles ruefully back at Fetch, shaking her head. "But, I think I see Lockjaw," she chuckles, raising a hand to where the massive canine pads through the street. "Which means it's time for me to return. I will be back soon with the required supplies. Fetch, a pleasure to meet you. Triton, we'll get together for dinner."

Fetch shakes his head at Triton's word. "You misunderstand. My shape is not malleable. You will be fighting me or you will be fighting yourself. Possibly someone else if I have access to their DNA at the time. But I shall be there and we can certainly spar. Your Highness." A nod to Triton and then another to Crystal. "Your Highness."

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