1964-10-02 - robberies and revelations
Summary: Gidget and Robbie just gettin' into some minor trouble…*cough*
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It was the average day in New York, people still yelling at each other, just trying to get from point A to point B, someone trying to sell food by screaming 'GET YA HOTDOGS' over and over again. But Harlem was a little more quiet, if that was possible…until Robbie showed up.

Robbie would be driving his bike to get some fresh air. He had -just- finished his shift working as a mechanic and engineer, and at that point, you -need- some fresh air. Harlem could hear that bike purr, and Robbie looked rather happy about that fact in and of itself. He wore his leather jacket, a black sweater underneath, black and white Nike gloves, black pants and combat boots. He seems to have straightened out his hair a little bit, now looking more fresh with the sides clean cut and his hair looking only slightly messy to add some flare to it. His beard seems to have grown out more, but it was still rather cleanly kempt.

Eventualy, he pulls over to the side of the road, clearly in thought.

Well it was a quiet day for her and since she was still 'sick' from work she was going to take advantage of it. And she had been! Currently she was walking down the sidewalk obviously on a mission it seemed like. The tall young woman had been wearing some fitted black cigarette pants, a black crop top and some black heels. Now around her neck was a black scarf to try and hide that weird golden tattoo and it works for the most part though if one looked hard enough they could see it. Her face was half hidden by some oversized sunglasses but there was no mistaking it was her. Running her fingers through her short hair she'd just come to a halt when she spotted a certain bike. Looking at the ride she'd smile brightly as she made her way over she'd wave and call out to him. "Reyes!"

Looking around when he heard his name, Robbie Reyes's attention would be stolen by Gidget when his eyes were finally laid on her. He greets her with the warmest smile "Hello Gidget. It's good to see you. Como Estas? How have you been?" he hops off his bike to stand up, approaching to meet her half way so they could talk. He actually looks quite clean cut today…weird.

She'd blink a few times as she looked him over then smiled. "Same here! I'm….okay. Just trying to take life like a bull by it's horns I guess…." A tilt of her head as she then chuckled. "You look nice." There was a playful wink then as she nodded to him. "Going to meet a girl?" Gidget would just smile before looking around.

Nodding a few times, Robbie would smile gently to her "Happy to hear it Gidget. It's good to see you out and about again." though at her compliment that he looked nice -and- if he was going to meet a girl, Robbie would blush faintly, but it quickly fades "N-no, I just thought I'd change things up a little yeah?" he shrugs a little "You look beautiful." he smiles faintly…with still no idea what flirting is. "Sadly, I'm gonna be forever alone I think." he laughs a little, rubbing the back of his neck…he was not making it better.

She'd laugh a bit as she walked closer and pat him on the shoulder. "Well it looks good. Always good to try new stuff, you know." Of course at his compliment she'd just blink then blushed a bit. "Cute. I'm trying to be incognito….is it working?" Gidget just smiled then before she would frown a bit. "Now never say that. Aren't you the one that told me to not worry?" Licking her lips she'd step back then as she smiled. "So what are you up to?"

Robbie would shrug faintly at her compliment, but it was greeted with the kindest smile "Thank you Gidget. It's appreciated." he runs a hand tnrough his hair, though he's clueless of to why she's blushing, he chuckles faintly "It is. I wouldn't tell at first glance." he looks to where her tattoo should be before he looks bac kto her with a small laugh "Heh, maybe. You have better chances than me." he laughs faintly, at her question, he would shrug "Just going for a ride. clearing my head as it were. This magic business is giving me headaches."

Meanwhile, about four guys would be watching them both..but they were out of sight. Common thugs.

Licking her lips she'd just put a hand to her face and felt she was flushed. Chuckling she'd just smile over at him. "Oh….sorry if I'm causing you a headache." Giggling softly she'd shift that purse on her shoulder then as she shook her head. "And good it's working. Maybe a handsome man will mistake me for a star and want to whisk me away…." Gidget let out a laugh now as she looked to his back. "And I don't blame you. Luke has been letting me use his 'gym' thing to test some stuff."

Robbie would chuckle faintly "Nah, you're not givin' me headaches." he looks to her chest, but not her breasts. "That is." he references her tattoo, but could be taken all the wrong ways. "hey, anythings possible….I would know.." he sighs a little then. "Luke has a personal gym? I should visit sometime." he winks to show he was jesting.

Meanwhile, the four hoodlums would start walking down the street, hands in their pockets but with hoods up. it was fairly clear if one analyzed how they were acting that they didn't have good intentions. Shady types.

She'd laugh then as she put her hand to her chest. "Heh….well…..it's still my fault for buying that wretched necklace…." Exhaling softly she would just smile before nodding. "And it's not like….a gym gym. Let me now though….I know where the keys are." Winking at him playfully she'd then pat him on the arm. "But let me know if you ever wanna come with…"

Now she would look around and see the men, clearing her throat as she looked up to Robbie. "Well…I better head over there. Stop by if you get bored….." She'd cut her eyes over to the men and nodded. She just felt…uneasy now.

Robbie would chuckle faintly to her, though when she pats him on the arm and invites him, Robbie would smile to her warmly "I think that'd be nice, Gidget." he nods a few times "I think I would be happy to. Are you headed there now?" He then turns his head to the hoodlums approaching, a fire starting to ignite in his eyes. Cracking his neck, he knew exactly what was about to happen…after all, he's from Los Angeles. This happened almost all the time when he was home. "Stay behind me."

He reads the souls of each of them…and each of them had their destination set as he heard the whisper…the urge to turn into the Rider…but unwilling to to scare Gidget, it was like a gong in his head. A rapist…a pedophile…a murderer…and a abuser. those were the souls that stood in front of Robbie, but he clearly seems distracted, almost hurting.

"step aside bitch, unless you want to end up like what we'll do to your girlfriend here." one of them speaks as they point to Gidget, but Robbie didn't move. two of them roll up their sleeves.

"Yeah! I was gonna go test out….." But when he told her to stay behind him she'd look up and just slipped behind him. Stay calm Gidge, just say calm. When she watched Robbie she'd put her hand on his back and pat him. "….let's just hurry up and go to Luke's….." It was almost a whisper but she just stayed with him. When she heard them threatening Robbie she just blinked and that golden force field popped up around the two of them. "….aw crap…." Calm girl. But the did threaten them. How was she supposed to react.

The shady fellas would immediately draw their weapons, firing into the shield that Gidget made…whether intentionally or unintentionally…Robbie still held his head, and it almost looked like it was steaming a little. With a growl, Robbie would stand up, looking to Gigdet "Lower…the..shield." his eyes were like Hell rested in them…before he just attempts to start breaking out. those men were still emptying the clip into the shield, which would end up being to Robbie and Gidget's benefit, but they had the face of 'ah! freak!' pasted on their faces.

Screaming at the first shots she'd brace herself but felt….nothing. Slowly she would look up to see that in fact…..the bullets were just hitting and falling to the ground. Panting she would look up to Robbie then widened her eyes. "…l-lower…..?" She'd look at the shield and slowly tried to calm herself. AS he began to bang on it she would keep trying to calm, her hands going to her head as she dropped to her knees and it…opened up to let him out before shutting behind him. Quickly she looked up to see she was still protected but Robbie was out. "What are you doing?!"

Robbie didn't respond to Gidget, but the thugs instantly reloaded and unloaded a host of bullets into Robbie. However, they seemed to just bounce off him…althoug hhis clothes now have bullet holes. With the thugs now knowing that they could do nothing in terms of fatality, one was stupid enough to put his last round at Robbie's face….and that's when it happened.

With a small growl, fire grew on his skin, and his flesh seemed to start to melt off his face…charred skin disintegrated with the wind, everything burned straight to the bone, muscle…skin folicles, even his hair all disintegrated. What was left? a flaming skull that looked like the devil had come, it said nothing, only a breath that could make mortals double over in absolute terror…which two of them do. The Rider would approach, a long chain descending from his right wrist. finally the Rider spoke, "Guilty." in an otherworldly voice, and with a flick of the wrist, the chain recoilled backwards, actually smacking the shield of Gidget, but nothing that could even damage it…it caught on fire though…Hellfire, and in that same motion, the Rider threw the chain around one of the thugs, causing him to scream and disintegrate after being burned severely by Hellfire.

"Reyes!!!" She scrambled to her feet but that shield stayed up. Pounding her fist on it, nothing happened but she'd look around and just closed her eyes. Hearing that finally shot she'd screamed again and that barrier came down, causing her to fall to the ground. Panting she she'd look up and saw…..a flaming skull. Though it couldn't be seen her eyes were wide behind those sunglasses as she had seen the once quiet Reyes turn into…that. Shaking she would stand up as she watched the one guy disintegrate she'd just stand there.

Looking to the other three she would feel conflicted as to what was happening. They did try to kill them but….this was. Frowning she would slowly raise her hand and then waved it across her body as their guns flew from their hands. "Idiots!" She'd look to Reyes as she held out that hand to him and squint. It was then the Rider would feel something tugging at him, almost hold him in place. By this point poor Gidget was almost hyperventilating but her eyes, along with that tattoo on her chest, started to glow that golden hue. Looking up to a street lamp she'd hold that free hand out at it and slowly it began to whine and creak. Suddenly it leaned over and wrapped around the three men left tightly.

She should have ran….but she didn't. Slowly her nose began to bleed as she was trying to do too many things at once too soon. By this point, she was sure people was watching was going on. But no way she was going to have Reyes look like a killer in this.

The Rider would look like he would be going after the other ones, but then Gidget wrapped a street light around them to hold them in place. Ghost Rider would growl a moment, before turning to look at Gidget when she called out his name….but more importantly, she somehow held him in place. With that faint growl, the Rider's chain would stop it's fire, and with an easy motion, the chain gets wrapped back around his torso diagonally with no effort at all. "…Innocent." it says to Gidget. A few people instantly froze in their tracks as they saw the Ghost Rider. and they immediately started talking.

"Holy shit, he's real?" "El Diablo!" "Oh my god! someone call the police!" The Rider then looked to Gidget, looking at her as it approached in that methodical step…a hand touching the shield…before his motorcycle suddenly caught fire and rode down to Ghost Rider all on it's own, taking on a more hellish appearance with flaming wheels..which left a fire trail. The Rider would get on the bike, and gave a glance to Gidget…as if thinking of taking her with him.

Looking up at him she would pant heavily as she lowered her hands slowly when she let go. Those men were restrained and he was free to move again. That barrier flickered as she stared, her hand going to her nose and felt the blood. That's when the barrier fell and her eyes just rolled into the back of her head as she crumpled to the ground. Turns out she did too much and was out cold. That…or he scared the hell out of her. Hard to tell at this point. Something had compelled Gidget to act back then but she couldn't even comprehend how she did what she did.

The Ghost Rider would see Gidget collapse…and thus does it prove to have a heart (or just Robbie scolding the Spirit of Vengeance.) Ghost Rider leans down and picks up Gidget, putting her safely on his motorcycle…and then, with an ungodly rev of his motorcycle, the Rider took Gidget and rode off away from Harlem…definately faster than a motorcycle should be able to go…and better yet, they get gone before the police even know what happened!

…it would seem that hours go by. In fact, they'd be on the open road..just Ghost Rider driving seemingly away from New York City down to Coney Island. Gidget was still sleepin' on the bike safely, but it didn't seem to both the Rider none. Eventually though, it would pull over, and Ghost Rider would hop off his bike, positioning Gidget so she could wake up comfortably whenever she woke up.

In the meantime, the Rider would keep a watchful eye out, watching over Gidget.

It seems using her powers in overdrive knocked her out cold. The ride didn't even seem to bother her as she didn't even stir. But once things were settled and her nose stopped bleeding Gidget would stir. Taking a deep breath she would slowly put a hand to her head. "….ugh….where the heck am I….?"

She'd look around a bit thought oblivious as her ears were ringing a bit. "….damnit….." Closing her eyes she'd scrunch her nose a bit before she sat up and realized she was still on a motorcycle. "…huh?" Pushing herself up completely she'd slowly go to slip off of the thing until she spotted the flaming skull head. "AH!!!" Well that woke her up real fast as she fell right off of that bike and onto the ground with a scream.

Ghost Rider would then turn slowly to Gidget, approaching her with a silent methodical step. Thankfully, this form doesnt seem to last. The skull would stop flaming, and muscle would start to grow over it, then skin would form over that…layer by layer, the rider would revert back to Robbie, and when it was completely, a small gasp from Robbie. the transformation itself looked really painful.

"I told you…you didn't want to know what I could do." he kneels down and offers her a hand to get back up. "You passed out."

She'd stare at the skull dude walked back towards her and just was….frozen. When he started to shift back she'd tremble slightly but tried to keep calm. Last thing she wanted to do was toss him into the next county. When Robbie was back she'd just looked at him, slowly pulling her sunglasses off then. When he kneeled down by her she'd hesitate but took his hand. "…what….the hell?" Slowly she'd stand back up but wobbled slightly. "…..dude….you….you killed that guy….."

Robbie knew she was afraid of him…or was afraid of the other guy. It's alot to take in surely. but when he helps her up, and she gives her statement that he killed him, Robbie just stayed quiet a moment…eventually speaking. "I didn't kill him..the Ghost Rider did." he sighs a moment, looking around. "and you wouldn't believe me if I told you my story…either that or you'd run." he sits on his bike, but isnt in a position to start riding off.

She'd watch him carefully then as he spoke. "But….." She'd trail off then frowned. "Is it…not you….or….?" A hand went to her head as she shook her head. "Know what…?" Gidget just put hand up as she seemed to just be thinking. "I…I don't think I want to now. I don't think I could process it….." The poor girl had a rough past week and her brain was in overload. Moving closer to him but slowly she'd raise her brow at him. "….I just…I need to process…."

Robbie would glance to Gidget, sighing faintly with a small frown. He even looked like he was about to speak before Gidget said that she didn't want to know..and he just went back to being quiet. "Take your time." he pats his large bike, offering her a seat. "just breathe." he nods a little, looking at the now a little dark road. A small sigh "Talk about bad timing…" he comments on the thugs who attacked them.

Slowly she would sit down on that back and sighed a bit. "I….don't….." Trailing off she would then slowly look over at him with a small smile. "…..what do you mean?" Clearing her throat she would look him over and raised a brow. "Bad timing….those guys?" Slowly she'd avert her gaze from him and nodded. "…yeah. I wish they hadn't…." There was a soft laugh then. "…I wanted to go to the gym….."

Robbie would shrug faintly "Just saying that it would probably be not this situation if not for them…" he sighs a little. "Yeah..those guys timing was fucking not good." he says freely. "if you still want to go to the gym, I can take you." he nods faintly "…I'm sorry if I frightened you." he says sadly, rubbing the back of his neck a little in guilt.

Sighing she would just chuckle softly then. Clearing her throat again she'd finally look over at him. Giving him a playful nudge she'd smile then before shrugging. "I mean….heck yeah it was scary at first. I didn't know what to make of it. I thought they shot you….but…." Closing her eyes, her hand went to her chest. "I was compelled to help. Both sides. I mean….." Shaking he head then turn to look up at him. "I don't know…don't mind me. I"m just rambling….."

Robbie would nod a few times "I understand completely. I apologize." he bows his head just a little "perks of being the Ghost Rider I guess….." he sighs a little there "I can do quite a few things….as you saw. I'm sorry…but I'm not the one who decides when and where it happens." he lowers his head a little.

She'd frown slightly as she leaned in and murmured. "….what are you apologizing for?" Sitting back a bit she'd stare at him then. "And….if you can't control it I guess….I suppose it's not your fault…" Gidget was still trying to her her head from being fuzzy. Her hand went to her head for a second before continuing. "….just…..I don't know, Reyes…."

Robbie would look to Gidget with a soft smile "I'm apologizing because I frightened you." he states. "yeah…I can't always control it..part of the deal." he sighs faintly "I can influence it, but it's another thing entirely…whole 'nother animal." he puts a comforting hand on her upper back. "Don't worry..we'll figure it out yeah? You did good."

She'd look back at him and chuckled. "We'll have to get coffee and talk about it one day. When I don't have a migraine…." Smiling she would stand up slowly and turned to face him. "Well…." Straightening her shirt she'd sigh softly as she look at him. "Thank you at least….for trying to be all whatever and getting in front of me." Winking at him playfully she'd put her sunglasses on top of her head now as she sighed. "Sucks being such a little pain in the butt….but I'm squishy…." Chuckling she'd lean in and give him a kiss on the check. "Thanks."

Smiling faintly to her, Robbie would nod a little. "I wouldn't mind it…but I bet you ten dollars you arn't going to believe me…maybe won't even accept me." he shrugs a little "but I'll be optimistic…just this once." and when she thanks him, he smiles to her "My pleasure..just didn't want you to get hurt." but when she kisses his cheek, good lord above does he blush. and he turns and looks her right in the eyes for a moment "oh uhm, uh you're welcome…" he's not used to being kissed for heroics! "I can drive you home…"

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