1964-10-03 - Its All Green To Me
Summary: Hellboy drops by a Greek restaurant and meets one of the local mutants. Dinner conversation ensues.
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Normally, Delphyne wouldn't be eating indoors, as the courtyard is much nicer. However, for the gorgon, it's starting to be a bit cool outside, so she's eating dinner inside for a change. She doesn't attract too many stares from the other patrons, but then most of the regulars know her by now… and it helps to be a friend of the owner. Currently she has a glass of wine in front of her, as she just looks to be perusing a menu at her table. For once, her 'hair' is loose, the snakes writhing behind her in a rather relaxed fashion.

If Delphyne was expecting patrons to be staring at her for too long, that may very well change soon enough. Ducking a little under the doorway, the large demon that makes his way to the hostess station stares down at the poor woman with big yellow eyes. "Table for one." Hellboy offers, putting on what passes as a smile on his face as he looks around the room. That is until his eyes fall upon the green woman that seems to be enjoying her wine.. and her snakes. A brow rises and his smile may have just become a bit more genuine and curious.

Following the hostess to a corner table, he takes a seat as he places his drink order. After a few moments, Delphyne will find a waitress coming by to deliver a fresh glass of wine to her. "From the large red gentleman in the corner." she offers, before going to carry the bottle of beer that Hellboy ordered over to him.

Delphyne blinks, and looks over at Hellboy, tilting her head curiously as she notices the large red gentleman. Then she raises the new glass towards him, and makes a slight murmur to the waitress at her table. At which point the waitress, looking a bit amused, goes back over to his table, "The serpentine lady would ask if you'd care to join her for dinner, sir." She tries really hard to hide her grin, as it isn't professional, but the waitress is clearly charmed by the exchange.

There's a thought for a moment as Hellboy considers the admittedly attractive young woman across the way and then takes a draw from his beer before he rises to his feet and makes his way over to where Delphyne is sitting. "Hey." he greets, lifting his beer bottle in response to her earlier wine glass lift. "Thanks for the invite." And even this close, the serpentine girl can feel the heat that eminates from him quite naturally. "If I may?" he asks, gesturing to the seat across from her.

Delphyne nods slightly, and relaxes as she feels a bit more comfortable in the heat from Hellboy, "Hello. And please. Might as well have everyone staring in the same direction, no?" She quirks a smile towards him, "I'm Delphyne. Don't think I've seen you here before."

"Most folks call me Red." There's a chuckle as Hellboy considers her comment. "Well of course they're going to stare at you.." he responds, and chuckles. "I mean, hell, I'm staring." With that, he takes a seat. "SHIELD calls me Hellboy. I'll let you figure out which one works better for you, Delphyne. You ordered your meal yet?"

Delphyne shakes her head, "Not just yet, was trying to decide what to have. As there's little you can go wrong with here." She smiles a bit, "And you can call me Del, if you like. It's easier for most, typically… Red, then." Her accent is fairly thick, and Greek, but not quite. Just sounds a little different. "So, you work for SHIELD?"

"Del. Like the Greek goddess. Fits." Hellboy shrugs as he considers the menu for a moment as he listens to her. His accent? Muddled. But clearly American in some way, shape, or form. "Work is a relative term. They get a paranormal issue, they send me out to deal with it." he responds with a small snort. "But recently, been dealing with a bit of a personal thing. You? Don't sense any witchcraft or magic on you."

Del snickers, "Nope. Can't even petrify you, obviously. The bloodline is a little diluted through the years." She hmms, and then asks, "What sort of personal thing? If you don't mind my asking."

"Russians. Communists. Baba Yaga. You know, red-blooded American stuff." If he had pupils, Delphyne would clearly see Hellboy rolling them as he gives a small laugh. "Not something I'd want to drag a pretty girl into." he offers as the waitress comes by to take their orders and epsy on the cute couple. "I'll have two orders of the lamb gyros." With that, he waits for Delphyne's order, though her comment about petrifying him makes him snort a little to hide a laugh. "The snakes are cool, though."

Delphyne looks mildly insulted, "I can fight, fairly well. Been trained for a while. Though currently I'm working as a… how you say, private investigator." She smiles, "I'll have the Astakomacaronada, please." How she said that, it's not entirely clear, but the waitress seems unfazed as Del chuckles. "But yes, I have been trained to fight since I was born, pretty much."

"Whoa whoa, didn't mean it that way." Hellboy says quickly, holding up a hand in defense. "Just didn't want to drag you into my problems.." comes the quiet comment before he glances to the side. He knows he screwed up, now how to fix it. "I mean, my boss, Peggy, she's one of the original World War II ass-kickers, you know?" There's a nod as Delphyne points out she can fight. "I don't doubt it."

Delphyne smiles, "Sorry, guess it's just a bit of a common reaction around here. People seem to have a hard time believing a woman can fight as well, or better, than they can."

"Shit, I've taken plenty of hard hits from women. Usually because I ran my mouth." Hellboy says with a snort. "What's a Asta..whatchamadigle, anyway?" he asks, circling around to that as he offers her a grin before taking a sip from his beer. "So, what's your story, PI? How's an attractive gal like you end up in a place like this." Lame? Yes. But he's not had that much experience.

Delphyne grins, "Lobster pasta, actually. Greek specialty." She hmms, "Well, I was originally sent here as a bodyguard, and to find out more about Ma… about America, yes." She seems to be watching what she says a bit, mainly because well, he did say he was with SHIELD…

There's a lift of a brow. "Look, I'm a demon from Hell. Well, half. The other half's human. Ain't one to keep secrets, but if you don't want to talk about it, I won't push." the large red demon offers in response. "I'll have to try a bite when it comes to the table." If she allows, before he shrugs.

Del chuckles, "Sure, there's plenty of it, really. But ah, well, I'm an Amazon. Our island is a bit of a secret." She shrugs, "I shouldn't talk about it too much, but there's no point in hiding that much from you."

"Amazon. Heard of them. Ain't planning on visiting. But you're like.. a friend of Princess Diana, eh?" Hellboy asks curiously with a lift of his brow. "That who you're bodyguarding?" Not that it makes a lot of sense to the demon, at all. But there isn't any other questioning on that front. He considers her for a moment, and before he realizes he's staring a little, he lifts his beer to take another drink. "Alright, I'm getting totally lame here." he says with a laugh.

Delphyne nods, "Yeah, pretty much. Technically anyway." She grins, "Royal Bodyguards have to bodyguard, even if the Princess doesn't really need it." She shrugs a bit, "So, yes, been doing a bit of this work just being an investigator. It allows me to make dollars to survive here."

"Yeah. SHIELD provides me with a roof over my head and food in my stomach. Otherwise, I'd probably be out on my own. So.. if she heads back, you leaving too?" Hellboy asks curiously, lifting his gaze back up to her again.

Delphyne hmms, "That, I don't entirely know. I have ties here now, that I was not expecting when I first arrived." She considers, "To be honest, I haven't thought about leaving this place."

"Ties?" Of course she has someone, why would Hellboy think otherwise? "Well, that's good. Ain't enough of us that are larger than life around here. And you're definetly.. larger than life." he says after a moment. It's about that time that the waitress returns with their plates - and a bit extra. "…stuffed grape leaves. On the house. And make sure to save room for dessert." she says with a wink as she sets down their meals and the plate between them to share.

Delphyne looks a bit wry, "Well, I mean, I have companions, friends, and it's just… well, there is no pizza on Paradise Island." She smiles a bit, "Which I guess means it isn't really paradise?"

"No pizza on Paradise island? Nope. Never going there!" Hellboy says with a chuckle as he takes up one of the grape leaves. "So.. you unwrap these? Or just eat them, or what?" he asks in confusion, studying the food. "Looks like a shitty cigar." he decides.

Delphyne grins, "You just eat them, Red. Like so." She takes a rice-stuffed grape leave, and pop, in it goes! Then she chuckles a little, finishing the appetizer, "But yes, I have decided that pizza, if nothing else, means that your society is worth saving."

"Good, I'd hate to have to go to war with you over pizza or the lack of." Hellboy responds with a grin, popping the wrapped leaf into his mouth to chew on thoughtfully. "So what else can we do to make sure that we're worth saving, Del?" he asks her with a smirk as he starts to assemble the first gyro finally, heavy on the sauce.

Delphyne considers, toying with her pasta as she smiles wryly, "Treat women with respect, would be a good start. Also, there's a lot of war here. And not just war, but a… almost a desire for war, that outweighs common sense."

There's a chuckle at that. "Well, how am I doing so far on the respect thing?" Hellboy asks with a smirk before he shakes his head. "..war, that's a purely human trait. And it's not just regulated to men. Boudicca, Trieu Thi Trinh, Artemia of Caria…" he points out to her. Slathering on the greek sauce, he snorts. "I take it back, there's a war in hell like every other week, it seems."

Del chuckles faintly, "How long did it take you to name three, compared to how many men that were interested in conquest in comparison?" She smiles, "Not that women can't be found to favor war, but it typically takes a little more effort." A slight shrug, "But so far, you seem to be doing okay."

"…about ten seconds?" Hellboy asks with a lift of his brow. "Remember, half-demon. We talk about these things." he points out as he starts in on his gyro. "Not exactly a complaint. Or looking to get into a fight. May be looking for a way to find out if we can do something like this again soon." he responds as he chuckles. "Unless, you prefer like hunting a demon, or me visiting you on a stakeout."

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