1964-10-04 - Lunching Between Classes
Summary: Mutants around the mansion grab lunch between the classes, Jean hones her skills, and oi what is withthe leaves?!
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Class was back in session.
It was Fall.

Specifically it was October, which meant someone filled the hall full of leaves yesterday and they were still under hip-deep as people were having more fun than they ought and was deemed by too many as 'good team building opportunities'. This also meant that it was the season for students to try to scare the tar out of one another.

It was in between classes that Kaleb threw over the Twin-link to his generally nicer self to agree do lunch. Which was which was generally notable as they had a rather strikingly different dress style and Kellan usually didn't have a proverbial stick up his ass. Books were out and lunch was arranged.

It was to Kellan Kaleb was asking, "How'd your morning go?"

Leaves witnessed in the halls have less of an impact for the girl momentarily suffocated by them. On the other hand, the bohemienne has little to fear from suffocation, and less from the foliage. The few swirling maple leaves have dried out in the past day, thanks in part to efforts by the likes of Douglas to clean them up. Heat attacks make the clotted piles easier to kick around, but she hardly notices.

Over her arm is slung a rarity: her forest green cloak, trimmed in white, the collar choked out by the scarf knotted around it. Heavy folds of fabric tumble over in a great bend, leaving her perfectly unobstructed on one side. The redhead glances into a classroom in passing. Somewhere around here must be the other member of team redhead. Scarlett has a way of finding things with persistence, but the mortal hosting an immortal bird might already know.

Kellan sits across from Kaleb. When they are in proximity, it's much easier to tell which is which. For one, Kellan smiles a lot more. For another, his hair is a bit longer, a little bit more touseled. And lastly, Kellan dresses a little more casually. He sits crunching on an apple, books piled up on the table next to him, one knee bouncing with a little bit of energy as he grins over at Kaleb. "Pretty good. I did alright on that quiz, though I know what I did wrong. I think if I just work through some more of those exercises I'll get it." He doesn't mind the leaves. In fact, there may be one stuck between his books, maybe two.

The morning was great! So to capitalize on that great morning was to try to find a way to.. well. Fly. Top of the roof. No distractions. No one yelling her name and dive bombing to get her. If she were to break her neck, let it be because -she- herself chose it, and her bird forgot to help. Or.. the bird herself planned it and figured that it would be a good way to garner control.

Note: It was!

So, no cloak. Just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Hair in a ponytail. Check. Arms out straight like a bird, then a slow tilt forward and..


Right past the classroom window that Scarlett looked in. Which set right above the cafeteria, which.. quiet enough to hear the loud.. 'EEEEE' pass through. Then the *POW* for the sudden take off of flight, which cracks a window here and there as Jean shoots straight back up into the sky before she manages to kiss the grass either ass or face first. And up again. In a loop. Arms still out. Fist forward. More loops and twirls and tumbles in the air.

She was a leaf on the wind…

..sans being impaled by a metal rod of course.

Kaleb arched an eyebrow as Kellan's energy started to warm the mood at the table. His fingers waved to Rogue around his sammich. The sonic found out something super useful; unlike the other sonics that hit the grounds in recent times he was 'elemental' which in layman's terms mean: could talk with mouth full because it was not needed for conversation. Words formed in the vicinity of him as he chewed. *Hey Scarlett. Join us if you want.* She would anyways but Kale was at least warming to the concepts of courtesy with other mutants anyways. The rest of the world was still beneath his radar. *Oh? That's good because I didn't know the answer to that one ei-* Then there was the CRACK! of the window from Jean buzzing the tower. Kaleb paled faintly, paused in chewing from the onslaught of the sudden audible impact ringing his head from the impressive display. *-ther… That wasn't me.* A finger went to his ear and rubbed it. "Yeah I took that course in bio and completely forgot I had you do half those classes last year for me. It's pretty good though."

Scarlett has the mind of a battlefield being besieged by Roman legions, space-faring legions, and sorcerers during the middle of a hurricane. A hurricane on Saturn, as it happens, a hexagonal revolution churning through countless layers of super compressed gasses. In short, hearing anything through the pandemonium howl is difficult, and the unfortunate person trying to stick a link to her gets the sonic bombardment of clashing swords on shields and wind pummeling metal, the threnody for a built in migraine. Anyone feel like irritating Xavier and telling him he ought to check out the neat thing she's thinking? Right, detention for a month for you.

"Mm?" Her mid-kick of a leaf and glance past a bunch of teenagers ends with a blur of red, a stark shimmer of motion. Twins in double are forgotten for a moment, because she knows what that is, at least in the promise of who. "Odin's balls, at least she's figured that out."

Fortunately for Kellan, he doesn't scan people's minds on the regular, and so he picks up none of the chaos going on anywhere around him unless he purposefully chooses the masochistic route. And so he blissfully munches on his apple, that is, until there's a *crack* of the window and he jumps, turning to look out just in time to watch Jean doing her best skipping-stone impression and twirling off again. "Huh," he says after the initial shock is over. "Look at her go." He grins back over at Kaleb then and kicks him under the table. "Seriously? You're re-taking a class I already half-took for you? I'm not half-taking it again."

Loops. Down. Down. Up again and down. She was like a baby eagle learning the first flight of fancy, a loud whip of a whistle bursting through the air as she begins to fly around the school nonchalantly. If there were cartoons on display, she'd mimic. She'd fly on her back, then her side with her fist pressing against her temple, blowing smoke rings through the clouds in the form of hearts…


But down she goes. It was almost like swimming, her feet idly kicking as she dives head first, drawing herself upright so that now she's feet first with a land upon the ground that was light as a feather and not stiff as the bird that encompasses her soul. Phew!

And then a look up left and right, then towards the mansion proper which has her stalking towards the cafeteria window to inspect the crack.

'First lesson of using us.' The bird says, as Jean instinctively looks to the left.
"I thought I did a good job." She says loudly to the woman.
'Overkill. You were showing out.'
"I thought it and did it. Can you at least be happy for me, for once?"

In other words, Jean was talking to herself! Sorta! Maybe.

Kaleb was still trying to get the ringing out of his head. On the upshot he was never without the earplugs that were gifted for him so the damage was blunted and minimal. When booted he chuckled with an easy, brief half-grin. "Yeah yeah I'm not putting this one on you. Just the trips out to help other… people like us," Still hated the M-word as derogatory it seems., "I and listening to Maximus go on about genetics I figured I might actually study what's going on and how basics work if I'm going to help make any meaningful progress." His head swiveled back to the windows arching an eyebrow watching Red-1 zoom around. "Glad she's getting comfortable with that. This is good progress…"

When Jean came in Kaleb actually stopped eating and gave her a dip of his head and a slow clap. "Soon I'll teach you how to wipe out an entire intersection of windows all at once." Yeah that was unintentional but if one can't have fun with their accidents what was the fun? "I got an idea. Weighted hulahoops. Sling them out there and have you thread moving targets." He grinned a bit. Was he actually enjoying school? Maybe. Maybe.

The redhead of bohemienne Greenwich extraction stands on her toes, peeking through the window at a distance to assure all is well. She all but dashes the green cloak over her shoulder and anchors it there rather than relying upon both her hands being filled. Leather gloves scale her forearms to the elbow, accompanied by a healthy number of clasps. All those flicker and dance with their peculiar foxfire when she punctuates certain words with flowing gestures.

Bird and woman are enjoying themselves. That earns a smile, the sunny upturn a mirror in her expression for the joys and delights of Red-1 on the move. The brief lapse of attention for anything else but the fading rattle of the windows and dissipating smoke acknowledges a certain something, at least it justifies her nodding to herself.

"I think that sounds like a fine idea, Kaleb. I'm sure having some kind of obstacle course would go down well," she murmurs, looking back over her shoulder and turning finally. The protective streak goes back into its box. She approaches the brothers, nodding to Kellan. "I'm not sure we have properly met. If not, I'm Scarlett. Promise not to pretend I heard the classes taken and not. I'm sure the professors know what's up."

Kellan smirks and says, "You coulda done that last year," though he grins right afterward. He nods a bit about Maximus and says, "Sounds romantic. Long discussions about nucleic acids and complex proteins." There's a smug little smile on his face as he finishes off the apple and goes fishing around in the bag for his sandwich — tuna on white, two of them. He puls out a half and says, "Yeah.. definitely a good thing.." Then he notices Jean outside talking to.. well, no one he can see. But invisible people aren't entirely out of the question, so he doesn't think too much of it. When Scarlett approaches, Kellan looks over at her and grins, "Well technically we weren't here last year.. so the classes taken were.. uh, at our previous school." That is true enough. "Though, I'm pretty sure the professors know what's up regardless." He taps the side of his head with a fingertip. "Nice to meet you."

Kaleb was going to reply but Kellan had his smug going. Kaleb's mouth shut like a carp and he squint at his twin before assembling his composure in the form of a reply, "It's more than acids and proteins, thank you. It's important to be able to understand the genetic differences between us, them, and humans." And because arguing with someone that liked to claim genetic high ground was not something easily done unarmed. "Bridges communication." He really meant win arguments. He considered this though, "Kellan, we should go hit up the testing ground. Had some ideas taking the boat out the other day with Scarlett and Ms. Grey. I miiiiight have thought of some ideas we might be able to do. Dunno if they'll work but it's as good excuse as any to take the boat out. Maybe grab Vic and Max. Max's had… a rough couple of weeks." He left it at that and polled Kellan's brain fo ideas. "Also someone said something about pumpkin carving which sounded kinda neat."

It almost looked like an argument. Jean's finger raised in the air, her brows lowered, that same finger soon wagging until she throws her arms up into the air and lets out a huff. She stomps out of view, quite possibly gone for a few minutes. Well, not gone just.. not seen.

What she did was, fly to the nearest entrance, landing upon the back porch to step inside, finally making her ways through the hallways and into the cafeteria proper. Plate taken, food that she wouldn't eat gathered, and soon she joined the brothers and Scarlett without so much of an invitation or a wave over. "Getting a bit chilly outside."

Scarlett touches her fingertips to her brow, making a light gesture as she does. "I should probably be upon my way before things get any busier around here."

As Jean enters the corridor, finally, she bestows a bright smile in that direction, gaze heavy-lidded to shield those surreal green eyes from too brightly shining. "Hello, Jean. I dropped by to let you know to expect me to be gone for a few days. I need to get away and handle a few matters." A lazy curl of her wrist indicates little detail of any substance. Enough that she provides some reason for her absence, a harbinger for the turning tides.

"Good for everyone to have a break now and then." She nods and pushes back one of her tight braids over her shoulder. The plait hisses across her cloak yet to be donned.

"What is it that you want to do on the boat?" Kellan asks, both brows raising. He doesn't even argue the whole genetics thing. He got his little tease in, and he's done. No reason to belabor it. Besides, boat interests him more. "I'm fine with whoever we want to bring. Just let me know if I should like, prepare supplies, or a first aid kit, or maybe snacks." When Jean approaches, he lifts a hand and waves to her in greeting. "I like the cold. I'm glad summer's finally done with." He then looks over toward Scarlett, tilting his head a bit at her comment. "It's not that busy.. you can come and join us if you want?" He moves his books over to make room for others.

Kaleb didn't quite explain it but simplified, "I think I might have found a way to use our previous theory in how your skills work to boost up to maybe like 10 blocks of coverage buuuuut I don't want you to drown as I still like you." There was an impish grin with the humor that was not to take that statement with more than a grain of salt. There was no threat to the likability there. "Yeah come join. Hell, Jean you might have better ideas than I do on this. I'm only inundated with psykers. I can't…do… the thing." His fingers waved as he bit into the sandwich. "Your form's improving I noticed." That was not some crass pick-up line but actual judgement.

"That's fine, Scarlett." Jean states. While she didn't pry, she knew that Rogue had other obligations other than here. She did -see- just a fraction of the pies that her hands were in. "I'll find someone to cover your botany and philosophy meetings." Cause, the girl doth wander. "Just leave me a few shirts? I'm going out myself." In style!

It was always odd seeing twins, while they share the same brain signatures, everything was different. "The cold itself is fine. Well, not an outright cold. Just a nice cool breeze. Indian summer is my favorite, its relaxing." She explains to.. well, one of them.

But listening to Kaleb does cause her to furrow her brows, trying her best to figure out just what he was talking about. "Psykers? Do what thing? What in the world are you talking about?" Yes, explain! She's a bit slow!

Sharing the same brain signatures made even more blurry by Kellan also having residence in Kaleb's brain. Still the K2 twin in the vest offered to Jean gesturing to Kellan and then her respectivly with a gesture of his spoon and then Rogue… which wobbled back and forth but ultimately included her too. If she wasn't a psyker now she would be when she needed to be. "My brother," he gestured withthe spoon back to Kellan. That one. That one there. Who might also be in the library right now… outside…and possibly in the gym. "has this really cool telepathic relay aptitude with himselves, me, and sometimes other targets. Working on a theory about how to find new utility for this and up the range because… why not? What he can do is way far out. Just trying to learn more about how it works and how it can work. We made some good progress when I was rehabilitating from things this summer." He looked to Kellan and nodded approval. "Well done."

Not to mention the fact that Kellan can split his brain into multiple separate instances running simultaneously likely causes some additional fuzziness. But what's a little brain fuzzies between friends? He waves a bit to Rogue as she departs nd then turns his attention back toward Kellan and Jean. "When I create copies, I natively communicate with them through a permanent telepathic link and am aware of all copies simultaneously. If I attempt a telepathic link with another person outside my own copies, then the range is significantly lower and I can only connect to one outside source at a time, so I could talk to my three other copies and Kaleb, or you, but not both of you at once. Though, we were thinking maybe each copy could talk to someone else over distance, and then connect them through the other copies… but it's all theory. Haven't really tried it and not sure it would work."

Kaleb says, "Well it worked a little bit that one time but you should try it with someone maybe more…baseline. Where mentalism is concerned. I dunno. We should try this though. Ooh, redefining team building. Just don't have that guy in teh basement help you out. You might blow out all your synapses with your copies.""

Kellan raises a brow at Kaleb and says, "What guy in the basement?" He is sitting at one of the tables in the cafeteria, across from Kaleb, with his books and a lunch bag next to him on the table. He has two tuna fish sandwiches in front of him, of which he's eaten half of one and has just picked up the other half. He and Kaleb appear to be talking animatedly, and there's a cracked window along one side of the cafeteria wall.

Kaleb paused and finished his sammich licking the mustard off his thumb. He shrugged non-committally. "One of the people we rescued from Iceland named Live. He kinda… super-charges other people with gifts. He's the one that had Kwabenna start to melt all teh skin off my body. Ruined one of my favourite pair of pants in teh process. Still amd at him for that but… I dunno. Tried to talk to him. He's… very…." Yeah.

Vic meanders in with his bagged lunch. Sandwiches, a banana, an apple, three cookies. "Hey guys," he says. He sits beside Kellan, shoulder-nudging him since he can't kiss him in public. "What's up" he asks as he takes out a ham sandwich. Into the face it goes. "What's this all about? Melted skin?" Munch munch.

"Oh," Kellan says to Kaleb, "I thought you meant a guy in our basement at the apartment. I was going to say…" He trails off after that. When Vic comes over and sits down next to him, he leans in against him just a little bit, enjoying that contact and giving him a sidelong smile. Yep, still smitten. He picks up his sandwich but answers first before taking another bite, "Live made Kwabena explode and Kaleb got mangled, but it was a while back now and he got healed so he's okay."

Kaleb shrugged and said with a wondrous mask of indifference, "Eh coulda died last month. Welcome to teh Xavier Institute. It was gross and terrible and all in all? Unpleasant. But yeah, no, gut downstairs here. We called Josh like right away soooo I was still able to make diner with Max that night and avoid risking New York from being thrown into the harbour. Pretty alright if you ask me. We're gonna take him to some place that can better help him out though. Government thing. They're… having me go with themso I can keep his senses spun like a gyroscope so he can't hurt anyone else." His brow furrowed and he looked to his brother confused. "I don't ike it but what else can we do ya know?"

"Goodness," Vic says. "You have the most interesting adventures." He says 'interesting' the way most people say 'horrifying.' "I've been sparring with Dad. It's been great. I'm learning to center myself, quiet my mind, and kick butt." He stuffs another bite in his mouth. Munch munch. "Maybe someday we can come along and help."

Kellan raises both brows and says, "I didn't know that you were going with them but.. yeah, that sounds like it will help. Let me know if there's anything that I can do to help." He doesn't assume thre is but the offer is always made anyway. He digs into his second sandwich and begins polishing that off while he leans a little againt Vic. It's a little more than he'd do in public but at the school, he feels a little more comfortable. He grins over at Vic and says, "I bet you can kick some serious butt, especially if you're sparring with your dad. He seems like the ah, butt kicking name taking sort."

Kaleb shrugged a bit and didn't seem overly thrilled. It wasn't really a good reason like field trip. It was effectivly taking someone to be institutionalized because society screwed up. Btoh eyebrows went up and he offered, "You could… ya now, go. We'll get to see some governmetn stuff so that's pretty groovy. I dunno. Should jsut be a drop off but ya know everything that should be easy never is." He considered the whole of the situation and decided fairly, "I think I'm decidedly biased against this idea but it ain't my call. Vicster, what's sparring with yorur dad like anyways? That's got tao be crazy weird."

"He's really good. I mean really good," Vic says. "I got the drop on him once, though, but then he threw me like I was made of tissue paper. But he wouldn't hurt me." He peels the banana. "He's teaching me to fight with a bladed fan, and I'm going to learn something called Tai Chi. It'll quiet my mind and maybe put me more in touch with the mote." He glances between the two. "I want to be like him. I want to be strong."

"I guess I could go. I'm not real sure that going to a government facility all things considered is something that I want to do but.. I mean, if they can help this kid, or at least.. try and keep him controlled." Kellan furrows his brow just a little bit. "He seems kind of dangerous but I don't like the idea of .. incarceration." Then he looks over toward Vic and smiles as he talks about the sparring with his father. "Bladed fan? That sounds pretty cool. But.. more in touch with the mote.. aren't you the mote? I mean.." He squints, trying to process.

Kaleb looked to Vic and squint. "Rmind me… never to pratc with that man." There was something to be said abouthaving a censory based skill. It meant things were thrown at your head very seldom. He fidgeted with his glass and gave it a hald swirl one way, then the other way before drinking from it. "Normally I dont but it's also a slesson in sometimes an asshole is…well an ahole. I'm going to see about getting visitation. I don't just want to let go.

Yawning as he wanders into the cafeteria, Bobby heads straight for the coffee maker. Given the bed hair, shorts and tee shirt, having recently woken up is a good guess. "Anyone put up a pot yet? Or a fourth pot? What time is it anyway?" Yawning again, he looks over at those at the table. "New people. Who are not children. Hello new people. I'm Bobby."

Vic nods to Kellan as he says, "Sure, I am the mote, but I don't really get in touch with myself enough, you know? Bound up in flesh, it's easy to stop thinking in terms of energy and get caught up in the physical. That's why I think Tai Chi will help me just… you know, get into my thinking frame of mind." He looks up at Bobby and smiles. "Hi. I'm Vic. These guys here are Kellan and Kaleb." Alas, Kaleb, he introduces the right twin per name.

Kellan finishes off the remainder of his second sandwich and then roots around in his lunch bag. With the apple and sandwich done all he has left is a pair of chocolate chip cookies wrapped together. "You want visitation rights? For.. the kid who almost blew you up?" His look is skeptical. When Bobby comes out he says, "Lunch." Then he grins and lifts a cookie in his direction. The twins are actually easier to tell apart when they are in proximity, between demeanor and Kellan's slightly longer hair and Kaleb's more high end wardrobe choices. He then nods to Vic and seems to understand a little bit better, "Oh, that makes sense."

Kaleb was well tailored and also entirely on the nose when he looked at Bobby confused and with some agreement, "Pretty certain I've never been a child, thank god." He might be right. What 18 year old wears a hand tailored suit to class? Apparently he was in a neutral enough mood overall lifting his glass a bit Bobby's way before answering Kellan. "Yeah I know. Visiting the man that melted my face off is messed up but… I dunnoo. It's a little close to home." Vic was doing introductions so he looked between the gregarious mote and the latecomer expectantly.

Bobby looks more closely at Kellan and Kaleb. "Twins? And both with powers? Cool. Or maybe not cool, given how our powers often start in response to something bad happening." Ah, coffee. Well, almost cold coffee but any coffee is better than no coffee. He filles a mug and puts it in the microwave. "Wait, what's this about someone in the basement blowing people up?"

"I'll tell you if I reach any deep mystical places inside myself or whatever's supposed to happen," Vic says wryly. He then settles in with his second ham sandwich, listening as the twins are addressed. The thing about the basement just gets a clueless shrug from him.

"Yeah," Kellan says to Kaleb, "I get that." There's a slight furrow of his brow though as he thinks about it for a moment or two. Then his attention shifts back over to Bobby. "Mine didn't start because of anything bad happening. It just sort of happened." He then looks over to Vic and grins, "If you find any, I expect you to tell me all about it, or you know, show me. I haven't read your mind in a while." He waggles his eyebrows just a little bit.

Kaleb looked to Bobby who was at least of some decent age where he trusted he didn't have to painstakingly explain every detail. It was oddly almost sympathetic in one, "A few mutants were taken here, elsewhere in teh world. One rescued is also sortof an… instigator. I think the going phrase is 'sewer of discord'. But he took one of our people, totally jacked up his ability, and almost detonated like a nuclear bomb. It was… decidedly uncomfortable being in that room with him. The guy that he almost set off though is alright now. He's doing better."

Bobby pulls open the fridge door and peers in, then leans in to move some things to the side and reach into the very back. "So, some rescued mutants were brought here. One's a troublemaker and increased another's mutant ability till he exploded? That sum it up?" He pulls out a Chinese food container from where he put it last night. Cold lo-mein, breakfast of champions. "The Prof will straighten him out. Or he won't be welcome her.e"

Vic says to Kellan with a crooked smile, "You should. I've got all sorts of thoughts bouncing around in there. Check in in a few weeks and we'll see if I'm any more serene. I'll be better at kicking butt, at least." He continues to plow through his lunch, managing to pace himself so he doesn't just wolf it down. It's got to last til after classes.

Kellan grins at Vic and says, "Sure, we'll see if you're more serene. Then we can see what can break your calm." He then takes a few bites of one of his cookies, finishing it off neatly while he listens to the others talk. There's a nod of agreement, both for Kaleb's explanation and Bobby's interpretation. "They're going to take the kid away.. He's not staying here."

Kaleb shook his head, "Not really." His brow furrowed to the new guy and searched for some explaination. "He wasn't one of…" His brow furrowed. he was not good with explainations and he wasn't the ones withthe words to really speak welcome to others. He shifted topics. "Who are you anyways?"

"Guess the Prof didn't like what he saw." Bobby obviously trusts the Professor's judgment implicitly. Kaleb's question gets a grin as he assumes he's not asking for his name again. "I was a student here for several years. Then I graduated and became a math teacher. Then I went to California which was totally awesome and full of cool cats then I came back. Not sure if I'm going to teach again or maybe get a place in the city or both."

"I love math," Vic says. He then admits, "I like all my classes a lot. History especially, but math's a close second." He looks at Bobby wistfully. "What's California like? Is it really as sunny and gorgeous like they say?" To the twins, he says, "We should go someday. Maybe in the winter when everything here's miserable."

"What would you do if you didn't teach?" Kellan asks when Bobby mentions that he might teach or move to the city. "We've got a place in the city. We come out here during the week and then hang out at home on the weekends most of the time." He grins over at Vic and says, "Sure, we can go to California. Any time you want. We can fly on out and take a long weekend or something. Or you know, go over winter break maybe."

Kaleb looked to Bobby and winced. Teacher? Of Math no less. The painwere there on his face. "Well shit." Blut that one. Hisposture relaxed a bit at the mention of Math, but not at the statement of issues surrounding trust, this person they were sending away, or lacking a pickle in his lunch. Hrmmm. The pickle might need be fixed later. "Well, you're at the right table anyways. I didn't know you were our own Benoit Mandelbrot. That changes things." Apparently being a math nerd won points. Kellan's quesiton got interest though and teh small banana muffin on his tray was moved to Vic's.

"It's great." Bobby assures Vic. "The beaches are wonderful. I was in San Francisco for most of it though and the Haight is just the best." Kellan's question gets a shrug. "Not sure yet. Could maybe play in some of the bars. Folk music is getting really popular in some places and I met some really cool musicians out there. Might join the Avengers again too but I need to talk to Steve about that first. Which reminds me I should head into the city this weekend." Taking his 'breakfast' over to the table, he flops down into a chair. "Ben who? Man, I just teach algebra."

"Oh wow, you're on a first name basis with Captain America? That's so cool," Vic says. "I thought about joining the Avengers, but only like a pipe dream, you know? Like how cool would it be? But I don't know. I don't have that kind of time if I'm going to work and go to school and get my homework done. Wow. You're an Avenger."

Kellan is quiet as he makes his way through the remainder of his lunch. He drinks down his water and then he leans both arms folded on the top of the table and asks Bobby, "What do you play?" He seems curious, studying him thoughtfully. "We have a friend who plays music, too. He plays guitar and sings. Jay." He seems equally as curious about the Avengers but Vic seems to have that awe covered, and he just grins.

Kaleb considered all the thing. Music interested him. Math apparently while adept, found the teacher was not necessarily an enthusiast. He wasn't smiling but he wasn't scowling. "Yeah maybe we;ll head over on holiday leave. Introduce you to surf rock, Vic." He glanced back to Bobby offering clarity to that. "You might've known his older brother, Sam Guthrie? Warren said he went here with him which I'm guessing means you too."

"No." Bobby corrects Vic. "I /was/ an Avenger. And then the government shut us down. It was a disaster too, what with SHIELD being involved and bureaucrats giving orders. Maybe this time it'll work out better. That's one of the things I want to talk to him about." Glancing at Kellan, he grins. "I play guitar. And sing. But lots of people to." He doesn't need to think about Kaleb's question. "Sam? Yeah, I knew him. Jay's his brother? Cool."

"That's still groovy," Vic says. He looks at Kellan, bright-eyed. This guy was an Avenger! Not that anyone asked, but he says, striving to make conversation, "I'm the only one in my immediate family to come here." Technically true. It's his extended family that's practically Institute Royalty. He just can't say he's related to them.

"I don't," Kellan tells Bobby with a grin, "Though I think I'd like to learn how to play something sometime.. some sort of instrument.. maybe the piano. Seems everyone plays the guitar." Then he glances over at Kaleb, "Though I'll practice away from the apartment." Hey, at least it wasn't the drums. He grins at Vic and says, "Which is awesome in its own right, yeah? I mean, Kaleb and I only really count as one on some days."

Kaleb actually cracked a half grin at Vic being so damned excited. He finished his juice though. "Hey, Kell, you don't have to practice away from the apartment. I happen to like the music. Though…" he considered this judiciously, "If you're terrible, ya know, give me fair warning if you want me to fix it or just avoid you." Whatever that was intended to mean, but he was smirking like a bit of a smart ass. Finally he laughed and defended himself, "Man, c'mon I actually do like some things. Still, that's rough. The government seems hellbent on telling us what to do. You might be better off operating outside of that. Who knows, maybe even start a new movement. Surf. Start a band. There's several genetically evolved persons killin it out there. Dazzler, Lila Cheney, Ninette, John Lennon. You might be the next man."

"Guitar are easy to carry around and take cross country." Bobby points out. "Pianos, not so much. And yeah, I'm steering clear of the government this time. Though I hear the Avengers are doing the same. They're privately funded now. Probably Tony Stark's money or something. There's time to figure things out though."

"I envy you guys who can do music. Kaleb gives me a look when I even hum." He gives Kaleb a doleful, hangdog look of apology. "I might try to take up an instrument, though. I don't know, maybe a flute. Some songs have good flue solos. I don't think I'd like being famous anyway."

"Oh, I don't want to be famous or anything. I just think it would be fun to do just for myself, you know?" Kellan says to Vic with a grin and then gives him a little nudge "You should pick up the flute if you want to." Then he nods to Bobby and says, "Well I don't plan on moving anywhere, so the piano would be able to pretty much stay where I am." He then says, "Yeah, taking your time and figuring stuff out is a good idea."

Kaleb observed, "Eh not like there aren't enough of you to tote a piano around." Truth in simplicity. He looked to Bobby, "You know who flooded the damn halls with leaves at all?" In reference to the entire first floor being hip deep in dried leaves. Really who had that kind of time!?

Bobby twirls some lo mein on his fork to eat as the others talk and then he studies each one a moment. "So. As someone who's spent a fair amount of time training young mutants… What is it you each do? And are you here to learn or have you already? Though if the latter, I was only gone a year so you must have started off with some decent control. It takes more than a year to really learn how to use your powers effectively even if just not being a danger is a lot quicker." Then he blinks and laughs. "Leaves? That's funny."

Vic grins at Bobby's laughter. This is going to school: pranks! He beams. "I'm strong," he says, "and fast, and telekinetic. I can also move energy around a little bit, make people feel energized or tired, glitch out electronics." He shrugs a shoulder, like eh, it's no big deal. "I'm immune to poison but I can't get drunk."

"He really can't," Kellan says, looking sadly to Vic. "We've tried." Then he says, "Well, I had my powers before I came here. I only just started at the school this semester, for college, and.. because my powers are still kind of developing. I'm not real sure how far I can take them. I uh, make reflections of myself, copies, and they are telepathically linked. Outside of my own copies, I can also split my mind into various iterations to handle multiple complex calculations and processes at the same time, and I can also form telepathic links, but not at the distance that I can with my own copies, and only with one person at a time at the moment."

Kaleb was less amused with the 'pranking' as it were. Though to find him less humored on should be a shock to no one. At least he didn't have to clean them up. As the interrogation began Kaleb leaned back in his chair and watched Vic recite the metrics off the back of his proverbial baseball card. An eyebrow arched.

He opted to answer Bobby, "I've had my skills since I was a kid. Graduated prep school last Spring. It came down to here or Yale. I mean I just want to study architecture. I just have zero desire to do this around the baseline population so… here we are." He paused and offered causally, "Professor promised me they have a wicked grad program. Still, the outreach we're able to do has been good. I can still dig that part."

Bobby nods to Vic. "Perhaps you're unconsciously augmenting your strength and speed telekinetically. And removing toxins from your blood as well. You also seem to be able to use it on a micro level which is interesting. I bet you'll find other uses for it." Transferring his gaze to Kellan, he says "I'd recommend learning how to fight and, more importantly, how to fight with yourselves to maximize the teamwork. If you've met Logan, ask him. If you haven't, ask whoever it training you to ask him if he's not trainingg you already. The Prof is the one who can help you with the telepathy." Kaleb gets a nod. "And just what skills are they that you have?"

Vic nods sadly to Kellan. Boy, did they. He eyes the time, then says, "Oh gosh, I have to get to class." He gathers up his now empty lunch wrappers so he can throw them away. He nods to Bobby and says, "That's something I'd like to find out. How it all works." He waves as he says, "It was good to see you guys, and to meet you, Bobby." Then he heads toward the classrooms.

Vic goes home.

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