1964-10-08 - So the Plan Is 'Git Em'?
Summary: Corvus and Kaleb meet and catch up on current events in Attilan, and Maximus has a plan… a brilliant and underslept plan. Everyone take cover!
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Attilan was broken.
Power systems were still defunct.
Marginal progress was made to return people to their homes, and ultimately the separation was good for keeping the masses from gathering in protest.
Almost all the Royal Family was missing…again.
Kree was on the Core.
Gilligan's Island was now on the television.

It was, all together, a busy week in history.

The last time this happened there was a coup and the Inhumans were sold out to the Kree by one of their own which stood reason to ask if history repeated itself. Rumor was Maximus and Karnak made it back to Attilan at least.

It was in the Palace in Maximus' great room that there was someone not human, but not inhuman. He was presently dressed in the present high style of the city, but he was not from here. He was tired and currently working on meditating around what appeared to be a singing bowl.

It was quiet at the moment.

It isn't too much longer after that one of the guards makes his way in. Hardly recognizable in his Atillan leathers it turns out to be Corvus Arcadius, head of Maximus' detail. Upon spotting the man he slows down, eventually coming to a stop near him.

"How goes it?" he asks, raising one hand in greeting. "Look a touch tired there friend."

Kaleb looked up to Corvus from the bowl and blinked. The expression was a bit guarded. Finally fingers brushed back over his hair and Echo answered Corvus, "Maximus is… still in there working on a solution. I think everyone's been up for some time trying to work towards an end to this. Any progress on the street or finding the others yet?" Okay so he knew a few things at the very least. There was also a faint gesture to the seat across from himself. It was sort of polite though words didn't accompany the motion of the hand. Wary? Yes, but one of methodical stillness rather than panic of the unknown.

"Unfortunately not, between Maximus and field work I've had my hands tied." Corvus does take the seat with a thankful nod, removing the sword from his belt as he does so. "Hopefully it all gets sorted out soon. Between us, it's starting to make me uneasy." He rubs a thumb across the gladius, something that wasn't seen among many of the guards. "Have you heard any talk about what they're planning to do about these Kree?"

Kaleb kept an eye on Corvus curiously, and that gladius as much so. When Corvus gave him what little to go on he asked, "You are either Corvus or one of the cousins? I'm guessing… Corvus then." Process of elimination from the manner of dress and the more efficient movements rather than those of a 'politician'. He didn't know much about the extended family but had an image of how he imagined them. He offered, Kaleb, or… Echo." He almost felt he ought to start leading with the latter. he back burnered the thought for now. The question did get a small furrow of faint emotion on the sonic's face, "I have, but it's not my place to speak for Maximus without leave to do so. I know he is not without a plan and he and Karnak were cooperative on a number of thoughts on our flight in." Maximus and …Karnak? There was something new, sure. "Honestly given all I have heard I'm almost as concerned of the people as for them. People when scared can be provoked to jump at ghosts and take rash action."

"Apologies, I should have lead with that. Corvus Arcadius, Maximus' guard." He offers an apologetic smile. "I've heard some of his opinions on the matter." He leans back and props his elbow on the arm of the chair. Unfortunately it wasn't his place to speak about his more recent missions. "You're right to be. It wouldn't be pretty."

Kaleb nodded slowly, jaw set at an angle thinking much on that. That he was Maximus' guard seemed to win him regard from the mutant. "Yeah, still cannot answer for king or court." He neglected to clarify in which category he regarded Max to be in judiciously enough. "Good too finally merry you, Corvus. We didn't know how bad the damages might be. I did a study on Attilan and thought if we needed help maintaining structural integrity I might be able to help, but all of this is…" crazy? insane? "sacrilegious."

"This isn't the first time something like this has happened." Corvus lifts his shoulders in a small shrug, no point stressing what was outside of his hands. "Hopefully history isn't going to repeat itself though. No telling though." His attention turns to the workroom and his brows furrow slightly.

Motion from the workroom. Maximus is moving. He sweeps from the workroom and lifts his chin at the two gentlemen, "Kaleb. Corvus. Have you been here this whole time? How long has it been?" He rubs his hand through his dark curls and they spring free, while the circles under his eyes look less perky.

Kaleb gave a faint upnod to Corvus and then glances over his shoulder and warmed a faintly bemused look, "Pretty certain you've known Corvus for quite a while now, Max." Smart ass. Still, stress had been high so he'd curbed the comments to actually stay factual, "I've been here the morning since we last spoke. I have food brought. You should get something to eat. We've just been catching up."

"I've only just arrived. Recently returned from visiting our stone friends." Corvus' lips curl in slight disgust. "Hopefully you're having better luck with all of this than I am." He does straighten up as Maximus actually arrives, pushing up to his feet.

Maximus wets his lips. "Blackagar…the others…have left this city to rot. They went in…did something to the tower, then failed to mention anything else to anyone of consequence. We have to operate under the assumption that they are dead…that they have failed…and we need to shut down the entire system. This will stop the hacking attempt. Briefly, we will be visible, but, I know my own inventions better than anyone. I can disguise us again."

Kaleb looked…concerned. He understood his relationship with his brother was complicated. Still, what Kaleb knew from the talks they had, and being a twin watching him say this actually invoked a rare look of concern. This went unvoiced for now but did have him looking back at the singing bowl. "Have we…" It was we now and the words came slowly, "tried returning to the tower to investigate the situation or want to?" It was a stab in the dark. "And what stone friends? I think I'm missing something. Are they willing to help?"

"If that's the case, then send me in." Corvus says after a moment of silence. His hand returns to the gladius, wrapping around the haft. "I'm disposable and it's my job." The furrowing of his brows intensifies as he actually has time to think about it. "I know you might not like the idea, but I don't think I could live with myself if I didn't do everything within my power." The question of the stone friends goes unanswered for the moment.

Maximus tilts his head. "I explained it poorly. I explained it wrong. It just sounded so dramatic that way. I absolutely intend to use you, Corvus. You have an /understanding/. Kaleb, you are less familiar with systems like this. This is what we will do…and Karnak can assist as well. First, we will section off the shields. This is simple. I know where it connects. Then…we will delve deeper where there is more danger, and section off other systems, forming independance systems, until we have isolated the core, which has controlled /everything/ on its own, for a long time. Then, if Blackagar and the others show up, very well, but regardless, we will have a safe Attilan and longer for us to figure out what is hacking the core. Kaleb, you will be needed if we come across…problems with the hacking program trying to defend itself or issues of us being locked in."

Kaleb rubbed the side of the bridge of his nose with his fingers. It was going to be grandiose presentation day. Got it. Corvus' declaration earned an arched eyebrow and it was to Max he said, "I like this guy." He nodded as if 'let's keep him on the do not feed to wolves list, yeah?' He wasn't familiar with computers. Not really at all aside from marveling at how nifty the doors here are…were when they wooshed open and closed on their own. Still, the concept seemed clear as did the process. His eyes fell on the singing bowl as if having some unspoken idea start to form in his head, "Max, if it helps, you remember when you were helping me in the historic ruins pull my feet back under me?" Yes of course Max did as it was his idea and he earned preening rights on that, sure. "You know I learned a few other things down there, if that will help in the tower or the confined spaces." He paused and looked from Max to Corvus and to Max and shrugged. "I've been working on honing skills in echolocation. Could be useful if the structure is unstable to know what's in it before we move forward."

"Well, that's good to hear then." Corvus relaxes slightly, but not much. "I don't have the best feeling about all of this. We're going to be coming to blows shortly." To his credit, he's usually right about danger. He pushes up onto his feet and nods slighty. "I'll need to be briefed, but I'm at your disposal."

Maximus wets his lips and spreads his hands. "Ohhhh, there's nothing to worry about at all. Of course, you'll be going by yourself, so…perhaps you'll want to take someone dismal, like Karnak, with you, for the trouble. I just need to make a list of the systems we want to start with, and where we're going to locate them, for the present. Ohhhhh, this will be such fun. You know…I feel the personal need to make something like refridgeration systems run on Councilmember Thakwell's personal access point so that he cannot use it anymore." Max grins maniacally. "Kaleb…I apologize that this seems confusing to you, but…when I have saved this city and the council crowns me again, everything will have been worth it." He reaches out his hand to swipe fingers across his cheek. "Yes yes yes yes yes, this is a marvelous plan."

Kaleb eased forward, elbows onto knees and nodded quietly. Oh yeah, the overwork and lack of sleep always seemed to hit Max like Darwin's grab bag. Still, it really only endeared him to the sonic with each peculiarity. "I'm thinking of it like the formation of the aqueduct structures and substructures. The flow of power not necessarily dissimilar it seems to the gating and flow of water for transference or energy usage" He paused and it wasn't giving too much information away. No. He could say this and keep all promises in tact, "We have computers at the school. Funny enough I got to spend quite a bit of time with the ones in the med lab." Oh yeah, let's not ask him why though. "My head's not spinning yet, don't worry. And good. You're putting a lot of effort into this and you, what? Created the defenses they're presently enjoying to keep everyone as safe as they are did you not?" Kaleb shrugged. and watched him. "For what it's worth I'm impressed. So we start isolating things so we don't cause other problems is what you're saying in a nutshell." He was feeling this flood gate/aqueduct theory was holding for him to grasp at.

Maximus listens to the flow of Kaleb's understanding and then smiles softly when he mentions the school has computers. "Ohhhh good. Yes..yes…one thing at a time. We move security measures. Then everything else, one at a time, until nothing is corrupted except the center. Attilan owes me so much. I wish that those related more closely to me would stop punching me for being amazing." Maximus puts a hand on his chest. "I feel like dressing up and hosting a party…but…big day, big day, probably not the best time." He's definitely got that 'up too long energy' going on.

That was his queue. Kaleb pushed himself to his feet and walked around the chair. No sudden movements, jsut patience as hands came up to Maximus' shoulders and patiently suggested, "Max, you can't plan your own party. It would look gauche and deserate. That's not who you are. When we start nearing the resolution for this we will find the people who," His hand flapped, "organize these things and they will be so happy to be out of their homes and not be destroyed or enslaved that they will do this for you. You have people for this stuff. I know they've let you down before, but you are busy saving your kingdom." He blinked and shook his head, "You have to delegate. Until then, you have me, you have Corvus"

Maximus exhaled, "Reason…did you ever think you would be that? Of course, you are right. Perhaps, first what I need is sleep. I used to have a guard that would tell me to sleep from time to time. That was his job. The only one allowed to do it. He was removed fom the post. Do you want that task, now? To tell me when to stop?" Steel eyes turn to look at Kaleb and the mania is calmed, though lurking about the edges.

Kaleb tilted his head with a flat look, "I'm always reasonable so long as people do what I damn well tell them to do and they listen." There was Kaleb that everyone knew and loved. He didn't answer the question exactly. Also he didn't have a'job' and refused to have a 'job'. He was not a creature of employment. What he would do was look out for Max though so as the only answer to that was when he pulled Max forward and kissed him. It was generally enough of a focus point to rally to. now whether he he was using sonic manipulation to subvert Maximus' subconscious or not will forever remain mystery and he will only ever blink at anyone accusing him like he does not understand the question. What he did do was press his forehead to Max's and suggest, "Go to bed, Max. You can sort out your schematic easier when you drop the extra sensory input and just work in your sleep. I'll even stay up so no one bugs you." Or tries to assassinate him in his sleep, kidnap him, or have him otherwise hassled. He came here for two reasons and the other was see that Max survived this with his 'Max-ness' in tact.

Maximus obeys, though, honestly, he does try to convince Kaleb to sleep WITH him, though he'll be out soon enough that he can't really control what Kaleb does after he's fallen asleep. He can be fairly convincing though…with his grabby hands.

Kaleb goes home.

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