1964-10-10 - Bookish Normalcy
Summary: Gary and Julie have a brief conversation amidst a bookstore
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The bookstore is about as quiet as you'd expect one to be, nearly at closing time. A few people outside pause, briefly, window shopping, while a handful meaender inside, not including the several clerks on duty. The clientele is as you'd might expect, most bookish or academic looking, the other looking like someone looking to take a smug refuge from television. With a ringing of the little bell by the door, Gary slips into the book store, waving off the someone immediate, if disinterested offer of assistance from a shelving clerk. He's mostly in his work clothes, his shirt covered, with a small degree of shame, with an Ike style jacket. Hand slipping out of a hand-warming pocket, he peers at a slip of paper, and sighs, squinting at the stacks as he begins a search.

Julie is coming down from one of the floors above, with a respectable armload of books, that she juggles slightly, a slip of paper starting to slide off the top, which she awkwardly catches in her teeth as she approaches the cashier. "Swrry bout the… oof," She heaves the stack of books onto the counter and snatches the paper back for a final check of what may be a list. "Ah, hope I wasn't keeping you, got some friends sent me for a few things, too."

Its only a few minutes, before Gary gives up on his search of the stacks. Not that what he was looking for /should/ be hard to find, but… he stifles a yawn as he moves to obtain a place in the queue, arriving a moment or two after the girl with the armfull places the load of literature on the counter. Gary rubs the edge of an eyebrow with one finger, before stopping as recognition dawns, "Hey there, ratchet, small town, huh?"

Julie looks over there, amid sorting out her stack of books. Some are basically pre-sorted as they're identical, and she sets those aside, "If I could get these rung up separate, I need a receipt," she says, and turns to Gary, saying, "Big store, though," and, after placing the face, seems to light up with some recognition, "Well, hey, if it isn't Mr. Knight Errant. How ya doing?"

Gary slips his hands in his pockets, the note with them, though the motion is more casual then conspiratorial. He gives a little snort, "Oh, I don't think I hold a candle to some of the galloping hero's this city seems to be producing now-a-days. Just lousy with them." He shakes his head a little, "Just here picking up a book for the boss, in one of those 'more a required request' that makes me think he's not going to bother paying me gas money." He slips a hand out of his pocket, glancing down at the paper, and snorting, "Hope its a good read." He tilts his head towards one side, looking past the Mechanic, "Taking English at CUNY or something?"

Julie says, "Or something," Dizzy smirks. "Teaching some kids a few things, kinda figured there oughtta be a book involved, just for good form." She winks. There's an engineering text on the other stack, along with what seems a fairly random assortment of nonfiction. "So I guess you got yourself a gig, eh? Hope the city's been treating you all right.""

Gary shakes his head a little, "Same gig-" He replies, moving his jacket aside to reveal the a stitched nametag and the logo of a local bowling alley, "As much as I complain, there's not a lot of places for a guy like me to actually get work. Even if my boss is an insufferable something-or-another." He inhales sharply, then exhales longer, "The city is what it is. At least she's home." He notes, before taking a closer look at the pile of books, "Tutoring? That's some heavy literature for it. Wouldn't figure…" He trails off, before shrugging, "Actually, not in much of a place to figure anything. Heavy reading for a public school."

Julie says, "Eh, I been out of high school a while, and, eh, call it charity work, what do you think the public schools hire these days. Maybe it'll be different later.""

Gary gives a ponderous sort of look at that, and a small frown, before nodding, "I suppose it might hard for a woman to get hired for auto shop." He gives a slight smile, "Glad to see the younger generation hasn't shirked from their social responsibility, though." He gives another more subtle glance at the books, before holding up his own slip of paper, "But, I should see about finding this popular one. Good luck, kid, I'll see you around."

Julie nods. "I guess, take it easy, then. I guess, keep plugging away. Maybe there'll be a better boss later.{"

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