1964-10-10 - Kree Throw the Worst Birthday Parties
Summary: During their 24 hour stay of judgement on teh Kree ship Trident convinces the guards to let him visit his cousin to see if he needs anything and pick his brain.
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blackagar triton 

- Still aboard the Kree ship.
- 13 Hours in and counting.
- 11 hours remaining until sentence passes.

The door to Blackagar's cell opens and there is the Centurion and one other guard on patrol that are visible. All in all they have kept their word and have seen to dietary needs. The spartan cells had basic furnishings. Entering the room though was not the guard, but Triton with his wounds patched though not healed in their entirety. The scout nodded to Sun-Yu in a manner of efficient respect rather than social niceties. The fish looked to his cousin, his King, and when the door closed he greeted him, "I still stand with you. I bring you news." Where he got news from locked in a tiny room? Well he was a scout for a reason one could surmise.

There were times for action, and times for patience. Often Blackagar was dubbed as being too dependant on the latter, to a severe degree in fact. Always waiting for the right moment, perhaps something he picked up from Karnak. Regardless, it would explain his current disposition, sitting in the middle of the floor with legs folded and hands resting on his knees in a state of meditation. As the door opens, so do his eyes, sliding upwards to carefully measure the arrival before nodding towards Triton, the small lift of his lips hinting to smile. A shift of his hands to signal for him to sit and proceed.

Triton didn't wince when he sat. He'd love to but Kree were not one to betray weakness to. The better part of this was his mask covered half his face so they would not know one way or the other. Legs folded under him and for a long moment he just sat until his eyes squint, hidden, but a smile returned. He was patient, but there was a time for action, presently in the form of words. "Crystal is here.She was…taking her dog for a walk but they were unable to return home." He didn't bring up anything incriminating and knew the guards were listening. His brow furrowed. "From what I heard last our siblings are alright. I feel I could have done better here… I didn't intend to tell the Accusers that we were cannibals, but it doesn't seem to have done permanent damage." Hey, his Kree was rusty.

Once more, Blackagar smirks, this time at the last of Triton's statements and his hands move slowly and fluidly as the impression of his mind passes as well to supplement; creating more fluid communication from the mute. «That is both excellent and concerning that Crystal is here. Concerning for her safety, excellent for the situation.» The sentiment he attempts to convey as well, a tactical plus but one he wishes his cousin was not in. «As for this situation, what is meant to be in this case will be. Remember Cousin, the strands of fate unravel as they will, we will simply make certain the strands do not destroy the entire quilt. I am not concerned.»

Triton tilted his head and seemed appeased enough by this in the subtle slump of his shoulders as the tension finally left them. At least the more patient of his pair of cousins was still attempting to play social chess and not presently trying to push him to green light Operation: Gettum. They assured everyone was alright and so far they seemed to be of their word. Triton looked from his hands back to Blackagar's face and nodded asking, "What do you need me to do? Your will is ours." He paused and considered before asking, "Can I have them bring you anything you need?" Infiniately easier for him to ask.

That smile returns, Blackagar shaking his head in the negative, «No. I am quite fine and quite alright. It is best in this situation to give the allusion of complacency and defeat. An advesary who is drawn into overconfidence often extends more than they should. A wise warrior wrote that the point we wish to attack must not be made known. The less they know of us, and our intents, the more even our footing will be with them.»

Triton watched the hands and seemed to grasp their purpose, or at least the message given. He nodded and looked back to his cousin and in normal circumstances, would never be so direct having a respect ofr image and station. His webbed hand rest on Black Bolt's for a brief moment, not to shush him, but with his own message. "If someone needs to stay here I am your logical choice you know this. If it comes to this. If it is so and someone must remain to keep relations our soldiers have family. My sister will understand and will always serve your you as I do, cousin. I do believe you, the truth will out." He withdrew his hand and did he believe they were doomed? No, but the likelihood of them asking for collateral was not out of the question either and he knew from his own experiences with leadership, it was hard to ask of someone to stick themselves out there. "We will go home again. Who is coming with us though I think remains the question. I still want to know who attacked us if Kree were never sent."

Blackagar looks again with patience, letting Triton speak his peace of the desire to be the sacrifice, as he suspects many of the family would. Once he is done however, the Inhuman shakes his head slowly and then motions around them, «We know ourselves, but we do not know our enemy. This means for every victory we will also face loss. Therefore, we must learn who our enemy is to ensure our victory in the battles to come. We will be patient and observant, we will let them reveal themselves and then we will be prepared. There are layers we do not yet know, thus we must uncover them.«

It really was the family's way, and really that was the trait that brought them together: I will fall before I let you. Even Nexus seemed to be on board with this plan though his solution was hold on, I'm going to blow the airlocks. "I will see about speaking to Gorgon. See what we can do." He blinked and chuckled with a faintly amused look, "And I may be mistaken but strangely we may owe Chloe compensation after this. She is not aware but this is quite possibly in the running for worst birthday ever. Not what any of us intended for her I'm certain."

An amused twinkle strikes Blackagar's eyes as he motions and impresses, «We shall consider then perhaps a more indepth gift. Perhaps something more than the usual card with signatures upon it?» An earth tradition, a humorous one at that, to simply give cards. The humored moment comes, it passes and Blackagar looks to the door then nods, «The priority is to ensure our people get back home. I am not a martyr in this Triton; but the price they will ask for will be high. If I am able to free the rest of you, I will.» He pauses then, a reassuring reach of his hand and pat upon the arm of Triton, «Do not fear, I am more than I was.»

Triton did not generally meddle in the affairs of surface dwellers and their personal feelings on things. This was actually oddly important to him but he spoke no more on incidental things looking still nervous to his cousin as he admits what the fish didn't want to hear. Still, he accepted this. Their lives were never easy and that was not changing anytime soon. "Understood. Let's hope we and the Kree get the answers we need to resolve this… amicably." He didn't really think he would use those words together. He reminded, "You have things to go home to. They were be there when we get back." Always the optimist.

The guard opened the door and it was time. Triton got up, and bowed his head to his cousin before turning to Sun-yu. "Thank you."

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